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Swaragini 13th December 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Sumi asking where they are going? Durga Prasad says they are going on a family picnic. Sumi says if they agree then she will call Shekhar and asks him to bring Ayush there. Ragini says no, and asks her to go. Sumi is shocked and asks what did you say? She hears the sound and asks what is it? Even Laksh asks her to go. Sumi is shocked.

Swara pretends to gain consciousness and thanks guards. She says she fainted and lost control on the car. She parks the car and gets inside the door. Ragini says I mean you shall go home, and get ready…then we will go altogether. Sumi says okay, and says I was thinking why my daughter is speaking like this. Laksh asks her to go else they will get late. Sumi asks her to give water. Ragini goes to bring water from kitchen and thinks she

shall take her help. She writes a letter asking Sumi to bring Police there to protect them. She brings water and gives to Sumi. Sumi drinks it. Ragini looks at Nikhil. Nikhil nods her no. Sumi sees gun which Nikhil is holding and gets shocked.

Ragini stops Sumi from shouting and tells her that something is there on her face. She silently puts letter in her hand. Sumi says she will go and bring Shekhar and Ayush. She goes. Ragini is hopeful. Mansi and Nikhil come out. Mansi goes to bring water from kitchen and drinks it. Just then paper folder falls down, and Mansi sees the note impression on the paper. She asks her goons to stop that woman, and says Ragini alerted her mum. Nikhil asks his goons to catch her. Ragini asks Nikhil not to do anything to her mum. Sumi goes out and reads the letter written by Ragini.

Swara and Sanskar come to the locker room. Swara says we have to search that locker soon, we have just 1 hour time. Sanskar says lets search it. Sumi is about to take taxi, but just then goons catch her and bring her back to Maheshwari house. Ragini hugs Sumi and cries. Mansi tells Ragini that they have caught her lie. Nikhil asks Mansi to relax and asks her not to worry. He says she will be punished and points gun at Sumi. Laksh asks him to keep gun down and says Swara and Sanskar are doing your work naa. Nikhil says you have just 45 mins time. Mansi asks them to serve breakfast. Nikhil says he can’t think without food. Laksh asks him to relax and assures that they will not do any mistake.

Swara and Sanskar are in the locker room, something falls which alerts the guards and they come inside to check. Swara and Sanskar hides. Guards leave. Swara and Sanskar take a sigh of relief. Sanskar says we have some time left now, and have to do everything fast. Laksh asks Ragini what they will do if they don’t eat food. Ragini says she will tell them that Maa’s food is different. Mansi asks her to bring food. Ragini brings food. Nikhil is about to eat it. Mansi stops him. Mansi says we shall not eat first else they will think that we don’t care about them. She says they will eat first and then we will eat. Laksh says okay…and asks Ragini to serve everyone. Mansi asks Ragini why she served food to Annapurna in different plate. Ragini says she made her food with honey and gud. Mansi says okay, and exchanged her food plate with that of Durga Prasad’s plate and asks him to eat it. Laksh gets tensed and thinks if he eats food then his condition will deteriorate.

Laksh tells that he has added sleeping pills in the food. Mansi and Nikhil are angry. Mansi asks Nikhil to kill everyone and start shooting Swara first. Everyone is shocked.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Will. miss sr?.

    1. Lounaa

      dear Adisha
      Arent we all gonna miss it
      And by the way Colors continue its game today will be the last epusode of Swaragini all are invited with hashtag Swaragiforever from thr date the episode ends till the 15 december 2016

  2. Mica

    Thank you so much H hasan mam..
    well if any Swaraginian want boycott Color TV channel, somehow it’s not fair for you, you will lose other serial…so better WATCH THEM ONLINE, you still have fun to watch them without give a damn thing to color TV..kill them with kindness….
    uuhhh sadist me 😀 😀 😀

    1. Exactly Mica.. will watch Big Boss finale online only. ?..
      yupoo SWARAGINIANS wanna boycott it.. !!!
      SWARAGINIANNS…only !! 🙂

      1. Mica

        Kakuuu.. YESS!!!! YESS!!!! YESS!!!! , nice move dear.. but for Swaragini, let’s us watch them until last episode on time, show them our fandom power.. give our Swaragini the best memories at the end a nice trp … trp oh trp…

      2. Adishu

        love you mica I totally fully agree with ur each n every words… love you….

      3. I wont Boycott colors tv…..swaragini is an amazing show..but there other shows which r better. No offence. #peace

      4. Mica

        It’s OK Anna…we talk to Swaragini true fans, seem you are not swaragini fans, so, you are not include, no offense too

    2. Lounaa

      couldnt agree more Dear Mica
      i am with that idea as it seems im goung a little sadist too???

