Swaragini 13th January 2016 Written Episode Update

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The Episode starts with Urvashi crying and tells that Janki’s soul is restless and in pain. Shekhar says it might be her perception. Urvashi looks at her photo and says a big thunderstorm is going to come. Everyone looks on. Ragini comes to her room and sees the electricity gone. She panics and gets scared. Laksh asks her to relax. Ragini says she gets scared of darkness and brings the candle. She looks for match stick. Laksh brings it and lights the candle. Ragini thanks him. Laksh asks when I am here, then why you are scared? He stares her and burns his finger due to match stick. Ragini says Laksh and looks at him.. Ragini gets up and her saree pallu catches fire. Laksh shouts to alert her, and sets off the fire with his hand. Ragini hugs him. She says she didn’t hug him intentionally and was

scared really. She goes to change her clothes. Laksh holds her hand and stops her. Moh Moh Ke Dhaage plays………..Laksh says I don’t like this color on you, says I like you open hairs and the maang tika which you used to wear suited you well. He opens her hairs while the song plays…………….He says I don’t like your earrings and consummates marriage with her.

Kavita tells Sanskar that they shall go to the temple where they were about to marry. Sanskar says that place have separated us. Kavita says she is alive because of that temple, and asks her to take him there. Sanskar agrees. Sumi sees Urvashi going somewhere and is about to fall her. Swara stops her. Sumi tells her that Urvashi went out. Swara says she will go and asks her to rest. Sumi says are you fine? Swara nods yes. In the morning, Ragini is on bed recalling the loving moments. She wakes up and couldn’t see Laksh beside her. She gets up, sees Laksh bringing tea for her. Ragini gets touched and emotional. Laksh serves the tea and it spills on his hand. Ragini says you have burnt your hand yesterday and applies ointment. She says it seems thunderstorm will not be stable. Laksh says it will take time.

Sanskar and Kavita reached the temple. Sanskar says you likes these flower and gives to her. Kavita says you still remember and smiles. She says we used to spend much time here. Swara follows Urvashi while a heavy wind is blowing. Kavita thanks God for uniting her with Sanskar, and also as Sanskar loves her only even today. Swara misses Urvashi as the truck passes from there. Swara wonders where she has left? Ragini recalls Laksh asking her to let her hairs open, with pallu and maang tika. She blushes and smiles. Just then Laksh comes and holds her hand. He makes her wear the earrings, bangles and maang tika. Ragini smiles.

Sanskar tells kavita that he will drop her to market and then have to go to office also. Kavita asks why he is in hurry and reminds him of the days spent there. She asks if he remembers the holi. Sanskar says I do remember. Kavita sees the color plate and throws on him happily. Swara calls Sumi and informs her that she couldn’t find Urvashi. She sees the temple and thinks Urvashi might be there. Sanskar asks what is this childishness. Kavita says I am back in your life and asks why he is not smiling. She asks where is my Sanskar? This Sanskar has objection with everything. Sanskar says he will show her what is not changed. Swara climbs up the stairs. Sanskar throws the colors on Kavita, but she sits and the color fall on Swara’s face. Sanskar is shocked. Swara looks at him. Kavita looks at them.

A pillar is about to fall on Swara, but Sanskar saves her. Kavita calls Sanskar…..Swara says I love you. Sanskar proposes her for marriage. Swara agrees.

Update Credit to: H Hasan


  1. Honey

    About today’s episode.. Raglak moments were so good. But the twist that Laksh taking revenge on Ragini, it’s atrocious..
    Swasan cute moments are going to be there.. Happy about it.. Also they will end it soon..

  2. siya

    Raglak consummated their marriage… N did yo guys see promo in btwn ads???its really shocking to watch… Sanlak giving flowers to swaragini… Swasan marriage… Ragini signing some paper after that Laksh throw her n swara ll come n hold her that time… After that swasan stands infront cremation..n swasan turns opposites…

  3. Tara

    RagLak awesomeeeee in their morg scenes. Like he was actng like hurt nd ragini caring thn his laugh nd ragini beating him nd askng sry…. wowwwwww awesomeeee lovedddddd raglak. I luvd ragini in 2day’s epi. She was soooo soo cute nd superbbb actng. I can’t digest d fact laksh gonna cheat her ??? tey r so cute wen tey r happy 2ghr.

