Swaragini 12th June 2015 Written Episode Update

Swaragini 12th June 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Sanskar shares his plan with Sujata. He tells about trapping Laksh to make Swara hate him. Dadi badmouths about Laksh and insults Durga Prasad. She doesn’t believe him. The Police arrive with the kidnappers.

Shekhar asks the kidnappers, with whose orders you kidnapped my daughter. The goons take Laksh’s name. Laksh gets shocked and asks when did I meet you? The goons tell that he called us and gave 50000 for this work in advance. He also promised to give us 1 lakh after the work. Laksh gets angry and grabs their collar. He tells that he is innocent. He tells Durga Prasad that he didn’t do anything and is innocent. Shekhar insults Durga Prasad. Laksh falls on his feet and asks him to trust him. He folds his hand and tells Swara and Ragini that he has changed. Why he would ruin her birthday?

He asks them to trust him. Shekhar asks the Inspector to arrest him. Laksh pleads that he is innocent. The Inspector arrests him and cuffs his hand. Laksh asks everyone to trust him. He cries badly requesting Ragini and Swara to believe him.

Durga Prasad tells Adarsh that they shall go home. Dadi stops him and throws black powder on his face, thus blackening his face. Everyone is shocked. She tells there is your turn to get out of community. Your son has proved that you can’t stay in our community. She announces that Laksh has blackened his face.

Durga Prasad goes after getting insulted from Dadi. Swara asks what did you get Dadi by insulting him. Dadi asks her to keep quiet and says it is her revenge. Shekhar tries to speak, but Dadi cuts his talk. Sumi tells Shekhar that it was not right. What will be the difference between him and us. We don’t get peace by taking revenge. Swara hugs Ragini and cries. Ragini wipes her tears. Sanskar looks at the family photos on the wall. Durga Prasad comes home with his face blackened. Sanskar laughs and says Bade Papa’s face is black. Durga Prasad looks in the mirror. Annapurna tells you didn’t do anything wrong. Why you are punishing yourself. This is someone conspiracy, our Laksh can’t do this. Durga Prasad tells that his head is bent down because of his own blood, and says he stood being helpless and will recalls all the insulting moments. He says this will stay with him all his life. Sujata smirks. Sanskar adds fire. Ram asks Sujata to take him.

Ragini sees Swara sad and apologizes to her. She says I didn’t know that Laksh would do such a thing. I thought Laksh never loved me, but loves you. Then how can he do this. Swara asks Ragini not to blame herself and says you did this for my happiness. Ragini asks can he do this. Swara recalls Laksh’s words. She tells her not to think much and sleep. Swara thinks she is confused. Sanskar calls someone and thanks someone. He says we will meet soon.

Ragini tells that she loves Laksh and has accepted him as her husband. She tells that she will fight with Swara to get him.

Update Credit to: MA


  1. sanju

    This episode was so bad and tat is injustice to laksh and hope for best uturn . … but tis serial is awesome. . Live you laksh and swara

  2. Sonam

    Ragini is also a lead here she will soon realise her mistake so plz ppl don’t hate her she will soon realise abt her mistakes

  3. ahenkhena

    Mad girl*
    or it can be dadi also along with them. I m 100% sure dadi is involved in all this to revenge durgha prasad n swara

  4. ?pradishma?

    I hate ragini always swara thinked of ragini first rather than herself and what ragini die to get… its enough of swara she should also think of herself na …so bad happened with laksh…

    • ?zaira?

      No pls swara is more better than ragini u call her sweetheart she is so selfish that couldn’t see that she is cmg between two lovers knowing that laksh truly loves swara she is trying to steal him so cheap of her swara always kept her sister first and always thought of ragini but what ragini gave in return… she betrayed her

    • riya

      I agree your points. Ragini is very nice girl. Laksh told that he will marry ragini bcoz he wants to save shankar. He is so selfish. Now he says that he doesn’t love her. Laksh and ragini – nice pair.

