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The Episode starts with Urvashi crying and tells that Janki’s soul is restless and in pain. Shekhar says it might be her perception. Urvashi looks at her photo and says a big thunderstorm is going to come. Everyone looks on. Ragini comes to her room and sees the electricity gone. She panics and gets scared. Laksh asks her to relax. Ragini says she gets scared of darkness and brings the candle. She looks for match stick. Laksh brings it and lights the candle. Ragini thanks him. Laksh asks when I am here, then why you are scared? He stares her and burns his finger due to match stick. Ragini says Laksh and looks at him.. Ragini gets up and her saree pallu catches fire. Laksh shouts to alert her, and sets off the fire with his hand. Ragini hugs him. She says she didn’t hug him intentionally and was

scared really. She goes to change her clothes. Laksh holds her hand and stops her. Moh Moh Ke Dhaage plays………..Laksh says I don’t like this color on you, says I like you open hairs and the maang tika which you used to wear suited you well. He opens her hairs while the song plays…………….He says I don’t like your earrings and consummates marriage with her.

Kavita tells Sanskar that they shall go to the temple where they were about to marry. Sanskar says that place have separated us. Kavita says she is alive because of that temple, and asks her to take him there. Sanskar agrees. Sumi sees Urvashi going somewhere and is about to fall her. Swara stops her. Sumi tells her that Urvashi went out. Swara says she will go and asks her to rest. Sumi says are you fine? Swara nods yes. In the morning, Ragini is on bed recalling the loving moments. She wakes up and couldn’t see Laksh beside her. She gets up, sees Laksh bringing tea for her. Ragini gets touched and emotional. Laksh serves the tea and it spills on his hand. Ragini says you have burnt your hand yesterday and applies ointment. She says it seems thunderstorm will not be stable. Laksh says it will take time.

Sanskar and Kavita reached the temple. Sanskar says you likes these flower and gives to her. Kavita says you still remember and smiles. She says we used to spend much time here. Swara follows Urvashi while a heavy wind is blowing. Kavita thanks God for uniting her with Sanskar, and also as Sanskar loves her only even today. Swara misses Urvashi as the truck passes from there. Swara wonders where she has left? Ragini recalls Laksh asking her to let her hairs open, with pallu and maang tika. She blushes and smiles. Just then Laksh comes and holds her hand. He makes her wear the earrings, bangles and maang tika. Ragini smiles.

Sanskar tells kavita that he will drop her to market and then have to go to office also. Kavita asks why he is in hurry and reminds him of the days spent there. She asks if he remembers the holi. Sanskar says I do remember. Kavita sees the color plate and throws on him happily. Swara calls Sumi and informs her that she couldn’t find Urvashi. She sees the temple and thinks Urvashi might be there. Sanskar asks what is this childishness. Kavita says I am back in your life and asks why he is not smiling. She asks where is my Sanskar? This Sanskar has objection with everything. Sanskar says he will show her what is not changed. Swara climbs up the stairs. Sanskar throws the colors on Kavita, but she sits and the color fall on Swara’s face. Sanskar is shocked. Swara looks at him. Kavita looks at them.

A pillar is about to fall on Swara, but Sanskar saves her. Kavita calls Sanskar…..Swara says I love you. Sanskar proposes her for marriage. Swara agrees.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Hey i am vins
    In my home there is no colors channel.
    I cant watch the video of swaragini.
    In desibox also there is no video update.it is not loaded.
    If any one knows ,how to watch the full video of swaragini .pls give me the link

  2. Hi guys
    Hi nik, rids, neha, cherry, Lee, Needhi, scarlet, sunshine, kirti n all swaragini fans what’s up. How are you all? I just wanted swaragin now. So finally raglak made love. Laksh is just using ragini and pretending that he loves her to get the property back. I don’t know what to say about Laksh, I mean I know that ragini did bad things to everyone and she deserves punishment but come on not this way. I don’t know guys I think what he did was discusting. But then again what comes around it goes around. And that urvashi or whatever her name is what is is she playing at, I mean what is her plan. She’s acting very suspicious and she’s up to something. And that kavita is really getting on my nerves guys, she’s really annoying. Anyways guys Swasan forever Swasan rocks.?

    1. Sorry I mean I watched swaragini now

    2. Hi shuva m fine how r u??
      U know I missed half epi can’t believe raglak consummated but laksh will now take the property back from rags n will throw her out of the house …..I mean this is not fair laksh always cheated her n now he has consummated his mrg but still throwing her out? He indirectly took advantage of her

      1. N yeah
        ?swasan forever and ever coz they rock baby?
        #swsan fan frvr?

      2. Hi cherry
        I’m good thank you. I’m looking forward to watch today’s epi. And yeah Swasan forever Swasan rocks.?

    3. Ya Shuva, I agree wid u. Laksh did wrong wid ragini. Now he has bcm a heartless man.

    4. U know what Shuva I think dat laksh n kavita ll join hands to separate swasan.

      1. Yeah I think you’re right they might do something like that to separate Swasan.

      2. And yeah I hope their plans backfire on them.

    5. Hey shuva I am gud n what abt u
      U know what I hv read scarlet’s cmmnt before n now I am little bit relaxed…hoping she is ryt…n her trust will win

      1. Hi neha
        I’m all good thanks. Watched the epi today and can’t wait till the next one.

      2. Same here…very excited for coming episode.n I am ready for all worst will happen in swaragini during swasan engagement bcoz after DAT I hope d best will happen

    6. Don’t worry just focus on swasan your mood will automatically get fresh and I’m very excited for today’s episode cause today is our swasan confession

  3. Seriously guys after what ragini did do U really expect laksh to forgive her? Stop being hipocrits any normal relationship would end And in some parts of India she would be dead. Firstly she shouldn’t have married him the way she did and secondly she shouldn’t have done what she did to his parents. Then carry on like a b*t*h just to get her leg over. She deserves everything she gets at least he was honest in not wanting her. Two can play this game. oh and anyone who thinks shes right feel sorry for ur other halfs.

    1. Well I don’t feel sorry for her nor I think that Laksh should forgive her. I mean after what she did to everyone she deserved to be punished, she should be locked in jail for what she did. But Laksh sleeping with her to get the property back it’s wrong I didn’t expect that from him. I mean there’s other ways to punish ragini seriously writers why this way.

  4. In the forthcoming story Kavita will take a back stepafter realizing Sanskar loves Swara.Kavita will reunite Sanskar and Swara and move away from their life.Soon Sanskar and Swara will be seen getting engaged and will marry soon.However Kavita will realize that she still loves Sanskar and cannot live without him.Kavita will soon turn psycho in Sanskar’s love and will decide to snatch him back from Swara.Sanskar and Swara will have bad omens during their engagement ceremony.Kavita is suspected to be the reason behind the appearance of dead black cat and missing engagement ring during Swara and Sanskar’s engagement.

    1. Well I hope that kavita dies instead of that ragini.

  5. I am existed for today’s episode

  6. Hey guys I have seen some pics of swasan date sequence ..they were in srk n kajol getup…very excited for those episodes

    1. Yeah begs I watched and I’m speechless swasan are much adorable and for me it will be the best date on Indian television
      Swasan are driving me crazy

      1. *Neha
        Sorry actually there is a prob in my keypad I’m really sorry for my typing mistake

      2. It s OK scarlet…u reminded me our sanskar said no sorry n no thanks so u don’t need to say sorry

      3. N yes i am also very excited for dat date…love swasan

  7. Hi guys i am new to group .but I am watching swaragini every day and I read yr comment also. Hi Tara I am also tamilian

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