  4. pavi

    Villain lists gaining names day by day…
    Kavitha mom
    dunno swasan alone can tackle des many troubles…??

      • Anita

        Exactly. …..
        We are d fools waiting for something or d other in this crap….
        And this is going to be my last comment. ….when i feel watching is of no use.
        Atleast i have realised my mistake now….

  5. yeah finally it happened soooo happy with precap… the most awaited moment is gng to cum for all d swasan fans…. yippeeee……hope its also not a dream….pls pa ithayum kanavakidathinga writers ungala Kenji kekurom… unite them soon…..

  6. siya

    Tara n nuszoya… Kavitha n Laksh nallavangala illa ketavangala… Ton ton ton ton ton tondayan ( Nayagan bgm)

      • I think urvashi is ghost dont take me wrong coz swara urvashi ah follow pannum bodhu sudden ah ava maranjitha and yesterday episode ava dhan wanted ah andha rendu photo frame matum thodacha currect ah adhu vizhudhuchu so endha ellam sadhikku pinadi kandipa yedho irrukku and in spoilers i read that ranginis dadi jhanki ah kolla panna

      • [email protected](PHFFAN)

        @neha..:-D lol

      • Tara

        She is asking wthr laksh, kavita are good or bad. She is asking tis wid a bgm from tamil movie nayagan. It s a famous diag 4 kamalhasan

      • nik

        N if de do so , de must go to hell. Wat swasan fans did ???? U blo*dy wrtrs Its u only who paired dm for d first tm. N when fans accepted dm n started demanding their scenes , u r twitting against fans?????

    • Tara

      ??? ithu oru nalla kelvi ?? kavita ketavala maruva. Laksh ragini ku ketavana irukan. Ana swasan ku villain ah mara poranam

  7. Anamika

    I hate ragini. So i wanted to see lucky’s revenge. Her one side love causes so many problems. She did so many mistakes to his family. She hurted his mother father her sister and everyone she didnt desrve any happiness. Only laksh can hurt her badly. Today’s sanskar is very bad. He only consider kavithas happiness. He know that swara is very sad and gloomy. Then why he go to temple with her and give flowers to her. Also he throw colours but accidently fall on swara. Actually what swara think?he is happy without her? I don’t know. Pls dont follow ssk track. I hate ghost and black magic. Pls turn that.i only watch this show because of it is a youth and love story. Pls write something better than you actually write for the future

    • Rey

      hy dr…. suprb da u hav told wat i really feel fr 2day epi nd i tooo hate tat evil ragini realy she dn’t deserve any happiness n her lyf bcoz she snatched her own sis happiness n each nd every tym nd i prayed to god no can get sis lyk ragini …. nd i feel the same sanskar hw can think abt tat cavity happiness already he knw swara s dyng inside thn hw could he can do lyk dis nw wat swara ll think abt him..

  8. simpi

    todays episod is awsome.but swsan unit soon please. omg is serial me bhi kala jadu ayega.writer is gone mad. esa hoga to ye serial koi nehi dekhega.please swsan unit.

  9. meesha

    finally we’ll get to see swasan cute moments after such a long time yipeeee……. I don’t think rags will die bcoz hrt role is now positive swara will support her it might b kavita I saw in sbb dat kavita will let Union of swasan seeing their love at their engagement some drops of blood will fall on swara’s hand there will b a dead bat which laksh will find on jhoomar

  10. Rachna

    RagLak consummating marriage is just not acceptable. Then Laksh throwing Ragini out after that is even more shameful. Am done with this serial. Ragini will return pregnant and again take revenge. Bakwaas totally this serial has become. And again Swara becomes mahan and supports Ragini. Stupid Swara why can’t she concentrate on her life.

