Swaragini 12th May 2016 Written Episode Update


Swaragini 12th May 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Sasural Simar Ka,Udaan & Swaragini (Trishakti) 9:30 -10 pm part.


Rajat asks Sanskar to stand there itself. He says you have stolen my gun and is targetting on me. He says what a climax. Sanskar asks him to leave Swara..Rajat says Swara and you are on my gun point. He says you will not fire bullet as your target can be like that of Annapurna. Swara asks Sanskar to go. Sanskar says I will not leave you, let me die, I will not let anything happen to you. Rajat asks them to decide, who wants to die first. Durga Prasad, Laksh, Ragini and Shekhar are in police jeep. Laksh says Sanskar is not picking the call and fears why. Rajat asks them to say. Swara asks Sanskar to shoot him. Rajat asks do you want to die. Swara says nothing will happen to me, and asks him not to worry. She says

we have promised to live entire life and will lived upto the promise. She asks him to shoot. Sanskar shoots recalling Swara’s words, and their romance.


Chakor asks Vivaan why did he get angry? She says you have won Kamal Narayan’s heart so fast and have taken over his black business. Vivaan says I was just obeying you. Chakor says our fight gave us so much pain, and tells about the incident. She says once I was very sad, and sat here. Vivaan says I came here, but went back seeing Emily. He asks why you was sad?If you were missing someone. Chakor says I was thinking about camp and training. Vivaan thinks she is lying and was missing me. Chakor says it was difficult to make everyone believe that we are enemies. A fb is shown. Chakor asks Vivaan to go.

Chandramani starts the count down. Mata ji says what happened to Simar? Someone say that she knows its antidote and goes to bring it. Chandramani smiles. Mata ji asks her not to close eyes. That lady brings the medicine and makes Simar drink it. Mata ji says why Simar is not opening her eyes. Chandramani says she is dead and will not open her eyes again. Mata ji says this can’t happen. She says you don’t know our mata rani’s strength. That lady says nothing is affecting on her. Mata ji makes her drink gangajal. Everyone looks on clueless. Mata ji asks God to save Simar.


Chakor and Vivaan are happy. Vivaan tells that Mahesh is freed, and those papers were fake. Vivaan says you are a good actor too. Vivaan says Kamal Narayan’s torture will end soon. They recall fooling Kamal Narayan by fighting with each other over him. He asks her to come closer and look at the sky. He says Tina can’t make you lose, and you will win ultimately.


Sanskar shoots Rajat. Swara smiles. Just then Rajat holds Swara’s hand and pulls her. Swara is shocked as she falls. Sanskar shouts Swara. Sumi prays to God. Swara is seen holding the tree branches and hanging. Rajat is also holding her legs. Sanskar tries to hold her hand. Ragini and Laksh comes there with Police.


Mata ji says jai mata do and looks at Simar. Chandramani laughs aloud. She says what do you think that your family is together now, and says your small Sanju is with me. She asks them to do as it is written in the book Chandra katha infront of Prem. Simar says my family is with me and Prem and Sanju will also stand with me soon, I have trust on Mata Rani. She prays to God to show her the way to reach Sanju . Just then she sees Chandramani getting energy from sun rays and gets an idea.

No precap.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. I want to kill these colors wale.??… Itz so annoying to tolerate ssk..?? Kk udan can be tolerated but that ssk.. Just hell…

    I mean simar drank poison.. N everyone instead of taking her hospital they are bzy in praying mata rani… ??????

    Yr koi ye serial band krwao mata rani bhala kregi.. ????

    1. meher ji I guess theek hi tha cz swasan emotion scene mai thoda laughter chaiye tha Jo simar ne add kia…warna ita senti episode dekar tohh pani ki problem hi solve ho jati

      1. aaaaaaaaalaaaaaaaaaaaaaa baaat krdi apny stone heart pr phr bhi dil jeeet lia

      2. Hi stoneheart how are you?? So what do you think about the upcoming track? You know about swasan seperating for temporary and swara losing her memory. Well at first i wasn’t that keen on it but now i think it might turn out to be quite ok. I just hope that the upcoming track dosn’t get allot dragged.

      3. hey enemy ji.. this memory loss track will again prove us that why varun kapoor aka sanskar and helly shah aka swara were awarded best actors and best Jodi..
        hoping for the best

      4. Fully agreed..Stoneheart..we needed some funny moments….which were the ssk parts….now that serial has becum a kiddish serial….full of supernatural characters….i hate this serial the most in this television world….

      5. U r absolutely right stoneheart ……ssk is very funny and has anyone seen the new promo of ssk (I saw it by mistake?) simar is going to be turned into a fly by a baba…..I mean like seriously??????
        Is this a serial or a comedy show????

    2. Now m nt gonna watch any tri shakti… Cz repeat m alg kr k dikhate hai…

      Yr still itz annoying.. Insensible… Illogical… To watch ssk… ???

