Swaragini 12th October 2016 Written Episode Update

Swaragini 12th October 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Durga Prasad asking Adarsh why he is keeping his eyes down now. He says this is the place where you made history to hurt your parents. He announces that Adarsh Maheshwari is not his son from today, breaks his relation with him. Annapurna cries and sits down. Swara and Ragini hold her. Parineeta cries. Durga Prasad says you may get our forgiveness, but will not get a chance to repent. Inspector asks what about his wife? Durga Prasad says she gave us double hatredness, but then also I will not get her arrested as she is our responsibility. Inspector says but…..Parineeta falls on his feet and asks him to forgive Adarsh when he has forgiven her. Durga prasad says I am helpless as you are my responsibility. You will stay here as a punishment, and will not get love, but only hatred

in our eyes. Parineeta looks on shocked. Inspector asks Constable to take Adarsh. Parineeta tries to stop him, but in vain. Swara and Ragini make Annapurna sit.

Ragini calls Laksh. Swara makes Annapurna drink water. Ragini tells Laksh didn’t come till now and is not picking my call. She asks Swara to call Sanskar. Swara says okay. Sanskar is at Baadi. He says Laksh was blaming me, until when I would have kept quiet. Sujata says you had to keep quiet and scolds him. Shekhar says Laksh must be reached there. Sumi says Police must have arrested Adarsh by now. Swara calls Sanskar and asks where is Adarsh? Sanskar says he left 2 hours ago. Swara says he didn’t reach home. Sujata prays for his safety. Sanskar comes to Maheshwari house and sees Adarsh arrested by the police. He asks Adarsh, how is he feeling now and says evil never wins. Adarsh is taken away by Police. Ragini worries for Laksh. Swara says may be he is stuck in traffic and says he will come.

Sanskar comes there. Ragini says Laksh…..They see Sanskar. Swara recalls Sanskar breaking relation with her. He goes straight to Durga Prasad and touches his feet. Durga Prasad blesses him. Then he takes Annapurna’s blessings. Annapurna also blesses him. Sanskar says now we all will be happy as everything is fine. Annapurna asks where is Laksh? Ragini cries being worried. Sanskar says he might be waiting and asks her not to worry. Ragini says my heart is saying as something wrong happened. Sanskar says I will go and bring him back. He then looks at Swara. Swara turns her face being upset with him. Sanskar leaves from there. Swara asks Ragini to stop crying and says he will come back. Ragini says where is he?

After One Week:

Inspector apologizes to them and says sorry. Swara asks are you sure? Ragini cries badly. Inspector says we couldn’t find Laksh anywhere, and have went with his wish. We can’t find him. Sanskar says shut up Inspector. He says how dare you to tell that Laksh will not come back as he went with his wish. He says this is Laksh’s house and asks where he will go. Sujata asks him to calm down. Inspector says we will try to search him and will inform you once we find anything about him. He goes. Ragini cries and says where are you Laksh. Swara consoles him. Sanskar says where to find him. Sanskar says we will find him very soon. Ragini says you said this one week before also. My heart is shaking up, if anything have happened to him. Swara says no..

Ragini cries and says why he is not coming back. Sanskar asks her not to lose strength. Swara asks Sanskar, to whom he is giving strength to. She says I know you are trying to make everything fine since a week. Sanskar says yes. Swara says I also wanted to make everything fine. She says you got mad in anger, and everything is ending because of you. She says Laksh went from here because of you, and my sister’s life is getting ruined. Sumi stops her. Swara says no, I am not wrong. She says what did you say that you will fight with Laksh. She says if you had not fought with him, then everything would have been fine. We have lost this war even after winning, because of you.

Sujata says no Swara, it was a misunderstanding. Swara says yes. He would have trusted us, but he loves his ego. Sanskar says no. Swara says let me speak. She says you knows well that whenever Laksh is angry, he can’t control his anger, but what had happened to you. She says you had taken my anger on him, as you was angry on me as I helped Ragini. She says Ragini is my sister and I will support her. I haven’t broken relation with her. Ragini recalls doing her shraddh. Swara asks Sanskar to look at her maang without sindoor. Shekhar says what is the need to talk all this? Swara says you all should know that Laksh is not with us because of this man.

