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Ragini reaches the farm house and calls on Laksh’s number, but his mobile is switched off. She rings on the bell and finds the door open. She comes inside calling Laksh’s name and sees Swara coming down the stairs. She asks where is Laksh? She says Laksh called me at 8:30 pm and said you called him to meet you. She asks why did you call him. She asks where is he? What did you do with him? Swara asks do you really care about him, or is just pretending. Ragini says she really cares for Laksh being his wife, and asks if there is any camera here. She asks do you want me to tell truth. Swara says may be I might have microphone attached to my phone, and may be Laksh is hearing all. Ragini asks her to stop acting and asks where is Laksh. Swara asks Sanskar to bring Laksh. Ragini is shocked to see Laksh

heavily injured. Laksh asks Ragini, why did you come here? He says they called me here and then beaten me badly. Ragini shouts at them. Laksh says I will not spare you. Sanskar says what else you can do? You have broken maa and papa’s relation, and also got us married forcibly. Ragini cries and asks Swara to help her take Laksh to hospital. She asks Sanskar how can he sit like that. Sanskar says Laksh is not that much injured that he will die.

Laksh asks Ragini not to hear him and says he is not a human. Swara says my parents will never be united again and you have snatched all their happiness. She says we will snatch your happiness. Ragini says you can’t do this. Laksh also says the same. Swara says I am tired of saying the same story. Why shall I waste my time and energy. I shall stoop to her level and take revenge. Sanskar says it is enough of talks and says it is action time now. Ragini tries to stop Sanskar. Sanskar says if you can snatch our precious things then why can’t we. He starts beating Laksh ruthlessly. Ragini cries and begs Swara to leave Laksh. Swara holds Ragini’s hand to stop her. Ragini asks Swara to leave Laksh. Laksh and Sanskar start fighting. Laksh falls down. Ragini asks Sanskar, until when he will beat Laksh. She says Laksh trust her very much and will never doubt her. She says you think that you will get away after beating him. Sanskar says we have already lost it, and it is your turn now to lose. Ragini sees the knife on the floor and tries to pick it. Sanskar takes her forcibly. Laksh gets up, picks the knife and heads towards Sanskar. Sanskar grabs the knife and stabs in Laksh’s stomach many times shocking Ragini and Swara.

Laksh falls down and calls Ragini’s name. Swara asks Sanskar, what did you do Sanskar? Sanskar says what I would have done? He tried to kill me, and I stabbed him while I was trying to save myself. Sanskar takes Ragini away from Laksh, while Ragini asks Sanskar not to separate him and Laksh. She asks Swara to save Laksh. Sanskar says you was just standing and looking when Swara’s parents relation was ending. Ragini asks him to let them leave, and asks him to look at Laksh’s condition. She asks Swara to see Laksh’s condition. Swara says you should not have done this Sanskar. Sanskar says we didn’t have any other way to snatch happiness from Ragini. Ragini will not have any reason to be happy. Ragini says you can’t do this with me and says you are my sister. Sanskar asks Swara not to come in her talks.

Swara says she don’t want to listen Sanskar, but everything is right in love and war. She asks how we will go out. Sanskar says nobody have seen Laksh coming here, and says he will put his body in a bag and throw in the mountain. Ragini shouts and says he is my husband and love. Swara agrees with Sanskar and tells Ragini that she will be incomplete all her life. Ragini looks for her phone and it is seen in his hand. Sanskar breaks her phone. Ragini threatens to inform everyone, and says they will believe her. Swara asks her to tell everything. Sanskar says your Laksh will never get you and I will sleep peacefully. Ragini says he is your brother. She tells swara that you loves him. Swara tells Laksh that she never wanted him to die, but they doesn’t have any other way. She says I know you would have never believed us. Laksh says I had believed and trusted you, but you have betrayed me on marriage day, so I married Ragini. He says I was about to accept Ragini today, but you……………….He holds Ragini’s hand and says they……………..He dies. Ragini is shocked. Swara and Sanskar are shocked too. Ragini shouts Laksh’s name and says you can’t leave me like this.

Ragini says I have betrayed everything to get my love. I tried to kill you to get him, but you did a mistake by separating us. She stabs knife in Swara’s stomach and sees Laksh standing behind her. She gets shocked.

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  1. shifa(shakira)

    swalak forever

  2. I feel sooooo relaxed whenever I read comments supporting Swara and Lakshya. Pleaseeeee Pleaseeee unite them .

    1. Yeah it’s a relief that still there are Swalak fans!!!! Luv Swalak!!???

      1. u are wrong kat not swalak fans but true swalak fans coz many ppl here were once upon a time swalak fan only but see now they running like idiots behind their so called swasan I hate to take this name toghter in fact even if they show na everyone will forgive rags for once I’ll even agree rather than accepting sanskaar as swara’s husband

      2. Hey pradi!!!! Yeah it’s my mistake!!!!!!! It is a great relief that still there are True Swalak fans like u,me,anu,appy & some others. Whatever may happen in future epiz, still I’ll be a Swalak shipper!!!!!!

      3. Ps. Hope u ar ok with me calling u pradi.?

      4. mind u ass pradishma before u call fans idiot.u dumb girl…tellyupdates ,slap her with ur comment check..see this dirt

      5. guys don’t call names and FYI Sanskar’s character was introduced for Swara according to the reports that time… they said Varun Kapoor is casted to play opposite Swara creating a love triangle between Swara Sanskar and Laksh…guess that will happen now…..

