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Swaragini 12th December 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Mansi telling Maheshwari house that the watch will record their every move and conversation and asks them not to compromise with it, else they will kill Mishka. Swara says we need phones. Nikhil asks her to use watches to communicate. Laksh tells Sanskar that it is very risky to rob bank. Sanskar says but they have to. Swara and Sanskar leave. Nikhil asks Ragini to make tea and says you likes to make it. Laksh says he will help Ragini and goes. Ragini sees note in milk and tells Laksh that she left note in milk utensil, but milk man had not seen it and left. Laksh says I don’t want Sanskar and Swara to do robbery. Ragini says if we don’t agree then they will kill Mishka. Laksh gets an idea and tells Ragini to make food, till then he will bring Durga Prasad’s sleeping

pills. He goes to get medicine after asking her to add in food. She says okay.

Ragini asks God to help her save her family from this trouble. Sanskar and Swara come to bank in car. Swara says bank came. Sanskar asks if we will rob the bank. Swara says if we couldn’t do this, then they will kill Mishka. They get down the car and try to enter bank silently, but Sanskar keeps his foot on crushed bottle alerting the guards. Guards ask who is there? Swara and Sanskar hides. Sanskar says may be there is an alarm system here. Swara says but we have to take risk. He tries to open the back side door lock and touches it. He says there is no alarm here, but if we break the lock then guards will catch us.

Nikhil tells everyone that they will have food before them. Laksh comes to Mishka and asks her to come and have medicine. Nikhil asks him to bring medicine there. Laksh asks Ragini where is the medicine. Ragini says one is in Uttara’s room and other is in Durga Prasad’s room. Utara tries to talk, Laksh signs her to be silent. Nikhil lets Laksh go. Laksh goes to room and gets the sleeping pills medicines. He hides it under his clothes. Swara shares her plan with Sanskar. Sanskar says he can’t let her go alone. Swara convinces him. Swara sits in the car and drives the car till the door and then stops. She keeps her head on steering so that beep sound comes. Meanwhile Sanskar breaks the lock with stone. Guards come to car looking concerned. Swara acts to be unconscious.

Laksh brings medicine and gives to Mishka. Mishka takes her medicine and drinks water. Door bell rings. Mansi asks Ragini to see who has come, and asks her to send the person back. Nikhil asks Ragini not to show cleverness else he will kill Mishka. Ragini opens the door and sees Sumi. She says you are here. Sumi gets inside and asks can’t I come to my daughter’s house. She says she went to Kali ghaat temple and did puja. Sujata asks her to go again and do puja on their behalf. Sumi senses that something is wrong as they look tensed. She asks where is Sanskar and Swara and says she will go inside and meet them. Ragini stops her.

Guard tells that it seems this Madam is unconscious, and says they have to take her out. They see the car locked and decide to break the window. Swara thinks Sanskar hurry up. Laksh tells Sumi that actually they were going somewhere. Sumi asks where you people are going? Durga Prasad says we are going to Picnic. Sumi says it is good and says she will ask Shekhar to bring Ayush with him. Ragini says we don’t want to go with you and asks her to go. Sumi is shocked hearing her blunt reply.

Precap: Ragini gives water to Sumi. Sumi sees pistol and understands that the family members life is in danger. Meanwhile Sanskar and Swara are seen running on road and the guard shoots at them.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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    Thank you hasan mam 🙂

    1. Kakali

      Happy Birthday Mahiraa Diii,,, may this day brings all d happiness in ur life.. all ur wish n dreams come true Ddiiii,,, … A bear hug from me… *cut cake..
      *no nooo lemme eat first…
      *after cutting d cafe snatch It n run to Pluto with my private submarine…
      God bless u Dii,,, ?

      1. MAHIRA

        Aree…*wiping my eyes*
        You made me cry chote kaku… first one to wish me tonight… (midnight is in more than 4 hours, so i am all surprised and emotive with your message
        THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!!
        *bear hug*

      2. Adishu

        happy happy

      3. Adishu

        very happy birthday diii… n diii I have a request will u please give a short summary of your ss… in simple language…. what all happened till now….

