Swaragini 13th July 2016 Written Episode Update


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The Episode starts with Sanskar, Laksh and Ragini getting panic knowing her kidnapping. Parineeta calls Ragini. Ragini tells her that Swara is kidnapped. Parineeta says she don’t care at all and asks her to remember the deal. Sanskar blames himself for letting Swara go alone and hurts his hands. Ragini asks him not to hurt himself and says this way you couldn’t find her. Laksh tells Sanskar that they will find Swara and calls on mobile. Kalpana and Sahil make plan for the play in which hero and heroine are getting married. Kalpana says we will convince Swara to be heroine. Sahil says I will become hero, and will marry her. Kalpana says but Swara is already married. Sahil says it is a big lie of her life and my love is her happiness. He asks her to do as he says. Swara is playing with kids. Sahil looks

at her and thinks Swara’s real happiness lies with me. How to make her understand this. Swara looks for her phone. Sahil returns her phone and says you have forgotten it in Kalpana’s office. Swara checks her phone.

Kalpana thinks Swara doesn’t know that her real phone is with me. Laksh says we shall go and talk to Police. Sanskar calls Police and asks if Sahil has eloped? Inspector says Maya has bailed him out. Sanskar asks how can you let him free. Laksh says we have to reach Kolkata fast. They reach home. Sumi cries hearing Swara’s kidnapping. Annapurna tries to pacify her. Durga Prasad says we have to talk to Maya. Sanskar says she will help us and is coming here. Maya comes there, and apologizes to them. She says Sahil called and was crying a lot. He apologized to me repeatedly and was repenting for his doings. She says he asked me to take him out on bail, I thought he has changed and bailed him out. Sujata asks her not to fool them and crocodile tears. She shows the video message of Sahil and asks if he got better. She asks her to see Sumi who is crying a lot. Maya says Sahil called and said that he is coming to take me at 9 am. He said that he is marrying tomorrow in the morning. Everyone is shocked.

Durga Prasad says we have to talk to Police. Sanskar says no, and says I will follow Maya. He says I will inform Laksh about the whereabouts. Sujata says Sahil is mad and gets worried. Annapurna says nothing will happen. Sanskar says nothing will happen. I will bring Swara back. Maya apologizes to everyone on Sahil’s behalf and promises to help them. She cries and leaves. Maya comes home and sees Sahil ready in groom’s attire. She gets shocked. Sahil hugs and thanks her for bailing him. Maya says you have promised to get better. Sahil says everything is fair in love and war. Maya says Swara is married, and asks him to forget her. Sahil says I can’t forget her. Maya asks where is Swara? Sahil asks her to war saree selected by him. He says lets go. Maya says no, I can’t come. She says I have a meeting early morning. We will do the meeting and go. Sahil says okay.

Next morning Sanskar calls Maya, but her phone is not reachable. He gets Laksh’s call and says Maya’s number is not reachable. He goes inside her house and calls Maya. He gets Sahil’s video message. Sahil says you came to my house, but I took mom with me in the night itself. He says Swara is made for me, and you were just time pass for her. She will forget you. Sansakr says Sahil…I will not leave you. He gets a paper chit on floor. He says Hoogly. He thinks Patna’s story is false. Sahil brings Maya there. Swara thanks Maya for coming there. Sahil says Maa wants to help me in this play. Swara shows the script and asks her to give suggestion. Kalpana calls Swara and she goes. Sahil warns Maya not to tell anything to Swara, else he will kill Swara and himself also. Maya is shocked.

Sahil and Swara are sitting in the mandap for marriage. Sanskar runs on the road calling Swara.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. nice episode sanky in action swara didnt see her phone bcz kalapana and sahil gave same phone to swara and what is ap saying always tells sujata shant ho jao and kuch nahi hua? is swara is not her dil… whats wrong with ap? why she behaves always with swasan like this… kal swara ko pata chalega ki she is kidnapped…

  2. Sriranjani

    crap part of swaragini

  3. want swaragini mahaepisode.. again 16th july shakti maha episode 1hr. and 17th udaan … how many times colors channel give udaan 1hr special episode.. swaragini ka dedo…

  4. just kill that stupid pshyco sahil he is really getting on my nerves and thanks hasan mam for the fast update

  5. nice episode sahil sankar ragini acting was good no raglak and swasan sceens please tell me really ragins truth will come out and fp drama willget exposed it is real or a dream sequence

  6. Ufffu.. Kab katham hoga iss shahil track.. Very much irritating.. Please bring some nice swasan and raglak scenes.. This Pari track is also annoying.. Make her positive soon..