  3. Wish to Swasan together

  4. Have you not seen the way Swara looks at Sanskar????? I personally like both the pairs but i would say Sanskar is better for Swara coz they both have a deeper connection and as for love……. she’s not ready….. her life has so many problems like a sis who tried to kill her her parents who got separated and her love who married her sis…… heart break takes time to heal…all she needs is a little push to make her understand her heart… but if anyone can take care of Swara its Sanskar and if anyone can control Sanskars anger and put sense into him its Swara…… they are like this jig-saw puzzle you need them together to get the whole picture…. and if you see Sanskar did cause all the trouble in her life but he did repent by destroying his life…. its not just Swara’s reputation and life that can go down with the false marriage but also his…. how do you think everyone would have reacted (without having them married for real and the swearing on God part which he did coz of his love for Swara) he would have been thrown out of the house and their lives…. he has done far more to and for Swara than anyone else…

    However i also like Swalak…… whatever happened you can partially blame Laksh for it as it was his confused nature that turned the good Ragini to evil one… but that doesn’t make the fact that his love was true go away…… you can justify all his actions after marriage as for him his love and his brother whom he trusted betrayed him…. so natural reaction from his side to blame Swara for all the mishappening…… it is his love that made him do all that……

    Marriage is not a joke and Swara herself has said that its a “pavitra rishta” so if it was not just a dialogue to Sanskar and blame him ……. then she should consider not loving him and keeping a onesided relation but give her marriage a chance with an open mind and work through it, if she still can’t keep it then its okay but she should atleast try…the guy deserves that…moreover he wont force her to keep it out of pressure from anyone… like he said he’s not interested in that kind of a relation….. and all of them are just married they can’t jsut say “fine my work here is done so bye. i’m divorcing you” and they get divorced…. they have to stay for 3 months or so as per Thapki serial and then apply…. Enough time for alot of things to happen!!!! Maybe Sanskar will unite Swalak or Swara will fall for Sanskar…. waiting to see the drama….

  5. Swasan pair looks so cute…but swalak is super cute….i want SWALAK

  6. Swalak Swalak Swalak

    ragsan ragsan ragsan


    1. i agree

    2. i also agree

  7. Archies, I liked it

  8. I wish to see Swasan together…

  9. I watch this serial only because I like Swasan pair a lot

  10. If divorce drama is going to happen like given in spoilers,Swara may get to knw Sanskar more…being a Swasan fan I wish to c them together… Swasan

  11. I wish to see Swasan as a pair…hope writers won’t bring too many twists and ruin this serial like in yhm,ssk etc

  12. Ragini did a gud acting.her expression was so real.gud job ragini and laksh.gr8 acting by both of them.

  13. shifa(shakira)

    swalak swalak swalak swalak swalak swalak forever.ragsan ragsan

  14. I love Swasan pair..Varun is amazing …improving as an actor…

  15. Spoilers says divorce drama will go on..don know for how many weeks.Bt wish to see Swasan forever,writers,y u included Swasan scenes if u wanted to separate them..now u r breaking hearts of both swasan n swalak fans…m an ardent Swasan fan though

  16. Varun was amazing as Danny,I started watching this after his entry,Swara and Sanskar I am your fan…Swasan fan forever

  17. Ve se bi kitne logoko ragya yani ki raglak pasand he ? 🙂

  18. plzzz sawsan together forever

  19. adipoly epi.. Supper.. Ragini… Theernu mole ninthe evil activites… W8ng next epi.. Lv u swara nd sanskar

  20. Swalak & Ragsan [email protected] wht I want!!!!!!!!!!

  21. I saw an update where they ask swara to marry lakshya but swara disagrees saying lakshya never believed her so he is not the right guy for her… Finally out of all the swalak swasan fights. This statement s correct

  22. Swara &sanskar gud Jodi

  23. To be honest I think that swara and sanskar should be together. Laksh doesn’t deserve swara because he has trust issue, he didn’t believe swara when she told him about ragini’s bad doings, he went ahead and married that psyco ragini. Laksh wasn’t there for swara when she needed him the most and If there’s no trust in their relationship then they shouldn’t be together. Sanskar was
    always there for her when ever she was in a bad situation so therefore I prefare sanskar and swara.

  24. I started seeing this serial after seeing Swara and Sanskar SBS segment where they were shown married cos I like Varun,and they showed some moments of Swara and sanskar ,I quite liked it,since I have not seen Swalak at all I watched many episodes from April onwards on YouTube,bt like Swara and Sanskar pair,it definitely is a personal choice and now I am a fan of Swasan…

  25. Heyyyy wats all dis
    Is it swalak or swasan???pl reply someone n post some recent updates

    1. No one knows. Recent update is ppl ask swara to marry lakshya but she rejects. So no one knows wat ll happen. Nd moreover sanskaar loves her crazily so he s happy tat she rejects lakshya nd lakshya s heart broken.

  26. I think sanskar deserves Swara. They should not be separated after all they got married.Swara understands the value of marriage and relationships. So I hope she lets go of laksh as he s already married Ragini and wil start afresh with sanskar

  27. matendo pharida

    sanskar doesnt deserver swata either bse he is e trouble causer of all this. He convinced Ragini to start all e bad doings. So its better for dwara to go back to Lakshy. The beginer of swara’s suffering is sanakar so he is to blame.

  28. Swara still loves laksh, she should accept laksh. Laksh is not going to love ragini. Bring back swalak

  29. I lv swalak nd i realy hate this evil ragini……..swara nd laksh stil lovs each othr so plzzz bring swalak backk

  30. Sanskaar and swara mil.jayo na pls

  31. Pls unite swasan don’t separate them

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