Swaragini 13th November 2015 Written Episode Update

Swaragini 13th November 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Laksh apologizing to Swara and bends down on his knees. He asks her to return to her life. He says I was thinking all night, how to make you understand of my love, but then I felt that I am hurting you by forcing to be part of my life. When a person loves someone genuinely then he thinks about her happiness. He says I accept your decision and want to see you happy. Swara is surprised. Laksh says you don’t want to return to me, and if ever you come back then you can’t be happy. He says yes, you can go. Ragini wonders why Laksh is saying this? She sees Sanskar coming and thinks she can’t let Sanskar go inside, else Swara and Sanskar’s love story will start and her planning will fail. Sanskar says he has come to take his signatures. Ragini says I don’t think we shall

disturb them. Let them talk and come out. Laksh asks Swara why she is not telling anything. He asks her to accept his condition . Sanskar waits outside. She asks what is the time? Sanskar says 11:30.

Laksh says I won’t let you go before you fulfill my condition. He says lets start our relation. He introduces himself as Lucky and forwards his hand for friendship. Swara shakes hand with him. Swara thanks him for understanding her circumstances. Laksh says Swara and Laksh’s friendship with no blackmailing. He asks her to wipe her tears and smile. Swara wipes her tears. Ragini tells Sanskar that she will go and see, and asks him to stand outside as Laksh is still angry with him. Sanskar says okay. Sanskar hears Laksh laughing. Swara asks why you are laughing? She laughs. Laksh continues to laugh. He applies color on her face. Laksh says you are looking cute. Swara beats him. Ragini gets tensed thinking they have became friends again. Swara laughs.

Annapurna and Sujata come to Baadi. Annapurna asks Sujata to do as she says. Dadi sees them and greets them. Ragini tells Sanskar that only Laksh can make Swara laugh heavily and says may be Laksh has convinced Swara to unite. Sanskar gets sad. Ragini continues to instigate him against Swara and fills his ears against her. She says lets congratulate them. Sanskar says I have to go to court to submit these papers. Ragini says you said that you have to take Laksh’s sign. Sanskar says I will take later. Ragini says Laksh is very happy today, and asks Sanskar you also loves her. She says I understand your pain as I love Laksh. She says it is our duty to unite them. Sanskar leaves without meeting them. Ragini thinks it is good that he left. She says I was pained and nobody saw my pain.

Dadi asks if everything is fine? She says Ragini…..Sujata says nothing is fine. Annapurna says we came for important talk and asks Dadi to sit. Annapurna says we are coming from farmhouse now and tells everything. Dadi is shocked and says you might have some understanding. Sujata says they have seen with their own eyes. Dadi says sometimes what we see is not right. Annapurna says you are right but…..Dadi says it is not necessary that whatever appears infront of our eyes are true.

Laksh and Swara come out happily. Ragini is tensed and asks Swara what happened? Swara says Laksh asked her to return to her life and said that he will never force her to return. Ragini looks on. Swara says he don’t want anything from me except friendship. Ragini tells her that Sanskar came, but then left. She says he left after hearing your laugh. She says may be he has a misunderstanding that you both got together. Swara says I will call him. Ragini says lets go and celebrate. We will have icecream. Swara says 1 min and turns to Laksh. She asks him to forgive Ragini. Laksh says I forgave her from heart. Swara asks him to give a chance to Ragini. Laksh apologizes and says I can’t accept your sayings. Swara asks but why? When I can give you a chance, then why can’t you? She says Ragini loves you very much and she has done everything for love. She asks him to have maturely towards Ragini. Laksh agrees to give a chance to Ragini. Swara and Ragini are happy.

Ragini is happy and says you are ready to give me a chance. Laksh says I lied to Swara and says I still want her but not by force. You have taught me that everything is fair in love and war.

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  1. xoxo

    After todays episode one thing i know for sure I’m shifting my dinner time to 8 at least siya ke ram will respect relationships n even though story has been told million times it will be much better than swaragini… had high hopes from swasan but now I’m fed up.. I wish makers could understand that we don’t watch swarag for twists n turns but for love story… The writer, director n producer need to go n get a life n stop showing stupid tracks like bomb blast n extra marital affairs

  2. Honey

    Hate this episode… Can’t see sanskar like this… Feel like killing both Ragini and Laksh… Idiot Laksh become like Ragini… Please writters don’t make episode like sanskar at more pain I can’t see that..

  3. Divya

    Worst episode ! Chiii rag I hate you! Pity for sanskar ! Even today’s episode I hate swara! Akal bhi hai kya ussme! Worst worst episode ! Sanskar ko dhekar mujhe bhi rona agaya!

  4. leher

    good episode after long time…buy dont make tis ragini evil long….plz…clear all miss understanding… nd a happey story… with some other struggle from outside….nd as sanlak nd swaragini clear it together

  5. Faria

    what is this rragini up to do … this serial is getting boring day by day bt I think sswasan will happen at the end… I heard dat San will met wid an accident n forget his love for swara…. can anyone tell the upcoming track of swaragini?

  6. Aj to is ragini ne dimag hi kharab kar diya. Abhi bhi use vahi sahi lag rahi h aur puri duniya galat. Sanskar ka sad face dekh ke itna bura lag raha tha. Me ni chahti ki swasan ki frndship affect ho aur swara phir apna ek dost kho de.
    Par precap me lucky ne jo us ragini ko jawab diya h mujhe bhut acha laga.

