Swaragini 13th December 2015 Written Episode Update

Swaragini 13th December 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Ragini slapping Laksh’s hard and says she will remain Ragini Laksh Maheshwari as her life, and says I will tie you in this relation, and I am new writer of your story. She says everything will happen according to my wish. She says love is wrong and still doing it. Sumi says Ragini has become the owner, but don’t know how she will handle everything. She asks Swara, if she talked to Sanskar. Swara says no and says Sanskar is angry at me, as I did a mistake. Sanskar is sad. Swara says Sanskar’s love have changed and says he now hates me. Sumi says you didn’t tell me that he loves you. Annapurna asks servant to serve the food. Servant says I can’t serve the food until Ragini orders me, and asks them to sit. Sujata blames Ragini……Durga Prasad asks her not to say anything.

Annapurna asks what do you mean? Sujata informs Annapurna that Durga Prasad made Ragini owner of the house, property, business and everything, in exchange of Laksh’s freedom. Ram asks her to keep quiet. Sujata says Annapurna will know in sometime. Ragini comes in a completely different modern avatar, and says you said right. Ragini asks Annapurna about her health, and tells everyone to come and have dinner like before. She asks everyone to sit and says you are not my servants, and asks them to sit. Durga Prasad is about to sit on his chair, but Ragini stops him and says she will sit on his chair as she is owner of the house now. Durga Prasad is shocked and agrees to let go of his chair. Ragini sits on his chair shocking everyone. She asks everyone to sit on the chair. She asks Annapurna to serve water to her. Annapurna keeps jug on the table.

Ragini asks her to keep water in the glass. Laksh shouts and asks what you are doing? Ragini says I am owner of this house, and can’t I drink water. She asks Laksh did you forget what I said in room. She says your punishment will be bear by all family. Laksh takes the jug and serves water in the glass. She asks him to serve him food. Dadi comes and says my eyes was yearning to see this, Laksh is serving food to my grand daughter. Annapurna asks Dadi to come and have food. Ragini asks Ram to shift to the other place and she wants her Dadi to sit beside her. Laksh asks Ram to sit on other place. Everyone is shocked. Dadi asks Laksh to sit and asks servant to serve food. Annapurna says I would have ask servant to make many dishes for you. Dadi says doesn’t matter, and says make it tomorrow. Ragini informs them that Dadi will stay with them in her house. Dadi asks servant to keep her stuff and go. Ragini says Dadi will stay in the guest house. Dadi says I have to keep an eye on the happenings of house. Sujata says Ragini is wrong. Ragini says my new ownership is stuck in her neck. Dadi says that’s why I came, if they try to forget their condition, then I will make them remember, and they have to lose much more…..Dadi says I hope that no one has objection with my stay else I will go to Police station. (She threatens them). Annapurna and Durga Prasad say that they don’t have any objection with her stay. Dadi asks about Sanskar.

Swara thinks about Sanskar and reminscences Sanskar confessing his love. She reminscences Sanskar keeping fast for her. Agar Tum Saath ho plays……….She recalls Sanskar’s words asking her to return to his life and become his wife. She gets teary eyes and confused. She recalls Sanskar filling her maang with sindoor. She opens the sindoor bottle and fills her maang with sindoor. She recalls Sumi’s words and thinks about Sanskar saying I love you. She says I love you too Sanskar………She comes out of room and collides with Sanskar. The sindoor bottle falls from her hand. Sanskar tells her that he has signed on the divorce papers and is freeing her from the unwanted relation. He says I love you and want to give you happiness. Swara asks him to hear her once, and cries as Sanskar goes without hearing her. She sits down and cries.

Sujata asks servant to bring rotis from kitchen. Ragini stops servant and asks him not to make rotis. Sujata says will you keep us hungry. Ragini asks Servant to bring the rotis kept in the kitchen. Servant says it is a day old’s rotis. Ragini says she don’t want to waste food. Laksh says no one of us eat previous day food. Servant brings rotis. Ragini serves roti to Sujata and Annapurna. Durga Prasad says Annapurna will not eat this roti. Ragini looks on angrily. Ragini asks Durga Prasad not to insult food, and says how can Annapurna insult food as her name is Annapurna. Durga Prasad says I will eat this roti. Annapurna cries. Durga Prasad says your health is unwell, you will eat only good food. Laksh feels helpless and gets up from the dinning table without eating food. Ragini asks Dadi to close her eyes as she wants to show her something.