  2. Y only little bit simply dragging it waiting for new story..can’t see sanskar pain…..thanks for fast update

  3. Hey hiiii swasan fan missss u allll a lot….
    But yr ye kya ho raha hamare swasan ke sath swara sanky ke alawa dusre ke sath no pplzzzz guy batao….
    Bichara sanskarrr…
    Cvs i beg u plzzzz dont sepearate luv birds swasan yrrrr….plzzzzzzzzz

    1. Hi there lee how are you? Good to see your comment after a long time. Now we will get to see swasan reuniting again after swara falls from the clif and loses her memory. I just hope that they don’t dragg it to the core. Love swasan they are my shining stars. And yeah swasan forever swasan rocks ?

    2. Hiii…Lee. I request u to cmnt here regularly coz I m badly missing all swasan fans who used to chat here.can u?? Plzzz….n ya plzzz…wch swaragini @ 9:30.

  4. the worst part is 2morrow is friday means again SUSPENCE KA SHUKRAVAAR.Just hate ssk.erggggh

  5. y no precap?

  6. I literally want to shoot myself, why this torture of merger, swaragini time slot and got serial hardly ten minutes. I am already sad that they are separating swasan, from monday i need to bear family drama + swara with new guy + sanskar sadness , only good thing i expect is at least their will be raglak. Before our last swasan togetherness also u ruined by giving stupid merger episode.

    1. Hey dear plzzz…don’t discontinue wching it. In cmng episodes we ll surely gt swasan scenes aid a fresh lv story.

      1. I will watch it dear, its swasan how can i not watch?

    2. Guys u can watch the repeat also it’s coming without merger …… I m going to watch it again????

  7. why d cvs torturing like dis…der is a limit…udan is bearable bt dat stupid ssk is torture on us…i miss some scenes in udan nd ssk…pls stp merging dese craps…..only watching swaragini dat too for swasan…bt dese cvs torturng like hell….hate it

  8. 2day swasan md all swasanians cry.but de showed why de r one of d most lvd couple.

  9. N I wanna to all swasanians dat if u r really a swasan fn dn plzzzz…do wch swaragini n increase dr trp coz in dis trk our swasan r working really hard n ll work too only for showing us dr lv story once agn.

    1. I absolutely agree with u and I m going to watch it come what may coz m a true swasian????

  10. I haven’t seen swaragini today becoz of ssk literally I am tell it is getting at end of my nerves….i really want to burst all..hmmm…I HATE TO WATCH THIS SSK..becoz of which I was nt able to my swaragini…the most awaited scene which I want to see..

    O beg to writers of ssk.of u don’t get trp..then think abt ur story..bt plz..dont mix with other serials…to get ur trp…bt really today I got irritated with this..becoz of which I fought with my sis..becoz of ssk she didn’t allow me to watch swaragini…

    Plz stop ssk its high time…devils…magic..think once how silly is tht…aree..have some reality….tht can be watched aaaa….stop this crap…literally stop…if u cant then don’t mix with other serials mainly with swaragini…thts enough..I am really bursting now ith it..

    1. u know what ahana promo shows simar turning into a fly . i mean what are the ssk writer thinking

      1. I wish she turn into fly… N fly away.. So that ssk.. Can be shut down… ???

  11. llove swarageni but this serial is getting me boring and why don’t they let rageni fulfille her promise what she made to sumi that she will bring swara save back.if everything is swara then why the show is name swarageni

  12. What is this ????
    Cvs are testing our patience again
    They r separating swasan and then swra will love other one and will leqve sanskqr
    This is too much

    1. Shagun ACC to the spoilers Swara will not love sahil she will not be able to forget sanskar properly and only sahil will love
      One sided love and in the end there will be swasan only …….
      I know guys it’s very difficult to c our swasan especially sanskar in pain but m sure this new track is gonna be interesting??

  13. I feel lyk killing these ppl…….. Agn sanky hs to through heartbreak……. R these guyz hv gone crazy……… N no importance to Raglak atal……. Kamine……… Im feeling lyk hell……. My poor sanky y always him n swara yaar…… Bloddy ppl???????

    1. don’t you think this is a chance for ragini to prover herself as gud daughter

  14. Bilkish Abdul Hamid

    Der we go another one bires the dust for me…dnt hv much left to watch! Any suggestions wich are goody series…for SA viewers???

  15. Hey you aga poo blo*dy writers or who ever you are please stop linking that full of crap nonsence atta rabbish freak show ssk with swaragini please. It’s annoying and getting on my nerves hate that ssk. ?????????????

  16. How they come to know swara is alive

  17. Hi all read somewhere swara will remember Laksh love due which even raglak will be separated, ragini will get jealous swara coming close to Laksh, sahil will be obsessive lover of swara, other hand raglaksan all three will try their best to get swara memory back

    1. Heyy hi guyz..
      That article is fake agr swara lux se pyaar karegi toh cvs new entry kyu laate & its Swasan love story don’t discontinue to watch.. Cvs ko trp girani hai kya devar bhabhi idiotic Swalak love triangle dikhake..show off air hojayega agr cvs try to do this..don’t believe in fake news..its new love story of swasan we will get..n guyz remember yesterday swaras dialogues hum kbhi alag nai honge..cvs surely will not play with pairs again..saahil has cameo role..so don’t believe in fake articles and enjoy the show?