  7. Divya

    Cheee ragini ivlo kevalamanava plan podra! Sans ta ekku thappa soli! Hate it! Indha swara ku ena ivlo ha ha he he nu siripu vendiya iruku! Elartayum odane nambidavendiyadhu! Arivu ndrathu knjam kooda ilaa! Laksh nasama poga -ve ah maritan! Sandhosham rags n laks h nalla pair ipdiye Jodi potu seiyunga da seiyunga! Urupturum

  8. harsha

    Nothing is going to be change even next week other than dragging.terribly irritated by this serial not even good sign for swasan ..

  9. bhuvi

    Worst episode… I am really worried for Sanskar… He had lost his first love already… After long time he was completely happy with swara… But now… How will he tolarate this pain for second time… In this situation ppl will feel like they lost his everything life… N they lost hope On life also…Its hurts him very much…Thank god i didn watch today’s episode… Becoz i cant see him in pain…while reading update itself am feeling hurt…

  10. priya

    U blo*dy laksh i didn’t want to see U in this serial like ragini even U have changed.
    Pleeeeeaaaase writers make swasan unite but not swara with laksh

  11. Annie

    Now laksh is also become evil! Wow great. Ragini & Laksh suits each other, hate them both. Feeling sooo sad for sanskaar. & Swara you are such a stupid..

  12. manu

    I’m soo gonna kill Ragini….this serial is getting on to my nerves..i just hate to see sanskar in such a condition..I would like to shoot both the Ragini nd laksh…i just hate them…im not gonna watch this serial anymore

  13. Saba

    Spoiler shown that sanskar get accident, but it didn’t show anything. Wants to see swasan together, don’t know what this all happen in this drama and feel sorry for sanskar!!!

  14. rishi

    Hate this Sanskar and Ragini
    and Swara shame on u how u forget ur love Lakshya kahan gaya tumhara pyar
    ab Sanskar ke peeche [arh gayee hai

    where is swara Lakshya love ?? why distroyed show just to make swara sanskar jodi u r making Lakshya negative disgusting show hate swasan crap

  15. Demi

    Laksh had promised swara to reveal ragini’s truth maybe all what he is doing with ragini is just an act to reveal her truth.

  16. Tani


  17. Veena

    Didn’t watch today,please unite swasan,y to just ruin Laksh n Ragini’s characters,we are to be blamed for watching all this..bt swasan rocks.

  18. Tammy

    I hate swara !! Only becoz of her everything is sooo complicated ! And poor sanskar is getting hurt. She has no brains actually. Y can’t she openly say things to everyone !???!?!…. She doesn’t deserve sanskar or even laksh. Atleast every other char is soo confident in their role but this girl is always confused.

  19. Lee

    How could she when rag imformed her ki sanskaar ko galatfami hui hai swaran laksh ko laker then swara should quickly call sanskaar n should clear everything but usse ice cream khana imp laga as per written update ….
    Leave it …
    Guyzz someone plss tell me about upcoming track….n sanskaar ‘s accident aage kya hoga ….
    Replyyyy plsssssssss….
    Swasan rockssss.love u swasan….

    • Tammy

      True ! For her celebrating and eating ice cream is more important than sanskar’s feelings.
      She knows very well that sanskar loves her and must have felt bad…even then…she decided to go for icre cream treat.
      She is taking sanskar for granted. This is very bad.

      • xoxo

        I also agree… Here she wants to eat ice cream n there her best friend is crying… Oops ex best friend now its lucky…. Swara is the most stupid n shameful girl

  20. pratiksha subedi

    superb episode.. Gud Job laksh yeh tahini ki bacchi ki sath yesai hona chaiyee.love u lucky.bas asha hai ki tum aapni plan mee success hogae.BEST OF Luck.

  21. merlin

    i’m sure that ,swasan will unite.
    sanskar can understand swara.He will be allowed swara to explain the happenings in the farmhouse.

  22. What is wrong with swara? How could she be such a fool. Why is she believeing that psyco ragini? Why can’t she see that ragini is still evil. And laksh what can I say about him, his also acting that he just want to be friends with swara. That ragini is a bad influence, she is turning laksh in to her. And demi maybe you’re right, maybe laksh is just acting to get that psyco ragini’s truth out because he promised swara that he will.

  23. Tammy

    Ragini pagal hai shayad. Uska dimag ulta chalta hai. If she wants laksh then she should unite swara and sanskar. But ye pagal ladki thinks badla is more important than laksh in her life. Aise karegi toh laksh ko kaise payegi ??!!


    Yaar…kisi ko bhi milado…ragini laksh / sanskar ragini / swara sanskar / swara laksh. But please khatam karo ragini ka drama. It’s so repeatitive and boring.

  24. Appy

    uff ye sanskar sanskae. pura serial bogous bana diya. isko bich main aane ka itna bura adaat kyu hai?? jo hero tha use ab evil kyu banaya ja raha hai??? aur villian ko mahan hero?? hate u sanskar. u dont deserve swara,s love. kyuki tumhare wajah se ragini evil bani aur swara ko itni dukh sahni padhi. tumne usse uska 1st love chheena hai. to fir tumhe koi haq nehi hai use pane ki. u r useless..

  25. Riyma

    This episode is getting too boring now … its same story like we already know what will happen now. So usual story …..

    Can you bring something different

  26. Hi swasan fans,
    Don’t worry be happy because I’ve got the feeling that it will be swasan not swalak. It’s just going to take a bit more time them both to unite that’s all.The car blast situation will make swara realise that she also has feelings for sanskar. I just hope that someone notices ragini’s and laksh’s evil plan soon.

    • Saba

      Yeah! It will happen after a year maybe because drama is going so slow, sometimes one scene is ging on whole week….

  27. Just think guys, when this time everyone finds out about ragini’s evil plan how would they react. I’m just waiting for that day to come.