Swara promises not to fill her maang until Laksh comes back. She is about to go with Ragini and Shekhar. Sanskar stops her and says this is Lakshman rekha for you, and if you steps out once, then I will never look at you again. Swara is shocked.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Ermmm why is Swara acting up now and having a go at Sanskar as if Laksh is small kid? Laksh went there with the intetion to hurt his own brother and now youre here running your mouth and making yourself look like a fool. Sanskar has always stood by your side but youre nothing but disappointment Swara.

  2. Another thing Ragini is loyal to her love and this proves that she can only love and not Swara.

    1. couldnt agree more…for laksh ragini could kill even swara…

  3. This swara…. Am hell angry on her…she is really stupid….only love her sis who did her shradh…..why she blaming sanskar uncessarily… She is also doing the same mistake…. Sanky is right don’t give her forgiveness easily…. I hope he will find laksh soon.,.but swasan relationship will broke after that….. Omg am hurt

    1. But I heard that it was Swasan’s plan as Ragini wants this time Swara the most

      1. Yes u r ryt..even I read in a website..SwaRA HIDDENLY HELPS SANSKAR TO FIND LAKSHYA

  4. really what is happening???why cant we have an episode full of romance if no episode full of good things happening???and really Durga frogaved Parinita she is a snake she should be killed nothing more
    And now Swara is going beyond limits i know Sanskar did wrong but plz hold ur breath…ur sister is so weak and if Laksh is away for one second she is shattered…now i see why we have raglak…two person one kind…they cant think by themselves they do always bad…on anger they both are equally shallow people
    hope we end this teack we get rwo episode full of romance and than attack us with new events plz

  5. Pls don’t separate them

  6. Fouzarshi16

    Stupid episode Its really a blunder

  7. Swara need to learn a lesson. Just i want Sanskar find out laksh and give it to ragini and just left swara.
    For swara if ragini is happy she is happy, if her parents are happy then she is happy.
    Let swara do her behahchara and familychara.
    You know guys till now i only find ragini and sansksr ( self respect is imp. Yaar) who can do anything for their love.
    I really really really want hardest time for swara

    1. Mica

      Swara did dear! Swara did!, but she did it by choose rite path, made her love more valuable…
      Nowadays, Swara did her best for Sanskar, look at Sanskar how happy he is,..
      once he arrived to MM,
      who bring that happiness to him ? IT WAS SWARA, HIS WIFE..
      Did he ever say thank ? BIG NO
      Did he ever say sorry ? BIG NO
      He looked at her kinda stranger,
      yesterday when Swara called him, worried about his safety, he arrogantly said that he will break their relation.. is that you said unconditionally love ?

  8. Swara doesn’t deserves sanskar…he always stood by her side but this Mahan swara always insults him… THis time sanskar shouldn’t forgive this idiot swara… Most irritating character in the serial is swara…

    1. Exactly. Swara is always ready to show her mahaanta. God knows why sanskar chose her. She is the most irritating and dumb character in swaRAGINI. HATE swara!!!

  9. wt hpn 2 our swasan sudenly?
    y swara say like dat? and sanskar?! 😮 wt hpn 2 him.?
    y r they act like dis?!
    dis things insult thier pure lv 2 eo.
    feeling rly sad!
    i ddnt feel like watching dis drama again.
    i watch dis drama bz f swasan nly. i lv their understanding and helping eo in evry tym.
    bt its no more! so i ll stop watching it.
    im rly hurt.

    thank u 4 fast update H. Hasan dr.
    im cmntng here 4 da 1st tym. 🙂

    1. Mica

      whoo hoo Chanu.. welcome Dear! let’s spamming this site…

  10. DivzS

    Guys, swara is right in her point of view, so are her intentions…. She’s just taking out all the anger on sanskaar, which she held within herself till now to prevent sanskaar from thinking that she’s not supporting him and taking any wrong step. But she’s shattered when he took a wrong step and decided to support her helpless sister(she needs it the most). She can’t leave ragini alone for “don’t know how long” time. Also, if swara keeps quiet, then how will the series take a leap!? ?

