Swaragini 13th April 2016 Written Episode Update

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The Episode starts with Annapurna telling Sujata that Sulekha left as she got a call. Sulekha comes. Annapurna asks what happened? Why you are looking tensed. Sulekha says my son called me. She says Rakesh called, and says his wife Usha is simpleton and unites the family, but Abhishek’s wife is very clever and interested in our property. She says I wish Usha was somewhat wise, else choti bahu wouldn’t have done this. Parineeta hears them. Sulekha asks Annapurna, if Parineeta is happy here. Sujata says Parineeta is very happy here. Annapurna says Parineeta is our elder bahu, and swara and ragini respects her a lot. Sulekha says I know. She apologizes and says I got somewhat emotional. She says I don’t want same situation here to happen. Annapurna says nothing will happen as such. Parineeta hears

them and gets thinking. She thinks Dadi and others laughing on her and praising Swara and Ragini. Parineeta thinks she understands her mum’s worries and won’t let anyone do anything wrong with her. Sulekha asks Parineeta to smile and tells Annapurna that she is lucky to have Swaragini. She says your Swaragini is perfect in everything. She says Swara is your house light and Ragini have moulded completely in this house.

Swara and Ragini smiles while Parineeta gets upset and teary eyes. Swaragini plays…………..She tells Parineeta to learn much more things with them. She asks them to be happy and respect each other, then everything will be fine. Swara and Ragini touch her feet and takes blessings. Annapurna asks her not to worry. Parineeta hugs her. Sulekha leaves.

Next morning Swara wakes up Sanskar. Sanskar wakes up and asks her to help him get up. Swara says wake up, I won’t get trap in your drama. Sanskar says I can’t open my eyes. Swara tries to help him get up, and he pulls her closer to him. She asks him to get up, sees tea cup and puts his finger in it. Sanskar says you are torturing me in the morning. HE asks did you see Ragini and Laksh. They love each other a lot. He asks her to kiss him and prove him wrong. Just then servant knocks on the door and asks them to come. Swara says we will come. Sanskar says family don’t let me romance with my wife. Swara gives a cute kiss on his cheek and asks him to wake up. Sanskar smiles and wakes up.

Sanskar have breakfast. Swara asks him to have breakfast. Annapurna tells Sujata about the foreign delegates who are coming to their house. She says we will serve them jaljeera first. Durga Prasad asks what you are cooking in sweets. Annapurna says Ghewar..Sujata says yes. Parineeta says Ghewar will be not good and suggests other sweets. Durga Prasad dismiss her idea. She says they are coming here to eat marwadi food from America, and says Ghewar would be good. Ragini and Laksh romance silently. Durga Prasad talks to Annapurna. Utara says how we will manage alone? Parineeta asks if we are making everything at home. Sujata says you have two devranis to help you along with Utara. Swara says fridge is empty. Ragini tells the items which they need. Annapurna asks Parineeta to buy vegetables. Parineeta says she is having leg pain. Annapurna asks her to handle kitchen with Swara. Parineeta says I have pain in my hand, but will manage slowly. Annapurna asks her to rest and asks Swara to do kitchen work. Swara says okay and asks her to rest. Annapurna says we will have food. Parineeta says this is what I wanted. Sujata asks what did you tell? Parineeta says nothing and asks her to sit.

Dadi tells Sumi that Swara and Ragini likes rasgulla which was made at home. She says I will go and give them rasgullas. Sumi says no, until you gets well. She gives her apple to eat. Ragini brings the vegetables. Annapurna asks her to kneed flour. All ladies do the work in the kitchen. Ragini gets Sumi’s call. She picks the call. Sumi tells her that they are fine, but Dadi is unwell. Annapurna says I will send Ragini. Sumi thanks her and says if you don’t send her then also it is okay. Annapurna says we will take care of everything. Annapurna says she is our bahu, but have to take care of mayka also. Sumi says she is lucky as her daughters got a good sasural. Annapurna says Ragini will come there in sometime. She asks Ragini to wash her hands and go. Ragini says but work…Annapurna says Swara and Parineeta will do the work. Swara says dadi will be fine seeing you. Annapurna asks Parineeta to kneed the flour. Swara senses Parineeta is upset.