  5. nika

    Jo swara aur laksh apne ke liye lad rahe te ab dusro ke bara soch raha apne se zayada. Swara pehele bhi duroso ka madad karti par apni self respect koti nahi. Ragini jo sabse achi ti sabi phikar karti ab vo sirf apne kushi socb rahi hai

  6. Rajkumari Irina

    Iam really confuse of today episode..i hope at last ragini accpt her wrong n confess everythng to swara but its too bad n today precap ragini says that she will fight swara to get laksh back n she still thought as her husband guys wht the f**k is this all about datz is y i really hate Indian serial….the one who talkng on phone with sanskaar will be ragini sure she’s helping him to get ack her love (laksh) and sanskaar also promise to ragini for his house bahu…so sad if that the case i will like sanskaar to pair with swara?soo boring today episode!

  7. Kat

    Hey guyz, u knw what?? All the guys who have the name Sanskaar in these serials are blo*dy jerks. Like Sanskaar in this serial and Sanskaar in SNS. I think Swara will prove that Laksh is iinnocent. Waiting for the epi Swra wessup her luv for Laksh!!!!☺☺

  8. Rajkumari Irina

    This is my thought dnt thnk meh wrong?!……after the accident happen on ragini..she has been changes for the reason of her dadimaa badmouth for swara and her mother that they ruin her life n her love after they cme in their house…she break her all trust 2 swar coz she broke her heart and she will revenge swara with the help of sanskaar…both are selfish stupid people how can ragini forgive swara…when she running she thought that swara and laksh hide their love from her…. after ragini not talkng a weeks she missing from her room swara cme in to gve milk in her room and that tyme sanskaar and ragini has been sharing their broken heart and they thought to revenge and help ragini to get back her love and sanskaar revenge laksh and his father.when ragini kidnap in the car why she didnt tie her hand and nt cover her mouth and their is no one in the back seat only ragini and the driver sanskaar only,both are accepted to revenge their enemy.They are selfish people and laksh will never change his love from swara so that they will at last success their true hidden love.sanskaar make the video coz he thought that swara will more hate him and the one who did will blame on laksh same thought as ragini just like laksh that why she’s acting little is very clever,selfish and intelligent,he made ragini changes her mind again in wrong ways ragini always depends on other mind not by herself after kidnap ragini and they made video swara laksh search for ragini,she always been on laksh car when swara awake her she act confuse and ask laksh that did he gave money to kidnaper.the one who the big helpto sanskaar is ragini.all truth willbe ou soon just keep watchng …

  9. aliya

    @kat r u sure that swara will prove laksh inocent or u fell that it is going to happen

    even i want this to happen

    • Kat

      Hey Aliya!!! I dnt knw that for sure. But i felt like that coz Swara was nt hr usual self. I mean when there was some problem like this earlier earlier, Swara didn’t hesitate to blame Laksh. Even after those kidnappers told it was Laksh who asked them to do it, she was kindda confused. That’s y i thought like that. ??

  10. Rajkumari Irina

    I really hate ugly heart and monkey face like sanskaar and f**king face like ragini both are stupid b*t*h and not human heart cat face like ragini…ragini you will try very hard to get back again laksh but laksh will never changes his love that all the men do when they love with true heart you will tire to get back laksh n u will go to hell soon both sanskaar..The one thng u should to knw is true love never ever dies like swara and laksh

    • Kat

      Ragini is a SNAKE!!!!! Hw could she do that perfectly knwing that Laksh obly luvs Swara and he has no love for her other than friendship?????????

  11. ?pradishma?

    I hope that swara will prove laksh innocent and she should see ragini’s true colors ragini is jus like her stupid dadi dada

  12. ?pradishma?

    Writers should change the track yaar there r so many villians in the show ie dadi, dada, sujata, ragini, sanskaar.