      4. Lounaa

        dear Kakali
        when i entered here the first time you all accepted me like a family to comment here became a habit a dear one in fact
        maybe Swaragini has reach its end but i hope our friendship our talking with dear Mahira and dearest Mica will continue
        thank you so deeply

    2. Happy Birthday api
      Lots of love from my side too
      God bless u and give u all happiness
      Again happy birthday enjoy hard
      :* :*

      1. MAHIRA

        thank you so much ansa *give a part of cake*

    3. Lounaa

      happy birthday Mahiraa dear may all your wishes come true enjoy your day i wishh all the best the happiness the luck and the love

      1. MAHIRA

        thank you so much dear Lounaa… i’m so happy to celebrate it here with my swaraginian friends *bear teary hug again*

      2. LOUNAA !!! now what should i say? u know i was about to leave TU before 1 month due to my final exams … but i couldn’t..i couldn’t .. m still here .. sticking like a old gumm.. u know why?
        bcz TU family is like that only.. we can’t left it … specially i can’t…
        Swaragini has a given me a new family with different members(u all) for whom i feel so blessed… we should thnk u all also.. !!! Louna tight hug dear..
        May b SR has come yo en end but our relation with all never change… it will same as now …. but d fact shatters me that aahere we will talk? where? pehle monday to Friday we always gather here to spam,joke,cry, bash,celebrate happiness,to curse,to kick …… after Finishing SR this page i mean written update page will also disappear … urghhh still unable to stop my tears.. !!! what will i do? why all this happening? God SR seriously wrapped up…. watching d videos i just could only cry… it’s too painful for me to bear… n for this Colors channel i m getting severe headache from 3-4 days like hell.. tablets even not working….. huhhhh *hug Louna n cry on footpath…
        gd mrng ev1..

    4. Mica

      waaa… huh! late.. Happy belated birthday mahira didi!!!! omg..older older older now
      wosh you more wise, more naughty, more pretty, long life full of hidayah, god bless you..all the best for your life *hug tight .
      you get best present from color tv 😀

      1. MAHIRA

        * hug tight*
        not late sweet dear sister Mica … thank you so much… happy Mawlid to you 🙂
        ehhh… older and naughtier… hum… should gave adult section in that forum ;p
        wish i get this oresent… oh yes i wish!!

      2. Deeksha

        Happy birthday mahira….!!!!!!! I don’t know whether to calls u di or not…??????? Anyway if u r my di then happy bday di….!!!!!!

    5. happy birthday to u Mahira di
      manny many happy returns of the day

      1. MAHIRA

        Thank you dear *bear hug*

    6. Simi

      Belated birthday wishes 🙂

      1. MAHIRA

        Thank you dear… 😀

  2. Adishu

    really…. don’t know from where to start….
    I don’t understand what this people want…. what was that “aakhari salaam”…..my foot…. looking as if going to commit suicide….. I don’t understand that today in 21st century also…. some people are still dump driven cattles…. these SR team are dump cattles who are driven by colors tv….foolish people…. they are going to suffer like hell… all….

    1. Kaynatk01

      totally agree with u yr seriously hate them

    2. MAHIRA

      thank you dear Aditi …. THANK YOU SO MUCH *bear hug*
      For My FF, ok, i’ll write it and sent you a message as soon as I post it 🙂

      1. Lounaa

        and dear Mahira
        with swaragini ends let me take the opportunitie to thank you for a friendship that have been since we are the Fandom all together.
        Thanks for everytime we talk we debate evrything
        i am more than honoured to be a Swasanian more to have a dear friend like you

      2. Mahira Diii,,, seriously m d 1st one… yeeppieeee jump jump jump… m so happy… enjoy n live d to fullest Dii,,
        God bless u.. waaa i wish i could give u something as gift.. hmmm lemme think.. heyyya got it.. *a tight pinch in ur cheeks… !! ?