  11. Where is laksh《《《 sanskar looking cute swara simply over reacting but nice to c new story but accepting more from cvs hope they get more trp

  12. for whom swara leaving sanskar???

    for that soo called behen nagini aka ragini???

    why swara again choose ragini over sanskar???

    what will swara get if she stand for nagini????nothing

    ragini again gonna ditch swara
    ragini again hurt swara
    ragini again mistrust swara
    ragaini again blame swara
    ragini again broke her relatiin with swara…

    and this stupid swara always want that bldy nagini..

    and ragini devii didnt utter any word..koi baat nahi already her suhag gone so let break swaraz marriage..hai na ragini mata…

    ragini didnt feel any guilty for what she did..she broke her relation with swara and even call swara as her step sis..now everything sort out her behana pyaar lautkar aaya..stupid selfish girl
    and what i m saying..ragini never asked for any apology for her deeds naa..even in her past too soo why she shld ask srry….

    the word srry and shame is not in the dictionary of ragini..her marriage is broken soo let her sister marriage to be broken..if she really loves her sister atleast try to stop swara or utter any word..noooo sge is selfish.she is only think about herself..swara is a emitional fool..who always trust her FAKE SOO CALLED SISTER…

    i dnt love this emotional fool swara maheswarii…i love that old shernii swara bose..my cutie little sherni angel swara bose..pls cvs dnt ruin swaraz chqracters like u guys did with lucky..plzzzz…..

    and give a good story for swasan

    eventhough i angry on swara but cant hate my cute doll…only for swara i watch this show..but now i m hell angry with her for supportng her sooo called fake selfish dumb sister ragini..

    ragini not worth for swaraz love.hell with u ragini..

  13. just dont know what to say….
    I m so confused ?….
    I cry when I thought ? about season separation ??……
    but I want to see their hate love story… a new love story….?????….
    I just don’t know whom I should blame… n what should I say….
    but I hope CVS will give something interesting….
    n if they tried to bring another hero other than Varun (sanskar) then we r ready for the WAR???….keep that in mind… we can do anything for swasan ?…..
    n we have many weapons ????????…or we will add something in ur food CVS????…or we will haunt you everytime ?????????????…..all because we love swasan n want them TOGETHER FOREVER??????????????????………

  14. i feel pity for swara to support that bich ragini.ragini go and die soo that maheswari family get some peacefull life.stupid dumbo ragini.and swara hell with u for your stupididity.one day ragini will give you poison.plz drink it with pleasure and die.and ragini/make up ki dukan plz put less make up of emotional occasion..itz soo yuck to see ur ugly face when makeup swap away when u wipe ur tears.yuck fatty face ragini/make up ki dukan.sanskar goo for some ashram to get some peace and dnt come back..shemish again start their love story and try for another chottu..dada is missing soo parvathy dadi again starts her crimes and teach her lado ugly games.dp again got heart attack by seeing all these and ap do nonstp crying and sujatha supportng ap and uttata and rp stood like statue..paribeetha give company to adarsh in jail.
    hate swaragini now..

    1. srry mistaken itz sindhura not sindhuta

  15. Mahjabeen

    Tdys epi ws shocking…heartbreaking epi??
    I m shocked totally??
    My swasan????????
    Swara is also sumwhere hurt by sanskars behaviour so only c said all those things nd sanskar is allso same condition…
    Aahhhh wat to say dono hi mere hain..cnt c dem like dis
    My swasan??????

    1. Mica

      yeah Mahjabeen…. it’s full of pain to watch their painful eyes and expression,
      it kinda painful episode, DP, AP, my SWASAN, Rag, Pari..

