Swaragini 12th June 2015 Written Episode Update

Swaragini 12th June 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Sanskar shares his plan with Sujata. He tells about trapping Laksh to make Swara hate him. Dadi badmouths about Laksh and insults Durga Prasad. She doesn’t believe him. The Police arrive with the kidnappers.

Shekhar asks the kidnappers, with whose orders you kidnapped my daughter. The goons take Laksh’s name. Laksh gets shocked and asks when did I meet you? The goons tell that he called us and gave 50000 for this work in advance. He also promised to give us 1 lakh after the work. Laksh gets angry and grabs their collar. He tells that he is innocent. He tells Durga Prasad that he didn’t do anything and is innocent. Shekhar insults Durga Prasad. Laksh falls on his feet and asks him to trust him. He folds his hand and tells Swara and Ragini that he has changed. Why he would ruin her birthday?

He asks them to trust him. Shekhar asks the Inspector to arrest him. Laksh pleads that he is innocent. The Inspector arrests him and cuffs his hand. Laksh asks everyone to trust him. He cries badly requesting Ragini and Swara to believe him.

Durga Prasad tells Adarsh that they shall go home. Dadi stops him and throws black powder on his face, thus blackening his face. Everyone is shocked. She tells there is your turn to get out of community. Your son has proved that you can’t stay in our community. She announces that Laksh has blackened his face.

Durga Prasad goes after getting insulted from Dadi. Swara asks what did you get Dadi by insulting him. Dadi asks her to keep quiet and says it is her revenge. Shekhar tries to speak, but Dadi cuts his talk. Sumi tells Shekhar that it was not right. What will be the difference between him and us. We don’t get peace by taking revenge. Swara hugs Ragini and cries. Ragini wipes her tears. Sanskar looks at the family photos on the wall. Durga Prasad comes home with his face blackened. Sanskar laughs and says Bade Papa’s face is black. Durga Prasad looks in the mirror. Annapurna tells you didn’t do anything wrong. Why you are punishing yourself. This is someone conspiracy, our Laksh can’t do this. Durga Prasad tells that his head is bent down because of his own blood, and says he stood being helpless and will recalls all the insulting moments. He says this will stay with him all his life. Sujata smirks. Sanskar adds fire. Ram asks Sujata to take him.

Ragini sees Swara sad and apologizes to her. She says I didn’t know that Laksh would do such a thing. I thought Laksh never loved me, but loves you. Then how can he do this. Swara asks Ragini not to blame herself and says you did this for my happiness. Ragini asks can he do this. Swara recalls Laksh’s words. She tells her not to think much and sleep. Swara thinks she is confused. Sanskar calls someone and thanks someone. He says we will meet soon.

Ragini tells that she loves Laksh and has accepted him as her husband. She tells that she will fight with Swara to get him.

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  1. Ya….richa.. Acttully ragini only hear her dadi’s sound..she nither hear swara nor her mother sumi….when her dadi said that laksh luv u then she belive her but when swara explain her that think once again about laksh then she said no.. I want to give 2nd chance to laksh…..it was ragini’s mistake to think that laksh luv her…why she not ask to laksh that he luv her or not..

  2. I agree with you pradishma……………..
    Swalak reunite fasr this stupid ragini will spoiling laksh swara life with his dirty games….waiting for monday episode …..hope swara will bilieve laksh and realse him firom jail laksh lovez swara but i feel so sad for laksh kitna pyaar karta par kitni muskil ati rhi hai laksh phir bhi usne face kiye problems ko very proub of laksh keep itt up……..♡♡ swalak reunite soon

  3. Hmmmm okk cananyone knows what happens nxt…….waiting for very goodepis and swarlak reunite and dumb ragsans will realize that they are doing wrong for swalak…..

  4. Tanvi

    How can ragini do thiz yarr!! she knows laksh loves swara so much,, then how can she wants laksh
    ..her thinking is very cheap!! In the previous episode everyone was saying how could swara do thiz with her sister despite swara being innocent now ragini she is really very bad sister nd a very bad frnd too..laksh accept her as his best frnd bt..
    oh!!! gossh..
    ragini,, dadi they both are vamp..
    nd sanskar he is damb as a person..

    • ?pradishma?

      Rags will change after some time but not sure about sanskaar what do u think about sanskaar

      • ragin

        Pradisji i think sanskar became bad becseof durgaprasad… So soon he will realz der s no mstake on laksh… And he will change…then He will try to change his mother too….I hope so….. I like swalak and gud sanrag couple…I hate daadi…………………….

    • ?pradishma?

      Thank u anam ?

      Jus type gravatar login and click the first link and make ur account there in whichever website u will use ur mail on which u registered ur account it will appear hope u understood….

  5. Tanvi

    Yupp!! paridishma..u r right,, if swalak won’t reunite everybody will stop watching swaragini.. we really love swalak together they both made a graet couple,
    bt this ragini..huh!! she is disgusting.. swara did so many thing for her bt she alwayz misunderstood her!! how can someone be so damb..nd her dadi great vamp,,swara is also her granddaughter.. then why did she hate her.. i love swara nd laksh.. they r so innocent…jst pray for their reunite..!!

    • ?pradishma?

      She hates swara cuz she is half Bengali and eats non veg na I kno u kno but jus I wrote anyways thanks ?

  6. Ume too wants swalk reunite yes i undestand prads…thanks…..i just not mean ki swara bengali hai eating non veg isnt mean….realation cant be match there is which caste..love is always in every relation….hoping swalak best scsnes to wTchm….

  7. Kat

    Oh god every time i watch this episode i just want to throttle that jerks Sanskaar and Ragini!!!!! ????????????

  8. I am in10th std live in mumbai ….from foday onwards weare friends ……..can i call you prads……and can i ask you you are in which school of mumbai…

    • ?pradishma?

      Sry but I can’t give more info of my in this public site as twice I did it and it was really worst with me I am really sry

      Yes u can call me prads
      WhAt should I call u anam or bhai
      Actually bhai is trend now a days on tu

  9. Ots okk i am just asking …no problem dont say sorry prads…and i am a girl and my name is anam so you call me anam its okk…prads…you are my first friend on tu..

    • ?pradishma?

      Oh shit m sry I thought u r boy

      Which other serials u watch and which is ur home pg on tu

  10. Tanvi

    I am girl.. nd i live in Bangladesh..
    i knw it’s hard for u 2 blv..
    bt i m a bangladeshi..

    • ?pradishma?

      No yaar it’s not hard I have one more frnd she is also from Bangladesh chill

      ANd pls help me some1 is misusing my mail id and my name too

  11. Tanvi

    Wht r u saying yarr!!
    i really dislike those people who misuse some1 else id,,they r very sick people pradis,,u don’t worry everything will be fine soon..
    now tell me how can i help u??

    • ?pradishma?

      BAs support me he is going everywhere and saying bad things about me serials and peoples but now I will change that account dp and I will show him who I am

    • ?pradishma?

      Its over anu im going and don’t fight with khanikar he is really bad and cheap he used my in athus name I don’t want to be his another victim bye and tc

    • Nishi

      Its over she left the site im from dtb I came to inform u all and she said to tell u all take care and miss u all….

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