  3. Finally everything is going to finish.. nevermind every has an en

  4. Finally everything is going to finish.. nevermind every has an ending .. SR too.. !! GOD BLESS SR WHOLE TEAM.. !!
    God bless me more to trun my curses true ..
    Thnk u Mam for update.. even though i couldn’t watch for headache but my mom n sis enjoyed it ..
    urghh one song comes to my mind… Kise poochu..
    Hai aisa kyu?
    Bejubaan saa ye jahaan hai..
    Khushi ke pal
    Kahaan dhoondu?
    Benishaan sa waqt bhi yahaan hai,,,
    Jaane kitne labon pe gile hain,,
    Zindagi se kayi faasle hain,,
    Paseejte hai sapne kyun aankhon mein,,
    Lakeere jab chhoote inn haathon se yun bewajah,,,
    Jo bheji thi dua…
    Woh jaake aasmaan se yun takra gayi,,,
    Ki aa gayi hai laut ke sadaa
    God didn’t hear my prayers….

    1. Abdul hafiz(Uma)

      Waa!!Poor you????..

      1. Umaaaa !! don’t call me poor..? i m rich.. ?i have one dairy milk bubbly n one dairy milk silk in my stock?… soo i m d most richest person in d whole universe…?

    2. Mica

      Kakuuuu…get well soon dear…headache again ?

      1. Kakali

        Temple run, candy crush, subway surf, Disprin, crosin, sleeping pills, anti depression pills even my spects r not working today.. !! now rest is coconut.. hope he will not ditch me.. !! ;-*

    3. MAHIRA

      *di’s magic kiss to take off headacke*
      get well soon kaku dear… try camomy infusions

      1. U know Mahira Dii, sometimes even meds doesn’t work but a simple sentence or some words do magic just d way now… waaa feeling blessed… !!!
        Thnk u. ;-* ?

    4. Lounaa

      dear Kakali hope u get better soon..
      as for episode i couldnt see or i didnt to be exact everytime i feel goodbye so near is hurts me much…trying to live in denial right now

      1. Dear Louna u r soo correct… !! d exact reason i avoid SR yesterday is d same u said.. i could also have watched but no guts.. every time i watch them my tears makes way from eyes n my headache increases. !! so i guess avoiding this yesterday was best option for me..
        i have never imagined in my worst dreams also that i have face all this.. !! huhh “i feel proud of myself as a SwaSanian..”
        SR ROCKS….. !!!!

    5. MAHIRA

      Aww… *bear hug+magic didi kiss* again
      Hope all your pain vanish’.. Just imagine a Swasan cute moment and hop … Magic 🙂

    6. get well soon Kakali di
      the song was amazing and it suits so much

  5. Mica

    Thank you H hasan mam for update..
    huh! not bad, i got many lives on candy crush today…

    1. Lounaa

      hi Dear Mica
      I know i havent been lately here seriously i cant believe that Channel snatched our serial so simply like that and after that all these goodbye videos and photos and seeing My Swara in tears shattered me apart i cant even listen to swaragini title song
      I know everything have got to come to an end but not like this…
      i wish Helly all the best all the success even with tears falling right now
      It hurts too much but the thing is Swaragini had made fan swasanian to the chore and friends like you dear which im so proud.
      let me thank you deeply for your friendship wishing it will still go on and on after swaragini finish

      1. MAHIRA

        i was so shattered after those videos and seeing Helly crying so much…. ha… i start crying again, honestly I’m in *crying mood* for the last days since i saw that video, didn’t watch the 2 last episodes yet, no heart to do it, may be today, may be not, i want to concentrate a max …
        i passed today selecting snaps from all the episodes i loved, Swasanian pure moments, just for my FF but then i went more and more in sad mood that never got that again… feeling like i want returning back in time and never discovered the serie, or dreaming that another serial will start, only Swasan so we’ll not have any controversery at all, no bashing, no stupid reason to say it’s your fault!!!
        Lounaa dear, i will not use past time, i’am sooo happy to have met poeple like you here, very proud and happy to consider you as a friend.. debating with you and Mica gave me best moments here, i never thought finding friends so far away in the world just because of Swaragini… for that thank you so much
        I’m sure we’ll meet again on other ways, on fanfictions so Swaragini will never end for us
        *bear crying hug*