  11. Paru

    Wetr tejaswi gonna leave the show? No plzzzzzzz…..
    I heard tat tejaswi wl turn positive ns as a result she wl nt quit frm swaragini! Bt nw these twists.. Horribleeeeeee….
    Please clr my confusion dear fanss…

  12. Fatarajo

    I thought I will never said that but still since last week Swaragini is going good m enjoying it a lot, love Swasan scenes a lot, I also like raglak a lot they brought their relationship to the next level much earlier than expected , but I feel bad for Ragini as that Laksh will become negative.
    And the person who is gonna be dead is none other than a bat? I read this somewhere. It was one of the weirdest thing I read that when swasan will marry and then a dead bat will be found which will be considered inauspicious and ragini’s aunt will believe it’s a ghost I mean how on earth will a dead bat will become spirit? Seriously. Rashmi Sharma is an expert in spoiling her own shows, with ridiculous track I hope she doesn’t spoil Swaragini again

  13. Priyanka

    This is a never ending cycle of revenge lol!
    Why are they even keeping Ragini in the house after all the deeds she has done?
    Now Laksh is getting revenge, later Ragini will…Then someone else will lol!

  14. I missed half epi seriously raglak consummated ??? Can’t believe
    Now I think ragini will become pregnant n then laksh will be forced by the family to accept her or maybe the show will take a leap…
    Letz wait n watch

  15. Guys suggest me that im going to wright a FF in comment box each and every day coz i dont know to wright separatly and i dont want to i will continue the ff regarding the comments and it will be mostly concentrate on raglak coz there is already lot of swasan ff.wat say

  16. Leapsandbpund

    They have to show Ragini’s transformation from bad to good, in that she needs to be taught a lesson. No one has the right to manipulate anyone’s life the way she did.
    Look at the history of the show. She was calculative in her plans. She tried to kill her sister, so when Laksh tries to kill her, they all get holier than thou with Laksh. Especially Dadi,
    If the writers don’t show a full transformation and Ragini realizing her error, then she really not changed.
    So far Ragini has been dillusional about what is right and wrong. If she does wrong its fair. But if someone retaliates she thinks they are being cruel.
    Till last week, her character had an obsessive compulsive, schitzo personality. Laksh had promised Swara that he would not do anything in anger, so he is being calculative just like her to get his property back. What goes aroun comes around.

  17. Why colors hvnt uploaded episodes on youtube frm more than two days whenever I try to open it says private video, hvnt watched episodes frm 2 days….irritated wid this.Can anyone tell me where can I see all the episodes???

  18. sree

    Wow guys……swasan engagement……swara and sanskar looks sooo cute and beautiful….when sanskar gong to wear the ring…a drop of bat blood will fall on swaras face…that blo*dy dadi and Urvashi will tell…its inauspicious to continue the engagement….but engagement will happen….swasan will change the dress….and the second lehanga of Swara was awesome….after that ring will be missing….dont get disappointed guys….our cute sanskar will make an another ring with mauli and wear swara…..after all the hurdles swasan engagement will get done….swasan forever ??

  19. nik

    Guyz plzzz…beware n don’t get so much attached to swasan . Ya I know r8now swasan lv express is on its track. But d wrtrs of swaragini r dfntly going to cheat swasan fans. I think d big secret about sanskar ll reveal n it ll b dat he still lvs kavita n his lv for swara was fk so as to keep her away from laksh n tk his revenge from laksh coz he thinks dat laksh was d main culprit who separate him n kavita. As of now d track is really sweet for swasan fans bt I hv a very very strong feeling dat soon it ll bcm too bitter to gulp it n i hv a doubt dat soon swasan ll trn to swalak.I m saying dis coz I cm to know dat swaragini wrtrs r twitting against swasan fans .plzzzzzzz read neha’s cmnt under 12 Jan updt. Don’t know wdr its true or not.?????