  13. I think sanskaar ne ragini ke sath milkar yehsab kiya hai think hi nhi balki 100/.sure hu i just hate ragini, ragini kui nhi samjhti hai ki laksh dont loves ♡♡♡her yrrrr poor laksh…..when i am watching thus episode i cry badly i have a teary eyed- swara plz you prove your love laksh innocentplz…….he is jnnocent…..ragini always swara first thjnk for you and what you do in return only teary eyed why?????she♡you alot and u are spoiling your relationship with your sister tum bhi aoni dadi ki tarah ho just fake hate you from bottom of my heart…..and ragini ek baat yad rkhna real love never dies swaralak love eCh other tum or sanskaar kuch bhi karlo undono ko kabhi akag nhi kar paoge or kabhi chin hua pyaar kuch time ke liye hi hota hai samjhi swaralak will reunite &hate you sanskar always and can anyone know what happen next plzzsay i an eagerly waiting for swaralak reunite…lol.byeee

  14. sashi

    i know…. i think….. i knw…i think….u DONT KNOW!!!U JUST GUESSING.i get it u are pissed n suspicious just cool down and wait for monday u have made wrong assumptions xo many times and i love it when the producer proves u wrong plus keeps u guessing and agitated

  15. Asiyabi

    hate u ragini ,and your bad daadi.,swara is too good nd sweet..her dida also so good..she loves both swara nd ragini, asal main ragini deeda ko koi nai lagthi,phir bhi wo jithna swara se pyaar karthe hai uthna hi ragini se bhi karthi hai,on the other hand ragini’s daadi swara se pyaar nahi karthi,uski sahi pothi hokar bhi! Love for swalak the best jodi in the world

  16. Rajkumari Irina

    after ragini accident remember that ragini alwyz hvbeen changes…from that day she really hate swara n aftr missng from her room…swara dida says that she is in temple…dat tyme sanskaar may also cme there n explaing thre sorw n will plan to revenge them.She help sanskaar made to video of swara and laksh…so that they thought swara will hate more on laksh and after missing ragini…she and sanskar made call to meet each other and ragini ask who will drink poison with her and that was the plan of sanskaar…he is clever and knows wht will do?without ragini help to sanskaar not possible to their plan success. today precap we saw ragini true colour that she still thnk laksh as her husband and says she will fight swara to get back laksh again sanskaar already promise to ragini as his house bahu of laksh..sanskaar will never kidnap ragini becoz she is her friend and when ragini made to meet swara with laksh and she goes out with sanskaar to mke the plan she actng innocent to swara n laksh she will nvr forgve swara coz she’s been on the side of dadimaa afyer her badmouth to make trust her.When ragini kidnping on the car no one is on the back seat and the drivr will b sanskaar when kidnping ragini she not tie anythng . … mouth,hand ..that act was their plan..m just guessng!

  17. Hate u ragini u r very selfise…swara not accept true luv of laksh bcoz she loves u and u r taking revenge from swara..

  18. Plz change the track…….ragini is also main character of show then why u r making her negative….increse trp…..firstly the show was going very good but now u r losing trp….by making ragini bad

  19. annah(sad)

    Bad episode!!!! Laksh!!!! Can’t see tears in his eyes…….n to see him getting arrested!!! Gosh!! Hope swara proves him innocent…… N ragini is not in all this….

  20. sreereshmi

    Now i am sure that this serial will give namish ‘a best actor award ‘ .his acting is soo good and in each and every action his charector is so clear. And may i say what is the problem with ragini? She is cute enough to be loved by any one then y is she on to her sisters lover? What happended to the lovely, well mannered and cultural ragini they showed first….

  21. ?pradishma?

    Sry ragini was little good did u the starting of the serial when swara came to kno that shekhar is her father she told to ragini but that idiot hurted her and ragini always listens to her dadis stupid things but swara she is really nice and a perfect girl who only stands for the truth ragini knows that laksh only thinks her as his frnd not anything else but that stupid is not ready to understand she so self centered

  22. no dnt seperate swaragini…i thnk ragini soon realise her mistake nd make swalak unite….pls dont ruin dis serial by making so many villians….the nmbr of villians are increasing day by …lv u swara u are soo aweet nd u lvs ur sister so much

    • ?pradishma?