  16. what the hell is wrong with this serial?

    laksh is missing, ragini is in distress = swasan separation

    seriously, if anything is logical, it is raglak separation here; laksh is feeling so guilty that he thinks he is not worthy to be with his family; ragini should be searching for him and swasan should be helping her and resolving their own issues.

    Yes, sanskar is wrong for trying to hit laksh from behind in anger; Even swara is wrong here to accuse sanskar here for laksh’s behaviour n ragini situation.

    1. Sumeeta

      Reason of raglak separation is most illogical.this is not even separation also.if laksh was found so quickly then they will not take time so much to do patch up.
      The reason behind swasan separation is their clash of ego.that will not resolve so easiliy.
      If we see the reason swasan separation lil bit logical

  17. Sorry to say u guys but u can’t blame ragini this time. She has nothing to do with sanskar and swara’s seperation. Its swara who has more proities for social service rater than her husband. When today has cool mind trying to figure out things, finding laksh then suddenly she blasted
    And laksh missing has nothing to do with sanskar.

    I really hate this type of swara stupid, aggogant, dumb, etc. She is absolutly wrong today.

    To help ragini in this type of trama there are many ways but this is really ridiculous wat swara did.

    1. You are right. Ragini is not at all at fault. Don’t blame her

  18. Fairy

    Now sanky wl go in search of laksh!!!
    N he ws lookng damnnn handsome..omg i cnt remove my eyes from him…

    Sanky-cool down dude!!swara is ur soul..swasan r incomplete widout eo.

    Swara-oh god hatts off to dis grl!!she always supports her sissy lyk hell..she always fullfill her duty of being an elder sister…n dis tym she even had choosen ragz over sanky..it touched my heart..u r really d bst siss.

    Laksh-y u ran from ur responsibilities dude!!i ddnt expect dis from u laksh ..really u have broken me handsome..

    Ragini-though shez my most fav. Coz her role is played by tejaswi bt still i wanna say her jst one thing..
    till wen u”ll b silent…ur sisters marriage lyf is gettng broken,u have to make her understand…i know u love laksh immensively bt still ur sis loves u more den nythng..n it is said dat love dem more who loves u d most….(plz dear plz dis tym speak up!!)

    #waitng for d leap…
    Lyk helly,namish&varun..
    Love tejaswi 😉

    1. Mica

      Fairyyy.. you should wait and watch, i’ll chop your Rag to pieces if she doesn’t speak 😀 😀

      1. Fairy

        Ahhh!! Mica d chopper 😛 …i wanna say one thing meri ragz ko chone se pehle tumhe mujhse guzarna hoga(to even touch her u have to cross /face me frst) hahahahaha.. 😀 .. well jokes apart bt dis tym i seriously wnt her to do smthng good for her sis..(bt i have full faith in cvs dat dey wont allow her to do ny such thing 😛 )

      2. Kakali

        Yeahh !! Fairy … this time also CVs will not allow her to speak.. huhhh !!! *hate CVs…

        soul reason of my spoiling make up…i cried … huhhhh

      3. Fairy

        Aww !!!dr kakali dnt cry…once we”ll get dese cvs na den we”ll take out all r frustration on dem…okay ..now stop cryng n smile sweety 🙂 …

    2. Astha

      While Ragini cried I too cried. After very long period I started to watch swaragini.
      Sanky concern with rag lovable. But his attitude with swara made me fed up. At least now he try to understand swara….
      Waiting for the leap?

      1. Fairy

        Ya astha dr even i couldnt see her cry(dnt know y it effects me a lot).. i also loved sanky concern towards rags..hope soon everythng gets well..me too waitng for leap!!! Hope to see swasan n raglak united soon…n dnt wry dr swara n sanskaar wl realise eo importance in dere lyf after ds separation for sure n den dere love wl become more strong 😉 ..

    3. Heltej

      Hoping today ragini will spewk up! I really want her to speak! Cvs please do it for u!