Parineeta asks Swara to get the files from room, and asks her to do Ragini’s work also. Swara is stunned. Parineeta tells Adarsh that her eyes are open now, and they have to protect their place in the house, else their position will not be less than a furniture.

Update Credit to: H Hasan


  1. RagLak.ian

    What the blo*dy hell yaar.. I srsly dnt understand wt these writters r upto.. Fr heaven sake.. Agar raglak track likhne me aapko koi interest nahi hai to unhe abroad bejkar unki happy ending karva do.. Bech me 10sec ke scene daalne se tho better hai.. Kaha ham raglak fans ye soch rahe hai ki ab to raglak ki story ache se likenge.. Bt seems like writers r in no mood or not at all interested in carrying their story forward.. SwaSan story was written so well.. How they became friends DS n started to like each other n all.. BT raglak some1 stabbed ragini aur laksh ko usse pyaar ho gaya.. Aur agle din shaadi.. Who the hell falls in love in 1 day.. Ek pura epi swasan sirf swasan ke gerua ko dhikaya that aur raglak ko tho 10 sec bhi nahi dhikathe.. Lagta hai writers ko swara par ek crush hai.. Sab kuch swara ko hi pata chalega.. Pareenita ke insecurity ke bare me swara ko pata chalega.. Simar ke saath pura epi bhi sirf swara saari mystery solve karegi.. Ab uttara ka bf bhi villian hai (I read it on telly chakkar.. Mohit abrol will b shown as her bf. He said he wil HV a grey shade) to iske baare me bhi swara ko pata chalega.. DP ke birthday ke baare me bhi sirf swara ko pata chala..sirf Vo hi saara decorations karti hai aur ragini cake laati hai.. DP swara ko praise karta hai -_-.. And ek aur swasan scene aane wala hai.. Jab sanskar swara ko bolega ki vo uuski romantic mood ko hamesha spoil karti hai. N she will kiss him.. What abt raglak.. They will jst HV a suhaagraat phir khatam kardo inke track ko.. I HV no grudge against swasan.. I jst dnt like this blo*dy partiality.. Swasan r a very cute couple.. N may they love happily evr aftr..

    • Sia

      Yes you are right

      Raglak is very poorly handle

      Your comment is very sensible

      It is fault of the writer’s that we swasan do not like raglak

      I can understand your pain jab swasan ka scenes in 1.5 month pe nahi aa raha tha mujhe bhi bohoot bura laga tha

    • gowri

      I m agree with RagLak.ian they only give main important to swasan and in the serial staring to till now the swara is the verygood girl and u no something all the main character in swaragini do a negative roll except swara … We want raglak since pls…..


      You are saying right….
      Jitni importance sawara ko milti hai uttni hi dheere dheere sanskar ko bhi mil rehi hai but ragini or laksh, mujge to lgta hai kuch tym me vo furniture ki tarha nazar aayenge in words of pari….

    • Are Raglak fans u r panicking that swasan scenes r more than raglak na don’t be jealous parineetha’s hatred is growing day by day soon there will b only her’s & swaragini scenes no SWASAN no RAGLAK.I think it’s time for raglakswasan fans to unite & fight

  2. Zayna

    Parineeta is being very stubborn. Just a bit of bad mouthing in her ear and she would go crazy. I feel sorry for Swara.

  3. Simzain

    Ragini was luking stunning tday n her saree too…parineeta atlast got sum footage let hr enjoy dat swarigini wil handle her also peacefully…

  4. pls writer give attention to RagLak,u mde dm get married now mke dm pass tru some romance and evin mke swaragini pregnant dn end d show nd stop dragging it wit dat parineeta who jxt wnt to showcase herself in d series wen its already late

  5. Varsha

    Again importance is given to Swara and not Ragini, CVS please make Ragini find something like her sister. Raglak n swasan scene was good

  6. Ebee

    Now that Swara and Laksh have their respective partners beside each other, I am gonna let myself free of all the bullshit that’s been dragged by butthole writers. Pari neeta in negative role??? They truly have nothing left.