      Ya me too this time she will hurt herself very badly and I want to see ragini suffering knowing that laksh can’t be hers then also…. shame on ragini

  23. mylou

    Hey guys this is not good to blame someone without knowing the upcoming epi ur blaming ragini to be bad u all don’t know what will happen next u all know that the protagonists are swara ragini lakshand ssanskar so its absolutely there r two pairs maybe its swalaksh n sanskar ragini or ragini n laksh n sanskar n swara I think its going to be a bit like chaand chupa badal mein now we don’t know whats there is the producer mind so let it be maybe while taking revenge ragini n saanskar fall in love maybe in the upcoming epi after knowing the truth of ragini n sanskar swara will force laksh to marry ragini n saanskar will force swara to marry him to complete his revenge for laksh n then swara may agree to make laksh marry ragini just like chand chupa badal mein or maybe ragini is helping sanskar just to make her sister realize her love for laksh plzzz don’t take me wrong it is my thinking everybody has their own thinking so plzz don’t take me wrong n no comments on my post

  24. ?pradishma?

    @mylou don’t get the me wrong but for ragini there will be some 1 else I heard it many times and there can’t be ragini and laksh nor sanskaar swara there will be swalak and some1 miskat Verma will be for ragini and we r taking ragini bad as she has did it before also.

  25. ?zaira?

    Its enough yaar writers should change track there r enough villians dadi dada sujata sanskaar and now this shameless ragini fed up of many villians

  26. aliya

    I heard sone days back that it will be sanskar n swara
    n laksh n ragini
    this is a nightmare i dont want this to happen!!
    Someone posted this here only on a update!!
    He/she said that swara will cum to stop the marrige of laksh n ragini but sanskar will drag her to the temple n put sindur in her mang!!!
    Nhi ye nhi hona chahiye…….ye nhi ho sakte!plz 🙁 :'(
    The serial will be finished if this hapens

    • Kat

      Oh god!! A total nightmare!!!! If that happens I’m totally going to stop wtchng this. This was such a good serial in the beginning and writers pls pls plsssssssss dnt spoil it.Swara and Laksh should b together!!!! Sanskaar should go to hell!!!!!!!

  27. No … No…no…no..swara n sanskar will not get together..if this happen then i will die..and swara is only for laksh …they made 4 each other

  28. ragin

    Swara and laksh also reasons 4 raginis change… Laksh also self centred that’s y he bring her 2 home… Don’t blame ragini only

    • nika

      Because of dadi only he did he told he doesn’t love ragini but he was insisted because dadi force. Swara is not at fault she wanted to solve the problem without anyone knowledge she didn’t want hurt ragini by telling it

    • ?pradishma?

      ANd don’t call laksh self centered he did it for his brother and dadi was not even allowing dadi forced him TO take that decision

  29. I agree wid nika… Swara just tried to prtect Ragini….laksh was forced under circumtances to prmise to marry raginee…so I think that swalak is not in fault but raginee should understand now that she knows that swalak luv each other……

  30. aliya

    Swalak to make a cumback n probably expose sanskar!! *_*
    Swara already doubts sanskar so she is to make a plan with laksh to rxpose him!!
    Ragini to get kidnaped again!! Sick of it!! :’D

  31. Plz cananyone know what happens nxt plz or plz koi mujhe batao ye fake news haina swarasanskaar ke maarry ka…..
    Plz i hate ragini plzswarlak ko unite kardo ragini ke fake tears dekhkar acha nhi lagta hai jab dekho jab ro thi rehti hai sympathy pane keliye fake gorl hate alot lol…swalakkab unite hoge …..lol.byeee

  32. Ya…. gys there is no fault of swara n laksh 4 ragini’s condition,,,,laksh was forced by dadi to accept ragini……and this stupid ragini should think about laksh that in what circumtances he accept her……
    Swara alwys think about ragini…but this ragini is also like her dadi

    • ?pradishma?

      Fully agree with u and the whole gadodias or self centered when shekhar came TO kno that laksh loves swara he bahaved do badly with swara but the bose family is really nice and they help others.