      1. Heltej

        For us*

      2. Fairy

        Really dr too wished for d same…fingers crossed!!!
        Bt i really have a strong feelng dat cvs wl nver show smthng lyk dat… 🙁 🙁 ..i dnt know whts dere prob. Is…dahhh!!leave it…hopeing for d bst.. 🙂

    4. Awwwww.Di your comment is so sweet…Just loved the way you support Helly and Teju..

      1. Fairy

        Awww!!!how sweeeet of u prakriti dr.. 🙂 🙂 🙂 ..yar dr dey bth r amazng!! ..#keep smiling 😉

    5. Sumeeta

      One think i really hate in rags character that she did not ask forgiveness from swara or other one for her bad deeds.
      Even when yesterday swara told sanskar “main bina baat k tumahrri tarah riste nahi torti” rag remember her shradh kand but speak nothing nd she was aware that swasan has no falt behind laksh miserable condition in jail.but she remain silent nd did not say sorry to swara.

      1. Fairy

        Yes dr i totally agree wid u…n dats y i always complain about cvs dat dey hve jst ruined her charecter!! I mean i really dnt understand y dey dnt make her say sry atleast for once??? Uff!!leave it!!if i start it”ll go really long..
        Bt still it hurts me wen i heard nythng bad about dis charecter coz m really a obsessed tejas fan 😛 so indirectly or directng a ragz fan…hopeing for d bst dis tym..maybe god gve dem some brain n dey”ll make rags to understand her sis values n apologize to her..fingers crossed

      2. cv are sooo confused about her character sometimes they show she can do anything for her step mom amd the next week they again show her stupid they have ruined her character and no proper dialouges are given to her and being a ragini fan it hurts ufff i have soo many complaints

      3. Fairy

        Aah!!!j same here….i tooo feel hurt …even she had been bashed soo much jst bcoz of d stupidity of cvs!!….well wt to do yaar dey always hurt us…hope dat now onwards dey dont do such things n make her charecter a lill more sensible… # love ragz love tejaswi 😉

  19. A.xx

    i want Lakshya back…(upset face)>>>>

    1. Astha

      Jaldhi voh aayega dear.

    2. Astha

      While lax coming if u kept sad pout face he too feel sad so keep smiling ?

  20. O MY GOD….
    sanskar ‘s new look in swaragini after the leap is just killing me… he is looking sooo cute n handsome…. I’m dying to see him…. really waiting for the track…. but I’m still angry CVS….

  21. CVS u know what I watched know…i watched a video stating that Swara n laksh will be shown as couple…. listen one thing CVS I will KILL YOU….

  22. Swara is very stupid what did she want Sanskar to stand up and let Lask hit him and do noting Sanskar loves Swara more than Swara can ever love him to her it’s all about her sister and her family seems to me she should not get married at all but live in her house because she is not worthy of her husband it’s always easy for her to walk away and blame him.

  23. Mica

    Thank you H. Hasan mam, for update, , you save me from huge stress of being foreigner..
    (huh! who ask you to be mad to the indian serial, stupid mico!)
    sharmi Sharma Production produced a movie as sequel of Finding Nemo…
    after finding Nemo, Finding Dory, now….wait and watch ….
    F I N D I N G L A K S H
    stay tune in front of your TV guyz!!

    1. Shrinjal

      ??how r u so funny mica…

      1. Mica

        you should watch it Shrinjuu…

    2. Shrinjal

      ????? will surely love to watch it..
      Vaise if I miss it then pls tell me??

  24. Mica

    Swaraaaaaaaa!!!!!!! I HATE YOU!
    You hate when Sanskar choose his ego over you, but why you do the same ?
    it’s also your ego,…. it’s your ego which got hurt to get distrust from your beloved husband..
    but can you understand him also ?
    I don’t want a kind of love as Ragini’s, since it’s not pure love which support everything your beloved one did, rite or wrong.
    I know your love for sanskar more pure than that…

    1. Mica

      i bet it will be mission to curse swara from me in next few days..huh!