      1. Mica

        O(hhoooo.. Lounaa… we can be s*xy, cute, childish, wise, funny yet sadist..aaaawww

    3. Kakali

      Ready for that dear.. !! as a SR fan i will not mind doing this job for infinite years.. hope for d best.. 🙂

      1. Mica

        big wala hug…

    4. Yuppo !!! Anna !!! no need of boycotting that channel dear !!! enjoy d rest better shows with popcorn.. !!!
      actually we were talking about SR FANS… ONLY SR FANS.. !!! #peace…

  3. THNK U MAM FOR UPDATE… !!! u know mam we have less time with each other..

    With every passing second we r stepping towards a blissful end,

    Kuch pal toh tehar jao na…
    Ya phir laut ke aao na,
    Yoon kehte nahi alvida,
    Mudd jao idhar aao na,
    Tumhe dhundhe meri ankhen…
    Tumhe khoje meri baahein,
    Tum bin jiya jaaye kaise,
    Kaise jiya jaaye tum bin,
    Tum bin jiya jaaye kaise,,
    Kaise jiya jaaye tum bin…

    will miss SR a lot..

    1. Lounaa

      dear Kakali
      a step further to the very end..when that day will have no similar tomorrow when our talking will change subject…Pain is shattering all of us but Swara taught us to have always a ray of hope no matter how dark it is.with all tears i have a faith ill see my swasan soon till then

      Hum Rahe Ya Na Rahe Kal
      Kal Yaad Aayenge Yeh Pal
      Pal Yeh Hain Pyaar Ke Pal
      Chal Aa Mere Sang Chal
      Chal Soche Kya
      Chhoti Si Hai Zindagi
      Kal Mil Jaaye To
      Hogi Khushnaseebi
      Hum Rahe Ya Na Rahe
      Yaad Aayenge Yeh Pal

      Our friendship will still going…we will wait we will still be Swasanian no matter what

      1. Kakali

        Aasayeii khile dil ki,
        umiden haase dil ki,
        ab mushkil nehi kuch bhi,
        nehi kuch bhi… if d SR production team thinks like this … they can bring d SR2!!!!
        Louna ur words giving me a hope that we can watch our SwaSan together again… TOGETHER…ONLY TOGETHER… bcz honestly speaking i have nothing to do with Varun or Helly.. yeah i admire helly n like Varun..
        but i m interested only upon my SWASAN.. !!!! i will b d most happiest person to watch them again IF THEY R TOGETHER… I WANT ONLY VAHE… with EO… not with any other co starts… i will b waiting for them for Vahe as SwaSan or any new couple tag we gonna give them as (………………..)

        yuppp Louna we will b waiting eagerly …. we Swasanians will pray to watch them together.. no matter what.. we should proud of ourselves as SwaSan fan… gimmi hifi.. !!
        SR rocks.. huhh now they giving us shocks..


  4. Plz swaragini2

    Will miss sr lot ?

  6. i am commenting for the first but i am a regular visitor of this site. today i cant control my emotions i am crying like a mad because i love swasan a lot and a crazy fan of helly . i will miss them . i watched all the episodes of swaragini to watch swasan .since i am malayali my parents donot watch hindi so i have to fight with to watch the show .but today i am crying like hell. even i have my internals on thursday but i cant concentrate on books every moment i am thinking of swasan. i don’t know what will i do.but i am sure about one thing pandarum colors nashichu pokum .its my curse to colors. i will miss my helly a lot .i love u helly.

    1. Simi

      Pandaram colors nashichi pokum ??

      1. malayaliyanalle

    2. Mica

      Snehaa… all the best for your exam dear, don’t let color tv ruin you

      1. thanks for ur wish dear. i read most ur and kakali’s comments. both of u are just amazing in writing comments.

      2. thanks for ur wish. ur comments are too good to read

    3. Cuteprincess

      coloursine curse cheyalle…what if they bring the swaragini cast on a new serial with an interesting plot..

      1. but is it possible?

      2. Mica

        i have that hope, you know !!, but nowadays, our Color tv demand soo much to trp.. so, let’s us give them the trp 🙂

    4. Snehaa.. best of luck for ur upcoming exams dear !! rock d sheet n finish all d ink of ur pen..
      we family members r so same.. even i also can’t concentrate on my studies now a days. it has really a bad effect on mibe us… i know m going to regret for this..?

