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Sujata tells Annapurna that something is wrong and says Swara decided to leave in the morning, but then stayed back for Ragini. Annapurna says she came here for Ragini. Sujata shares her doubt and says we shall follow them to farmhouse. She asks her not to tell anything to Durga Prasad about their conversation. She asks her to get ready in the morning. Early morning, Swara does the aarti and prays to God. She says don’t know if I am doing right or wrong, and says she has given chance to Laksh. She says she will just hear Laksh’s talk and her decision will be same. She says she can’t return to his life, and this thing is not for forgiveness. She says circumstances are not same as before. She gives prasad to Sanskar. Sanskar says you are impressing God as well. He says I told Laksh that you are

ready to go. Swara says you are also coming with us.

Sanskar says I am not coming. Swara says you have promised that you will be with me always. Sanskar says he is merging his company with Durga Prasad’s company and that’s why going to meet lawyer to do the paper work. Swara says they will go tomorrow. Sanskar asks her to go. Swara says I would have feel good if you come with me. Sanskar tells her all the best. He makes a sad face.

Ragini asks Swara to sit on the front seat with Laksh. Swara sits on the front seat. Ragini sits on the back side. Sujata looks at them and asks Annapurna to come. She asks driver to take them to farmhouse. Swara, Ragini and Laksh reach farmhouse. Ragini recalls hearing Sujata and Annapurna’s conversation and a flashback is shown. Laksh opens the car’s door and Swara steps down the car. Sujata and Annapurna look at them from far. Annapurna says I am feeling like entering like a thief in our farmhouse. Ragini hears them and start walking. Swara’s leg bends and she is about to fall, but Laksh holds her. Annapurna and Sujata are shocked. Swara moves his hand from her hand.

Sujata asks Annapurna to come. Ragini enters the farmhouse and recalls Laksh hatred words. She says I have lost everything here and will get my life here itself. She asks Swara and Laksh to sit and talk, and says sh will wait outside. Sujata thinks why Ragini is saying this? Swara asks Ragini not to go. Ragini says you both have suffered because of me, when you both are uniting, I don’t want to come inbetween you both. She asks them to go to room and talk. Laksh says we will talk here.

Ragini says I really want you both to unite. Annapurna and Sujata are shocked. Ragini says I will wait outside. She goes to balcony and asks God why he is punishing her. She says she has to handover her husband to Swara. She says her husband and sister have forced her, and says she couldn’t stop when they were romancing behind her back. Sujata and Annapurna are shocked. Sujata says I will talk to them now. Annapurna stops her. Ragini hears them. Sujata says Swara is my son’s wife even now and is betraying him. I will talk to her right now. Ragini asks who is there? Sanskar is lost in Swara’s thoughts. Ram asks him to sign on the papers. Lawyer says Karma and Maheshwari company will unite and rule on other companies. Durga Prasad smiles. Sanskar signs on the papers. Durga Prasad asks Sanskar to give his pen and says he wants to sign with his pen. He feels proud of Sanskar ‘s success. Lawyer says he needs Laksh’s sign also. Sanskar says I will take papers to Laksh. Ragini says she heard some noise. Sujata says we shall go and talk. Annapurna asks her to keep quiet. They leave. Ragini says you both will see what I show you.

Ragini thinks she can’t let Sanskar get inside. She thinks if Sanskar come to know that Laksh has left Swara then their love story will start. She stops Sanskar. Sanskar sees Laksh and Swara laughing together and gets jealous.

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  1. spoiler by india west news:
    swaragini: will sanskaar walk out of swara’s life?..
    it’s intresting to see how the makers of “swaragini” have hooked their audiences with the twist and turns in the show. we’ ve seen how rgini is trying hard to defame swara infront of maheshwari’s. her first attempt to showcase swara and laksh in compromising situations failed, because no one believed the fabricated pictures.
    in the recent episodes of swaragini, ragini tells swara and laksh that she has ralized that come what may, her husband will never accept her and that she no longer wants come in between them. she brings them to the same farhouse, where swara and laksh shattered her life, and ask them to talk out their issues in the bedroom. however, ragini slyly makes sure that the elders are following them, so they can see swara and laksh to get intimate. before going, swara requests that sanskaar join her, but he claims to have work and avoids the meeting later when he reaches the form house, he is shocked to see swara and laksh laughing together. he obvisouly get jealous of swara’s proximity to laksh but leaves without saying anything.
    in the upcoming episodes, we hear that sanskaar will ask swara to abandon him and go back to laksh,. of course , swara will refuse to do so, but then sanskaarwill tell her to sign the divorce papers, so she can go back to laksh without any guilt. sanskaar sends swara home and swears end all ties with her. he decides to move away from everyone, so he doesn’t have to see laksh and swara together. will swara realize sanskaar’s love for her? will swara let sanskaar walk out on her and their marriage?
    stay tuned to what happend next..