  7. blush

    Hey guys… didnt u find 2days sassan scene superb… it just made my whole day.. loved it.. sanky luks soloing cute… whle sleeping n whn he pulld swara n wen he sleeps sayin his family wont let him romance n of course not 2 forget wen he agn wakes up after swaras peck … no doubt abt y he is calld such a foodie.. u saw how he ate his banana♥
    Swasan roxxxxx!!!!

  8. XXX-man of future

    These writers will never change..So its better to enjoy their torture or leave this serial..but its too hard to leave an addiction.:-(
    Happy Bengali New Year to all of u. May this year bring happiness & prosperity in ur lives. Have a great year ahead.:-)

  9. gowri

    U the writters not give important to raglak we want raglak sence also yar pls…

    And for Tamilans…
    Iniya Tamil Puthandu Vazthukal….
    Happy Tamil Newyear…

  10. sofy

    Totally agree with you varsha.. Again nd again swara is focusing.. Sab kuch use dhiktha he.. Sab swara hi solve kar saktha he.. Aur koyi bhi nehi..

  11. gowri

    Y writers only make to swara important ragini also a main roll in this serial so give important to raglak also … We want raglak sence…

    And for tamilans
    Iniya Tamil puthandu NAL Vazthukal…
    Happy Tamil new to all Tamil peoples….

  12. XXX-man of future

    Actually we all viewers have no grudge against Swara for being the main lead and getting more importance. ITS ABOUT THE TITLE-SWARAGINI. If they have to focus on Swara only why didn’t they give another title.This serial doesn’t go well with its title and that’s why we are fed up with the partiality.
    Shubho Nababarsha.

  13. shilu

    swara was so #cute today …actly she is the heroin…ragini was vamp earlier…but still swara is heroin of this serial …. itz abt swaragini and both r important but it is daily soap ..so we can’t have two heroin….i like sawra and ragini both …specially their #sisylove ….plz have more sisylove in this serial ..itz abt #swaragini …. and i also like sanskar and laksh …..but swaragini rocks together ….

    • anonymous

      not only swara ……….Ragini is ALSO one the two heroines…there are many serials with two heroines where they got equal importance

  14. pari

    Naam hai serial ka swaragini bt sirf swara ka hi main rol h
    Ek kaam karo writer sahab ragini ko hata do n serial ka naam bs swara rakh do ok
    Jb kuch likhne hi nhi ata tha toh story likha kyu ,ya fir sirf swara ko hi lete .
    Ragini swara se bhi smart h n sundar h ,overall wo achi h bt u ……realy disgusting

  15. Anakha

    Hai frnds…i agree with yo guys…again full importance and credit to swara…both swara and ragini are main female lead (protagonist) and sanskar and laksh are main male lead (protagonist)…it’s only for namesake…after raglak marriage there was no any moments of raglak rather than a gangaur pooja and breaking the fast which exist for only 8-10 seconds…we raglak fans are not saying to show romance of raglak for week…we are requesting to give screen space to them…include ragini in mahaepisode…show swaragini’s sister’s love…sanlak brotherly moments,jeeju-sali moments(ragsan),bhabhi-devar moments(swalak)…that is all what fans need..not only swasan romance or raglak romance…

  16. Anakha

    And guys…there was a poll in twitter for favourite jodi swasan or raglak..i had voted..if raglak wins.. They will give importance to raglak..

  17. Again the makers have started ignoring Raglak.. if they don’t want to include raglak scene then why to keep them on the show?? they could have murdered raglak by kavya & after that swasan live happily ever after doing the CID work.. even parineeta has more screen space raglak nowadays.. blo*dy partial cvs.. 🙁

  18. Dhrashti

    After 2 or 3 weeks, we got swasan scene & swara looked so good today ……….
    During kavya, there were more scene of ragini …
    eagerly waiting for more swara & swasan scene…….