      1. Kakali

        Micaaa !! if u doo sooo !! i’ll curse u n me … huhhhh !!!
        i was thinking d same but now …. *360′ turn my mind…G/N

  25. In social media swasan fan r asking for their separation but here just opposite nd blaming ragini nd pls rags as nothing to do with their separation
    Anyways Varun s looking handsome nd love teju too the core

  26. Mica

    And Sanskar !! you are shameless also,…
    you went to MM , said ” now we all will be happy as everything is fine” easily..
    you forgot that it was your Swara hard work and her sister..
    you forgot that you yelled at her, threatened her about it..
    you forgot that you angry to Swara about it..
    you forgot to say SORRY to your Swara who love you so much

  27. Mica

    And you guyz, who call Swara stupid..
    -Why you didn’t call sanskar stupid when he yelled and threatened Swara?
    -Why you keep mum and just praised Sanskar when he helped Swara and fight with goon
    you know what, those time he helped swara as a stranger, not as his wife..
    (the scenery was, Swara almost dashed him, but there was a moment Sanskar when Sanskar walk away for a while)
    if Sanskar considered Swara as wife, he will help her directly…
    if only Laksh didn’t do smuggling..
    if only Sanskar didn’t send him to jail
    Swara is the only one who try to set everything rite…
    but his husband didn’t understand her….
    and Swara didn’t understand him

    1. exactly…really u hit the nail…nice point well made

  28. Mica

    and Ragini.. you know what! you blessed to have sister like Swara.. wish it will open your eyes.. you should know how much Swara love you
    try to learn from Swara how to love someone, being a good partner not just about support, but to lead them to rite path also…
    btw, feel sorry for Raglak fans… you got raglak separation without knowing the reason..

  29. Heltej

    Didnt watch! Ty H Hasan!
    This time i support swara!
    Poor swara stucked in btw raglak n sanskar fans!
    If swara has supported her husband… Raglak fans will say… Swara is cunning n selfish… Etc.!laksh is missing n u r romancing with ur husband!
    Now swara has supported her sis!
    Sanskar fans are frustrated! And started saying swara is fool etc! Poor swara!
    Every issue has two sides like coin! Here too swara n sanskar is correct! People wont understand!
    I hope in next episode ragini will speak up….! Leaving rest ol to cvs! ?
    Ty H Hasan once again

    1. Mica

      gimme S gimme W gimme A gimme R gimme A ! SWARA! SWARA! go go go!
      piramida formatiooonnn! *kakali jump on the top
      *throwing pom pom
      any one join to Heltej cheerleaders ? ahem ahem…
      huh! but i want Swasan romance babe! let ragini crying for laksh…*sadist

      1. Heltej

        Mica, there was a time when we used to spam this site with our comments…. Nowadays its like everyone… Is interested in this track????

      2. Kakali

        Yoohhoo !!! diiii ,,, all r sooo interested… *spam d site

      3. Shrinjal

        Yes.. I want SwaSan romance

    2. Abirsha

      Well said dr……. The one who is always blamed is swara only….. Ya even swasan fans are blaming swara…… Mistake is in both….. Sanskar cut the relation with swara for joining hands with ragini for uniting his family…… But after she did everything he came to mm and said to ap that they wjll live happily….. Whats this??? After that he didn’t even try to ask sry….. Not sry atleast he should have convinced swara….. But no….. And he also said if swara stepped out from the house he wont accept swara back….. What nonsense is this???? This shows his male chauvinistic…… He just wants his wife to listen him…. Sanskar is stupid here….. If Sanskar has been with swara all the time means she did right…. And sanskar fans dont forget bcoz of swara only sanskar changed to a good person and he is with his family

      1. Heltej

        But i didnt like her this word ‘is admi’
        And sanskar said ‘tum b jeli jo yaha se’ n ‘if i live also i will break ur relation with u’
        Simply can say :both of their ego n anger overpowered their love

      2. I am totally agree with you Di…You are10000% correct…

      3. Mica

        Shan! i love this….

  30. Kakali

    Gd mrng to all…

    i watched it yesterday… such a huge deal..
    But wowww !!! what’s happening? what’s happening man?
    why it’s soo painful to watch them separate?
    at first i was soo happy hearing about leap.. but now,,now it’s just unbearable for mee..
    i can’t see them like this..
    God their teary painful eyes stabbed my heart..