  28. akanksha

    If x backstabs y then it means x is a fool who did not understand y . if y again backstab by the same person x then it means x is not a fool…. Y is a fool . in this story swara is a fool who get dhokha from the same person by believing her

  29. Laura

    swalak r so cute plz unite them
    really kitna accha serial tha sanskar ne San kharab kar diya hate sanskar
    luv swalak swalak

  30. Åärùshî

    Whoever s reviewing this comment please do consider this request!

    I don’t understand the publishing of this fan fiction stories.. If you are so interested in publishing all this fan fictions better make a separate column for fan fiction stories! Don’t shuffle these things with the original story.. Its so irritating to scroll down and find one single written update among all sorta fan fictions.. If i miss reading updates for one day it won’t be a problem if i miss for a week then i end up searching original seven days story among 70 fan fictions!

    Better make a separate column for fan fictions and publish as many version as you want!

  31. Beena

    Guys I have told this is uttaran version 2.0. The writers have gone mad. I think after each review from viewers they think about something which is baseless…

  32. sanskar id d blo*dy root of all dese probzzz nd nw he bcm good lucky bcm bad…vw writers hats off u…sankar made rags evil nd he back off it when he feel guilty nd wants to help swara…he always stand with her just bcz he knws dat he is d mess root of all dese prbzz..yeah i m agree he is repenting bt one thng i dnt get that hw can he forget kavitha …he doing all dese for taking revenge of his love…nd he feel guilty for dat nd start help him nd he start feeling for swara nd he named it as love..vw hats off u sanskarr…u do dese all for kavitha nd wait years to take revenge only for kavitha. ..nd nw whats happbd where is ur love for kavitha r u forgot her????ohhhh u start feeling for swara na ???no ur so called love….u spent a little time with her nd start to feel for her..

    nd lucky he always loves swara nd always belives her even in dat drug case also…..bt dis blo*dy sanskar nd rags make circumstance dat laksh has to accept raguni…arrey yaar galthi sabhi se hothi he jab laksh bhi kiya tho vo ek crime ban gaya….vw….in mrrg day rags make vdo nd also she make acircumstance dat laksh has to marry her…lucky did it only on angry nd for his familt reputation nd for rags bcz for him dat time rags ws his frnd nd he is also guiltt for his past doing with her nd so lucky hs to marry her..bt he still loves swara…poor lucky he always have to be in pain nd no one notices even swara…he only wants his love back nd ragini also fill his ears….
    hate dis rags nd sanskar who come btw swalak…i want swalak bt its nt gonna to happn so i m shift real show to swalak ffs..they r doing good job

  33. nd also swalak is best their nok jocks fight their romance ws superb…there dance in swaras bday night…nd there scenes were in dat night is really awsm…swara ws in dat times of swalk bt when sanskar come btw them both swalak hav only pain…..i m nt satisfy with the pain of sanskar that he feel nw bcz he hav to feel more bcz he is d one who seperate two lovable birds…..

    nd nw swara is bcm like a saas bahu type really a dumbo…we want dat old shona nd lucky back nd old waali ragini…bt d writeres not let it to happn…the show starts with swaragini nw it swara vs ragini…hate this….i want swalak…miss them really….is any swalak fans r left here?????

    • Aditi

      Totally agree with you pari. I am also a swalak fan. And more than that I am laksh’s fan .today lucky also said that she want swara but not by forcing her.so he is not forcing her.

    • Gayathri

      Don’t worry pari….I think it is going to be swasan but I always support swalak…they are best and cute…and happy to see u all….#swalak

    • ash

      Yes, me too.not only me so many swalak fans are waiting in que. They all keep mum because of the writer s stupid swasan unite storytelling. Sanskar always sad face. Kashtathileyum konjam santhosham venum. Lakshoda character adhanalathan enakku romba pidikum. Sanskar cute than, adhukkaga eppavum oru azhumoongiya ? sutha boar. Writer please konjamavadhu sanskarai sirikka vidungappa. why we are dashing our heads to each other. Swalzk, swasan, swalak, swasan… now many viewers hates swara too. So from today only laksh, sanskar, laksh, sanskar…. no stupid ladies

  34. ashi

    I want swasan …..please unite them, I cant see sanskar like this I feel like crying seeing him like this please stop this all please and what is this now car blast of sanskar in which again sanskar is the target…..please ragini leave sanskar
    unite sanskar and swara please I love them

  35. I thought to never comment here…but my curiosity made me to do it again . I didn’t read written updates so I don’t know what’s currently happening in Swaragini….even I didn’t read comments.
    Guys, please somebody tell me after Salman Sonam episode did Swasan unite? What is the condition of trp now ? Increased or decreased?
    I know I sound fool…Ahhh I better read valuable comments then 😛

    • Ramya

      No after salmans advice also swara is dumb..actually she doesnt gve imp to This matter.she always think abt ragini only….
      Yes it’s a time waste serial don’t watch it

  36. Ohhhhhh still they r dragging. My dear fellow swalaksh fans , don’t expect Swalaksh will unite . It won’t happen . The writers don’t remember anything about old Swaragini & Swalaksh. @Pari- I do agree with you yaar. I’m also a SwaLaksh fan.

  37. Fify

    Swasan swasan swasan !!!
    Plz no swalak And kick that bc Ragz out of the show. She is just becoming too much. I hate her from bottom of my heart . Swara doesn’t love Laksh anymore so what’s the point in uniting Swalak ???
    Swalak fans Swara and Laksh don’t look good at all together. And swara and sanskar are the best…n plzz get a life who want Ragsan cuzz that’s never gonina happen ?