She takes out the family photo frame, and shows everyone’s photos with a chit written……on their names. She says she was successful to get house and property from Durga Prasad, and will take keys from Annapurna. She tells about the big secret and says she will reveal about the secret in the party. Swara tells Sumi that she loves Sanskar, and tells that Sanskar gave her divorce papers asking her to sign on it. Sujata tells Sanskar that she will chose a good bride for him. Ragini says I will chose a good jethani for my jeth…Sanskar says your deal is done with Durga Prasad and asks her not to interfere in his life. He asks her to stop her nonsense, and says you can’t control my life. He says this family have always loved you and thought you right even when you are wrong. Ragini asks did you forget with whom you are talking? Sanskar says yes. Ragini says we both are going through the same thing. Sanskar says I am happy and don’t want to become like you. Ragini tells Sujata that she will search her jethani. Swara prays in the inhouse temple and tells God that she wants to stay in the marriage as she loves Sanskar. Sumi hears her and prays for her happiness.

Ragini asks Servant to send the party invites to the guests and tells about the menu. Uttara serves her tea. Ragini says she wants tea with extra milk and asks her to make extra tea. Uttara says this tea will be wasted then. Ragini asks her to give this tea to Durga Prasad when he comes in the evening and makes new tea for her. Uttara is shocked. Ragini intentionally throws the milk glass and asks Annapurna what you have done, you have spoilt my saree. She asks Annapurna to clean the floor. Sujata asks what you are saying? Ragini asks her to clean silver utensils, and asks servant to bring cloth so that Annapurna cleans the floor. Durga Prasad comes home and sees Annapurna cleaning the floor holding her chest. He asks what you are making Annapurna do this. Ragini reminds him of his deal with her. Laksh is equally shocked and asks how dare you? Ragini says if Police comes in this house, then it will makes difference to maa. Annapurna says I will do this work. Laksh refuses. Ragini asks Annapurna to wipe her tears and clean the floor, and then get ready. Annapurna cleans the floor. Ragini tells them that there is a jashn in the house. Sujata says our loss jashn. Ragini says no, my victory’s jashn. Ragini asks Durga Prasad to name his company on her name, and says she called the lawyer also, and will sign at 8 pm. She asks Annapurna to clean the floor properly and says your eye sight is getting weak. She asks Annapurna to clean stain on her saree. Annapurna says okay and goes towards her. Swara comes and is shocked to see the happenings. Annapurna bends down towards her, and cleans her saree with her saree pallu. Swara asks what the hell Ragini? Durga Prasad stands with his head low. Swara helps Annapurna get up.

BajiRao Mastani come to complete Swara and Sanskar’s love story.

Update Credit to: H Hasan


  1. Tara

    Atlast I liked swara after a longggggg time. Overall episode is niceee.. love realisation superbbbb excellent. Ragini tooooo much. Tey after all blvd her. Annapurna sujatha needs this actually. How after proving also they kept on saying swara characterless. Dumb char. They needs tis. More than this. Poor dp. He kept justice from the begng. Pity 4 him

  2. Aishu

    Omg…swasan scenes were cute. Finally swara realised her love and made a good decision. I loved sanskar even.

  3. abi

    pls unite swara and sanskar soon…..sanskar y dint u oppose ur mom when she told about ur marriage…..its not fair…..

  4. acchu

    how many wil come n go, n tell imp abt love 2 swara,but dis dumb swara will neva realise sanskaar’s love

  5. wellwisher

    psycho ragini………..thank lord she doesnt has swara in her list for taking revenge………..idiot………and dadi has also gone mad

  6. meghs

    wt the hell ragini doing too much..
    she forgotten to treat with elders…

    i am happy swara finally strted loving sanskar…
    but whats ragini problem she wants swasan separate …

  7. sanju

    guys it means rags celebrating sanskaar birthday and reveals the secreat in party and she is select good bride for swara what is going in between sanskaar and ragini.. if anyone knows tel me.. is he also taking revenge only? still -ve? sujju saying she will get good bride for her son? whats this…