  2. What d hell is this.. oh god… please stop that Ragini’s drama. writers plz unite swasan… Swasan forever …

  3. swaragini spoiler metro masti:
    swaragini: diwali to bring about new drama for swara&lakshya.
    swaragini shows that ragini is not ready to let go of her evil plans until she get laksh. she tries to show swara that she is a changed person as she wants to reunite her and laksh.
    swara gets into a dilemma and she agrees to return to lakshya’s life.
    on the other hand, ragini tries to instigate lakshya against sanskaar again.
    ragini tells laksh that sanskaar is pushing away swara from himself and letting her go to laksha so that sanskaar’s goodness will make swara stay back with hiim.
    ragini also tells laksh that sanskaar will not allow him to win back his love.
    laksh falls in ragini trap and gets angry on sanskaar. the upcoming episodes will show diwali celebrations on the show and this will bring about many twists in swara’s life.

  4. Writers,again after how many twists and turns will you unite swasan..not learning inspite of the falling trp,don’t take audience for granted,watching only for Swasan.

  5. plz dont make the serial bakwas!!!! i am leaving my exams just to see this serial and u stupid writers have made unsensible…
    its just a waste of time to see all this uselaess drama
    n unit eswasan

  6. I’m just looking for swalak again plz makers plz unite them with out raginis drama plz unite them soon

    1. Swalak won’t unite. Now sanskar will avoid swara and this is when she’s going to notice sanskar’s love for her. It’s just that it might take a bit more longer them to unite that’s all. That psyco ragini is turning laksh in to psyco just like her. I just hope that stupid laksh realise that that crap ragini is using him. You know what I really don’t care because those 2 psychopath deserve each other and they are made for each other.

  7. Decided quit from watching this serial all rashmi Sharma serial are alike only drama and negativety, thought at least some romance and reality will be their the serial they way started bonding of two sis, now becoming negativity with sis no love, let trp go down let this show go off air

    1. Hope this will go off air

  8. swaragini zee news: jealous ragini ruins swara-sanskaar relationship??
    swaragini is the one of the most loved shows on indian tv. the makers have been successful in arresting the audience intrest by bringing new twists and turns every week.
    going by the latest promo, ragini will make attempt to create misunderstandings between swara and sanskar.she is jealous of her sister, because not only sanskar but her husband laksh too is head over heels for swara.
    ragini holds swara responsible for her troubled marriage. she hates her because laksh chose swara as his ladylove. despite being duly married to laksh, she hasn’t been able to win his love. she is also eager to ruin swara and sanskar’s relationship. she doesn’t want to see swara happy.
    so she creates the situations that will convince sanskar that swara doesn’t love him and that she is keen to get back to laksh.
    swara is yet to realise her love for sanskaar. she has made it very clearto laksh that she will never enter his life again.
    will ragini succeed in her mission? will swara surpass all obstacles and confess to being in love with sanskaar.. ?
    let’s wait and watch.

  9. please anyone tel me is there any use of salman and sonam speech about true love for swara…. she didnt realize and shedoing wrong? what is use of that scene? please tel me someone… is that scene necessary to show.. when they want to show these creepy traack ….

    1. Hi cherry, you’re right. There was no point of salman’s and sonu’s speech of swara’s true love. I don’t know why they were there that day in the temple. There speech didn’t work, it went down the drain. Sorry guys it’s just my opinion.


    Hahaha….. I really love tellyupdates not bcoz of d content… But comments k liye… Mein jst tellyupdate dekhti karti hun sbka cmnts padhne k liye…. 😀

  11. guys yeh bomb blast ka kya chakkar h koi batayega plz…..

