Swaragini 13th June 2016 Written Episode Update

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The Episode starts with Sanskar telling Swara that he will leave the house. Sujata asks what are you saying? Sanskar says I can’t see Swara troubled and will leave for her happiness. Sujata asks can you see me worried and asks him not to leave. Sanskar asks her to try and understand. Sujata tells Swara to take her words back and not to snatch her son. Sanskar asks Sujata not to tell anything to Swara and also don’t stop him. Sujata cries. Sanskar tells Swara that love language is simple and the person in love lives for his beloved happiness. He says I know that you will not understand me now, and that’s why I am leaving this house without any complains. He says I hope one day you will understand my silence and love. Swara looks at him. Sanskar keeps her chain and pendant and asks her to take care.

He asks them not to worry and take care of his Swara. Pass Aaye Dooriyan phir…………He leaves the house thinking about the promise which Swara made to him. Annapurna asks Sujata to take care. Sujata asks what happened to you Swara? She says you both got married and was very happy together. She says my son never saw his happiness and always took care of your happiness. Swara runs to her room. Ragini picks the chain and runs after Swara. Parineeta enjoys the drama. Sujata cries.

Dadi asks Sumi to keep heavy mangoes utensil on terrace. She says she will make achaar for Ragini. Sumi gets worried and keeps her hand on her tummy. Dadi asks her to hurry up. Sumi is about to lift it. Shekhar comes and stops her. He asks where to keep it. Sumi says on terrace. Shekhar takes it. Swara thinks about Sujata and Sanskar’s words, and looks at their pics.

Ragini tells Swara that these things are oblivious to you, but I am with you being your sister. I will always support you. Swara says I am feeling like somewhere something is wrong. Ragini says Sanskar tried to kill you and that’s why left. Swara says he left. Ragini says now you can stay here peacefully. Swara says I am not feeling peace, my heart is saying something and mind is saying something else. Ragini says you said that he is wrong, and tried to hurt you, kill you. She asks her to take rest and says you means a lot to everyone. She asks Swara to remember always, that only loved ones think about their beloves happiness. Sujata cries and wonders where did he go? Parineeta tells Sujata that this is not right. She says when Adarsh betrayed me, I never asked him to go. Annapurna says circumstances are different. Parineeta provokes Sujata and says she has left Sanskar because of Swara today.

Sujata says she is saying right. Sanskar left home for Kavita and now Swara. Parineeta provokes her further and says I am feeling really bad. Ragini and Swara hears her. Parineeta says Sanskar loves Swara very much, but she has crossed all limits. Sanskar will not return until…She stops seeing Ragini and Swara coming. Ragini says you are saying wrong. Swara didn’t ask him to leave the house even once, infact she was going, but Sanskar asked her to stay at home as he loves her very much. He don’t have any objection to give her time to spend with family, and says you will not understand this. Swara says my intention was not to send him. Sujata asks Swara to call him back home, and says she has to go and bring him. Swara says Sanskar can return, but I can’t stay here. She touches Sujata and Annapurna’s feet. Annapurna asks her not to go. Swara leaves. Parineeta smirks happily.

Maya comes to Sahil’s room and asks what is all this? Sahil says it is a medicine and continuously drinking wine. Maya says you left drinking. Sahil says I started drinking it again. Maya breaks the bottle and asks Sahil not to ruin his life. Sahil says my life is ruined. She calls Kesto. Sahil says what he will do and says he can’t think anything except Swara. He reminds maya of her words and asks her to go. Maya says I can’t leave you alone and will stay here. Sahil says okay, I will leave then. Maya is worried. After Annapurna goes to her room.

Ragini tells Parineeta that you haven’t changed after so much happened. Parineeta asks what did I do? Ragini says you know very well about Swara’s condition, and was provoking Sujata and Annapurna. Parineeta says you are crossing the limits. Ragini says you have crossed the limits, ad says she is seeing her smiling when they left. She asks her not to play games with her and says she can change her role. Parineeta asks her not to threaten her and asks her to bear for her mistakes. She says I am elder than you, and asks her to talk with respect, else she will show her value just as she showed Swara the door. Ragini slaps her hard angrily. Parineeta is shocked. She asks her to show elderness and earn respect rather than asking it. She asks her not to increase trouble, else she will forget what she had done.

Swara sees Kissan about to commit suicide and runs to rescue him. She falls in his embrace and have an eye lock.

Update Credit to: H Hasan


  1. anu

    loved swasan scene and suju-sanskar bonding… hating pari drama.. after slap she took revenge that blackmails ragini… hope ragini didnt hear her words and took stand for her ma and want ragini to tell pari truth to all.. if nt ragini after memory back want swara to punish pari or sujju or sanskar comes to know about her and want sujju sunayoing her.. hating pari drama.. please stop pari drama cv’s… hope sujata nt fall in pari trap and go against swara.. is sujju geting influenced by pari?

  2. Eva


    |Registered Member

    Thappad..dhandhanadhan…bhut accha tha..best scene of today’s episode..kash bachpan mein yehi thappad Pari Ko uski ma ne Mara hota..toh ajj woh aisi nehi nikalti…Ragini rocks Pari shocks..she is not a pari..as her actions r exactly opposite…she is a witch..chudail…swasan Ko alaag karna chahti hai woh?????

  3. mica

    what is Kissan ? anyone can answer ? ty
    btw, why they didn’t tell the truth what was happened ? that sanskar was not trying to kill her ? . ah whatsoever cvs, up to you guys 😀
    thank you so much for fast update mr Hasan.

  4. Serena


    |Registered Member

    Wow…kitne din baad sukun mila….swasan scenes???? n well done ragini…what a slap….keep it up..

  5. tisha

    ragini rock today kya thappad tha kya dialogue tha . teja u r awesome .es scene ke liye pura episode dekhan ragini rock pari shock

  6. Nupur

    Hi.. guy’s I’m back after long time..and yes ammu sanskar new avatar is kissan..I love ragini usne kitni acche Se Swara ur uski ma ka kheal rakraha hea asa lagta hea ki sumi ki real beti ho..swara ki iss memory janeki natak Se ragini ki character ko important milraha hea…nice an lagta hea ye swaragini..

  7. Xxxx

    What she is saying, pari thought of leaving house, she need to be thought leasson seriously, go ragini…
    So swara left mm …..good today at least a glimpse of sensible swara is back……

  8. Shona/Laado


  9. neha khan

    its necessary, swara’s memory come back soon ragini doing excellent work keep it up!

  10. kee

    and ya i forgot to say that am new here ,&i like swasan but love raglak to the core am huge fan of raglak is there any other raglak fans in this site

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