Swaragini 13th July 2015 Written Episode Update

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Swara tells Ragini that the man behind the conspiracy will panic seeing her marriage date nearer and will do something in a hurry. She says we will catch him then, and asks for Ragini’s support. Ragini says she will help her, and says someone is not happy with your happiness. May be someone’s pain is related to your happiness. Swara says I will inform Laksh now. Ragini says I will inform him and asks her to sit. Evil Ragini goes out of room and is shocked. Sumi tells Shekhar that she will make food for Durga Prasad’s family. Dadi comes and says they might not eat food made by Sumi. Shekhar says they will understand. Sumi says Maa is right, and goes out of kitchen. She tells Shekhar that she is happy as Maa is cooking for Swara’s sasural people.

Ragini calls Sanskar and says I called you

to inform about something else. Annapurna gets Sujata’s call. Sujata asks why did you say yes to marriage in a week. Annapurna says there is no mahurat for next 6 months. She says how we will do the arrangements. She asks to come home fast. Annapurna says they will come after having good. Sujata says how can you eat food made by bengalan. Annapurna says what to do? Ragini thinks Kakisaa is not happy with this alliance. Evil Ragini goes to Laksh and says Swara forced Pandit ji to prepone her wedding. Laksh is shocked. Annapurna hears her. Ragini wants Annapurna to hear them. Laksh asks what was needed to preponed the wedding. Ragini says I want you both to be happy. She sees Annapurna hearing and executes her plan. She acts sweetly and says Swara might have a reason for her doings.

Laksh says Swara was giving expressions as if she was unhappy. Laksh asks why did she hurry up. Ragini says she has a doubt that someone is unhappy with the marriage, and wants to catch someone. Laksh understands her plan. Annapurna asks Pandit ji to tell the truth. Pandit ji says that he agreed as he thought Swara can’t be wrong being your to be bahu. Annapurna thinks Durga Prasad made a wrong choice. Ragini goes to room. Sumi comes to Swara and brings food for her. She says there is a secret behind this food, as your Dadi made it for you. Swara is happy and says she cooked this food as Laksh’s family will not eat food made by you. She gets teary eyed and hugs Sumi. Sumi makes her eat food and talks emotionally about her bidaai. Swara hugs her again and says shall I cancel the wedding. They hear Ragini’s shout and go inside. She feigns pain in her leg.

Swara says she will get medicine from her room. Ragini sees Sanskar entering Swara’s room and mixing drugs in her food. She sends Swara to Dadi’s room. Swara comes back and applies medicine on her leg. Evil, Worst, black spot on sister’s name is helping Sanskar and is equally guilty. Sumi and Swara help her come in the room. Once she reaches home, she says she is fine now. She asks Swara to have food and takes Sumi with her, giving a chance to Sanskar to be with Swara. Sanskar is hiding in the room and sees Swara eating food. She looks at the food bite and recalls Dadi’s words. Sanskar thinks eat food Swara. Swara smiles and eats the food.

Sanskar tries to hold Swara as she feels dizzy. Swara hits on his head and he falls unconscious. Ragini comes to room and sees Sanskar unconsciously lying on the bed. She tries to wake him up calling his name and asks where is Swara? Swara comes from behind her. Ragini is shocked.

Update Credit to: MA


  1. dhanu

    Hi guys I have heard on swara wedding and function rag will wear heavy dress like she is bride and guest are confused to select who is the bride.

  2. Mumina

    I feel like killing ragini
    I loved her in sanskaar serial however in this one I hate her
    I wish she quits as she deserves positive roles not negative
    But I love helly shah more❤️

  3. kesar

    Pl ragini dun make ur image so bad dat evry one wana kil u n stop ovr crying all th tym coz koi hmesha nhi Rota rehta

  4. ?pradishma?

    I don’t support current plot…. they r showing things so early…. they cud have showed swara laksh and ragini getting close hanging out here and there then love story…. not so soon marriage and all

  5. Dreamer ?

    Thanks for the update MA ? Oh my goodness! Ragini’s evil schemes are just worsening as days pass by ? I really miss watching the two sisters bond ? I wonder when Ragini will realise her mistake and turn positive again ?