  38. un

    poor sanskar…..
    wah laksh is following ragini very well….
    there is no need to watch any comedy show….
    jad laksh ne kaha ki swara tum laut jao apni jindgi me….i was shocked…….. mujhe laga writers k dimag pe chot to nahi lagi na?????
    precap dekha to pata chala nhi abhi tak nahi lagi…
    bdw new twist in swaragini….
    ragini lapata aur shak dayre me sanskar swara and laksh….

  39. Neha

    Nothing to comment about the track only one think I want to say SWASAN make it or end it just do it soon fedup with roz ke dimag pakao contents se

  40. Priya Choudhary

    what’s this hell yaar.. why they are making ragini so stupid. n swara also .
    Ragini is trying to get laksh n became e vil. other hand swara who can’t understand sanaskar love for her. n also don’t want to return to laksh. she is totally confused what she have to do. laksh how you can do this with your own love n brother. they make sanskar villain firstly n now they are make him hero. we want that maeke them love birds n support each other………plz……..plz……

  41. ya….sanskar is the root of all problem
    BL***y sanskar
    he break swalak and now also start to love swara
    wat the helllll!!!!!!
    I think writers r forgetting that wat they show in past
    that swalak dance and all swalak moment

  42. really Kali
    writers have no story so they make laksh as villain
    plz stop this show and bring some new show
    sanskar make rags as villain and separate swalak
    and now coming btn them
    hate sanskar

  43. writers have no story so they make laksh as villain
    plz stop this show and bring some new show
    sanskar make rags as villain and separate swalak
    and now coming btn them
    hate sanskar

  44. Hi pari,
    How are you? Sanskar got every right to fall in love again. Just because kavita is dead it doesn’t mean that he has to dwell in the past and not move on. Yes he went in the wrong path but he stopped and he also told ragini that she is a nice girl and she should move on and let swalak unite, let swalak get
    married. But ragini didn’t listen because she had other plans.
    And about laksh what can I say about him. To be honest I rather not because I won’t be able to stop once I start.

    • True that……. they will make swasan ff only but will add swaragini lyk a idiot and will show only swasan…..lolz……..fools they are……… ik itz damm annoying and few so called writers dunno how to write only….

  45. un

    har bar pyar ka ehsaas karwane k liye accident ya blast karvana jaruri h kya…..
    jab tak jan khatre me nahi padegi tab tak dusre ko nahi hogi kya…….
    i m in confusion k mujhe rashmi production valon se pyar h ya nhi…..plz mera confusion mitne k liye sara rashmi production kab sab ki jan khatre me dalne wala h????
    aftr dt mujhe bhi realize hoga k mijhe rashmi production pasand h ya nhi

  46. Guys !! People will think sanskar died in blast or something like that. Coz in a video…. Swara is vidhwa. Omg…what it means ???? I can’t understand.

  47. I think we are making the writers mad!! SwaSan fans think SwaSan are best . SwaLaksh fans think SwaLaksh are best together. I’m one of them (SwaLaksh fans) by the way. After reading all comments what I understood is that Swaragini currently showing SwaLaksh moments. Am I right? Well, still I will not read or watch Swaragini bcs I know creative team will not make Ragini positive nd will not unite SwaLaksh. I don’t know what have they done with Lucky!! Poor soul!! He was hero once , now nobody knows what is he!! Raginiiiiii…I feel sorry for you too. Swara…..nd Sanskar I really don’t have any idea about them. Uttaran was a bit better than Swaragini I guess. Sanskar’s accident ? Really? Will he forget Swara?
    Writerssssss, why can’t you make Swara negative?:-P 1st it was Dadi ma ,DP & Sujata. Then Sanskar. All of a sudden from somewhere Ragini. Now Laksh(is he really negative? Damn! !). Swara, Annapurna, Mishti and dida are left I guess. As someone said above it was Swaragini, now it’s Swara vs Ragini.
    Dear SwaLaksh fans, plzzz guys don’t think SwaLaksh will unite. Don’t break your hearts. Take some precautions as I did. When they revealed Ragini’s truth I thought now SwaLaksh will unite. Noop nothing happened. When Laksh saved Swara from kidnappers I thought Swalaksh gonna unite. Every time they give us hopes but nothing happens. So I stopped watching nd reading Swaragini. I don’t want to get fooled again.
    They changed the entire Swaragini only for Swasan, to make them lead pairs. So , there won’t be any SwaLaksh.
    B T W , are Mishti & Sekhar alive? Or did writers forgot about them too?
    Kya story hai yaar….wonderful:-P

      • What to do di and gayathri v only two options left….. 1st is to cherish all those cute swalak scenes and second keeping a small hope for swalak……. according to me….. wbu u guys……
        #swalakholic forever

      • Kat

        Me too. I’ve stopped watching Swaragini & I’m reading updates too after a long time. I got really mad & tired acter seeing how every one keeps bashing Laksh & worshiping Sanskaar. I’m a die hard fan of Swalak but these cvz cheated us. The only thing left for us Swalakholics is to cherish their past sweet moments. I still have a small glimmer of hope for Swalak even though I know it’s gonna be Swasan in the end. I I get really mad when I see how
        these writers changed the whole story just for Swasan. But what to do. We’ve got to face it. But I’m a Swalak fan forever!!! Luv Swalak soooooo much & miss them soooooo much too!!!!??????

    • Yeah now even I think I should make myself face the reality…… there will swasan unfortunately no swalak….. and this will be cheating with us(swalakholics) u are absolutely right they changed entire swaragini just to make swasan lead pair… which isn’t fair to all swalakholics…….