  7. I jst cnt believe dat someone could look soooo beauiful while cryng also…..?… tejas\ragini u were lkng dammmmnnn pretty yaaar….??..love u teju….n todays episode ws nyc…i lyk it….feelng sad for sanskaar…??… sahil plz spare swasan yaaar …sanskaaar is an awesome aactor,loved hs actng….laksh is very handsome??..swaru is cute ..?….watng for some excietng raglak track…..?☺☺☺

    1. Fairy do u write any ff. If so can u tell:)

      1. Yap dear i m writng” power in love(swaragini)”…i have completed 9 episodes n wl soon post d nxt one..??

    2. hum ya ragini roop ke rani all are jelous of her nazae na lage kisi ke not to forget helly also pretty ragini love u lots girl

  8. the phone which sanskar have when he comes out from car and calls maya ji is same phone which swara have.. its swara’s ph na? hope cv’s show videos which sanskar saved for swara.. please cv’s gave the videos scene.. dont forget..

  9. Witch sahil. Really. Bt thank god dis week is his last week.

  10. Arghh what a crap episode need some good raglak track

  11. U knw today i hd a serious ROFL moment at my house..my best frd had cum to my house n she ws just havin a convo wid my dadi abt tv..My dadi said ki beti mei to sirf sanskar dekhi hui( she meant sanskar channel) n u knw i whisperped into my frd’s ears?hum bhi toh sirf SANSKAR KO HI DEKHTE HAIN.. n she was like??.. Lol?dat was classic???..!!

  12. Varun’s expressions…daam good
    I think this sahil track will end on friday
    Teju and helly are so beautiful

  13. ATTENTION‼️. Everybody plzz go to colors tv fb n like d new swasan post

    1. Which post

  14. i to agree ragini teja is god at emotional scens she looks dam pretty in those scens and todays interview of ragini was was so good must say teja is indeed a funloving girl offscreen lots of love to ma baby ma teja didi cvs please give her some proper scens and track

    1. Ragini/teju only cries and twist her face how is that good actng? teja is a big popous arse..watch all her interviews,she is eotistic and vain…the last interview where everyone is calm and classy but teju laughing loud and hard like a hyena…she has no class or elegance when giving interview

  15. Gys new olv ragini faints swara take care of her not laksh go to twitter and blast cvs we want raglak not swaragini crap

  16. God this is such a bad track. Just kill that Sahil, make swasan, and please put more drama involving ragini!!!! Need more scenes of raglak and swasan. Waiting for when ragini’s secret is revealed, spoiler says that Swara will give a tight slap. Waiting to see who will save ragini from this mess.

  17. chi chi cvs of swaragini when we want swaragini u show us swasan when we want raglak u give us swaragini or swasan whats rong with u penchanting for raglak track

  18. nagini aunty please dont cry soo much bvz ur make up get spoiled.we want to see family drama not a horror story..she looks like chudail in her real look…such a unprofessional aunty..nagini aunty is not suitable for my handsime chunk namish..nagini aunty look like his aunty..behenjii nagini aunty

    1. Pavani i agree,rags so ugly it is so much makeup ..and crying for the same swara she tried to kill twice..s*x from a man really makes a woman simmer down…all rags wanted was s*x s*x and s*x…laksh give her s*x and she became the most loving sister and wellwisher to her mother who she kidnapped ….what a fake loser rags is

      1. I think in ur dictionary life partner means s*x partner thats y u can t think beyond s*x

      2. in fake love track first he saved her shows care concern s*x and some lovely moments but ur narrow mind s*x only visible

    2. pavani
      chill out

      1. pavani aunty and sharnallee aunty u proved that u are really sshameless creatures

    3. AnuAnn

      It is no use of replying them.. Once anyone bash our fav we can reply them .. When they repeat the same.. Just ignore it .. Becoz only waste of time

  19. swara looking sooo cute nd gorgeous….helly u r soo beautifull dear..she look breath taking in dat bridal attire..i fall for her more and more..helly dear all the best for jhalak..