  8. bhuvi

    Omg… Ragini s making their live like hell… So sad… N finally swara realized her love… Plz don’t drag anymore unite swasan soon… Plz…. Don’t bring any new twist btw swasan by bringing kavitha back like other typical serial… We have been waiting that moment for longtime… N don’t play wit our patience…we are all dying for their union… N I don’t care Wat ever Ragini did or do or will do… Its better if she don’t come btwn swasan…

  9. Astha

    Swasan forever..
    Best part was when swara said I love you too sanskar…

  10. sahasra

    Finally swara reallised her love towards sanskaar…now waiting for swasan scenes…..hey can I know how many people mother tongue is telugu who ever reading dis….

    • Likhitha

      I hate this….y ragini is behaving like this? if ragini is doing all this to take revenge on maheshwaris for what was done to her by them… then what maheshwaris should do to her then as she cheated everyone and played with everyone’s emotions and did many bad deeds with her own family and her own sister ? humorous part yeh hai ki…iss ladki…iss ragini ne…calculations aur hisaab ki bat kar rahi thi laksh se? when it is right for her to kill her own sister to get her love then it is right for laksh to kill her to get his love back as she is in between them… kuch toh sense honi chahiye writers ko…y no one in maheswari house is talking about these calculations of her when she is threatening them that she would go to police station… y no one is raising this point that ragini also tried to kill swara…ridiculous….brainless bugs(script writers)…

  11. wellwisher

    i remember some one commenting when sanskar entered……..the comment was like…..
    it will be swasan and raglak….the serial will take leap in between and swasan will return back with a child and raglak will also have a kid…….guys is it true????
    because i dont remember who commented and the whole information……….

  12. anu

    swaragini: new vamp sonia shah to enteropposite durga prasad.
    recently there was news going around that tejaswi also known as ragini from swaragini, has quit the show.
    this is big shock for fans of the show as she was loved a lot despite of playing a negative role.
    however, very soon the makers of the show are going to introduce a new negative character and actress sonia shah will be playing this role.
    sonia’s character will be durga prasad’s past love and she will return to create trouble for everyone.
    her character will also be strong and will lead to a new angle on the show.
    she was previously seen in star plus’s shows ‘nisha aur uske cousins’ and saraswatichandra.
    let’s wait and see whether the fans are able to accept the new negative character after ragini’s exit..

  13. wellwisher

    yes i found out……….
    it was on may 18th 2015 commented by one of our friend…….
    and sorry raglak doesnt have any kid…it is only swara to become pregnant with sanskar’s child…………..

    • Tara

      Ohhhh really ? I didn’t read anywhere. How that frd knws. Wen sanskar entered al thought t ll be swalak ragsan. But how he alone wrote like tat. Bt if it happens it ll b nice ?

  14. cute girl

    ..what a nonsence .. I think ragini is only bahu . which is not bacare type … I don’t want ragini as negative .. but teju do a acting very well ..I don’t like swara . …

  15. advs

    Heloo everyone…i am glad that swara, after what look like ages, finally acknowledged her love for sanskaar… but i don’t want ragini to be negative at all…maybe this is due to my affinity…but i am having a sub conscious feeling that maybe ragini is going to turn positive and maybe the last secret that she is hiding in that chit is to make the family unite or to make them realise the values that this family seriously lacks or whatsoever like that and maybe swara will come to know about that and together as swaragini they once again rejoin the broken relation justifying the title of the serial….
    sorry for such a long comment and forgive me in advance if it contradicts someone’s view

  16. anu

    swaragini: swara to confess love to sanskaar, sanskaar to avoid swara.
    swara and sanskaar are one of the most favorite online couples of viewers and now fans are eagerly waiting for both to confesslove to each other on the show swaragini.
    after ragini’s kidnapping drama she finally realizes that she loves sanskaar and not lakshya.
    it is revealed that laksh is the real kidnaper of ragini and had tried to plot swara and sanskaar in it.
    swara feels guity of accusing sanskaar for the kidnapping and seeks sanskaar’s forgiveness.
    he tries to maintain his distance from swara as he is hurt for distrust shown by swara.
    in the upcoming episodes swara will try to speak to sanskaar.
    swara will finally make an attempt to confess her love and say i love you to sanskaar.
    let’s see if sanskaar responds positively to swara.