      • dhanu

        Yes sis before I’m dy hard fan of swlak but after that i was like a little bitt swasan but somewhere according to me swalak is the best and they’re so cute with each others

  48. Hi meenakshi,
    I’m going to regret to say this but some of the things that you said is kind of right even though I’m a swasan fan.

  49. Gayathri

    Yeah ur absolutely right meenakshi…totally agree with u…I too think d same writer is in confusion dats y so many confusion in d drama…but watever it will not be swalak so I don’t want to worry abt it…so swalak holics don’t worry…even me meenakshi I stopped watching this serial…

  50. harsha

    Swara is going to be widow what the hell is this…oh god writters what do U think about ourselves too much of twist is good for nothing …

  51. MeH

    can any one plss tell me is laksh actng by being nyc to swara…am cnfsd….laksh n swara is too good lyk frnds…..was vry hppy to see pehle wala lucky…AND D MAIN THING I WANT TO SAY IS PLSSS UNITE SWASAN…

    • Gayathri

      If it happens I will be so happy…swalak is best forever…wat to do…:(..it’s too much y dey change this story…I can’t bear it??

    • In fact every swalakholic will be damm happy if that happens….. trust me if swasan happens m sure writers will be cursed by swalakholics……coz…. coz of them there are still few(excluding me) swalakholics who still watch each n every epi just to watch swalak….together…again…… lykei said I have chotu hope….. and ik this much that hope always wins…. lets see…. fingers crossed

  52. Shelly

    C’mmon man hw cud people b lyk dis. They have forgiven Laksh, really??? Bur y not Ragini? He is also on d same path. Don’t say he was gud, d hero of d show blah blah blah… Ragini ws also gud na? Bt wt hapnd to her? What happnd to both of them is due to writers. So ya writers r to b blamed. Bt again y aren’t dey cmfrtable wid swasan? I m not getting it. Swalak moments? I mean seriously. Hw cud u stick to dem. Ya Swara is not able to realise her love for sanskar as she fell in love with someone so it will take time for her to move on bt, even people r not able to move on Ha Ha Ha… Really??? U want d female lead to cm together wid a guy like Laksh…. NO. Give Sanskar a chance to rectify his mistakes (which he is trying). N ya Laksh can’t get one, jst imagine urself in place of Swara, When u r trying to seperate urself frm smone n he comes n says to give him a chance (including u hv strtd developing feelings fr smone else), can u? Let him b ur ex. N ya wil u frgive dat prsn whom u trsted d most n he did not even try to understand u ? Atleast not me.


    Hi.Mujhe pataa he ke mera character aacha nahI hain lekin real life main boot aacha hair. .
    plz mujse itni sari nafrat mat karo.

  54. Rajput

    Yr mujha koi to bataao y kya ho rha h raagini chahti kya h vo swasan ko kun alag kr rhi h ab

    ragini to chahti thi ki swasan mil jaayan ab kya ho rha h

    khin raagini sanskaar ko to nhi like karti h nhi nhi nhi nhi y nhi ho sakta

    koi to reply do

  55. Trp went up when swasan were together, when them both helped each other from that psyco ragini. And one more thing if swasan unite the trp won’t fall Infact it will be up because I’m sure there’s more swasan fans then swalak fans.

    • Gayathri

      Yeah ur right…so many swalak fans still exist…u can’t say dat trp will increase wen swasan together…definitely it will decrease…dats y still the writer is in confused state….and here too, so many swalak fans but they don’t have interest to cmt dats y they are not commenting here and they are still silent readers…so plz don’t judge by seeing comments. ..

      • Trp is will not decrease because of swasan or swalak, but I know for sure it will decrease because this show gets dragged allot, it’s too slow.

  56. harsha

    Please don’t fight friends even if ur swalak or swasan fan just enjoy the serial and stay under good roof of swaragini fans.

  57. rosy

    Plz dont degrade sanskar’s character by showing him fightng for love…
    And one thng laksh has learned sumthng from sanskar and thats- not forcing swara…but still behind as sanskar doesnt wana achieve swara bt laksh still wants…
    Sanskar’s love needs no explanation,,no clarificatn its jst da work of loving nd nt wantng nethng in return its out of desires nd hence its heavenly….(told by Lord Krishna)

  58. joya

    truly speaking i want swasan….swara’s character irritating a lot bt now i m watching this only for sanskar…even my mom also love sanskar….
    plz unite swara and sanskar..
    agar blast me sanskar ko kuch ho gaya i mean wo nhi raha to seriously i will stop dis show…can not tolerate any more

  59. Lee

    @minnie according to u guest ni keh sakti ki there more swasan fan than swalak…..
    Then how can u say thereare more swalak fan …..
    Yr srry if tumhe bura laga but tum bhi ye ni keh sakti….
    Aur tumhe kahna hi hai to dusro ko ni kah sakti ki tum ye mat kaho…
    Swasan rocksssss…
    Love u sanskaarrrrrr….

  60. Lee

    Srry if u heart but its a fact ki
    there are more swasan fans than swalak…..
    N ha aise swalak ke fan hai jo comment ni kr sakte…
    To possilbility to yeh bhi ke aise swasan fan bhi honge…
    Srrry againnn……. If i heart u

  61. minnie,
    I’ll say what ever I want. And I read somewhere that there’s more swasan fan then swalak fan. It said that who will look good together, is it swalak or swasan and and also people had to vote. At the end it showed swasan had the most votes. I’m just saying what I read.

