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Laksh goes to his room and talks to Ragini. He says you will be proved to be good wife. He takes bangles from her hand and kisses on her forehead. Yeh Moh Moh Ke Dhaage plays………………….Laksh hugs her and evil Ragini feels his touch. Swara says congratulations Ragini. Ragini says Swara, and it is shown that it is her imagination or dream. She didn’t see Laksh beside her and wonders where is Laksh.

Laksh drinks wine on the road and reminisces Swara. He recalls Swara confession and apology. Sanskar sees him drinking and feels bad. Laksh gets on his car and asks why Swara? Why you have done this? You would have told me to move from your way, and I would have move from your way. Sanskar calls someone and asks where are you? Laksh calls Swara and asks why did you do this with me? Swara

asks are you drunk? Where are you. Laksh asks her not to take his name and don’t show fake concern. He asks her to stop acting and says you will not get forgiveness. Swara asks him to tell where is he? Laksh tells he is in parkstreet and says I hate you. Swara is in tears.

Sanskar says don’t hurt yourself Laksh. The Inspector Roy comes there and tells Laksh, you are under arrest. Laksh laughs and asks him to take him. Laksh tells Inspector Roy not to love anyone as it gives pain. Sanskar calls Ragini and asks are you waiting for Laksh for suhaagraat. Ragini says what have you done with him. Sanskar says he will keep him away from her, so that she don’t ruin his life. He says he will make sure that Laksh didn’t come home tonight, so that they can start their plan next day. Ragini says your mum promised that you will not go against me. Sanskar says I have not promised you, and says I am against you.

Swara comes there and asks Sanskar, what you are doing with Laksh. Sanskar asks what you are doing here? Swara says she got a call from Laksh. Sanskar tells her that he is getting Laksh arrested on the charges of drinking wine on public place, to stop him from going to Ragini and have wedding night. Swara says she left her relation with Laksh on God. Laksh sees Swara and says betrayal came. Swara asks the Inspector to let Laksh go. Laksh says he will not forgive her all his life. He asks what you both are doing on Parkstreet so late in night. He says I have an idea and asks them to marry each other. He says one betrayal marries another, and says their jodi is made by Devil. Laksh stumbles and Swara tries to hold him. Laksh asks her not to show fake sympathy. He takes out his pain and says I have to marry Ragini because of you. Sanskar says it is your mistake, you married her without knowing her truth. Laksh asks her not to say anything against Ragini and says she would have died if he didn’t marry her.

Ragini cries and gathers everyone to gain symapathy. Adarsh says he will check Laksh. Annapurna asks her to have water and says Laksh will come back. Sanskar says you knew that you did a mistake. You married Ragini in anger and is now repenting inside. Laksh asks why did Swara left me. He says it is easy for you to move on, and you were same from before, love is not your cup of tea.

Laksh asks Ragini, why did you do this and says he don’t want to see her face. Ragini is shocked. Dida files police complaint with the police saying Swara is missing. The Police arrest Laksh. Ragini says he is innocent.

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  1. OMG laksh is getting arrested atleast now ragini must tell the truth…..?

  2. God Lakshya arrested

  3. Oh.. I like today’s episode. Please soon reveal Ragini ‘s truth yaar. She is really irritating. Laksh wow today.. Very good acting.

    1. Honest opinion

      Agreed! Terrific acting. Plus he’s so cute!

  4. Im so excited to see sanra wedding ….

  5. Thank God.. Today was not another day of evil Ragini ‘s victory.. Please writers.. Don’t drag dis so much.. Please bring Ragini’s truth out fast.. And Sanskar.. You are awesome..

  6. Love u swasan.hate u evil rags.go to hell.

  7. Grt u both helly and varun..

    Lots of love SwAsAN ??????

    1. Honest opinion

      I think they’d make a better pair. They are both more mature & strong characters. I love how sanskar has transformed! He’s def a better good guy than a bad guy. Also, if laksh believed some stupid video (after knowing people are trying to stop their wedding), then that just shows how little he knows & trusts swara. I think if it was sanskar in place of laksh.. He would’ve waited for swara to talk in person, he would’ve noticed swara looked zoned out in that video!!

  8. previous episod se ye episod bohot achchha hai…
    today swara ne bola mera or laksh ka resta maine vagban k upar chor diya.. vagbanji kavi true love ko seperate nehi krega so there is a hope 4 swalak still now….
    SWALAK-the best couple

  9. Sanra so cute

  10. ☆Twinkle05★

    I think sanskar and swsra acting like they get married and enter that house dida also help this plan for them its is just guessing 😛

  11. aI am agree with u ahana.. swara told thst she left her relation with laksh to god… & guys r u remembar that panditji who told that swalak ki 36 gun match ho gaya & ye jodi vagban ne banaya hai…. so I am sure end mai to SWALAK jodi hi banega… agar vagbanji ne ye jodi banaya hai to un dono ko ek v karenge….
    SWALAK is the best couple…

  12. so it ws laksh who gv dis idiotic & amzng idea of swasan mrg idiotic for swalak fans n amazng fr swasan fans

  13. Omg…laksh acting tho itna perfect hai…it was just amazing

  14. Sanra will teach a good lesson to evil rags

  15. Wow sanskar?? lov u lot …. want sanswara?? marry … laksh doesn’t deserve Swara… ragini is irritating … let hr truth get revealed

  16. Lovely episode.

  17. Guys its precap…its ragini or Swara… I mean whom does laksh says he does not want 2c her face???!?

  18. love u SWALAK… jo v ho ye episod dekh kar swalak ki hope or v bar gaya…..
    SWALAK r made 4each other…

  19. Anyone have any idea the song name which played when laksh taking ragini bangles?? . In ragini imagination.

    1. ☆Twinkle05★

      Movie: Dum laga ke kaisha
      Song :Moh moh ke Dhaage

      1. ☆Twinkle05★


      2. Thank you ☺️☺️☺️

  20. Rags most evil sisters in the worlds

  21. I hope they don’t make this another Uttaran serial…This RAgini track should be closed fasttt

  22. nice precape

  23. omg!!! … swaragni… I don’t remember correctly but u know guys that swaragni is on 2nd or 3rd position… acc. to new trp chart…

  24. Ragini Ka truth iti jaldi reveal ni hoga am sure coz I see some news in which laksh gets bail nd go gora a rsm nd that rsm was really very cheap

  25. rashmi sharma all serials like this only about two sisters and their problems.. saathiya sasural simar ka and now swaragini.. but difference is in ssk for sake siblings rosid did mariage , then love started. in this swara lakshy love each other but ragini marries lakshy and swara marries sanskar.. swap between brothers and sisters marriage in these relations..

  26. laksh and swara are the leading pair and sanskar and ragini are second leading pair
    there will many twist and ragini truth will be revealed in upcoming few week

  27. love u SWALAK u e d best….

  28. are u sure pinky…or u r just guessing

  29. love all characters.DIDA makes me laugh alot.it bare funny.Anyways i was told thhat when ragini comes back to the colony ragini and lucky will find out about swara and sanskaars wedding. waiting impariently.wish time will go faster and ragini will be exposed.

    Plz dont drag the scenes like ssk.PLz

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