Swaragini 13th October 2015 Written Episode Update

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Ragini and Swara get shocked seeing Laksh death. Ragini asks Laksh to wake up and cries asking him not to leave her. Sanskar takes her far from Laksh. Swara holds Ragini’s hand. Sanskar checks his pulse and tells sorry, saying Laksh is dead. He tells Swara that he will do some thing to wrap up Laksh’s body and asks her to take care of herself. Ragini cries badly. Swara says you have to cry all your life. She says one have to lose something to get something. She says we have to kill Laksh to take revenge from you. Ragini asks her to stop her nonsense. Swara says you started the game and have stoop to low level. She says it is your turn now to have troubles in your life. Sanskar brings plastic cover to wrap up Laksh and tells Ragini that he is dead. Ragini says he is your brother. Swara says I was

your sister and you didn’t think before pushing me in river. Ragini says yes I do pushed you in river as you was snatching my Laksh. She says but you didn’t die. Swara says your intention was to kill me though.

Swara asks why did you unite us then. Ragini says I did that so that you don’t doubt me. She says I gave you drugs and conspired against you as I can’t afford to lose him. She says I love him very much. I was pained too for doings all those things and separating our parents. She says I tried much that family never accept you, but was unsuccessful. She says Laksh was my first love and I couldn’t let him marry you.

She says whatever I did was to hurt you. Why did you take revenge from Laksh, you would have kill me. Swara says if we would have kill you, then we would have been proved wrong and your truth would be hidden for forever. She says you did so many crimes to get Laksh, but we killed him and took Laksh from you. She says when you pushed me in river, you have killed my relations, soul and etc. Ragini says I shall end you fully, and says you can’t be alive after killing my Laksh. She picks the knife and stabs Swara. She says I will get peace now. Sanskar looks on shockingly. Swara falls down with knife in her stomach. She then gets up shocking Ragini, and shows the fake knife. Ragini is shocked and turns to look at Sanskar. Sanskar forwards his hand and helps Laksh to stand up. Ragini is shocked to see Laksh alive and fine.

She asks Laksh, if you are fine. She asks if you are hurt? Laksh says I got a deep wound and asks why did you do this? He says you was my best friend and knew that I loves Swara. Ragini says my family told that you are going to be my husband and you asked me to forget you. Laksh asks her to stop it. Swara says she has right to say. Ragini says I couldn’t forget you and decided to push Swara in river. You are my first love. She says you couldn’t accept me because of your first love. She says her love is true and that’s why she confessed her crime seeing him dying.

Laksh apologizes to her and says truth is that I love just Swara. He says I knew that Swara would never accept me and that’s why I went far from her. He says Swara used to hate me because of me. He says Swara is trying to support you. He says you have tried to separate us with Sanskar. He says our love is different. He says my love never tried to take anyone’s life and says you are not innocent. He says you have taken advantage of my innocence, and says your anger and hatredness are wrong. He says you have convinced me and Swara to marry. He says you have never thought that what your family will think about you. He says there is a huge difference between you and Sanskar. He says Sanskar have accepted his mistake, but you might have fallen more if not exposed. He asks don’t you feel ashamed while playing this game.

Ragini says our love is not a game. Laksh says you have played a game with my life. Ragini says I love you very much. Laksh says you don’t love me, but it is your madness. Ragini says I love you madly. Laksh says how is your love, once you sacrifice your sister and then your parents. He says old Ragini was good and innocent, but I don’t know this Ragini. He says I never loved you and will never love you in my life. He says I am very happy that I didn’t let our relation move to next level, else I would have hate myself. He says truth is that, you just love yourself. Ragini falls on his feet in shock. Laksh calls Shekhar and asks him to reach home soon. Shekhar asks if Ragini is fine? Laksh asks him to reach home with Dadi. Laksh then calls Annapurna and asks her to gather everyone in the hall. He recalls badmouthing about Swara and insulting her. He recalls Swara telling her truth to him. Swara also recalls the insult by Laksh.

Laksh holds Ragini up and says I will tell your cheap truth to your Dadi and Papa. I will break my relation with you after that. He asks Swara to come. He holds Ragini’s hand and starts walking towards the house.

Laksh brings Ragini to Maheshwari house and pushes her on floor. Everyone is shocked to see his state. He asks them to watch the video and switches on TV with the recorded video. Everyone is shocked to see Ragini accepting to had pushed Swara in river and all her crimes. Everyone is shocked and couldn’t believe.

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  1. finally….ho hi gayaa ….lagta hai shekhar ko sab dekh kar attack aa jaaye gaa..hihi..SwaSan forever…mmuaaah….

  2. luvd this epi… bt laksh ko ak slap to karna chahiye hi tha ragini ko. now pls reunite swalak…

  3. oh thank u directors

  4. Swara and sanskar chemistry is osum bhondu laksh does not deserve cute swara… Uske liye ragini hi thik h ha ha ha

  5. Goddddd finallyyyyyy
    Ragini is exposed laksh plz divorce rags u don’t deserve her
    N swara accept laksh

  6. Finally Ragini’s truth is out now the episodes r interesting

  7. Hi swasan pair super

  8. I like swara and sankar .

  9. I hope swara stays wid sanskaar. If I was in swara place I would never accept laksh back in my life

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