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Daadi maa says Lakshya will stay with them here. Daada ji says how can he stay here? Lakshya says he can’t stay here. Daadi maa asks do you have any problem? She tells that Lakshya left his house for their respect and says it is their responsibility now. Daadi ji agrees. Lakshya says it is not right. Shekhar asks Daadi maa to try to understand. Daadi maa says she has decided. Lakshya says but. Daadimaa asks him not to argue. Ragini smiles. Daadi maa sees her smiling. Swara smiles thinking something. Dida asks what did he do? Swara says I thought him wrong. He became a hero from a villian. Dida says I became a villian from a heroine. Swara says your age doesn’t permit you to become heroine. She says you was a heroine’s dida before, but is now hot and old type Dida. You are not seeing our happiness


Dida says she will not change her decision. Sumi asks Swara not to trouble her. Swara says she is trying to agree Dida and has her genes. Dida says she will not agree. She sees Sumi engrasped in thought and asks do you wants to go back to Shekhar forgetting the past. Sumi says she doesn’t want that and trying to make Swara understand that. Dida says your eyes are saying the truth. You are saying this to please me, but wants this from your heart. She asks her to marry Shekhar, after her death. Sumi is shocked.

Swara and Ragini talk about their grand parents’s reaction. Swara says don’t know how to convince their parents. Ragini says she will talk to Shekhar. Swara says we will make a plan. Suddenly saree falls down on Lakshya from Ragini’s hand. Swara says I will get it back. Lakshya throws it on Ragini. Swara gets an idea and says they will make a solid proof plan. Swara sees Ragini staring Lakshya and blushing, and asks her to talk to Lakshya. Ragini says our relation is broken. Swara says your love is not over. Even Lakshya likes you. Ragini is surprised. Swara says didn’t you realize that he likes you, he fighted with his father for your family. Ragini asks are you sure?

Daadi maa says she asked Lakshya to stay in their house with a plan. She tells Durga prasad will be shocked knowing Lakshya is staying in the house. He will be forced to get us involved in the community again. She continues that she will get Ragini back and will make daughter- father duo away from bengalan family. She says she is doing this for Ragini’s bright future. Swara tells Ragini did you understand? Ragini says let’s talk about work. Swara says we have to make plan. Lakshya comes and offers help. Swara says did you know what we were talking about? Lakshya says he was also in the store room that day and heard everything. He says I have a plan, and also a condition. Ragini accepts the condition. Swara asks her to listen to condition before.

Ragini says it will be for our betterment. Dadi maa calls Ragini, so she leaves. Swara asks Lakshya to tell the plan when Ragini comes back. Lakshya says it is good that Ragini left. It is easy to talk to you. Swara asks what? Lakshya says actually he wants to apologize to them. He says I wants to tell the truth and says he is tired of lying. Swara asks him to say. Lakshya says I did your kidnapping. A flashback is shown. Swara is shocked.

Lakshya continues that he sent that video to Durga Prasad. Swara is shell shocked and angry. He tells that he betrayed them, but can’t betray more. He wanted to tell this since many days. He says he won’t do anything like that in future and asks her to trust him. Swara asks him to shut up and says you shall get standing ovation for this. Lakshya says he has started hating his father and realized his mistake, that’s why he is apologizing. Swara asks why did you tell that it is good that Ragini left. Lakshya says because I am more comfortable with you. I mean I will feel more guilt infront of her.

Swara says Ragini is hurt because of you. She says first impression is the last impression. I never saw such a bad man in my life. Lakshya says he couldn’t say no to his father. He says he don’t want to hurt sweet and innocent Ragini. Swara says this means you never loved her. Lakshya says he could never love her. She is so sweet for her. We are different from each other. If she would have married me, then she would have been ruined. Swara asks what did you get? Lakshya says I don’t know about myself, but you will get your Dad’s name.

Lakshya says I did wrong, but not my intentions. If I wanted to hurt you both, then I would have been at my kingsize bed. He says I really want to help you. Ragini apologizes to Dadi maa and says she will make another glass. Daadimaa asks her to sit with her and make flower mala for puja. She tells about bringing her up since childhood and says my grand daughter is lost somewhere because of that bengalan. Ragini says it is not like that. Daadimaa says my Ragini used to listen to me with her head low. Ragini bends her head down. Daadi maa says you are my life and I can do everything for you. I knows what do you want. I knew that you loves Lakshya. I have an idea to get us back in the community and also to get you marry him. She asks her to promise to go against bengali family. Ragini is shocked. Daadi maa asks her to decide between a happy family with Lakshya, or to sacrifice her love for bengalan.

Precap: Swara asks Lakshya to go and apologize to Ragini. She asks him to tell her that he doesn’t love him. Lakshya tells Ragini that he wants to tell her something. Ragini says Daadimaa asked her to choose between her and her father’s happiness. She chooses her father’s happiness over hers. Swara decides to tell the truth to Ragini, so that she teaches a lesson to Lakshya.

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  1. Oh my poor Ragini….!! Laksh yu r truly brave … Nywaz nw d story turnz tu d most xcitin side…. Hope Laksh vil fal fa Ragini…. Waitin fa Raksh momentzz!!!

  2. Laksh is such an idiot, opposites attract, he says he will make ragini bad but what if ragini makes him a better guy. I hate where this is going, laksh will so fall for swara, I want ragini to be happy.

  3. ragini how can you be so selfless …u really love your dad……swara u are an awesome sister

  4. no matter what please dont change luv u swara and ragini

  5. if ragini is not meant to be with lucky then lucky should just tell the truth and focus on swara so that we dont waste 4 months of love triangle with end results already known unless the director are planning some kind of twist ahead

  6. ♥♔SaRa♔♥

    I wish fr ragini & laksh to be a couple bt if he falls fr swara or swara falls fr him den it vl b d same old boring shws stry eww!!

  7. why are they showing moments of rashky then swarky.cant they just choose one either swara or ragin(am okay with either 1) and focus so that we dont get frustruated and pull all our hair out!

  8. am soo team ragin all the way loser or not

  9. Nice episode. Finally! he told the truth to swara. hope they ll be together.

  10. nice epi..feeling bad 4 ragini

  11. i always knew laksh has fallen for swara..its so evident in his eyes!

  12. Raksh are so cuteeeee
    Directors pls mke them together dnt make tge mistake they do u in every show
    Make laksh fall for ragini

  13. Ragini and laksh -very good jodi .plz laksh , ragini se pyar karo.otherwise it will be really boring like other shows.expect more raksh moments

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