Swaragini 12th February 2016 Written Episode Update

Swaragini 12th February 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Ragini blaming Kavita for trapping Swara. Urvashi says you are showing love on your sister today and reminds of her past doings. Ragini says you killed my maasi and don’t have any humanity. Sanskar asks Ragini not to talk to her and fall to her level. He says he talked to Lawyer and Swara is innocent. He says we will get answers soon. He tells Kavita that she will not be successful in separating them, and he will get to the root of the problem. Kavita says if you think this, then I will leave. Sanskar says you will not go anywhere and will be here. Ragini says I won’t leave you and you will get punished. Kavita says okay, if you want to accuse me, then I will go after cleaning my name from the accusations. Sujata says I don’t know whose bad eye fell on our happiness. What

we will say to relatives? Ram asks her to shut up. Sanskar says I will go and meet Swara. Ragini says I will also accompany you. Sumi says I will also come. Ragini asks her to stay at home. Laksh says he will be at home with everyone and asks them to go. Sumi cries.

Ragini meets Swara in Police station. She asks her to think if Kavita went somewhere from the bakery. Ragini says no and says she must have sent someone else to kill Urvashi. Swara says no, and says Sanskar saw Kavita always and she have done the murder. Ragini says I got strength from you to do right. I also know the tricks and will use my brain to expose Kavita. Sanskar also comes and says he will get to know the truth. Ragini says it is my turn now to win. Swara asks from where you will start. Sanskar and Ragini come to the bakery. Ragini tells Sanskar that Kavita ordered the cake and sat on that couch. She says Kavita didn’t know that she was following her. Sanskar says she said that you had followed her. They get inside the bakery and try to enquire about Kavita. The manager says that she had ordered two- three cakes and then sat on that couch. Sanskar sees the view and thinks manager couldn’t see that view properly as it is far. Sanskar says there must be some place from where she had went. They get inside the storeroom and try to enquire about the way out. The man says there is no way here and asks them to leave. Sanskar loses his patience and thinks how can Kavita go and kill Urvashi.

Ragini asks him not to lose hope. Sanskar comes to Police station and meets Swara. Swara hugs him and asks him to take her out from there. Sanskar says we will get some proofs anyhow. He thinks about his conversation with lawyer and he recalls lawyer saying that he needs concrete proofs. He says it was clear in the CCTV footage that blood was on Swara’s hand. Sanskar says it was sindoor mixed in water. Lawyer says only we know this, but needs proofs. He tells Swara that he will take her out. Swara says Lawyer is not having any proofs. She cries again. Sanskar hugs her and promises to take her out anyhow. He asks her not to lose strength and promise him.

Servant tells that decorators came to meet Durga Prasad. Durga Prasad says we will call you when needed. Sujata worries. Sanskar comes home. Ragini asks him about Swara. Sanskar goes near Kavita and suffocates her neck. He asks how did you kill Maasi and trapped Swara. Kavita says I haven’t done anything. Durga Prasad asks Sanskar to leave her. Sanskar leaves Kavita. Kavita says I will not stay here even for a min. Sanskar says no, you won’t go anywhere. He says if you think that you will play your tricks after going from here, then you are wrong. He says you will stay here infront of us. He sees decorators taking out the decorations. Kavita thinks I want you to keep me infront of your eyes, and that’s why I have trapped Swara. She says her life is in my hand now. Ragini asks Sanskar, what he is doing? If anything happens to Kavita then what will happen to Swara. Sanskar says lawyer told me that if Swara get jailed then the punishment will be severe like Kaala paani. He says today is her hearing and we don’t have any proof. Sanskar says Swara is in jail and we all are over. He looks at Swara’s photo and leaves. Ragini looks at her photo and says I won’t let anything happen to you Swara.

She sees Laksh going and wonders where he is going? Sanskar asks Ragini if she is going to meet swara. Ragini says yes, and says she is taking food for her. She asks if you will come. Sanskar nods no. Ragini brings food for Swara and asks her to eat food. She says last time I didn’t let your marriage happen, but this time I will hold your hand and will take you to mandap. Swara asks about Sanskar. Ragini says he will not be at peace till he takes you out from here. She says he is trying to find the proofs, and says we will get it. Swara says my all activities were captured in the CCTV, then why Kavita’s activities were not captured. She says there is something wrong. Ragini says there is one way.