    But Swara today i dunno why,,why i feel like ur ego is suppressing ur own feelings…u choose Ragini over ur love.. but still i feel there is ego..
    Sanskar didn’t give u chance to talk ,, to clear MU.. but u also doing d same ..just blaming him..(urghhh CVs it’s just because of u m talking about my princess all this.,,i hate this huhhh!!!all because of d LEAP,,that’s why her dialogues r like this,,)

    N Sanskar,, u neglect her.. damn… u said u would have no relation with her.. whyyy?? i hate it,hate it to d core…
    i felt like punching u when u said “we will live happily ever after”(but i can’t,,)
    U could have listened her once.. but noooo..nevermind ur state of mind was else.u were not ready to listen her,,u choose ur eco over her..urghhh
    N now Swara is choosing Ragini over u..Both r just Equal ,,stubborn ,,adamant,,huhhhhhh.(CVs again m cursing u)

    Ragini ,, speak up damn it speak up!!
    why i feel like u r actual Sharmitha’s daughter… Sharmistha showed d main path to Swara unite family breaking Sanskar’s promise … but now when her daughter’s marriage is gonna break,,hence she is numb,,not speaking anything… huhhh (i hate her ,,most helpless woman i have ever seen,,cursing CVs..)u got ur everything back,, paying ur daughters happiness..

    Ragini plzzz say something.. ur sister is choosing u over her love.. do something..(helpless Ragini ,, just because of CVs n leap,, they have to do this for d better future n new track huhhh)

    1. Mica

      Kakali…ehm ehm *tred to speak serious
      huhuhu.. even me cried when once Sanskar arrived and clashed to swara, their painful gaze omg…
      be frank, this 2 last episodes shocked me, both my Swasan cross their limit of anger
      –I can’t imagine Sanskar (the person who respect life even in his revenge) tried to hurt his brother from behind, i don’t care if it’s fail, but his intention shocking me to the core.
      –I can’t imagine that Swara damn angry to Sanskar this time, She was a girl who can forgive her enemy so easily, she is a girl who can give her life for Sanskar,
      her anger to Sanskar shocking me to the core…

      ha, ya, we are twin to hate Sumi.. ahem.. ahem..
      but you can’t just blame Ragini this time, she was too sad to thinking about Laksh…

      1. Kakali

        Micaa !!! i didn’t oppose Ragini… even i cursed CVs.. huhhh !!!

        waiting for today’s episode…
        if Ragini today will not speak then u’ll staple her mouth… huhhh !!!
        who is not sad?
        Swara is also in d same situation… just d different is Laksh is not near Ragini…
        n Sanskar is her but showed like nobody… did u saw their GAZE?
        it’s killing me..
        then thought about My princess… what she is bearing?

        1st- her soulmate Ragini is in this situation…(she can’t even think about this,,so broken her sister is huhhh)

        2nd- Sanskar ,,huhhh!! in what way he talk with her? i hate it..(cursing me) was it soo easy for her… noooo !! though she talked… she talked fir her sister…
        then why not Ragini.. every time we cant blame d time…
        we can change it at least a bit taking a step… (talking about d step which Is Ragini going to take or not i dunno?)
        still waiting for her response… huhhhh !!!
        That’s why i said all this…
        i myself don’t know what i have written… *bang my head on mobile screen…

        Seee from both side she is bearing…

    2. Mica

      Kakali… yeeaahhhh, his GAZE omg….!!!
      Even he more busy to looking for laksh than talk to Swara, to convince her ,
      at least to say thank you to her or whatever…..
      He was the one who didn’t listen to her those day, when Swara risk her life, aadarsh pointed gun to his family and her…
      when Swara soo desperate about his safety….what Sanskar did ?
      waiting for this episode, if Sanskar doesn’t convinced her.. i will chop chop him.