    • bhuvi

      Wow… Great news…so excited ….swar says ivu to san… We are all most awaiting for this moment for longtime… Hope he won’t decline her proposal… N praying too….swasan forever…..n Thanq so much anu …

  17. anu

    swaragini news: swara to hide ragini’s keys to teach ragini a lesson.
    the storyline of color’s popular show swaragini has taken major turn with ragini’s kidnapping and later she is taking over entire maheshwari house.
    in the upcoming episodes swara will try to teach a lesson to ragini for dominating maheshwari household.
    swara will be seen spotting ragini’s keys and wil immediately take those in her custody.
    swara will hide the keys from ragini.
    on the other hand ragini will search entire house for the keys and will put blame on swara.
    swara will deny taking ragini’s keys , but later will handover the keys to ragini.
    swara will tell ragini to first learn to manage the keys and then later manage the maheshwari household.
    the tussle between swara and ragini are surely going to turn intrsting in the show.

  18. Liya

    pllllllllzzzzzz writters if you guys are reading our commentssss
    plzzz make teeju’s chart +ve
    don’t let her leave the showwww

  19. jo

    what the hell wrong with ragini and sujatha? are they gone mad.. cvs please dont mislead viewers and drop trp down again.. what is she upto? is she bringing new person in sanskaar life and for what she is taking revenge from sanskar? and what as she already plan to bring someone in sanskaar life and is there any 3rd person involved in their love story. or she forcing him to accept the girl by putting family as pawn..
    what is ragini upto? and she going celebrate party for why the party? is for sanskaar birthday? or other? she reveals the secreat in party? which secret about other new entry lady in dp’s past love life or she told she bring new jethani for her jeth what is she doing?? please cvs don’t show ragini in between swasan life please..

  20. arch

    hete sujju and ragini they both want new girl in sanskaar life.. whats wrong with show cv’s please bring some new.. hating ragini new drama..

  21. Scarlet

    now no one can separate them because swara and sanskar love each other
    Love you SWASAN

  22. arch

    what ragini telling to sanskaar they both are same and their pyaar used for their matalab ? she and he suffering with same pain why ragini got that much concern for sanskar suddenly ? she put party and for dp surpraise and who’s pic is that at last its uttara? or any other?

  23. First

    I really was waiting for this moment ????. ……finally swara realised her love for sanskaar. ……waiting for their reunion. …….hope writers don’t drag it as we have been waiting for a long time for this…

  24. jo

    anyone tell me exact precap what was it only bm dancing or anyother in that as swasan scene and ragini scene.. in fb someone posted that chotasa sanskaar reply to ragini *whistles* and swara’s scene are a must watch. is it correct that sanskaar signaling to ragini ? please tl me..

  25. Anyone please tell me ragini is sharmista own daughter or not . why dadi support always ragini not swara because i don ‘ t know the starting episodes

  26. manu

    is sanskaar also taking revenge from swara, dp and laksh now also, what the hell happing? is he also involved with ragini both are doing the same thing? or what.. is sanskaar and ragini are together now also ..

  27. This serial has no sense its better to stop it there is just revenge no sister bonding , love between the leads. Now tejaswi will go this serial will be a flop. Change track cvs make rags positive else will quit after 2 months.show raglak and swasan moments.

  28. manu

    is now ragini try to snatch sanskar from swara and want to create diff and mu’s between swasan.. what is she upto.. surpraise for dp. they showed only one chit and today about taking keys from ap.. and another with dp surpaise tmrw… who’s photo at last.. ? whats written that she is going to reveal that last..

  29. harshvardhan

    swara can fall in love with any guy. first lakshay and now sanskar. disgusting. hate swara and this show.

  30. hari

    is sanskaar betraying swara? sindoor falls what happen now? please clear mu’s between them and unite them..