    • Scarlet

      Hii nick swaragini writers have never ever tweeted against swasan fans infact they always gives positive reply to swasan fans and swasan pairing was planned from the beginning if you watch vahe iv you will know it so swasan is final pair just relax and enjoy swasan wedding and swasan marriage will definitely happen mark my words

      • siya

        S nik… My head is aching like anything… Juz ‘coz of so many rumours… N I read kavi turns negative to get san.. Is that true…?? Now am loosing interest to watch…I think Dey take billions of years to unite Swasan…So many negative characters…Laksh kavitha kavitha mom ragini n urvasi …now I feel like better swara leave kolkata n go somewher n start her life afresh…

      • Neha

        Thanks scarlet for d clarification..actually I am d one who thought dey R against swasan fans…n I am very sorry for DAT…guys if u can plz forgive me for DAT bad rumors I hv spred

    • Neha

      Hey nik actually I am not sure dey R plotting against swasan fans or not but I have a strong feelings about DAT dats y I shared dis with all of u

      • Scarlet

        Its ok neha plz don’t say sorry
        Did you forget our sanskars rule no sorry no thank you

  20. Really guyz rashmi sharma s every serial has same crap…shz gona flop the show….at least swaragini was bit better than other show…bt now their getting it also in a same track

  21. Guys I read in the spoiler that during raglak intimate moment laksh will get ragini’s signature on the property papers and will tell her that he faked his love for her which will shatter ragini and she will commit suicide but all the spoilers I read said that this will NOT be the end of ragini aka tejaswi character yes she was going to leave the show but then she decided to stay because the writers made her positive again so I heard that she will commit suicide and then some guy will find her down the cliff and take her to the hospital and the doctor would say she has lost her memory and the guy wouldn’t know where she lives so he will take her with her and keep her and care for her and slowly he will start loving her and guys I’m thinking that the swaragini writers will definitely use this twist because tejaswi isn’t leaving the show so they need something for her and if that guy comes it’ll be awesome but then I also read in the spoilers that laksh will meet ragini after many years because the writers were thinking to do a leap after ragini’s suicide drama and laksh will slowly start falling for ragini but before all this happens he will be villain for swasan but I am super happy that the writers thought of this twist because if ragini sucides and she’s not around him for a long time he will start to understand that he loves ragini and maybe ragini might forgive him too but we will have to wait and see what happens and when it happens but I am 99% sure ragini is not leaving the show and she will commit suicide where a guy will find her and care for her and then start loving her whereas laksh will also meet ragini after many years and start loving her too and ragini will feel like she has some connection with laksh that I am sure about and I hope the storyline turns positive soon

  22. Scarlet

    Hii nick shuva ridz needhi neha and all swasan fans
    I read a lot of comments whether swasan marriage will happen or not? So acc to me swasan marriage will definitely happen and I can give you lots of proof
    1) why you guys are loosing hope only because of vo of sbas that they said marriage will stop at last minute remember one thing its just tried predictions not confirmed news and sbas vo are not reliable if you remember during raginis kiddnapping drama they even said her hero will save her like new entry does that even happen? no and you know the next day that said sanskar will definitely marry swara
    2) swasan engagement there will be happen with lots of twists and so the marriage
    3) usually in dramas if everything goes smoothly till wedding then it won’t happen but if there lots of twists apshagun etc then marriage will definitely happen
    4) from the promo its clear that swasan marriage will definitely happen and past there will be problems in their life
    So guys just take a chill pill and enjoy swasan confession swasan date swasan pre wedding sequences and most importantly swasan wedding and I’m 100% sure swasan wedding will definitely happen
    Sorry for wasting your precious time

      • Scarlet

        I’m fine nick
        what about you?
        Nik if you have Twitter account plz vote for swasan as colors is asking for the best Jodi of Colts tv and swasan are nominated from swaragini plz vote fast only few hours are left

    • Hi scarlet and nik
      How are you both? Yeah scarlet I guess you’re right. You know what scarlet and nik I’m just gonna ignore all the Spoilers and twists and just enjoy watching the upcoming epies bcoz all these Spoilers and twists I’ve read was making me confuse.