    – Dreamer ?

  6. sarah

    swara will come to knw abt ragini and she will try to become bad infront of laksh for her sister’s happiness

  7. Torandu

    I think the title must be changed as swara ..idiot writers …I hate them … Why they showing ragini so … Cruel …. Stupid writers ….. They from first they showing swara as a good girl lead role and showing ragini as bad girl … Kadupa iruku ….

  8. Angelina?(anu)

    Episode was bad but precap seems gud!!! Hope swara gets to know d truth b4 sumthing unpleasant happens!!

  9. Asnis

    I love you swara .Raghini pls stop this type of act and pls try to a good sister.Laki you are super

  10. Ahana

    writter pls change the tract…unite swalak sanrag & swaragini then swara & ragini solve their problem together like simar & roli…
    I dont want ichchha & tapashya I want sister like simar & roli…..

  11. Angelina?(anu)

    To my prads,
    Dear, I know. I have hurted u by my question…..n really I feel sad for that….
    But wat can I do dear….that question was juz killing me! So I asked u. N m grateful to u that u answered me!
    Here is a small poem for u in d form of apology….

    U r my best friend (in fact my close sis)
    I know we can make it through.
    Let’s make our sistership last
    And make it better n true!
    I know u r getting sick of me….
    I m getting sick of myself too…
    I don’t know how many Tyms I can say sorry to u…….
    I m going to push aside d past now….
    N look after u lyk my real sis!
    As we did earlier!!
    U r my sister still n my favourite too…
    Remember d gud tyms n I know we will make it through!!!!

    To prads,
    With love!!?

    • ?pradishma?

      Awwwww anu….. sooooo shweeeet jus like u but not more than u sweetie…. ??
      And I was not angry yaar I was kinda hurt cuz of that question so I lose it…. and u don’t need to apologize cuz u say na no sry no thanks…… and u shouldn’t have wrote that line of sick….. I can understand ….and I read on kyy the reason behind ur cmg my reason is also the same as urs dear…. so I kno how it feel and how it feels when u have sooooo true and gud frnds in life like u, sara…..luv u sisy….?

  12. Angelina?(anu)

    Prads!!! This is wat I lyk d most in u!! U r sooooo swweettttttt yarrrrrr!! Thank u soooo much for understanding me sis!???????

  13. Shera

    What abt this lioness?r u afraid of [email protected]

  14. shabbu

    No liya!! Just finished my ifthyar!
    Wat abt u!!

    Sherni!! Lol!! Good one pinky aka punkin!!

  15. Angelina?(anu)

    @ swalak, luk m telling u that we don’t have any time for ur stupid jokes okay?? So get lost!

  16. I am a fake and i often change names and disturb people on different pages……..i and my frnds have a fake company to cheat people…..?????

  17. varshini

    bullshit..r u [email protected]

    • ?pradishma?

      Yes di but u don’t know from last many days she was stalking me as priya then tu team exposed her she has many fake ids

  18. ????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

  19. Angelina?(anu)

    @ varshini hiii m anu!
    U don’t know but that Aditi first acts sweet n then suddenly she will abuse!! blo*dy fool!

    • ?pradishma?

      Anu now a days m seeing u r using a lot that word pls don’t use unless its necessary yaar….first when I used to lose it u used to make me calm na and now what happened to u dear??

  20. ?pradishma?

    Varshi di she did the same with sara when she betrayed me sara supported her then afterwards she abused her only and jus recently she went on her religion now had bad it was di……

    Sry punkin if it hurts u

  21. Angelina?(anu)

    U r ryt prads, but Aditi has made me lyk that!!! Whenever I see her name…..I juz feel lyk killing her to death!! But still I will try to be as I am..,..thnx prads!?

    • ?pradishma?

      No need of thanks yaar jus don’t like that side of u cuz u r such a sweetheart that can’t see u like that…..

  22. varshini

    ya really feel bad for sara n we don’t wanna spoil d mood.ignore her.BTW ds pinky s d Sara from pak?

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