  31. finally swara realised her love bt i just hope she confess to sanky as soon as possible nd i like ragsan conversation jis tarah se sanky ne ragini ke saath attitude se baath kiya tho lagtha hai ki atleast koi tho hai uss ghar me jiske paas dhimaak hai yar laksh kidnap kiya tho uske ooper police complaint par ragini drugs diya tha murder attempt kiya tha aur kidnap bhi par usko tho ghar ki maalkin banaya tha yaha tak ki uski khilaaf solid proof bhi hai……wah wah wah…!!! esa lagtha hai writer serial dhek ne vaalom ko pagal samaj ke rakha hai…..nd i heard that teju quitting the show i thought its gud bec teju look damn cute in positive charactr….. i hope aab tho ragini ko positive bana de aur ye dadi isse tho koi pagal khana bej de….!!!!

  32. anu

    I saw in times of India tht teju is going to b replaced…. I don’t want 2 c anyone else other than teju against namish….temish is the best… And finally swara realized….good going season….will miss u teju…already stopped watching the show bcoz of teju quoting the show …love u teju..u r a great actress and a great performer. U are the soul of swaragini…idiotic writer & idiotic production hate to the core……….

    • xoxo

      Instead of replacing Teju they should turn Ragini into positive… I dont understand y they named show swaragini when they show nothing musical in it? Ragini is just causing irritation… I wish they show something ositive or else stop this show and give chance to a new show, Just fed up with Indian tv serials not one makes sense

  33. I like swaragini sisters but the way ragini is behaving with the family is very bad it seems like she forgot manners.dadi is irritating she should teach good things to ladoo instead of she is making ladoo cruel, swasan fabolous

  34. hari

    what ragini told all that with sanskaar? why she told like that… is now want create rift between them.. what she is upto.. but i think ragini will fail this time swara will win her love.. hope this didnt drag to much.. ragini ka jeeth ka jashan not sanskaar bithday party somewhat releif..

  35. harshvardhan

    I wish that swara never get her love sanskar so that she can feel how it would have hart when lakshay request her and she did not go.I wish ragini and sujatha get success to separate swasan . and sanskar also fall in love with another girl. I hope his past love kavitha returns and swasan get separate.

    • Scarlet

      What laksh did was his own mistake he married ragini with his will even did a tried to stop him but he did not have trust on his so called love and I knew Swara also did mistake by doubting sanskar but she did not marry some one else
      And don’t worry swara will get his sanskar

  36. K.praveena

    Today Ragini did a superb acting. Many of them getting angry to see ur negative charector played in epi. This is ur achivement. I like ragini very much.

  37. Rey

    wow…. swasan scene was awesome plzzz forgive swara my dr cute sanskaar bt i hate u ragini y u want to separate swasan …. watever u want to do with annapurna nd sujatha s fine bcoz they deserve this bt feeling so sad for dp ..

  38. Akshatha

    Plzzzz unite swasan.. my personal request change the character of ragini nd plzz ragini dnt lb lv ths show wtht u I can’t imagine I jst lv u all. Swasan awsm pair

    • Scarlet

      Toofan to aayega but swara and sanskar’s love will win do you remember the lines said in latest promo by randeep
      Toofani darya se baghawat kar jae wo isqh
      Ishq se bhari swara aur sandkar ki kahani

  39. Harsha

    I like Tejaswi’s bst actng.Bt I didn’t like her -ve role.Suju and Anna dserv Ragini’s pnshmnt.Felt sad abt DP.Laksh also dsrv d pnshmnt nd slap gvn by Ragini.Plz make Ragini as +ve role.Thnk God now Swara realised Sanskar’s true love.Plz unite SwaSan.

  40. Rajput

    Yr ragini bhi achi h pr writers hi usa aesa karna pa force kr rhain hain

    esliya vo ab jaa rhi h

    teju we luv u yr

    luv u


    your acting is so good

  41. Ragini should kick swara out, if possible ragini should slap swara until she faints, I hate that fat swara with her ugly swaggy face, I love ragini even if she is negative….Ragini should make laksh to massage her feet, but I don’t like the way she is treating all family…. She should beat swara like hell if she ever stroll near the maheshwari house, sanskar may come to rescue her, he will also be simply thrown out… Sanskar is behaving as if is a positive guy, but this all kichidi was started by him only, he should remember that he is responsible for current situation as well.. There is a saying that “one day theif is daily theif “,it is applicable for sanskar well,.That stupid laksh, he played with raginis feelings, he is rooted of all these problems, he should bear this….. That nasty swara she is disgusting…. She is culprit, she wooed her sister’s fiance… She should be thrashed to death if she ever even look at maheshwari house… But I wish should treat all the family well…. Anyway enjoying the show….. I love you ragini… You are a rockstar…..