  33. U all are so right… When shekhar came to knw abt laksh lovin swara he behaved so rudely but when ragini and lakshs one sided luv story was goin on he was so sweet…and is it true that swara nd sanskar and laksh nd ragini…..pls pls that shouldnt happen…swalak are so good and they deseeve each other…while those two faced ass@#$* ragini and sanskar deserve each other…

  34. ragin

    I m not against swalak…. They r cute & best…. Bt ragini also gud by heart…because of dadi and lakshs fake love confsn she became like D’s… Laksh sud have told rag before bringing her 2 house… And swara shud not HV told rag that laks loves her before knowng d whole truth… I agree rag s dong bad… And I think sanskar also gud by heart… Because of durga prasd he changed.. Pls writer don’t make swaragini enemies…. Otherwise it WL be like another uttaran… Make rag & San realiz their mistakes… Pls Don’t seperat swalaksh

  35. Thnkx kat&pradishma…..and plz writers dont make swaragini being enemies & if that happens ghis serial is having no trp or else no storys ……i am only watching math,sr,nauc,ssisters,yhm, tpk……and now i am only have3’4 days left bcoz of ramazan is near & even i cant watch & dvsn now i am in 10th so i cant watch all serials mostly i only read updates so plz cany any one nos what happens nxt in this series ….byee guys lol…..and plz writers i beg dont make a cheap story of ragini bcoz if ragini willchange in negative than no neex of this swaragini only swara will remains kkk lol…love swakak a cute pair

  36. annah(anu)

    Hmmmmm….. Soo many conclusions!!!!! @ragin….I agree wid u that ragini is gud by heart…..but how many tyms vil she fall in dadi’s words???? First tym it was OK, but again she is doing this!

    • ragin

      Anu i agree with u… Ragini s so week and not ready to accept d truth… Someone sud help her to realize it… I don’t want any fight betwn ragini and swara

  37. annah(anu)

    @ prads….in uttaran also there were two sisters…one was selfish (tapasya)n other was kindhearted…(ichcha)..then one handsome. boy came(veer) n he fell in luv wid d kindhearted one(ichcha)….but that tapasya also fell in luv wid veer…….so then all d misunderstandings happened……..

    Btw…. Ichcha n tapasya were childhood frnz……ichcha was d daughter of tapasya’s maid………..

  38. &&&&&&&

    Tapasya was the one who brought ichha in her hme with her zid n convincing all lile ragini. But her nani filled her ears juz like raginis dadi is filling her ears. Both were initially good hearted n den tapu turned grey n grey day by day

  39. arjun

    Ya.. anu u r right…. Mm BT I don’t want any enmty between swara and rag… Y d writers made rag character Ds much week… Swaragini is a Wrng title…. She shud accept d truth.. And move on…. K let see

  40. ?pradishma?

    Ragini knows that laksh only loves swara then how can she say ‘I can do anything to get my love’ so stupidity of ragini she knows that one sided love has never became full especially when the other one loves some1 Else this time ragini will hurt herself very badly.

  41. i thnk the pair will happen to be laksh-ragin & swra-sanskar..bt i want swalak.they are good….ragini changed soo much hw she can do this to her sweet sister..sach mem swara u are so good nd sweet yaar….lv u swara….i thnk ragini soon realise her mistake nd try to unite swalak bt sanskar nt let that happen…nd vk dis villian role doesnt suits u yaar….u r so damn cute yaar….there already other ppls to do dis villian role so why ragini nd sanskar..pls u two try to realise ur mistakes as soon as possible….feeling bad for durga prasad hw cruel is dis dadi…swara pls belive laksh nd relase him frm jail….lv u swara…LV U SWARA & swaragini

    • ?pradishma?

      NO yaar there can’t be swara sanskaar and hope swara will se raginis true colors and she should not forgive ragini then it will be fair… with swalak

  42. Ragini u look so cute with face only…ur heart is very selfish…why can’t u understand that laksh luv swara only…plz care about ur sister……don’t think like ur stupid dadi……..plz yaar don’t fight with swara …plz

  43. ?pradishma?

    Idk what rags want to prove by doing all this… I kno that sanskaar is doing all this for his so called stupid revenge and dadi she has trucks of lies and her dramas….

  44. Ya….richa.. Acttully ragini only hear her dadi’s sound..she nither hear swara nor her mother sumi….when her dadi said that laksh luv u then she belive her but when swara explain her that think once again about laksh then she said no.. I want to give 2nd chance to laksh…..it was ragini’s mistake to think that laksh luv her…why she not ask to laksh that he luv her or not..