  62. Hiii Minnie nd all swalak fan i m also die heart gan of swalak have no hope of swalak
    I m very sad every day i watch swaragini but………
    I know that atlast swasan will unite but thats not fair
    Why in old swaragini writers show swalak moments …
    Only 4 cheating us????????????
    I just hate swaragini writers they r worst writer of world
    4 me swalak will be best everr

  63. Look I didn’t said there are more swalakfans then swasan i said majority of swalak fans are there and few are not able to cmt or join social sites thatz it….. and yeah guest I never said u anything so whatz ur prob ms/Mr whatever……! ItZ my choice so chill for u swasan is best and similarly for me swalak is best….. so itz fair…

    • Ooh temper,
      temper minnie, calm down. I’ve got no problem but you did when I mentioned that there are more swasan fans then swalak fans. Why don’t you just have a look at one of your comment which is above gayathri then you will know what I mean.

  64. Hi people,
    I’m a swasan fan and I’m not liking the current track at all. This drama is getting dragged allot. I just want swasan to unite that’s all.

    • Yes guys I’m shuva. Now you know who I am minnie. I’ve got a name not guest, not the guest with the pattern that’s blue at the top and not ms/Mr or whatever I’m shuva and I’m a swasan fan. Swasan forever, swasan rocks.?

  65. Gowri

    I don’t like this serial… Writer’s finally finish the story in swara is going to take a negative role… Because in this serial all major roll are doing negative roll then finally swara also get the negative roll …..

  66. nd

    I really don’t want swara to choose laksh. I’m really sorry swalak fans. How could swara move to laksh after all the disgrace ?. Laksh ne kaha Ragini galath hai. Ab woh kya karraha hai ? Swara ko zabardasti panna chatahai. Swara open ur eyes before its too late. And writers pls unite swasan.

  67. Tammy

    Guys ! In the new promo. Ragini goes missing !!! Is that her new drama to blame swara for her kidnapping ???? Oh god. This serial has never ending events.

    They are showing promo of ragini missing. Seeing the rate at which this serial track is going … I think they will show ragini missing next month or so. They have to show sanskar car blast …then ragini missing…. Yaar… Ye ragini shanti se nahi reh sakti … Usko attention chaiye hamesha.

    Ye ragini ke drame khatam hote Hi laksh k drame shuru ho jaate hain… In dono k actions se time mile tabhi toh swara sanskar k feelings k baare mein sochegi.

    Guys they won’t show saswan scenes for a month or so. Coz they will focus on laksh and ragini drama now.

  68. I too watch this serial only for sanskaar. I like him as Danny from saraswatichandra..Even then too it was shown he loves a girl who loves her brother.. Why do he always gets this type of characters ?? I felt very sorry for him then.. I started seeing Swaaragini after seeing his entry.. Both Swara and Sanskaar makes good pair. This rashmisharma serials will always be like this. two heroines..Gopi and rashi in SNS, Simar and Roli in SSK..

  69. Sandy

    Plz don’t create our laksh as negative, plz because there is no reality in any video of daily motion so plz don’t degrade our laksh swalak forever

  70. Yeh, new promo of Swaragini. I watched it yesterday while watching BB9. Ahhh new new dramas. Ragini Missing. Who’s behind this ? Swara, Laksh, Sanskar or someone else ? What the hell!!!!
    Majority of SwaSan fans are Varun Kapoor fans????? Is that y they want SwaSan? I don’t have any personal favourites in Swaragini. But , I like Tejaswi more than Helly. Among boys, I didn’t like both of them. But now have a soft corner for Namish. Nywayz , I don’t know what affects the trp most. SwaSan or SwaLaksh or RagSan. At one point trp was high like 4 . It was that time when SwaSan was struggling for Ragini’s revelation, Laksh realising truth etc etc. Possibilities are :
    1) SwaSan fans expectations for SwaSan romance
    2) SwaLaksh fans hope for SwaLaksh union.
    3) Swaragini lovers hope for Ragini becoming old Ragini.
    4) none of the above 😛
    5) all of the above.
    More than SwaLaksh separation what makes me sad is evilness of Ragini. I don’t want to say any negative comments about Sanskar bcs sometimes I feel a war is going on btw SwaLaksh nd SwaSan fans over here.
    These new promo nd new spoiler ( Sanskar’s accident ) confusing me. What are they doing. Ragini going to kill Sanskar!! Does that mean Sanskar is behind Ragini’s missing? Uff!! Better not talk about this stuff.

    • I m diehard teju fan !! The current track makes me so sad !! V want our ragini back. Nd dats it !! I dnt care abt the stupid swasan nd swalak fights !!
      If they r really swaragini fans , they would feel bad for ragini ….bt these pple r oly bothered abt swasan and swalak…its nt any romantic serial pple ….,.its a family drama showing sister love…..understand that

  71. Wat the helllll
    I m very confused yaar
    This page consist only fighting of swalak nd swasan.
    By thr way i m swalak fan but i hate swara she is drama queen
    ###swalak ever###

  72. For quite some time now, Swara (Helly Shah) has been in dilemma where she has to choose between an adamant ex-lover Lakshya (Namish Taneja) and Sanskaar (Varun Kapoor).

    While she likes the company of her husband Sanskaar, Lakshya has been trying all possible ways to get her back in his life.

    Recently Salman Khan, who made an appearance on the show to promote his film “Prem Ratan Dhan Payo”, was also seen guiding Swara to follow her heart.

    It has been reported that in the upcoming episodes, Ragini (Tejaswi Prakash Wayagankar) would try to ruin Swara’s life by killing Sanskaar.

    According to a report in Bollywood Life, Ragini would insist Lakshya and Swara to go to the farmhouse and resolve their differences. The duo will be alone in the room, when Sanskaar would arrive at the farmhouse.

    On seeing Lakshya and Swara together, Sanskaar would get jealous but would decide to divorce Swara so that she can lead a happy life with Lakshya. But Swara will be reluctant to divorce him as she has started realising her feelings for Sanskaar.