      1. Kakali

        He is never gonna convince her.. i guess… That d thing precap shows ” IF U LEAVE ME TODAY I M NOT GOING TO ACCEPT U EVER,,”
        so i think nooo more convincing game… it will lead to SWASAN separation ,, i mean d leap…

        I have no idea how m going to watch today’s episode… thinking now n my heart pinch.. huhhh !!!
        i never felt any serial or couple so close to my heart .. like Swaragini n SWASAN…
        That’s why i feel soo hurt n can’t stop my tears thinking all this mess..

    3. Mica

      huh! no cry.. no tear please.. remember your kajal…ahem ahem..
      last week trp 1.7, but SR out from 10th position…

      1. Kakali

        Hmmm !!! TRP is gonna increase after leap i guess…
        remember at d starting of SWASAN’s love story Swaragini’s war TRP was soo high…
        Soo just now also hope d same … *fingers crossed…

        Mica did u see d new changed Sanskar? everybody saying that he is looking killer hot.. but m not able to see him.. huhhh !!! say where did u get his pics?*soo desperate

      2. Mica

        yeaahhhh, even giant stove can’t beat him

      3. Kakali

        Thnk u Mica.. i got that .. but alllasss !!! m not connected with FB..sooo … huhhhh !!! *waiting hufff !!

  31. why is it that in all our Indian serials, the female lead’s priorities will be her family, husband’s family and at the last her own husband?
    why is it even after all these, she expects unconditional love from her husband?

    Why are our serials like this

  32. plz dont tell me they are switching partners it would be really nonsense…
    and why all is angry from swara ragini or sanslaak…the one and only to be angry with is Laksh…he doesnt think too much mistake abd now he disapeared…how could he forget what Adarsh did to him while his father in the hospital
    do anyone have an idea of the serial after leap…really swara with laksh???maybe for that sisters switched sitar and guitar????

    1. Mica

      Louna… yups.. aahh we forgot about Laksh.. the sole reason of it’s mess..so, coward
      but as we didn’t know what exact happened to him, we can’t simply blamed him, huhuhu
      how if he got accident, got memory loss and just remember his love to Swara ? hohoho.. it’s must be epic…omg!!! 😀 😀 😀

      1. Mica…memory loss in swaragini like cold sikness its contagious and everybody get it…
        I wonder what happened yo Laksh buy Namish is having holidays nowadays along with Adarsh aand Parineeta and Dadi…4 characters out of serials way to go…till thr end will be stuck with only audiance and all characters are out…except swara and ragini hahajahhahaha

      2. Kakali

        Miiccaaa !!!! tumhare muh mai karellaaa…. ((bitter ground on ur mouth… huhhh !!! don’t say all this… it will haunt me during make up ))

      3. Mica

        Louna, he even didn’t say good bye to me…*laughing to see Kakali’s kajal fall in her cheeks..

    2. Heltej

      They wont switch partners!

      1. thanks God…i wonder what happened to Laksh cz all india hs been interfering in swaragini…sahil rajid pareneeta adarsh dadi all of them goons too…we saw even salman khan and others…i wonder who may kidnapp laksh…all is left Ayush maybe or the writer…
        why on earth ragini swara and sanskaar arent searching for laksh together…why we must have a separation???is it too much to ask for a track like this

  33. Astra

    Oh no…what happened to Laksh…??

  34. Aaa……..yar poor sanskar this swara has no work then hurting sanskar I HATE HER……..now I hope sanskar never see swara face in his life and swara should be trying to begggggg sanskar…..

    1. Mica

      what to say Dear! Sanskar blessed to get Swara.. now He licks Swara’s lips , i mean he enjoy Swara’s hard work, got blessed from his elders, unite his family ,…the work he ever demanded Swara to stay away…

  35. Raging is selfish…their mother is selfish…their father is selfish . Swara is unlucky at all…..poor swara.

  36. Sawara always cares for others …yet..sanskar chose kavita over swara…he gave up her so quickly…Sanskar always blamed her….he must be nicer to her….YET..I love him so much..&I wish they get together.

  37. when they will show sana love

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