    • Nazmina

      What the hell??, ragini is evil she doesn’t deserve anything but hate from everyone in the family. Swara and the family have suffered so much from ragini, if you’ve forgotten ragini was the one who set swara up with lakshya in the first place. Its her own fault she’s a vile person that even lakshya couldn’t love. She tried to kill her own sister and kidnapped her mum?, she faked a rape amongst other things. All lakshya is wrong for is the kidnapping he should never have done that, but playing with her feelings?. Ragini knew lakshya didn’t love her when she forced him into marriage.

      • Yes, sanskar made ragini to believe that everything is fair in love…. He is responsible for all this mess,he has to fix it. If changed now it’s not enough, what he created is still exists…. Ragini….

    • This serial shouldn’t be called swaragini in fact it should be called psycoragini because it sounds better. And I really hope that swara wack that skiny ass psyco on the head till she’s dizzy. And I also wish that psyco ragini dies along with that evil dadi of hers. And I can’t blo*dy wait the day when she’s kicked out of the house and I hope that day comes soon.

    • Scarlet

      What’s wrong with you? I knew Sanskrit did mistake in the starting but he never tried to kill anyone unlike stupidragini and laksh and sanskar repented for his mistakes he did more than that and plz stop blaming sanskar and swara they will throw ragini out

    • what nonsense are u telling that u hate swara may be ur thinking is negative so u love ragini and our thinking is positive so we love swara and ur eyes are fat or may be u are fat so u see swara fat like u

    • Rinky I totally agree with you. even I used to think like that. This ugly swara wooed ragini’s fiance and have you noticed that before sanskaar came she used hug laksh always in the name that she got scared and stuff and when sanskaar entered she wooed him as if she is always good with everyone and hugging him and taking advantage of him. I don’t think so she has realised her love and all maybe she wants to stay in royal house , that’s why she’s like she wanna get back. And people stop blaming ragini, this blo*dy swara and sanskaar have planted poison in ragini’s head. I wish swara dies….idiot is good for nothing and bad for everything. Simply she sheds crocodile tears and gets everyone’s attention.

    • Sunshine

      Exactly, but the thing is we know pragya isn’t bad. And we knew she was doing this for a reason. Ragin is a total witch from the beginning, we don’t know if she’s doing this to take revenge or is some good motive behind this. Can’t trust her one bit.

  42. alisha

    Rinky maybe if U were forced to marry someone U didn’t want. U would be happy. As for laksh grow some kill ragini and go to jail if U care about ur family be a man. And mother hold ur head up high instead of giving urself a heart attack. Stupid programme far fetched from reality.

  43. when Ragini said she will fine new wife (jethani)for Sanskaar and something just popped up in my mind that what if she brings Kavita back and try to add fuel in SwaSan’s relation (I just hope she doesn’t Do that) or maybe the secret she was talking is about DP’s past love…etc
    (Actually guyz i am not Indian,I only can understand Hindi very well,read, and can speak a little bit but still I am gonna write in Hindi because I want to try if I can write in Hindi very well ….so plz guyz bear with me)
    Anyways jo bhi ho mujhe toh sirf SwaSan ka love story chahiye aur aaj ka episode bhohot hi kamaal tha yaar Swara ko realize huwa ki woh bhi Sanskaar se pyaar karti hai but Ragini ne aaj hadd hi kardi apne limits cross kiya hai usne moreover her grandmother is supporting her but Sanskaar gave her a fit reply but he is right woh to Laksh se badhla lena chahti hai but why she is punishing all the family this is really ridiculous…I just hope ki Swara convince Sanskaar and confess her love to him but I want Sanskaar not to forgive her so easily so she can understand the same pain he has gone through…
    Swasan Rocks

    SWASAN 3s424

  44. nik

    Yeah ….!!!! Finally swara realized hr feelings. Happy 2 see this. Bt on d other side sad with d news that Teju n Namish will qt the show. Hope that wrtrs change their role to positive n they stays bk as they r important part of d show.