    Evil Ragini would be furious with the fact that Swara is loved by both Lakshya and Sanskaar. To seek revenge on Swara, Ragini would plan to kill Sanskaar by planting a bomb in his car.

    It now remains to be seen if Swara will be able to save Sanskaar or will he get killed by Ragini.

  73. Ahana

    Its draging ..wt wrier wt to show..
    They already made the lead ragini negative.. Now writer wantsto show lead laksh as negative

  74. Ahana

    Its draging ..wt wrier want to show..
    They already made the lead ragini negative.. Now writer wantsto show lead laksh as negative

  75. It’s interesting to see how the makers of “Swaragini” have hooked their audiences with the twists and turns in the show. We’ve seen how Ragini is trying hard to defame Swara (Helly Shah) in front of the Maheshwaris. Her first attempt to showcase Swara and Lakshya (Hamish Taneja) in compromising situations failed, because no one believed the fabricated pictures.
    In the recent episodes of “Swaragini,” Ragini tells Swara and Lakshya that she has realized that come what may, her husband will never accept her and that she no longer wants to come in between them. She brings them to the same farmhouse, where Swara and Lakshya shattered her life, and asks them to talk out their issues in the bedroom. However, Ragini slyly makes sure that the elders are following them, so they can see Swara and Lakshya get intimate. Before going, Swara requests that Sanskaar (Varun Kapoor) join her, but he claims to have work and avoids the meeting. Later when Sanskaar comes to the farmhouse, he is shocked to see Swara and Lakshya laughing together. He obviously gets jealous of Swara’s proximity to Lakshya but leaves without saying anything.
    In the upcoming episode, we hear that Sanskaar will ask Swara to abandon him and go back to Lakshya. Of course, Swara will refuse to do so, but then Sanskaar will tell her to sign the divorce papers, so she can go back to Lakshya without any guilt. Sanskaar sends Swara home and swears to end all ties with her. He decides to move away from everyone, so he doesn’t have to see Lakshya and Swara together. Will Swara realize Sanskaar’s love for her? Will Swara let Sanskaar walk out on her and their marriage?
    Stay tuned to find out what happens next.

  76. Right now m not saying anything as swalakholic
    On a serious note writera have lost their mind! It doesn’t seem lyk swaragini mostly they show swara n swara…… if that’s what they wanted to show then why’d they show name as swaragini???? And whatever swara is doing is also wrong……. no offence to anyone itz juz my pov that shona should not keep two boys lyk this both love her and she’s confuse…… in some way it looks lyk she’s playing with their emotions unintentionally…….. which iz absolutely wrong both sanlak are hurt coz of her…… in a way writers should not drag this now itz too much! Itz better to shut this serial rather than this much dragging!….
    No offence meant but itz fact for me…… writers are writing anything damm thing for high trp n this show is going somewhere else only……. itz meaning was two sisters bond their love for each other…….. starting mein they showed this all but now…….. how to kill ur own sis how to make her lyf hell….. they are showing this……..

    • yes prads u r rite…..they show only swara swara n swara….no raglak, sanlak or ragsan….only swara or swasan….I want swalak….#LoveSwalak…….#TrueSwalakholic

  77. anu

    sbs segmnt:
    swara ki character par sawal…
    swara came to baadi for dantheras.. dadi asking her about swasanlak relationship..she said they went farmhouse only for ragini and she said they are only friends…. and also said swasan are taking divorce and they sleep in different rooms.. helly iv : uska bahen usse beizat dikana chahti hai.. and dadi asking questions andap and sujju doubt on her ki swara dono ladko ko lead kar rahi hai,,, (they showed sanskar also brings gift but after watching swalak together the goes)… vo said: ab ragini ko muke chahiye ki swara ko neecha dikane ka.. she willl do now her own kidnap..

  78. Prena

    OMG, WHY dragging a lot. Swasan was awesome and it is such a treat to watch swara and sanskaar together. Don’t hurt sanskaar for long. Put some sense into swara and unite swasan. Do make ragini positive.

  79. angelina

    swalak are best…they should show there love story….swalak..is best couple…..sanskar and swara are gud bt nt as gud as swalak…plz show swalak love..

  80. Hi guys,
    This drama is getting on my nerves.When the he’ll will that mahan swara realise that sanskar’s love and why the he’ll it’s taking that long for her to realise sanskar’s love? And now I hear that psyco ragini will plant a bomb in sanskar’s car and also that psyco ragini Will go missing. I also heard that swara may become vidwa. What is this nonsense, this drama shouldn’t be called swaragini it should be called psyco world instead. I’m blo*dy fed up that psyco ragini’s behaviour and her full of crap nonsense.

  81. Arreeyyyyyy Ooooo writers kindly please send that Swara devi to her husband.:-@ or make Ragini positive fasttttt. Already you guys have spoiled Swaragini. Change the title…Make it Swara devi or SwaSan..A story of destruction of beautiful story….blo*dy hellll. You guys to want to make it SwaSan. Go go ahead. Make it fast…why are you making Ragini a psycho for that. Nd Laksh…pleaseeee writerssss you wanted high trp na ? Happy now ? Look , don’t make SwaLaksh fans fools.
    Just tell me something why you made Ragini negative? Why you separated SwaLaksh? Why Swaragini, jodein sur Rishton ki is now SwaSan…..rivalry between sisters ??? Whyyyy?

    • Hi nik,
      I read one of the previous coment that someone made. I’m not sure that if the comment that person made is true. You know I’m really confused with this drama, all I want is swasan to unite that’s all. But I don’t know why it’s taking so long for them to unite. I also read somewhere that laksh will get the blame for the car blast.