Ragini comes to the hotel and searches for proof in the trash bin. Sanskar talks to the lawyer. Lawyer says how we will proof. Ragini gets tissue paper with which Swara wiped the hand. They sent the tissue paper to the forensic lab and gets the report that it was sindoor and not blood. Ragini tells Sanskar that they will free Swara now. Lawyer nods no and says they need prove which are not in their hand. Later Swara gets imprisoned and gets transferred to other jail. Swara is taken away in jail, and Ragini and Sanskar looks helplessly. Ragini cries. Swara looks at Sanskar shockingly with teary eyes.

Sanskar looks at Swara’s photo and recalls her arrest etc. Kavita comes to his room. Sanskar asks how dare you to come to my room, get out. Kavita says I can understand your pain and that’s why came to help you. She says I forgot to tell you something. I have a way to save Swara. Sanskar asks what proof? Kavita says I can prove that Swara haven’t murdered Urvashi. Sanskar asks how you will prove? Kavita says you have to agree to my condition to save Swara. You have to give price for Swara’s independence. Sanskar asks what price? Kavita says she doesn’t need money and asks him to marry her.


Sanskar asks Kavita where she kept the proofs and tries finding it. Later Ragini and Sanskar come to the bakery and restage that incident. Ragini says they can get caught. Police comes there. Later Laksh informs Ragini that Sanskar is getting ready for marriage shocking Ragini.

Update Credit to: H Hasan


  1. Angel

    first part kitna emotional tha..i ws literally feeling like crying….poor sanskar uski halat dekhi nai jati..use proof nai mil raha..omg n uska gussa rags nai aati toh cavity toh mr gai hoti..ye lksh vohot ajeeb behave kr raha hai..kuchh react hi nai kr raha.. Sanskar kitna helpless hogaya hai..kuchh nai kr pa raha wo..isilye itna gussa ho raha hai…acchha hai rags uske saath hai…ye cavity ki toh mai..mn kr raha uske saare daant tod du….kitni chalak hai wo..rags tere se badi chaalbaj hai wo kucchh toh kregi hi….swara ko bhr nikalegi..cavity toh tu gai ek proof mil jaye basss..hate u cavity..

  2. sandy

    total epi was nice…bonding btw swasan n swaragini…soo sad for swara ?..i think laksh also involved in kavitha’s plan..writers plzz dont spoil laksh character…he is also a fabulous actor…plzz give good role to him..plz dont turn him into negative…plzz this is my request

  3. angel


    dont worry guys sanskar wont marry swara….ragini will get the proofs and show to police….kavita will be arrested and swara will be out of jail….ragini will unite swasan and get them married……

    • Mani

      Hi laksh exgirlfrnd is cuming in show and going to spoil lak-rag life. Kavita will be caught but urvashi massi is still alived and she is behind het own murder plan.

  4. jo

    swara to celebrate her mehandi function in jail:
    yes, swara and sanskar will soon get married to each other, exposing kavita on colors swaragini.
    while there is already a buzz about urvashi maasi being still alive and that she has actually under-grounded her self, faking her death on the show, and swara being charged for her murder, is currently in jail.
    in the coming episodes, court will annonce a life imprisonment for swara which while scare everyone. meanwhile kavita come into the picture and confront sanskar that swara is innocent and she has the proof.
    she will show some video on the phone,as an evidence that can prove swara’s innocence. sanskar will grab kavita and snatch the phone from her. however, she will fight him back and accedently break the phone, ending the only evidence.
    nefarious kavita will then claim that to have another proof that could save swara, which she would only give if sanskar agrees to marry her in return!! sanskar will be baffled, but would want to save swara at any cost.
    so will he agree to marry kavita.?
    well, the answer is no!!
    he along with ragini will plot a plan against kavita, top avail the proof from her while in the mean time, ragini will go to jail to celebrate the mehandi function with swara which was supposed to take place in the house.
    ragini will tell swara that a to-be-bride doesn’t look nice with an empty hand and both the sisters will apply mehandi on each other’s hand.
    awww.. indeed a rare sight!! are you guys missing the love between the duo then don’t miss the further episodes..

  5. Kaku

    Boring show…..dsgusting..writers are foolish they dont have brains I think…i m not gonna watch this bakwas show..