  45. nik

    Plzzzzzzz don’t replace Teju n Namish . U b****y wrtrs why u do such things dt every tm we hv 2 rqst u. First for swasan n dis tm not 2 change ragini n laksh chrctr . what is d problem if u will trn dm positive????? Plzzz introduce a new villian in d story n trn raglak positive.

    • Scarlet

      Hey nick namish is not quitting that’s just a rumour and I heard a new villain is entering so I think tej will also stay back and maybe cv’s are planning to chance ragini postive by bringing new villain

  46. Sunshine

    Oh god. This serial is getting so pathetic. Can’t bring myself to watch it. The only and only good thing that has happened amidst all this is that swara realized her love for sanskaar. What a dumb girl she is, after ages she realised.
    And that ragini is such a snake. How can she torture the family for what laksh did. And laksh didn’t do anything wrong, it was just a tit for tat. I do not expect any maturity from her anyway, because she is always like I was always satisfied with what I have and laksh is the first thing I’m fighting for so I’m not wrong and senseless rationale like that. But what a opened to dadi? I thought she was a virtuous person, she might have been blinded by ragini’s love, but she did stop ragini when she went wrong. Now all of a sudden her love for her granddaughter has come up.
    And why is everyone so helpless? Why can’t swara or laksh or anyone from the Mahesh war family complain about rags saying she’s a cheat and she’s mentally tortured all of us. I’m sure the constitution has amendments for every crime that ragini has done. They can tell her to stop this nonsense else they would give her to the cops. Such a brainless family.
    Too bad tejaswi is working till Feb 1, that means we have to bear this drama for two more months.

    • Hi sunshine,
      How are you? Yeah it took swara ages to realise that she loves sanskar but I’m glad that she finally did. And yeah that psyco ragini is a snake, she’s torturing everyone because of Laksh. And that nagin dadi of hers is also supporting her. And yeah I still didn’t watched yesterday’s maha epi yet but read the update.

      • Sunshine

        Good that you didnt…I couldn’t bear it…couldn’t bear ragini and her atrocities…even today I couldn’t bear the repeat episodes…it’s just a waste of time…I’ll watch only swara and sanskaars parts henceforth. I hope they don’t drag raginis evilness till she finishes her notice period. Can’t bear this for two months.

  47. Thank God finally Swara madam realized her feelings..

    Even though Ragini is evil I can’t stop myself from appreciating her acting skills. She have excellent acting skills than others..

  48. nik

    Hiiii scarlet. I also want to see both of them in swaragini as raglak that too in positive role. N ya if they r introducing a new villian then they should ten rags positive as soon as possible . Want that laksh stays positive.

  49. anu

    it is not intresting. Bcoz director showed that sick person was working. ragini giving very pain 2 ap even she supported ragini. Dadi behaviour is weird and if ragini would meet me den definitely i make her understood d value of family relation

  50. sarah

    why the hell are these maheshwaris so dumb? can’t they file a case against ragini for attempting to murder swara twice, kidnapping her own mother…they even have proofs against her. but i dont think they have brains. or the cvs think that we, the viewers are brain-less.

  51. Achu

    (sharad chandra tripathi)
    (Gautam hegde)


    this is not fair with tejaswi and neither with tejaswi fans and raglak fans too… we can’t accept new ragini.. and if tejaswi goes i hope the show shuts down which it will..
    the creatives by being adamant have killed the real essence of the show.. that was sisters.

    kindly buckle up and show some raglak and tejaswiholics power …. GO FOR IT …

  52. The serial has become very boring and impractical thing to watch. Ragini is stupid cunning and may go to any limit to make her desires fulfilled but why Dadi has to support her when she had once understood the bad side öf her. It is she who has supported Ragini this time to ruin the the lives of people. LAKSH never loved Ragini, how can she and Dadi expect to improve things in Ragini’s life by being cruel , rude arrogant .

  53. lavanya

    Dear Sharad and Gautam sir,
    On behalf of all Tejaswiholics I request you to please change the plot, no one wants Tejaswi to quit. From day 1 the fact I loved was the unity and bond between Swaragini. Without Tejaswi Swaragini won’t be Swaragini, the show will lose all its attractiveness. Tejaswi is a very good actress so please. Maybe as someone said if you could add an additional villain who wants to harm Helly and Namish and then Tejaswi saves them and slowly realizing her sister’s love she turns positive into the sweet Ragini. Another request please unite Swasan and show some romance scenes.