      2. Mica

        huh! lounaaaaa… where have you been ?huhuhuhu don’t say anything dear.. we will more sad, no thank you no sorry OK! we are family…. no matter what color did to us, still we are family, Swasanian family, even i love it, being Swasanian, i meet many good friends, arguing, bashing, laughing, teasing, praising and even thinking about shameless thing.. omg, soo soo soo much fun.. uugghh love you all

    2. Lounaa

      when i entered here the first time u were the first one to welccome me and with time i felt here is a family we talked we debated we negociated we laugh and sonetimes we went sad as per now when all come to reach the very end…maybe thank you isnt enough but i dont have more to say than this…i wish we will talk always cz leaving swaragini is a pain but leaving u all is a disaster
      Thank you deeply dearest Mica

  6. Mica

    Don’t be jealous.. don’t be jealous.. that’s my Swasan.. that’s our shameless swasan..
    no matter what the situation, no matter what the occasion , no matter what time or what place.. they never leave a chance to do ROMANCE.. omg omg omg….
    the smart Swara, the protective and possessive Sanskar..they will never END….
    well, seem our swasan very very multi talented, even in bank robbery, they are success ……YAY!

  7. akhiri salaam…………………..that really made me cry
    but the whole episode i think was a bit funny
    first swasan had to do a robbery in nightclothes
    second is robbing a bantk so easy……………pls somebody tell me the address of that bank
    third sumi asked is everything alright she didn’t even ask why were they still in their nightclothes
    and last ragini’s blunt reply
    swaragini is ending and i don’t know what will i watch later on


    thank you color tv for this gift, tiny, sweet little swasnian moment…
    Sanskar beta??? you take your wife for a robbery bank excurtion in your sleeping (and more) clothes?????? it’s normal you finish romancing in the early morning outside
    Even mansi seems talking about your habit of doing romance instead of detective (or now goons) work , she warns you very clearely, if you do anything else robbery, we’ll know… but for our sweet swasan it doesn’t matter!
    those watches (even sanskar’s blue one makes him look hot *i am weak with men using left not right hand!*… but the james bond package, let laugh and cry!!!!!!
    swasan turns to be manga characters… let’s make a hold up with a small bank on the corner….
    talking about laugh and cry!!! what are those masks???? goons look really ridiculous!!!

    Sharmista maa… you have always been a so reserved person, you choose today to play Sujata silliness…without proper reason you have never sit on Maheshwari diner table and today you want pic nic!!!!!!

    1. Mica

      huh! really you are impossible shameless fans’ leader..omg!!!!!!!
      Mansi warn him about talking to police, or asking help from other, not about ROMANCE! do you understand ?????? do you understand ???? IT’S NOT ABOUT ROMANCE * bang my head on floor, wall and stome
      gooodd, why you leave me with shameless fans *poor innocent soul

      1. Lounaa

        thats what i forget to mention that we are shameless fan one of many other aspect but the best one in fact dear Mica…
        Promiss these 3 days will try not to cry cz friendship will never end plus will have ur wrinting in swasanfictioys to still go on and on
        isnt it my dear other shameless friend?

      2. MAHIRA

        Nahi nahi nahi chote innocent behen… Firstly she talks clearly about police but she adds a warning about “doing ANYTHING else but robbery”
        *shameless fan and proud of it*

  9. Yahuuuuuuuuuuuuu !!!!! Helooo ev1 … can anyone gimme d address of d bank which SWASAN robbed…. OMGGGGGGG !!!! i will also rob…. waaaa with that monney i will open a new production house… !!! i will cast SR team……
    huahhh haaa haaaaa unbelievable Swaragini n OUR YUMPOSSIABLE SWASAN…. goshhhh that’s make me more crazy… ?