  7. Fairy

    wl miss u my rupunzel ..
    plz teja b bck soon ,i cnt live widout seeing u 🙁
    my lyf is incomplete widout u yaar!!
    love u cho much baccha…
    proud to b tejasswiholic 😉
    wl miss sr,raglak,sanky 🙁 🙁
    n color’s channel,rashmi ma’am,sr team thnx a ton for gvng me my ragini 🙂 thnku so much 🙂

  8. Adishu

    hahaha wahhhh…. crossed all the limits… already only three episodes were left n now Thursday and Friday is going to be a mahaepisode of shaani…. wahhhh…. hats off to you Colors TV…. good job…. irritaters….

    1. Deeksha

      What?????? Maha episode of Shani?????? How could this happen…???????? Hate this colors people to core…..!!!!!!! I am gonna boycott this colors…..!!!!!!!

      Why we need to do boycott…????? We will do girlcott…..!!!!!!!!

      1. Waaa Deekshu u also wanna girlcott..¿?. incredible… LET’S BANG IT.. ?

      2. Mica

        Deekshuuu!!! huh! you are not a girl, not yet a woman…ahem ahem

      3. Deeksha

        U missed a logic dear…. How even we grow up we remain a child to our parents…..!!!!!!!! Do you agree with this point….?????? Why I am asking you…?????? U will obviously agree…..!!!!!! Then in that case I become a girl na…..????? *wink…..!!!!!!!!

        And specially I am this generation teenager girl…..!!!!!!!!

  9. Mica

    today episode..uugghhh Nikhil, you are too much, for forcing Swasan rob bank (for Khanna property only ? ) you hired soo many goons, plus AK-47, M-16 omg..you wasting so much money,…

    Ragini dear, you wrote a love letter or SOS letter.. omg, it’s quite long, even i hate they waste time to let mansi, ragini and sumi read all of letter..

    still i love Swasan, they never waste a chance to do romance, touching each other and this clumsy Swara……

    and that guards, they didn’t want to waste their energy to search swasan.. thank god…

    1. Lounaa

      dear Mica
      First comeon do Mansi have Xray really she was able to see letters did Ragini wrote with a pen or a shovel?
      Nikil waste so much money on goins weapons even spies watches he could have conquered India not only Mahishwari house
      As for guards they didnt bother themselves search in light they prefered dark much more confortable for their eyes????seems everybody in India will use such guard with infrared vision
      As for the letter yeap couldnt agree more needed two word big danger on us call police and Sumi use ur mobile call police what r u waiting for

      1. Mica

        a shovel ? omg.. hahahaha *it’s hard to imagine it, damn it 😀 😀

      sorry m making u bore bara wala hug wid kisesssss becoz i really wanna be ur friend infact SR’s family friend :*

      1. Kakali

        Ansa !! welcome to SR family dear !!! hope u have a great time with all in this 1-2 days.. stay happy..

      2. Mica

        Ansaaaaaaaaaaaaaa..welcome here, let’s spamming TU with our nonsense talk..
        huh! don’t let us being sad because of this stupid Color tv….

      3. thanks alottttttttttttttt kakali :* MIca :*

  10. Such a nice show it was specially swasan and Ragalak’s passionate romance gona miss it

  11. Omg precap!!!?

  12. Hey guys im just thinking Swabhimaan is kinda copying Swaragini. I mean look at it, story of two sisters…always supporting each other…support their mother… even name is a little similar… very soon their will probably be a mystery abt the dad… just by looking at the promos i feel like it will follow a similar ( if not same ) storyline. Can anyone tell me if they agree to me or if im just getting paranoid due to our Swaragini ending.

    P.S. If swabhimaan is a combo of two names I will scream

  13. They always do this first my na bole tum na maine kuch kaha serial and now swaragini, hope they will not end thapki pyar ki.

  14. Mica


  15. Mica


  16. Srusti

    Yes mica dear u said was if we really boycott or we will do anything it will be profit to swabhimaan and we r the responsible for it’s popularity really i hate swabhimaan a lot for my unlucky it was coming in swaragini break timings it repeatedly remembers me swaragini is going off air i hate this colors to the core i hope that upcoming show should become worst nd make audience less nd colors should y they shut down colors sorry mica i can’t control my emotions dear hope that swaragini season 2 should come soon

    1. Mica

      ha.. dear.. soo it’s soo right, so better don’t mention Swhabhimaan ever…
      i wish swasanian won’t do trending in twitter by mention that name..uugghhh