  19. Angel

    Epi ws nice I like it..Swasan morning romance ws soo cute..these two are so adorable love dem alot??
    Guyz not nly raglak fans Swasan fans also wan dis time swara shud nt do any jasusi n give some time for her relationship.. Bt dis writers usse jasus banakar rakhdiya..I also wan dis time ragz shud handle pari n pari Swasan ko bahar nikale mm se so dat Swasan fans ko Swasan romance miljayega aur trk vi n ragz ko vi trk miljayega..bt can’t do anything..?
    And I just hate SWARAGINI merger wid dat dayans show simar I can’t tolerate dat..y dis ppl spoiling swaragini bcz of dat stupid mahabakwas ssk..n swara ko kya jarurat hai chandramani n all dat things I juz hate it..

  20. sk

    omg.. raglak glfans.. wats d fuss abt if dry donf show ragini much.. her character is a typical gharelu.. if swara pays attention to all things arnd.. its but obvious her sole will b a lil more.. Evrything depends upon the story.. so it okk!! now if sujata has more dialogs than annapurna.. u cant ques them.. its a character.. n d makers knw well.. let it b.. ppl.. !

  21. Sueño

    Dang!!!!!! Pari s in negative role…… God damn it!!!! Thr s no romance in dis show n nw agn a new villan…… I hate these writers…… Stupid…….. ?

  22. wellwisher (ww) siya ke ram fan

    Great only pari, uttara, sumi n swara r remaining for negative role….. so 1st Pari -ve for her position…… then uttara for her love….. then some new villains from outside…. then some ghost superstitious drama like ssk…. at last one day one of heroine will die just like roli….. now a copy from ssk…. but till the end swara n sumi will remain as mahan…….

    Anyways guys lets enjoy the romance btwn our swasan n raglak till this become again a irritating one….. i know i m not known to u all much but just my wish s that for few days only we will get chance to see all these so lets comment about it alone……

  23. swaragini fan

    Plzzz dont start a debate again frds and during kavya trk rag lak were only there if u have doubt then check it. Writers done their (raglak) marrige for u then also ur questioning how in one day and if they had not done this then u ll surely say tht y they took 1 week bla bla bla, shame on u really my head is burning yaar aur agr hume swasan k seen ab mil re hai to abi to celebrate krne do. Be happy ki raglak ek to ho gye na . Swasan k to romantic seen kitne kum hote hai mushkil se hote the. Writers ne tumhare liye raglak ko unite kiya hai aur hamare liye vo unk seen de re hai. Hope u got the point.And muje writers se koi prob nai hai bcoz san says in award func that he loves they write and im a fan so i ll follow it . Pari trk is good and if u dont want it then stop watching the show and commenting here.

  24. swaragini fan

    Plzzz dont start a debate again frds and during kavya trk rag lak were only there if u have doubt then check it. Writers done their (raglak) marrige for u then also ur questioning how in one day and if they had not done this then u ll surely say tht y they took 1 week bla bla bla, shame on u really my head is burning yaar aur agr hume swasan k seen ab mil re hai to abi to celebrate krne do. Be happy ki raglak ek to ho gye na . Swasan k to romantic seen kitne kum hote hai mushkil se hote the. Writers ne tumhare liye raglak ko unite kiya hai aur hamare liye vo unk seen de re hai. Hope u got the point.And muje writers se koi prob nai hai bcoz san says in award func that he loves they write and im a fan so i ll follow it . Pari trk is good and if u dont want it then stop watching the show and commenting here.Sorry to hurt othrs this was for some one else