  54. ani

    At last swara realises her love for sanskar.but i thought that the writers will drag it..so excited to see swasan together?? and i wish that ragini also should turn positive..

  55. And yeah rinky and Riya
    You guys are disgusting . I am totally against discrimination, you discriminated swara aka helly shah on her looks. You both called her ugly and fat, that is disgusting and you both should be ashamed of yourselves. It’s a blo*dy drama. There’s no need of going to personal. You call yourself tejaswi’s fan, I mean think what if she reads your comments about helly shah like that even I’m sure that she would be disgusted. And I don’t know why some ragini aka tejaswi’s fans has to compare her looks with swara aka helly shah. In my eye them both are beautiful and talented actress, there’s no need to compare cause we all are different in different ways. And yeah
    Swasan forever, Swasan rocks.?

  56. nik

    Yeah lavanya I too agree with u. Without Teju no swaragini. If she wants hr character 2 b positive then what’s d problem we viewers also want ragini positive, we want those two lovely swaragini sisters bk .its nt only tejeswi who wants hr role 2 b positive we also want that. We want all d 4 ld prs plyng their role with swaraginis bond , swasan lv trk, sanlak masti n ya if possible raglak also.

  57. Sandy

    Metro masti:
    Sonia shah is to be replaced in place of tejaswi as ragini in swaragini that’s really bad news for all swaragini fans and raglak fans because raglak is a not a pair in swaragini

  58. Sandy

    Sonia shah is roped to replace ragini’s negative role whose going to make all maheswari life hell, stay tuned for latest news and gossips,
    Did anyone understand this can u plz explain me plz plz plz

    • Lila

      Hahahhahaha she old to play ragini. This show is becoming shit. Seriously. First making it swasan then bringing this old hag

  59. Bola

    Pls this raginni madness should stop please- its so irritating seeing evil win over good in series movies. At times I don’t watch it until the last episode. I pray raginni or anyone shouldnt become double again, most of the series now have twin sister or twin brother. I tire oooo

  60. kirti

    Who d hell lyks ragsan coz yaar swasan sounds nyc n it evn looks cool atleast we swasan fans think so
    O if i would b evr askd to kill someone den it wud b rags n dadi n dat too torture dem emotionlly n mentlly n den enjoy deir death

  61. shabrin

    Finally swara accepted her love for sanskar, really happy .Liked tejaswi also ,her acting is really good …..want only her as ragini character. So it is request to the writers that plz turn her positive and show some romance between swasan
    Love swasan……..

  62. meghs

    i dont know why writers mislead us … rags secreat which she gone a reveal in party it must be dp ex gf maybe…

  63. meghs

    guys did any one noticed when sanskar come to give divorce paper sindur fell down …. its not a gud sign….

  64. Suni

    Bakwas serial…heard Ragini is quiting the show coz her character turned negative and Tejaswi has no interest in portraying a negative role. A new entry DP’s past love will continue to wreck hell in maheswari mansion.
    But was Dadi’s intention really to get property from maheswaris. is that why she first of all set up Ragini?? sort of confusing??any ideas on this

  65. And yeah
    Maybe those 2 rinky and Riya should replace teju’s place as vile evil psyco ragini, and l’m know that they will be good because they prefare evil over good.

  66. nik

    Hiiiii kirti n Shuva, yeah swasan rocks n swasan 4ever n ever. SWASAN wl dts the only intrstng thing remaining in swaragini. D whole show is lyk kdwa krela n swasan r lyk honey drops in it.

  67. Harsha

    वो नाग़िन् दादी और् उन्की सो कॉल्ड् लाडू ने मिलकर् स्वरा को सन्स्कार् से दूर् करने के लिऍ कुछ् न कुछ् मस्लत् कर् रहें हैँ। स्वरा से बेहतर् जेठानी मिलती है क्या उस् सैको राग़िनी को? Ragini plz don’t break Swara-Sanskar cute pair by intrdcng a new villain.

Before submitting a comment, please be sure it meets our comment guidelines.

Before submitting a comment, please be sure it meets our comment guidelines.