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The Episode starts with Swara running to Sanskar and hugging him after his engagement with Kavita. Everyone get shocked. Kavita looks shocked too. Swara opens eyes and it was her dream. Sujata asks Kavita to take everyone’s blessings. Kavita takes everyone’s blessings. Sumi sees Swara crying and asks if she is fine. Swara leaves from there, saying she will meet her in house. She runs from there. Sanskar, laksh and everyone see her crying. Swara recalls Kavita holding Sanskar’s hands and getting engaged to him. She runs on the road and comes to Baadi cryingly. She rests on her bed and cries. She finds someone throwing paper ball inside the room. She reads it and comes to window to see Sanskar. Sanskar looks at her and leaves.

Shekhar asks Sumi, how is Swara? Sumi says I met her. She said

she wants to be alone. She says Sanskar came to left us and respects us a lot, but he didn’t come inside. Shekhar says it was difficult for him also. Sumi asks Dadi if she wants milk. Urvashi says she will bring milk for her like Janki used to give, and says she will massage her feet also. Urvashi looks at her sister’s photo. Urvashi taunts Sumi and says Ragini and Swara got married at the same time, but today Ragini is happy and Swara….unhappy. She taunts Swara and says divorce woman’s life is like this only and even her father can’t let her stay. Swara apologizes to Sumi. Sumi says you haven’t done wrong. Swara says I didn’t know that I will fall in love twice, and says her relation with Sanskar was for life, very pure and mature. She says I accept that I haven’t realize his love before, but later I felt that he is really my soul mate. Whatever I have felt for Sanskar, haven’t felt for anyone else. She then thinks she should not blame Sanskar and Kavita and says she shall sleep. Shekhar comes to Swara’s room and sees her sleeping. Once he goes, Swara opens eyes and cries again looking at the paper which Sanskar had thrown in her room.

Kavita hugs Sanskar and asks why you haven’t sing my song. It was good though. Sanskar says it seems rain will come, and asks her to have her medicine. Kavita says may be many things have changed in these years and asks him to say. Sanskar says if I tell you anything, then you will catch my lie. Kavita asks him not to think that she is weak or can’t bear any truth. She asks why you haven’t sing our song. Sanskar says I didn’t sing our song because…………..Sanskar says I forgot that song’s lyrics. Kavita says you have scared me. Swara recalls Sanskar’s engagement and cries. She looks at her phone for the messages for Sanskar message. Just then she hears a sound and goes out. Urvashi cries and says her jiji is very angry. Dadi comes. Urvashi and everyone come to room and see the photo frame broken on floor. Urvashi says I told you that Jiji is not happy and that’s why her photos had fallen. She says her soul is restless. Shekhar says may be some window might be open. Urvashi asks why only Janki’s photo frame is broken and why not others. She cries and says my jiji is very sad. She says a big thunderstorm is going to come shocking everyone.

Sanskar sees the pillar about to fall on Swara and rush to rescue her. Kavita looks on shocked. Swara says I love you…Sanskar proposes her for marriage and they hug each other. Laksh asks Ragini to wear maang tika like before. Ragini gets touched.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. The most awaited hug was a dream!!!poor swara!!!!!don’t like kavita n sanskar scene, why they brought urvashi ?she is so irritating. Seems like this ragini n her maasi dont miss a single chance to hurt our beloved swara.

  2. I knew it this hug turned out to be a dream sequence
    I think writers have shit in their minds why do they always have to show swasan scene n then show it a dream
    I mean seriously swara nd ragini all the time dreaming!!!! 1st ragini about laksh now swara about sanskar nothing can be true in this serial…or may be the writers day dream
    Nd this kavita sorry I meant cavity always behind sans

  3. Hmmm… So this urvashi is here separate shekhar n Sharmista by instigating dadi towards sharmi… I know she ll definitely win by separating afte all she is maasi of ragini who is always have habit of separating love birds…hope she won’t harm Sharmista…

  4. The hug tat all were waiting for turned out a dream sequence. . Now we are waiting anxiously for the precaps. It would be disgusting if all turn out to be dream again..never know these crap writers. .

  5. only imagination

  6. o god!!
    wat to tell you guys,,
    i was waiging 4 d hug since 4 days but it was a dream!!
    hope sanskaars proposal isnt a dream!!,…
    nd no need swara 2 b mahaam fir kavita again.yr plZ..

  7. Omg..what swara said about laksh to her mother…
    Nyc precap

  8. when the hell will sanskar propose? har precap me propose karta hai but kisi episode me hoga ya nai? hell…………

  9. Yarrr..!!again its a dream.waited for this episode for a week..the way swasan feel for each other is really heart touching..i was literally in tears..n the way swara explains abt her n sanskar’s love to mishti is just awesome..love yu swasan..
    This urvashi tells na tat her jiji is not happy..she ll make all realise tat only after shekar marrying sharmishta all this wrong things r happening..n she wil try to replace herself in mishti’s place i guess..

  10. Also i hope this proposing episode cant be a dream..bcos it is shown in the promo itself..they cant show a dream in promo..if am not wrong..