    • Anaita

      Sorry.. but i dont understand ur point or maybe i dont want to… u r saying when kavya trk was going raglak were getting importance may i know how.. or maybe by fighting wid each other or by crying for each other… the point is that the serial is SWARAGINI not swasan… i think they are getting importance by helping swasan?? As always they are solving prblms and all doubts on thm blames thm when prblm gets solved whn get to know the real culprit.. they apologise and praise thm which increases their importance.. i dont have any problem with Swasan… My prblm is just writer.. bcz of dm many hates TEJASWI… serial has become swasan from swaragini… and about their romantic scenes may i know how much min scenes did they got today.. i cant even be counted in minutes…


  25. Geet

    I enjoyed this epi thanks cvs.. Finally we got swasan scn aftr a long wait for almost two or three months

    want to c romantic swara..

  26. mitti

    The episode was very good. ..being a swasan fan I totally loved their scenes. …but one thing which disturbs me is that d partiality of the CV’S TOWARDS swaragini. …agreed their were times when they showed raglak romance but dey didn’t leave swara….her scenes were also important those days. …its just that they should give ragini scenes too now…..its really annoying when both raglak are being portrayed as if they r forced to be in that scene …..the show is about swaragini n whatever problems coming to their life should be solved by them together n not by swara only….

    • wellwisher (ww) siya ke ram fan

      Actually solved by both but the fact s they always make swara to find the problem and find solution with the help of ragini ……

      • sk

        so.. if swara s character is more intellgent .. ragini character is more sanskari.. dere is where d diff lies.. dat dere r two good women in house but in diff ways.. ! u need to choose wat a person should b like more in todays world

  27. neel

    Cvs please give us one good reason why swasan should wait to go ahead with their marriage.
    Why should they b happy with these pecks…
    why can’t the couples go on a honey moon while the new villians create some drama behind.
    This way we can get some swasan raglK while ur villians also get their share as well

  28. Anakha

    I’m a raglak fan but i don’t have any problem with swasan….but cv’s can give equal importance to both couples…when they concentrate on swasan ,no raglak scenes and when concentrate on raglak,no swasan fans…if they concentrate on both couples at every time,both swasan and raglak fans will be happy…and swaragini will have high trp’s….

  29. sarah

    everyone will be given a negative shade except swara…..i want to see how swara acts as a villian. i know she will definitely rock…but i want to see her in grey shade…then those who are commenting on swara’s acting skills will shut their mouths

  30. ragini going to mayka so swara can solve prblm alone writers simply removed rags frome storey.teju better u quit the show

    • i too think the same.. they have sent ragini away so that swara can find the problem and also plan the surprise birthday party alone.. want to kill this cvs..

    • gowri

      I agree with u aysha is better than teju quit the show and the swasan GI fav of those people’s its just bcs of the writers they only give important to swasan so only they gave a big fan club… I hate the writers …..whole heartly…

  31. Angel

    Congratulations Swasan fans..Swasan won d poll on Twitter conducted by colors..
    Swasan r so cute n adorable love dem alot??
    Swasan rockzz???

  32. Finally we Swasan fans get to see some Swasan scenes after a long time. Swara was being noughty by putting sanskar’s finger in a hot cup of tea lol it was so funny. And then everything thing was ruined bcoz of that survent who was knocking on their door. I’m glad to hear that there will be more romantic scenes of Swasan in the upcoming epies. And yeah swaragini looked beautiful in saree, loved ragini’s saree she looked beautiful in it. Sad to hear that parineeta will turn negative.

  33. Simple yaar…… Swasan ko honeymoon pe bhejdo phir raglak pari ko samhalenge khatam. Swasan ka romance bhi hoga aur raglak ko importance bhi denge.

  34. Anu

    I do agree. Pari ko bhi negative bana Diya. I just hope Swara doesn’t become negative when the show ends. Congrats writers! Whenever we think you have finally got some brain, you prove us wrong bu this stupid twists of yours. Hopefully, we’ll get to see Swasan and Raglak scenes equally from now on x x
    Swasan and Raglak fans shud not fight for this matter now. Btw Swasan scene was too cute ♥♥

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