  82. kirti

    Hey nik i agree wid u yaar
    i dint even watched d epi ……… coz i juz cant tolerate sanskar’s pain as it makes me cry n i juz wanna kill those 2 psychos rags n lak n how could dey make shona so stupid
    Moreover wen i watch dis show i get angry n get a severe headache n go mad fr 2-3 minutes

  83. Hi guys,
    I read somewhere that laksh will be blamed for sanskar’s car blast. What’s going on? It’s that psyco ragini the one who will plant the bomb and the blame will go to laksh. Swaragini is turning in to cuckoo land.

  84. nik

    I think sanskar dsrves a much btr prtnr then swara , the writers should bring kavita bk in sanskars life n may he frgt swara after the memory loss coz of bmblst n only he remmbrs kavita. Isn’t it gud guys????? What do u all think???????

  85. nik

    I think they r nt mkng it clear coz they may b thnkng if swasan will accept each other there will nthng left in the show which will make the viewers to wch it.

  86. Appy

    i want swalak. & m stop watching dis serial. rashmi sharma had no brain. thats y c making win the evil by destroying swalaks love. hate dis writter.

  87. nik

    The name swaragini should b changed to khichdi. N rag will Go msng ,it will take place b4 or after the blst????? I MST say a perfect khichdi in which no one can identify what things r put???????

  88. Hi nik,
    I guess you’re right. But you know what swasan will unite even though it’s Taking long for our mahan swara to realise sanskar’s love.

  89. nik

    Hey Appy don’t lose hope coz we swasan fans r also not cnfrmd whether it will swasan or not, n may rashmi sharma mud swings can agn make it swalak agn.

    • Yeh nik,
      you’re right.
      But you know what I’ve still got the feeling that it will be swasan, it’s just that it will take time that’s all. But I’m getting sick and tired of our mahan madam swara, I don’t know why it’s taking her so long to understand sanskar’s love.

  90. nik

    Swaragini kp on dragng , it will increase yr trp to the bottom of the trp chart n then u will have to use ladder to come down n see yr status. Ha ha…

  91. nik

    Hey guys u know what the lead pairs whthr swasan , swalak or raglak bla bla bla………….will take the sm tm to unite as much their prnts (sumi nshekher) have tkn .OMG it means the lead couples of swaragini will unite in their budhapa. Ha ha………

  92. Gayathri

    Every problem because of swara…y can’t she make a decision and she is a fool she believes her sister blindly this shows her stupidity…even ragini is better than her at least she has some brain…I think ragini is strong in her love but swara couldn’t even take a decision….except swara I like every in d show……better end this show…again and again same track is shown…I think writer doesn’t know anything except kidnapping…

  93. Lee

    Some one plsss tell aj sbs segment me kya dikhaya….
    Maine suna ki swara ka bhansha hua holy dhaga will save sanskaar from that bomb blast…. 😐

  94. Lee

    Some one plsss tell aj sbs segment me kya dikhaya….
    Maine suna ki swara ka bhandha hua holy thread (dhaga) will save sanskaar from that bomb blast…. 😐

  95. Lee

    Hey ashi how r u ….
    A last i only heart this in( iv ofragsan) when ragini said that sans met with the accident n then our sans kaha ki swara ka holy dhaga use bach leta jai usss bomb blast se

  96. Lee

    Wgat i mean is ki sanskaar kahata hai ki swara ka bhandha hua dhaga usse bachata bimb blast se… Surely…he is the main lead yr after all ….how can he die ….
    Swara will save him undirectly…..n not to worry swasan s fan there will be swasan ….
    N usss ke baat mata swara ko apana pyaar realize ho gaye…..
    Swasan rocksssss….
    Love u varun kapoor aka sanskaar

  97. Lee

    What i mean is ki sanskaar kahata hai ki swara ka bhandha hua dhaga usse bachata bimb blast se… Surely…he is the main lead yr after all ….how can he die ….
    Swara will save him undirectly…..n not to worry swasan s fan there will be swasan ….
    N usss ke baat mata swara ko apana pyaar realize ho gaye…..
    Swasan rocksssss….
    Love u varun kapoor aka sanskaar

  98. nik

    Hey lee u HV hrd it crct acc… To the sgmnt swara brings a molly to tie on hr bucks in dwali puja BT pndt ji says that she should tie this molly on hr hsbnds hand then she divides the molly in two parts n ties one on sanskars HND n the other on hr buks n this molly will sve sanskar from the blast. WL that’s gud.

    • ashi

      ya exactly and that holly Molly would save sanskar and how would that happen will be shown in upcoming track

  99. nik

    BT this cheapo rag she will tk the molly from the buks n gvs to lak syng that swara has gvn him , n h will tie IT N suj… N dp will think that swara is dating both the boys. N this will rags plan to dfm swara n after this rag will go misng which will bring a new twist in the story.

    • ashi

      ya actually that evil ragini wants to show swara characterless as she is showing that swara is involved with both sanskar and laksh

  100. @prads, anu and sara n few more….if u ppl remember we all used to chat here for hours……but now so random ppl have come here…..remember we all, shabu di, dreamer, liya, dhanu di, vidya and many more….i miss those days…..do u remember we had a dance party on swaragini page……BUT NOW THIS MODERATION…….it takes hours for moderation…..

  101. Sakshi pradhan

    Unite Swasan. What i had just gone through comments that sanskar is going to die. Is it real ????

    Show some Love in the Story what is the badla and badla or kidnap everytime I Am fed up with the Twist and Trun.

    Awsome pair Swasan

    Fan fiction is nice.

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Before submitting a comment, please be sure it meets our comment guidelines.