  6. Ani

    Surely Laksh is upto something… He does not show any reaction… How dare this Kavitha enter Sanskar room and make a deal with him.. Sanskar tried to kill her but tat Kavitha still wants to marry him.. Wen I see her my blood pressure just rises? Just waiting wen this all drama gets over and they stop showing this b****y Kavitha’s face…

  7. bhuvi

    today’s scenes were very fast… I mean without dragging everything happend fast… no sanskar… don’t marry that blo*dy criminal…I won’t watch it.. if he marries kavitha to take revenge or prove innocence of Swara.. don’t make fun of marriage…

  8. Mahi

    I dont understand how quick these tings can happen..like murder ,arrest ,court ,hearing jail etc..

    Swara CID u deserve tis for ur deeds.. U want to marry sanskaar without any problm..bt the main problem ia urself.. Always bringin problem to herself..ant she stay quiet and be wit him.
    And sanskaar oly for u am tolerating tis bakwass serial..

    I dono wat s laksh upto?? oly god knows..

    No comments for maasi and kavitha..

    • Sree harini

      Agreed with you mahi.I am.also watching this serial just for varun ..tejaswi even but he is my first priority and I am gonna bet that I will watch every crapy episode..even if the trp stoops too low, just if varun is on screen..became a ‘sanskarian’ today.

      • Mahi

        Hi sree harini…even i am varun’s biggest fan..he s perfect as Danny and Sanskar..always lovable and loyal to his reel lady love 🙂 :)..

  9. Sree harini

    First of all….hello everyone. After a long time. God!! Episode was not that good as it was full of tragedy but varun kapoor nailed every emotion. To speak frankly, I just kept staring him through out the episode with open mouth. I just always loved to see a true lover crying for his love and varun has fulfilled my dream. From the start of the episode, his care towards swara then consoling her by hiding his pain…I was moved by his voice at that time. He lived in that charecter.then his pain followed by anger on kavitha..I became mad and I guess not guess I will keep watching this episode as many times as I can. Can’t wait for Monday…again to see sanskar in rage.
    Became a bit mad by seeing varun today and once again I fell in love with sanskar charecter. Even tejaswi was no less but varun ruled the episode and hope he will be the Sherlock Holmes in unfolding this case.’ Sanskarholic’.

    • Aashi

      Hi sree howz uhh??? After long tym I have seen your name in cmmt section.. How’s ur exams??….n yaa varun kapoor he rocked!!!.. His acting of a mad person was superb….!!!

      • Sree harini

        I have another exam tomorrow.. Afternoon but after seeing today’s episode, I was unable to control myself for varun’s brilliant acting. I am fine dear..actually I must say this first but its okay. How are you? And totally agreed with you. The initial episodes of varun as sanskar was damn good..even tejaswi… I mean an innocent face with criminal ideas. They both deserve this field.

  10. ursila

    i feel like laksh is going to marry someone else on the wedding day just like he married ragini instead of swara and i heard a rumour about his girlfriend i wonder if hes going to see her or something

    • Sree harini

      Thank-you dear but I have exams now..to say frankly I got an idea for swasan six shot and raglak fiction but I need time to develop the script. But I am not getting time due to my final practicals followed by college prefinal and then final exams. If I will get time then I will surely try to write at least swasan.

  11. Lakshmi

    Hi dears,to read the written update I felt that today’s episode shows many things,means with out dragging&any one pls tell me that y laksh being tensionless?Is he also involved in it?

  12. kavya

    Seriously hats off to these writers…i mean no hights of drama, one is swaragini even then at least this track is better than the other ones,and another faltu is that sasural simar. These serial really irritates a lot

  13. Angel

    Aaj varun ne kya acting ki..its just awesome..kya emotions diye..ekdum real feel ho raha tha..sanskar swara ruled entire epi..wowww..sanskar ka gussa omg usne kaha tha swara tumhe kuchh hua toh me pgl ho jaunga..n really..wo cavity ko mar hi deta aaj…. Ye ags sans koi CID se kam nai wo proof dhundh lenge..aur ye cavity jayegi..jail…

  14. Vini

    After watching previous two episodes,most probably,Ragsan will find proof n free Swara,next prob will be between Raglak and swasan will help Ragini in dealing with it..But how can murder be fake?experts arrived at the scene, or cos Maasi character created her own mask and killed somebody else?Daily soaps and drama will go hand in hand..Being a Tejaswi fan,very happy to c her back in her positive role..

  15. Sunshine

    Oh God, when will I stop having any expectations from this serial.
    Why do they put in so any twists and turns that you end up for getting what all has happened.
    Why cannot they show us something cute, why all thus suspense and stuff.
    It’s getting extremely boring. I know they’re doing this to give Ragini a good role and to bring her previous good nature back, but it’s getting really boring. How many Sherlock Homes does this serial have.
    Please end this track and show cute stuff. The writers can’t test our patience anymore.