  11. What the hell writes u have literally gone mad why black magic in the good serial rashmi Sharma serials should be banned always negative things why they unite swasan so many black magic bhooth like sasural donor ka which now sasural black magic ka everyone should stop watching, if trp goes down then till be better

  12. Pehle hi kaha tha maine to k ye dream h…plzzz… ab wo sindoor wala scene b dream mat dikhana.. plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

    Fed ur dreams. ..

  13. Now there are many irritating characters on the show kavitha urvashi dadi sujatha …

  14. Hey guys. I read sm wr tat during swasan engagement there ll b a ghost entry.. wt a crap. Few days back I was predicting tat some jadu tona wld happen n simar ll come to rescue. . Hope writers have taken it too seriously. .:-)

  15. Hi guys
    Hi nik, neha, rids, cherry, Needhi, sunshine, kirti n everyone how are you guys? So the hug was just a dream. I’m fuming ? ? right now guys and I got the feeling that the precap might be a dream too. That kavita is always hugging sanskar, it’s so annoying. All she does is hug hug hug. And that lady ragini’s aunt who the hell does she think she is, hate her weirdo. Why is she there I bet she came to cause trouble. And that swara is always crying, why it’s her fault that sanskar and that annoying kavita got engaged. She could have been selfish for once and stop the engagement. But no she has to be a mahan. And why is it always that Ragini’s side of family has to be psycos. First that ragini then that Naagin dadi and now ragini’s aunt.

    1. Hey shuva dats not a big deal for me now…as at least they showed some love scenes in dream at last but what ghost crap is coming yar….just disgusting thing …don’t want all dis

      1. Hi neha
        How are you? Do you mean ragini’s mother’s ghost? If yes then yeah next We get to see dadi turning in to a real nagin and then there will be a witch entering in swaragin just like sasural simar Ka, How lame.

    2. Hi shuva I’m fine dear and yeah same feeling I have also got this kavita has come just for chipko movement with sanskar

    3. Hi shuva I’m fine dear and yeah same feeling I have also got this kavita has come just for chipko movement with sanskar and hate that urvashi character to the core

  16. Guys the proposal is not a dream coz Sanskar n family will go to swara house with shagun later sanskar will surprise her with a romantic date then engagement n then mrg may be will stop at last ritual due to some one’s death ( I heard ragini gonna die but can’t believe it)

    1. Hi cherry How are you?
      Yeah maybe you’re right the precap might not be a dream. But I hope that they don’t show the same precap again and again the way they showed the hug scene.

      1. Hey shuva
        I m fine dear n what about u??
        You know writers are testing are patience!!!! They are introducing ghost now!!!! Wow I mean seriously I saw SBS segment 2day they said ghost will soon enter swasan life..!!!!
        Man why the hell are they making it like ssk ??? Dayan,naagin,bhootni,Kala jadu..
        Will they ever unite swasan??
        Anyways swasan forever and ever coz they rock baby????

      2. Yeah cherry Swasan forever Swasan rocks baby.?

  17. There are many spoilers I don’t know what to believe I have read now some sanskar’s truth will come out, and it to be sanskar’s is hiding something from all and when kavitha leaves he will trace her and will be following her every moment, this is known to laksh and will stop marriage at end moment, but no one believes laksh and then laksh will created some drama to stop the wedding and to keep swara away from sanskar

  18. Oh god…i m sure again dis writers must hav made sanskar proposing swara a dream…i mean y do dis ppl always hav to dream nd y cant it cum true…nd wats wid laksh d lier…i wish ragini gets to knw his truth very soon

  19. Hey nik rids shuva cherry n all of u I suddenly felt something n decided to share with u…guys u know what I have read shard’s(one of writer of SR) twitted always against fans bcz all fans tried to convince him to make swasan together n demanded for swasan unite…. Few fans also twitted him that plz don’t bring same crap of ssk into our SR or in swasan lyf…so I think as he always twitted against fans dats y he is starting this crap to do against d fans…plz share ur views on my thoughts

  20. shocking news
    Swara (Helly shah) and Sanskaar (Varun Kapoor) get engaged in dramatic way in Swaragini

    Happy times return in Swara and Sanskaar’s life as their love story is going to complete in Swaragini.

    Swara and Sanskaar dress up beautifully and come down exchanging ring.

    Swara happily puts ring in Sanksaar’s finger but a twist happened when Sankaar tries to put ring in Swara’s finger.

    Suddenly, some blood drops falls on Swara finger which makes everyone shocked.

    Dadi and Mausi tell that Ragini’s mother sprit return to take revenge from them.

    Lakshya finds a dead bat on the chandelier and removes it.

    Ghost entry detsroy Sanskaar and Swara’s happiness

    Swara and Sankaar change their dresses and come again to exchange erring but twist again takes place there.

    Sanskaar finds ring missing from plat but Sanskaar manages to find it and make it wear to Swara.

    Swara and Sanskaar finally get engaged with each other but some ghost drama is going to enter in their life.

    1. Yeah and I’m sure that it’s all ragini’s auntie’s plan, she’s doing this.

  21. Colors has hosted a poll about Best Jodi, please vote for SwaSan in the link below!

  22. Swasan is the best jodi and I forshure will vote for them

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