      1. CVS…kuch bhi karsaktahai…never forget that…at least swaragini writers…..ka koi bharosa nehi…

      2. Hi angel how are you?? Yeah you are right we shouldn’t believe what ever we see. It’s been quite a while didn’t see you commenting here.

  18. wot the hell is this thrishakti.. why r u mixing this serials… its is gud when joth serials together like swara helps simar to find chandramani.. something like that. . but this is too boring .. I won’t c ssk or udan… I only waited to c swaragini. . but couldn’t c because of this thrishakthi. plse stop this thrishaki blah blah

  19. On 9:00am today in swaragini they show only swaragini episode
    In precap they show that rajat shouted that he will not died alone but he will take swara with him.
    He and swara fell into the river .Sanskar shouted swara.

  20. KKK..let me guess the upcoming part..i guess Rags..being a good sis will leave MM..cause maybe she is consider the Maheshwaris to be her sister’s murderers…or will swear to get this Pari into the jail….then….as Sahil is a rockstar..and bengali(Not to forget,his title is Sengupta)..maybe he will motivate Swara for singing(Swara is good at singing)..Swara will definitely get a new name..i’m sure about that…okay..now i’m not at all sure…that’s my guess….jo kabhi kabhi..no no zadatar saahi hi sabeth hote hai… 😛

    1. Don’t worry I have read somewhere that she will rememember sumi shobha and ragini but will forget sanskar so just be ready again to see their intense love story.

    2. I think ragini will find swara and fulfill the proise she gave her mother.. I wonder parinita ka kya hoga if rajat ‘s fake parents tell truth to everyone..

      1. Well i just hope that selfish pareenita gets exsposed.

  21. why r u mixing this serials… its is gud when joth serials together like swara helps simar to find chandramani.. something like that. . but this is too boring .. I won’t c ssk or udan… I only waited to c swaragini. . but couldn’t c because of this thrishakthi. plse stop this thrishaki blah blah

  22. M vry happy becoz m nt watchin ssk nt even interested in written episode… yaar hm apne prblm bhulne k liye tv dekhte bt i think ki ssk dekh kr or v tension increase ho jaati… sachii yaar yh ssk bnd karo.. mata rani khush hongi bechari wo v hm pe dhyaan nai de paa rhi ssk me hi bsy rhti

  23. Hello guys m new here ….may I join u people???

    1. Hi lado you already have welcome?

  24. source metro masti: dont know it reliable or not… bcz in if article gave anuj playing opposite to swara and fall in love with her and becomes obbesive lover of swara where she frget her memory loss and there bond will over music.. they said she have temporary memory loss and in metro masti they saying due to swara and her partial memory loss raglak seperated whats this.. is it correct..? then whats the need of new entry opposite to swara? why anuj entry is showing?
    swaragini twist: ragini&lakshya to get seperated due to swara.
    colors popular show swaragini goes to show heart breaking news for the fans of both ragini and lakshya. as both of them have to part ways due to swara’s partial memory loss.
    as per recent episode rajat will push swara from cliff leading her memory loss.
    after this incident swara remembers her life till she was in love with lakshya.
    swara gets a feeling that something wrong is happening with her but she just remember herself being in love with lakshya.
    due to this beloved lakshya and ragini will have to live seperately.
    will lakshya agree to live in with swara?it will be intresting twist to see the story taking turn around from where the clash amid ragini and swara started

    1. i want clarify.. in this above article due to swara raglak seperate.. then what role of sahil is? he is new entry who saves swara and he will be madly in love with her. who lost memory loss. then what about sanskar? cvs said its love triangle but it bcm square love.. where sanskar loves swara and swara love lakshya and laksh lve rags and sahil love swara.. then what will be sanskar role then? hw it possible.. and somewhere saw for unborn child raglak due drama to save shomi and her sibling from dadi she do drama of her fake preganancy. hope this article if fake… if it happen what will ragini do? is she will be positve only or negative? is memory loss partal or full or temporary? what will they do with sanskar? i think its there speculation.

  25. Didn’t dis Swaragini writer get a gud twist? Hw can b make da fans b disappointed bcs of da stupid twist. Plss change da twist. I WANT Swasan. Dnt knw who r goin to suicide

  26. Dadi should try to kill somi she should throw her but it should be swara frome back swara should fall down rag should see this swara should injure severly and gains her memory sahil should love swara san should beat him one day he should plan to kill san swara should come in between them to save san she should get severe injured sahil should realise this tell to every body about pari involved ram and dp should separate

  27. AbhiGya,IshVeer,IshRa,Rivanya, SwaSan And RagLak fan

    like wtf
    y do they even have combined episodes?

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