  10. MAHIRA

    what akhree salam areyou talking about ?

    1. Lounaa

      dear Mahira
      in the promo picture they added a line in pink just under the word Swaragini it is Akhri salam
      by the way its so painful tooo
      and for the Channel i hate it thousand time and wish nobody watch that new serial to make them feel our pain

      1. MAHIRA

        Kabhi alvida na kehna….
        Phir milenge… Chalte chalte…
        Helly varun soon very soon in a show inshallah…

    2. Lounaa

      dear Mahira
      couldnt agree more no Goodbye cz that damn word is iiritating and painful so no goodbye never ever till they(Helly and Varun) meet again
      Meanwhile our friendship will last cz its a lifestyle a way of life for ever

    3. Kakali

      Mahira Dii, i m thinking to sell my whole property..(mobile,tab,ipad,lappy,scooty,ring,necklace,all d accessories, 2-4 big big books,) huhh will it b enough to open a new production house n casting HaVe? What’s day? plz don’t laugh…*mad me.. !!

    4. Mica

      ameen for that ..but huh! i’m not a star madness, so if only swasan over, everything is over, no matter if helly or varun will come in other serial, it won’t same, since the matter for me is the character, not the actors…omg…WHAT SHOULD I DO!!!!!!

      1. MAHIRA

        I’m just like for that.. But somehow Swasan has so immense potential that I just dream of a screen couple like srk and kajol maturing with time with same concept of Swasan… Like rahul and anjali

    5. Mica

      if only VaHe will be as couple in other serial, inshaallah i’ll be there to watch.. but if they are separated,,hhmmm.. i don’t think sooo… aaawww SRK-Kajol fans ….

  11. This serial is getting stupid day by day.
    Missing swaragini bonding

  12. Mica

    MYna and Kakali… STOP YOUR DREAM TO ROB THAT UTM BANK ( U Too Much Bank)
    too much silliness, too much easy to rob, too much stupid guard..

    You are both are not THE SMART GREAT SWASAN…. so, may it will be easy for them, but for you Kaku and Myna, huh! better let us crying and crying, cursing and cursing…

    1. Nopee Nopeee Micuuu my sis… it’s RBI(Reserve Bank of India) that m gonna Rob.. *bang my head with coconut…
      But i wish i could made an Insurance… LIC POLICY OF SR…
      Huhhh Zindegi ke saath bhi,,
      Zindegi kee badd bhii…

      but here it sounds….
      OFF AIR HONE KE BAAD BHI… *take off to Pluto.

      1. Lounaa

        dear Kakali friendship never wash away it sticks for a lifetime cz simply it is a lifestyle…that is me with you and dearest Mica and dear Mahira and all swasasnians…
        We will find a way to debate no matter what even to debate about workd war two which by the way i wish for That damn channel and wish nobody will watch it again with that serial that looks like ours…
        Bug big hugs to you and all

    2. Mica di u just gave the right name for UTM bank
      and di i’m not stopping my dream of robbing it(if i ever find it)
      and yes Kakali di pls lemme help u in recasting Swaragini

  13. KrissAnn

    guys all are saying that swabhimaan has the same concept of SwaRagini

  14. Swasan❣Aara

    Why is sr getting over? I jus love this serial. I use to see kd and that also got. What will i see now? I jus love swasan aka herun. ?????. They and aara are tge best.

  15. Swasan❣Aara

    swaragini is getting over but people pls do not stop posting swasan ff. That will be my Only support system. Plsssssssssss keep posting??i am a hugeeeee swasan and aara fan??

    1. Lounaa

      we will continue posting we will continue talking.Being a swasan is a lifestyle and no matter what we will be always swasanians and we are the Fandom power.That same power that will rock the channel and all people on charge of snatching our serial.
      That is Our SWASANIAN kassam

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