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The Episode starts with Annapurna telling Sujata that Sulekha left as she got a call. Sulekha comes. Annapurna asks what happened? Why you are looking tensed. Sulekha says my son called me. She says Rakesh called, and says his wife Usha is simpleton and unites the family, but Abhishek’s wife is very clever and interested in our property. She says I wish Usha was somewhat wise, else choti bahu wouldn’t have done this. Parineeta hears them. Sulekha asks Annapurna, if Parineeta is happy here. Sujata says Parineeta is very happy here. Annapurna says Parineeta is our elder bahu, and swara and ragini respects her a lot. Sulekha says I know. She apologizes and says I got somewhat emotional. She says I don’t want same situation here to happen. Annapurna says nothing will happen as such. Parineeta hears

them and gets thinking. She thinks Dadi and others laughing on her and praising Swara and Ragini. Parineeta thinks she understands her mum’s worries and won’t let anyone do anything wrong with her. Sulekha asks Parineeta to smile and tells Annapurna that she is lucky to have Swaragini. She says your Swaragini is perfect in everything. She says Swara is your house light and Ragini have moulded completely in this house.

Swara and Ragini smiles while Parineeta gets upset and teary eyes. Swaragini plays…………..She tells Parineeta to learn much more things with them. She asks them to be happy and respect each other, then everything will be fine. Swara and Ragini touch her feet and takes blessings. Annapurna asks her not to worry. Parineeta hugs her. Sulekha leaves.

Next morning Swara wakes up Sanskar. Sanskar wakes up and asks her to help him get up. Swara says wake up, I won’t get trap in your drama. Sanskar says I can’t open my eyes. Swara tries to help him get up, and he pulls her closer to him. She asks him to get up, sees tea cup and puts his finger in it. Sanskar says you are torturing me in the morning. HE asks did you see Ragini and Laksh. They love each other a lot. He asks her to kiss him and prove him wrong. Just then servant knocks on the door and asks them to come. Swara says we will come. Sanskar says family don’t let me romance with my wife. Swara gives a cute kiss on his cheek and asks him to wake up. Sanskar smiles and wakes up.

Sanskar have breakfast. Swara asks him to have breakfast. Annapurna tells Sujata about the foreign delegates who are coming to their house. She says we will serve them jaljeera first. Durga Prasad asks what you are cooking in sweets. Annapurna says Ghewar..Sujata says yes. Parineeta says Ghewar will be not good and suggests other sweets. Durga Prasad dismiss her idea. She says they are coming here to eat marwadi food from America, and says Ghewar would be good. Ragini and Laksh romance silently. Durga Prasad talks to Annapurna. Utara says how we will manage alone? Parineeta asks if we are making everything at home. Sujata says you have two devranis to help you along with Utara. Swara says fridge is empty. Ragini tells the items which they need. Annapurna asks Parineeta to buy vegetables. Parineeta says she is having leg pain. Annapurna asks her to handle kitchen with Swara. Parineeta says I have pain in my hand, but will manage slowly. Annapurna asks her to rest and asks Swara to do kitchen work. Swara says okay and asks her to rest. Annapurna says we will have food. Parineeta says this is what I wanted. Sujata asks what did you tell? Parineeta says nothing and asks her to sit.

Dadi tells Sumi that Swara and Ragini likes rasgulla which was made at home. She says I will go and give them rasgullas. Sumi says no, until you gets well. She gives her apple to eat. Ragini brings the vegetables. Annapurna asks her to kneed flour. All ladies do the work in the kitchen. Ragini gets Sumi’s call. She picks the call. Sumi tells her that they are fine, but Dadi is unwell. Annapurna says I will send Ragini. Sumi thanks her and says if you don’t send her then also it is okay. Annapurna says we will take care of everything. Annapurna says she is our bahu, but have to take care of mayka also. Sumi says she is lucky as her daughters got a good sasural. Annapurna says Ragini will come there in sometime. She asks Ragini to wash her hands and go. Ragini says but work…Annapurna says Swara and Parineeta will do the work. Swara says dadi will be fine seeing you. Annapurna asks Parineeta to kneed the flour. Swara senses Parineeta is upset.

Parineeta asks Swara to get the files from room, and asks her to do Ragini’s work also. Swara is stunned. Parineeta tells Adarsh that her eyes are open now, and they have to protect their place in the house, else their position will not be less than a furniture.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Congratulations Swasan fans..Swasan won d poll on Twitter conducted by colors..
    Swasan r so cute n adorable love dem alot??
    Swasan rockzz???

    1. Hi there angel what’s up, how are you? Yeah I know saw that. Our Swasan won the poll I’m so happy. Anyways yeah Swasan rocks.?

  2. swaragini always rocks

  3. Finally we Swasan fans get to see some Swasan scenes after a long time. Swara was being noughty by putting sanskar’s finger in a hot cup of tea lol it was so funny. And then everything thing was ruined bcoz of that survent who was knocking on their door. I’m glad to hear that there will be more romantic scenes of Swasan in the upcoming epies. And yeah swaragini looked beautiful in saree, loved ragini’s saree she looked beautiful in it. Sad to hear that parineeta will turn negative.

    1. Sorry everything got ruined not was

    2. hey enemy ji I awaited Jr comment since yesterday .. I presume u are also a loyal swasan fan like me.. cheers to swasan …

      1. Hi there stoneheart how are you? Yeah I am a Swasan fan love them. And yeah cheers to Swasan. Swasan forever Swasan rocks.?

  4. Simple yaar…… Swasan ko honeymoon pe bhejdo phir raglak pari ko samhalenge khatam. Swasan ka romance bhi hoga aur raglak ko importance bhi denge.

  5. I do agree. Pari ko bhi negative bana Diya. I just hope Swara doesn’t become negative when the show ends. Congrats writers! Whenever we think you have finally got some brain, you prove us wrong bu this stupid twists of yours. Hopefully, we’ll get to see Swasan and Raglak scenes equally from now on x x
    Swasan and Raglak fans shud not fight for this matter now. Btw Swasan scene was too cute ♥♥

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