    2. Mica

      but be frank, i don’t hate Swhabhimaan, it’s not it’s fault somehow.. i just hate Color TV for treat us like a fool, saying about extension but nothing and to sideline Swaragini, just it..
      nothing else

  17. Srusti

    Yes mica u said was right dear nd i liked ur words if we watch colors online that means colors trp should go down am i said that right r not do u agree with me miku dear?and thanks given me reply dear

  18. Sreeharini

    Hello everyone!! Long time no see huh? Though I don’t really know majority here I can still pick up few names like mica, cute princess, fairy etc..I was so shocked to learn swaragini is going to end this week yesterday. Like seriously, I was flipping channels randomly stopping at colors only to watch my favorite show being replaced.

    I have never been so connected with fictional characters like this and possibly never be. The way Swara was independent and easy going girl while ragini being traditional and shy intrigued me. I really cannot say how much I love helly shah and tejaswi for playing the roles perfectly. Laksh though being naughty was responsible with unconditional love for his family and sanskar’s revenge for his love’s death was apt. The more I watched, the more I fell in love with each charecter. This story actually had life in it. There are many girls over there who are head strong as they know the value of loosing a person, there are many others who grew in a more isolated environment making them mendable just like ragini. There are many other guys who are just as confused as laksh and as cruel as Sanskar (for revenge). The natural jealousy within laksh for Sanskar, the obsession of ragini, the determination of Swara and the oath of protecting his friend by Sanskar…gosh everything was real but bamm..CVS were not happy with what we were feeling for the charecters hence he ruined by making Swara mahan, ragini into a hardcore villian and abruptly turning positive, making laksh negative and the brothers fight and not least but Sanskar dumb.

    The CVS messed up everything which made the beautiful story of swasan and raglak destroy. And please I don’t have anything against the people playing the roles but with the roles. As inspiring as story was, the drama turned everything into crap. I miss those enthsiatic nights where I could get a wink of sleep praying Sanskar not do something which may be misunderstood by Swara or ragini to get punished the way she drugged or her to understand what she became chasing a wild goose.I miss everything about them. For me the story was never swasan or raglak but swaragini because I love both helly and teja.

    My first interest was raglak for some strange reason. I was never okay with swalak but when Sanskar turned positive, I only wished for swasan.

    Inspite of everything I hate the way it is now, I really feel being blessed to come here. I started visiting this site just to look at the fights of swalak and raglak which they became swasan and swalak. One day out of impulse I commented and from there my journey started. I fought for the couple, respected ragini, loved laksh when the things became right but the sudden change where everyone started taking the charectets too personal and bashing the actors pained my heart because in the initial episodes(you can check) everyone hated ragini but not teja. Everyone scolded Swara to choose Sanskar but not helly. I..I..just feel bad till date because of this abrupt cleave of fandom.

    Thanks to swaragini though because this is a place where I met people who love me inspire of me acting weird sometimes. It is the place I learnt and developed how to write a story. I smiled , cried, cough and what not. This site gave me people whom I don’t want to miss, the people who trust and love me. I am thankful

    Last but not least, if there’s anyone to blame for ending it, its only the CVS. This would have been plotted better after the union of raglak and swasan instead of introducing crap.

    That’s all to say..bye swaragini..will ever be in my heart.

  19. first of all i hate swabhiman just hate it
    but why can’t sasural simar ka stop

    i will miss swasan like hell
    i won’t ever be able to see vahe with anyone else
    i might be a bit crazy but i love swasan as a couple and not the single person
    for me no vahe exists one and only swasan
    i might have said that sanskar is cute but never had a crush on him
    for me sanskar and swara are only meant to be one

    i know i’m sounding a bit crazy but i can’t do anything i love swasan i love them i love them only as a couple
    love u swasan love u a lotttttttttttttttttt till ineternity

  20. i just hate that akhiri salaam

    raglak’s every planis failing and swasan are no nearer to rob the bank
    can they just stop this useless thing and show a happy time that we watches will cherish forever

  21. Wat nonsense ……boycott colours channel fir dat bakwaas swaragini ………. I hate ragini …..blo*dy obsessed creature…show makers are so much biased to ragini char dat…..if sahil does its wrong….if ragini its k…..y coz serial name is swaragini ?????????….. And ragini looks like lakshyas older sister…….. And swara oly gud daughter of her gud fr nothin parents…..and gud stepsis but not a gud wife………i feel oly ill minded ppl are swaragine fans….Der r so many good series in colours such as shake,nagin 2…….lovable serials …….who cares for swaraini going off air?

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