  45. I agree with you pradishma……………..
    Swalak reunite fasr this stupid ragini will spoiling laksh swara life with his dirty games….waiting for monday episode …..hope swara will bilieve laksh and realse him firom jail laksh lovez swara but i feel so sad for laksh kitna pyaar karta par kitni muskil ati rhi hai laksh phir bhi usne face kiye problems ko very proub of laksh keep itt up……..♡♡ swalak reunite soon

  46. Hmmmm okk cananyone knows what happens nxt…….waiting for very goodepis and swarlak reunite and dumb ragsans will realize that they are doing wrong for swalak…..

  47. Tanvi

    How can ragini do thiz yarr!! she knows laksh loves swara so much,, then how can she wants laksh
    ..her thinking is very cheap!! In the previous episode everyone was saying how could swara do thiz with her sister despite swara being innocent now ragini she is really very bad sister nd a very bad frnd too..laksh accept her as his best frnd bt..
    oh!!! gossh..
    ragini,, dadi they both are vamp..
    nd sanskar he is damb as a person..

    • ?pradishma?

      Rags will change after some time but not sure about sanskaar what do u think about sanskaar

      • ragin

        Pradisji i think sanskar became bad becseof durgaprasad… So soon he will realz der s no mstake on laksh… And he will change…then He will try to change his mother too….I hope so….. I like swalak and gud sanrag couple…I hate daadi…………………….

    • ?pradishma?

      Thank u anam ?

      Jus type gravatar login and click the first link and make ur account there in whichever website u will use ur mail on which u registered ur account it will appear hope u understood….

  48. Tanvi

    Yupp!! paridishma..u r right,, if swalak won’t reunite everybody will stop watching swaragini.. we really love swalak together they both made a graet couple,
    bt this ragini..huh!! she is disgusting.. swara did so many thing for her bt she alwayz misunderstood her!! how can someone be so damb..nd her dadi great vamp,,swara is also her granddaughter.. then why did she hate her.. i love swara nd laksh.. they r so innocent…jst pray for their reunite..!!

    • ?pradishma?

      She hates swara cuz she is half Bengali and eats non veg na I kno u kno but jus I wrote anyways thanks ?

  49. Ume too wants swalk reunite yes i undestand prads…thanks…..i just not mean ki swara bengali hai eating non veg isnt mean….realation cant be match there is which caste..love is always in every relation….hoping swalak best scsnes to wTchm….

  50. Kat

    Oh god every time i watch this episode i just want to throttle that jerks Sanskaar and Ragini!!!!! ????????????

  51. I am in10th std live in mumbai ….from foday onwards weare friends ……..can i call you prads……and can i ask you you are in which school of mumbai…

    • ?pradishma?

      Sry but I can’t give more info of my in this public site as twice I did it and it was really worst with me I am really sry

      Yes u can call me prads
      WhAt should I call u anam or bhai
      Actually bhai is trend now a days on tu

  52. Ots okk i am just asking …no problem dont say sorry prads…and i am a girl and my name is anam so you call me anam its okk…prads…you are my first friend on tu..

    • ?pradishma?

      Oh shit m sry I thought u r boy

      Which other serials u watch and which is ur home pg on tu

  53. Tanvi

    I am girl.. nd i live in Bangladesh..
    i knw it’s hard for u 2 blv..
    bt i m a bangladeshi..

    • ?pradishma?

      No yaar it’s not hard I have one more frnd she is also from Bangladesh chill

      ANd pls help me some1 is misusing my mail id and my name too

  54. Tanvi

    Wht r u saying yarr!!
    i really dislike those people who misuse some1 else id,,they r very sick people pradis,,u don’t worry everything will be fine soon..
    now tell me how can i help u??

    • ?pradishma?

      BAs support me he is going everywhere and saying bad things about me serials and peoples but now I will change that account dp and I will show him who I am

    • ?pradishma?

      Its over anu im going and don’t fight with khanikar he is really bad and cheap he used my in athus name I don’t want to be his another victim bye and tc

    • Nishi

      Its over she left the site im from dtb I came to inform u all and she said to tell u all take care and miss u all….

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