  16. nina

    Total nonsense court verdict based on cctv camera. Where is the proof that anyone got murdered? CCTv will show she placed hand on something thats when red colour got on her hand. Or is it CCTV camera is selective at taking pictures.
    The kawyer is losser. He should look for solid proof not ask the family to do so. The tissue paper how will it prove where it came from good question. Ragini should have taken picture of the trash where she picked up the tissue paper. If police had done a proper investigation and checked every item in the hotel room and would have found the tissue paper. This would have been captured CCTV footage. Very bad track who ever wrote it. Writers write things which makes sense .This whole murder mystery is a joke. If Urvashi is not dead when performing autopsy the pathologist will discover mask on the face. As the body goes into rigamorfis the mask looses its shape

  17. nina

    I meant that pathologist know when there is silicone mask when touch dead body.
    Sorry mis spelled rigamortis. It was type o.

  18. Angel

    actually one shud watch dis drama keeping aside brain n logic….bcz ek din mai..based on cctv swara ko umrakaid….twist ke liye kucchh bhi krte hai….bt the way VARUN,HELLY,TEJASWI live their characters..its mindblowing,awesome..kya emotions diye… N yesone thing swaragini trp increased by 0.1 last week it ws 2.4 n nw its 2.5…bt sr lost its slot leader position bcz ye rishta kya..on star plus got 2.6 trp..n ETRETR also got 2.5 trp…n both r on 9 th position…cvs shud improve..bt i read dat on swara sanskar date trp ws 3.3…dont it is true or nt..bt..cavity drama end hoga toh trp barh skti hai..

  19. Joya

    After long time i watched swaragini……… Tejswi is outstanding,mind blowing…………. Dis and previous epi…….track is disgusting…….. Dnt compare wid sherlok holm yr………there is No can like him……. He is d evergreen fictional consultant detective………….

    Is serial ki baat kare to tejswi k acting k siway kuch dekhne layak nahi hai serial me………….she is just fabulous………. No one can beat her in her acting skill from swaragini’s whole cast not even varun…….

    • Sree harini

      Ha-ha..yeah I too agree with you in case of Sherlock Holmes.. No one can do it. I just went mad yesterday seeing the episode and tejaswi has brilliant acting skills. She just loves in every emotion. Frankly speaking I like her more than helly.

  20. jo

    evidence vs innocence tape which will see the light of the day in swaragini?
    colors swaragini has brought forward the most heart-breaking twist the show has ever seen recent with swara being framed with the murder of urvashi masi and getting arrested the day of her sangeet cermony.
    in the upcoming episodes swaragini viewers will see sanskar coming across some evidence which prove that kavita killed urvashi masi.
    a furious sanskar will confront kavita and promises to expose her and set swara free. however kavita too has something for him. she will be seen showing him video which han prove that swara is actually innocent.
    he tries to get the video from her but the latter puts forward the marriage condition which shocks him. he even tries to snatch the video but she breaks the mobile. he refuses to put up with kavita’s demand but she assures him that if he does not agree to her condition swara will never be proved innocent.
    if sources are to be believed the tape would show uravashi masi still alive &kicking which means she is actually innocent.
    what will he do now? how he will prove swara’s innocent without fulfilling kavita’s demands?
    keep reading this for more updates.

  21. unknwn

    metro masti:
    swaragini celebrate mehandi function in jail:
    colors daily soap sr will witness some high voltage drama where kavita will come up with little evidence that will prove swara innocent.
    however in return she wants to sanskar to get married to her to save swara from getting life imprisonment.
    on the other hand sanskar along with ragini will plot a plan against kavita, to avail the proof from her in the meantime, ragini will go to jail to celebrate the mehandi function with swara which was supposed to take place in the house.
    ragini will tell swara that a to-be-bride doesn’t look nice with an empty hand and both the sisters will apply mehandi on each others hand.
    indeed a rare sight! are you guys missing the love between the duos then don’t miss the further episodes.

  22. unknwn

    metro masti: kavita to destroy the evidence proving swara innocent.
    the upcoming episodes of colors show swaragini will show that real evil side of kavita to sanskar who is helpless to get swara out of jail.
    in future episodes he is trying to get evidence from her. swara has been trapped in urvashi murder as the criminal and put behind the bars.
    however real culprit is kavita and he has strong doubt on her.
    in upcoming he will frantically look for a way to help out swara.
    kavita will show the video in the phone related to urvash’s murder that can prove swara innocent.
    he will try to take the phone away from her but she will break the phone.
    he will be furious but kavita will make him to get married to her for saving swara.