  20. I love that show specially Teju she is too much gorgeous and no less attractive

  21. bashing aunty again u started nice name for u na suts u pavani
    u know what at least ragini can be compared to some thing but u cannot be compared to any one comparing u tp some one or something would be a insult to that particular thing or creature……. ur sooooo obsessed like mental sahil cho bashing anty please stop bashing my heavenly beautiful teja and ya have a good night mare pavani opps bashing aunty, because only in antys mind bashig ideas come we youth have got a great understanding b/t us so bashing aunty i u have finished ur bashing go get a sleep i think even in dreams also u bash my ragu omg u give her so much importance every day u only comment on my ragu how nice
    well good night my bashing aunty(pavani)

    1. Ha ha ha pavani aunty ….bashing aunty …nice name

      1. But pavani dadi is more good

  22. This is the worst comment ever made on ragini.u r calling ragini aunty.oh i think u r only five years old girl.that’s why u r calling ragini as aunty.by the way her name is ragini not nagini.stupid kid.may be u r a very stylish kid so u r calling ragini a behejii.i want to see u how beautiful u r.

  23. just think…..ppl in that locality will be like every now and then sanskars wife disappears and he keeps shrieking……swara…..swara tum kaha ho????lol

  24. Love u Ragini.
    Love u laksh.
    And Ms.Pavani i understood one thing from all ur comments…u can never see the brighter side of an actor.
    Everyone can potray positive role….but not all can play multi roles….
    Teju is best playing all kinds of roles.
    She is the best.

  25. swasan rockzxzz tpday .gatham karo e pagal sahil track .only want swasan raglak track .love them

  26. l am a big fan of swaragini. I hate this pagal sahil track .ab kys hoga swara ki zidhagi mem.usko kya huvaa???.
    please tell me somebody that is helly shah is on jhalak dhikla jaa.
    what will be the next track.

  27. Don’t you know the spelling of ragini,its not ragini.anyway the people who were using abused words they are not having any elegance and class.swara ragini,ap,sujju,pari,sumi everyone in this serial are beautiful,this serial has best casting.everyone is nailing their roles . Swara became very good because of ragini ‘s bad deeds in past,and ragini in that house because of swara ‘s love towards her sister.it is swaragini about their bonding.

    1. Mona146

      Hi who are you? I love your name.

  28. swara is looking like an angel.and my swasan are cute.tolerating thos crap show only for my swasan..love you swasan.love u helly.u r the most cutest prettiest gorgeous beautifull lady in the show.my kiddo.love you

  29. Dont call ragini a chudail pavani..she is so beautiful …stop. This sahil drama..cvs are more concentrated on creating problems amid swara and sanskar’s LOVE LIFE,?..i agree with u anu..ap always say shant raho ..if there will be a tornado still she will say shant raho…

  30. pavani i can imagine how jealous ua of tejus beauty tat u dn even want to comment on ua fav.alwys commenting on teju.i pity u.try to think positive smtyms.u may feel better.

  31. Hey guys new olv came….swara will not slap ragini….raginis baby shower will be organised n in that swasan dance will be there….after that some ladies will dance…in that parineetha will be one of the dancer….she pushes ragini….ragini will fall down…swara is about to slap parineetha….but at that time all will raginis fake belly…i mean pillow is on floor….all r shocked n questioning rags…annapoorna is about to slap ragini…but sharmista holds her hand n they reveal their truth…..this fake pregnancy crap is over….n swasan r looking too cute in their dresses….raglak r also looking gud

    1. rekha vaghela

      Thanks for the interesting news..

  32. This track is very terrible, I cant take it anymore!!! Only watching for Swasan!! WE NEED more Swasan romance and Raglak but please no more drama like that!!! At least a whole episode of romance!

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