    • Neha

      Hey scarlet u know what I love ur comment yar…I hope u R ryt ur trust is ryt…swasan will definitely marry….n I also voted for swasan on twitter but bad luck ranveer ishani won from marsh…but still I am happy after reading ur comments

      • Scarlet

        Don’t worry dear swasan had given a tuff competition and ishveer fans needed to win bcuz they have to save their show but yeah swasan will win the next pool for sure

  23. sandy

    Anybody read this news.when.swara questions laksh he tells that he didntvextended his marriage and he also tells that he fakes love to get the property back and also informs her he kept ragini in trance so that ragini could believe him that he loves her alot, he also said he will not touch ragini, and never touched her and he will not accept her for his lifetime for what she did wth his family, swara to be shocked

  24. siya

    Hey ragini fans.. Don’t worry ragini ll be back as kavitha back from her death… I think they ll bring jhavi also from death… Becoz its rashmi sharma serials… N everything is possible…n they are doing second part of sasural simarka with different stars n different timing of shows…but usually second come after first part completes… But in this case both going in parallel…Juz now they introduce ghost only… Yet to come naagin dayan n black magic n all nonsense…so wait n watch…

  25. Vins

    Hey i am vins
    In my home there is no colors channel.
    I cant watch the video of swaragini.
    In desibox also there is no video update.it is not loaded.
    If any one knows ,how to watch the full video of swaragini .pls give me the link

  26. Hi guys
    Hi nik, rids, neha, cherry, Lee, Needhi, scarlet, sunshine, kirti n all swaragini fans what’s up. How are you all? I just wanted swaragin now. So finally raglak made love. Laksh is just using ragini and pretending that he loves her to get the property back. I don’t know what to say about Laksh, I mean I know that ragini did bad things to everyone and she deserves punishment but come on not this way. I don’t know guys I think what he did was discusting. But then again what comes around it goes around. And that urvashi or whatever her name is what is is she playing at, I mean what is her plan. She’s acting very suspicious and she’s up to something. And that kavita is really getting on my nerves guys, she’s really annoying. Anyways guys Swasan forever Swasan rocks.?

  27. alisha

    Seriously guys after what ragini did do U really expect laksh to forgive her? Stop being hipocrits any normal relationship would end And in some parts of India she would be dead. Firstly she shouldn’t have married him the way she did and secondly she shouldn’t have done what she did to his parents. Then carry on like a b*t*h just to get her leg over. She deserves everything she gets at least he was honest in not wanting her. Two can play this game. oh and anyone who thinks shes right feel sorry for ur other halfs.

    • Well I don’t feel sorry for her nor I think that Laksh should forgive her. I mean after what she did to everyone she deserved to be punished, she should be locked in jail for what she did. But Laksh sleeping with her to get the property back it’s wrong I didn’t expect that from him. I mean there’s other ways to punish ragini seriously writers why this way.

  28. swara

    In the forthcoming story Kavita will take a back stepafter realizing Sanskar loves Swara.Kavita will reunite Sanskar and Swara and move away from their life.Soon Sanskar and Swara will be seen getting engaged and will marry soon.However Kavita will realize that she still loves Sanskar and cannot live without him.Kavita will soon turn psycho in Sanskar’s love and will decide to snatch him back from Swara.Sanskar and Swara will have bad omens during their engagement ceremony.Kavita is suspected to be the reason behind the appearance of dead black cat and missing engagement ring during Swara and Sanskar’s engagement.

  29. Neha

    Hey guys I have seen some pics of swasan date sequence ..they were in srk n kajol getup…very excited for those episodes

    • Scarlet

      Yeah begs I watched and I’m speechless swasan are much adorable and for me it will be the best date on Indian television
      Swasan are driving me crazy

  30. Mty

    Hi guys i am new to group .but I am watching swaragini every day and I read yr comment also. Hi Tara I am also tamilian

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