  23. nik

    Seriously guyzzzzz….mehendi function in jail!!!!!! Ohhhh god knowing dis I was not able to control my laugh. I mean how one can celebrate menendi function in jail. Such a bakwas idea n ya if it really hpns its going 2 b the worst mehendi celebration sequence in daily soaps till now.way say guyzzzzz….reply haan l m egrly wrong for all yr comments regarding dis.

  24. Angel

    nikita post her photo in bridal look..i think its about upcoming seq of kavity sans marriage..if this maariage hppns then..swaragini will be next meri ashiqui tumse hi..bcz of repeating same tracks of majboori serial go off air.. This is ridiculas..chiii…cvs u r repeating tracks..2 nd time dis is hppng wid swara.. If kavity sans mrg happns..bye bye to swaragini hating dis track n cavity..show loose many viewrs if dis hppn..audiance cannot tolerate same thing..trp will drp….

    • unknwn

      ya i to saw the pic but she deleted pic quickly.. and sbas posted that ragini also in bridal wear like dulhan.. hope san kav marriage dont happen if it happens then bye bye to sr.. no one see sr now.. hope there marriage wont happen and kavita should arrest nick of time..

  25. s

    in telly masala video they said about swasan but vo said swalak fans instead swasan they said swalak.. (always they tell swalak instead of actual they have to say swasan).. in iv ragsan said and vo wu:
    “good news for fans swara ko jail se riha kar sakta hai, ya swara phirse jail se bahar aa sakti hai,aur aisa hum nahi janab bulki kud sanskar and ragini saying this. varun said ya so swara begunah prove ho sakti haithey said trying to like sabooth dundne ka koshish kar rahe hai swara comes out and kavita sanskar ko na phasa paye..vo said so it means kavita ka ye saazish fail ho sakti hai,kyu ki ragini and laksh (they have to tell ragini and sanskar but said raglak) swara ko jail se bahar nikalne ki pura koshish jo kar rahe hi,lekin how they will do this to give anzam. listen tis with them only they said “ragsan said ki thoda sa confusion hai ki sanskar ka shaadi kis se one vala hai,, kyu ki kuch aisa proof hai vo kavita ka haath me hai jis se swara beguna proof ho sakta hai, like promo kavita asks to mary her she give proof which proove swara is innocent.. ” vo said koyi bath nahi sanskar jeet hamesha sach ki hota hai..aur swara ki begunah bi logon ki samne jaldi aajayega.. swasan ki prem kahani jaldi shuru ho jayega(an said swalak here)

  26. MANU

    swaragini:sanskar and ragini trap kavita freeing swara from jail.
    swara gets jail for life time in chare of murdering masi.
    swara gets prisoners dress and she will have to shift jail on the same day where swasan are supposed to get married.
    ragsan come to meet her, she breaks down seeing them. ragsan trying hard to expose kavita to free swara from jail. ragsan try spy getting evidence against kavita.
    swara is in pain because she is in jail for the crimewhich she did not do.
    sanskar plans to get proof from kavita without getting married to her.
    will ragsan successful to trap kavita?

  27. Angel

    IN todays segment dey were showing kavita n sanskar phere le rahe hai..aur swara aati hai aur..gathbandhan kholti hai n stops d mrg..n she will expose kavita….vo said..actually swara jail se bhaag jati hai aur police bhi picchhe aati hai..bt swara expose kavity n her mother kaveri..n sanskar takes away chip frm ghungat wch proves swara is innocent..it means its plan..n blood at d murder place matches wid kaveri’s blood..n police arrests both kavita n kaveri..sanskar n ragini hugs swara..

      • Angel

        thank u so much..dear..n yes Bt m nt writing any ff..i think its some other having same name sry… Plz do vote for your fvt show,actors,actress n most important u r favourite jodi for upcoming colors golden petal awards..on colorstv.com..

  28. cheears

    Swasan ki shadi hogi swara jail she bhagkar sanskar air kavita ki shadi stop karti hair mask keep khoon keep pheche kavita keep maa kaveri ka hath hai

    • Angel

      i voted for every caaategory of sr..i yess guyz..multiple votings r allowed..koi mile na mile but best jodi n best show sr ko hi milna chahiye..pls vote..

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