  12. I read somewhere that there will be a blast in sanskar’s car swara will get concerned for sanskar and she will finally notice his love for her. This serial is getting weird day by day, I mean sanskar’s car will blast and this is when swara will start having feelings for him. But why now? why not when salman khan and sonam kapoor gave advice about true love? Anyway I’m glad it will be swasan because they rock.?

  13. N guyzzz what about sanskaar ‘s accident …???.
    Plsss some onr tell me ki sach me evil rag sans kr gaddi me bomb rakhegi n yr sb kb hoga….swara ko uske ghar chodne ke baad. …
    Guyzzz plss tell me ki age kya hoga..?? Bomb wala incident or sans swara ko ghar chodega by giving her divorce ………..

  14. If sanskars mmry loss, then no more cute n romntc swasan scenes n tht will make the show a torture for swasan fans .

  15. Even rag can see swaras lv fr sans… BT this stupid swara cnt . rag is btr then swa ..at lst she is cnfrm abt whom she lbs.

  16. Swara has bcm a confusing chrctr.

  17. swaragini: sanskaar to ask for divorce from swara, swara to refuse..
    color’s popular show swaragini is on the brinks of major drama that is going to be intiated by ragini to destroy swara.
    in upcoming episodes ragini will be seen making drama to get swara and laksh along with her to farmhouse.
    ragini will ask swara and laksh to be in bedroom to talk out their differences.
    while swara and laksh try and resolve their misunderstandings sujatha will see them and will dislike the situation.
    on the other hand, after talking to swara, laksh will go back to decide to go back to ragini.
    sanskaar too will reach there and will feel insecure to see swara and laksh having free conversation.
    sanskaar will misunderstand swara and will decide to give her divorce while swara will refuse to sign on divorce papers.

    1. Wow anu,
      Thanks for the information.

  18. SwaLak ??????they will be together soon…….. coz laksh realized his mistake…….. so if u ppl can forgive sanks then y not laksh???? Leave it…… but laksh and swara are meant to be together coz they are lead pairs so at the end its gonna be swalak so no worries for me!….
    Ps: i saw few ppl days back cmting rude under cmt of swalak lovers by swasan lovers…..so pls guys stop it….if u hate swalak or laksh keep ur hatred with urself thanks

    1. Hi minnie,
      I used to be a swalak fan but not anymore. It doesn’t mean that I really hate laksh, but I just hate the way he is now days that’s all. Sorry to offend you.

  19. ragini attempt to kill sanskaar in swaragini???
    the 1st thing comes to our mind when we hear ragini and her antics madness.
    earlier one could say that ragini obessed with laksh but now it’s no longer just obession but complete madness, how else would you explain her new plan to kill sanskaar?
    as seen ragini is planning to destroy swara’s and kick her out of laksh’s life and maheshwari house once and for all. and swara is busy proving that she is gullible because she keeps falling in ragini’s trap again and again…
    in the curent episodes of the show ragini has slyly managed to get laksh andswara go to the farmhouse with her. she has also managed to capture sujju and ap’s attention and got the two ladies two follow them to the farmhouse.
    while sujju and ap will be mightely disturbed to see swalak together., viewers will also get to see sanskaar coming to the farmhouse. he sees laksh and swara engrossed in an animated convertion and will feel hurt and jealous and walk away.
    soon after sanskar will decide to divorce swara so that she can get back with laksh. he wants her to be happy and free of any guilt. so, he himself decides to divorce swara. ; but swara will rbe hesitant to sign the divorce papers. swara has made a pretty clear that she does not want return to laksh’s life so she will be rather stunned when sanskaar ask her to get back with laksh.
    if sources are to be believed ragini who is unable to come to terms with the fact that both laksh and sanskar love swara out of jealousy and rage will plant a bomb in sanskaar’s car in the upcoming episodes… to kill sanskaar..
    will swara manages to save sanskaar or will ragini’s plan succeed??
    kept reading this space for more updates..

  20. Unless and until I don’t want to see this melo drama.. any more ..

  21. I want swasan

  22. It’s final now. I am writing a SS on SwaSan and will surely teach that Laksh and Ragini a very good lesson.. :/

  23. Actually Ramya,if you happen to read this,please check the ff just above this written update slider..

  24. Guys can any one tell me what is happening in swaragini lately ?????? I had last seen that raging acted to loose her memory !!!

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