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The Episode starts with Sanskar coming to his room and sees Swara sad. He says I know you are upset. Swara cries thinking about Ragini slapping her….She says I don’t know why did she slap me. Sanskar consoles and hugs her. Swara says I am not feeling bad that Ragini raised hand on me, as I know there is something which is bothering her. She says Ragini was more affected by the slap and says I have a feeling that she is doing wrong. Ragini tells Laksh that it is between her and her sister. She says we had an argument, I couldn’t bear it and slapped her. Laksh says you both had fight even before, but you never raise hand on her before. He asks what is going on between you both and says I am very worried for you both, especially both. Ragini says I….Laksh says I know there is something, else you

wouldn’t have withdrawn money from the bank. Ragini says my friend needed it. Laksh asks what was that friend? Ragini says that music academy friend. Laksh asks are you sure that you aren’t hiding anything from me. Ragini gets a message just then….asking her not to tell anything. She looks around and says I am not hiding anything. Laksh takes his office bag.

Ragini asks Laksh to forget all that. Swara says I can’t forget this and have to find out why Ragini is doing this. Sanskar asks Ragini to tell him if he needs anything. She spills water on his suit and asks him to change his suit. While Laksh goes to change his suit, Ragini takes the tender pics. Sanskar comes just then calling Ragini. Laksh asks Sanskar not to question her and says Swara had also raised hand on Ragini, but I never told her anything. Sanskar says you are behaving childish and goes. Swara gets a call from orphanage informing about her brother’s whereabouts. She note down the address and tells Sanskar. Ragini gets blackmailer’s call asking her to send pics. Ragini refuses to send him pics until she meets someone. Blackmailer agrees and asks her to come at 8 pm.

Swara and Sanskar come to Chaube’s house and introduce themselves. Orphanage lady tells her that the boy’s family is found. Chaube’s wife says yes, I know as someone came from agency and took the baby.

A goon shows the baby to Ragini and says you wanted to meet him before doing work. Ragini gets emotional seeing baby. Blackmailer is seen keeping eye on her. Swara shows Dadi’s pic and asks if she was that woman. Mrs. Chaube says no. Swara wonders who took chotu. Ragini cries hugging Chotu and says I am your sister….Ragini Didi. She says I have to do so much to find you. A fb is shown. Parineeta sending video to Ragini. Ragini coming to the orphanage and telling that she wants to adopt a baby for her mum. Warden asks her to bring her parents there. A fb is shown again…Ragini sees nurse coming there and talking to lady beggar about Sumi’s baby. Ragini hears her and thinks even Sumi loses baby on that day. Nurse says that baby’s mum is Sharmistha Gadodia.

Later Ragini checks the papers at the orphanage and comes to know about Chaube family adopting him. She wears saree of that orphanage staff and comes to Chaube house. She tells that she is from agency and tells that the baby’s parents are found. Mrs. Chaube gives the baby. Ragini sits in car and asks driver to take care to Baadi. Just then blackmailer comes in car and kidnaps Chotu. Ragini runs behind the car, but fails down. Fb ends. Ragini tells Chotu that Parineeta made her video when she took him from Mrs. Chaube, and blackmailed her saying that she will tell everyone that I have done your kidnapping. She cries and says unfortunately Parineeta died. Goon takes baby from her hands. Swara and Sanskar ask lady constable to help them find Parineeta. Sanskar asks why you are trying to find bhabhi. Swara says there is some connection among Chotu, Parineeta and Ragini’s weird behavior.

Durga Prasad congratulates his family and says they got the tender. Swara looks at Ragini. Ragini receives blackmailer’s call telling her that whatever happened wasn’t right. They don’t deserve this. Annapurna brings Prasad. Durga Prasad tells Ragini and Swara that they are like his daughters. Annapurna asks them to make each other have Prasad. Ragini apologizes to her and makes her eat Prasad. Swara says it is okay. Swara also makes her have Prasad. Adarsh says all the family members will be happy now. Swara sees Ragini crying.

Ragini tells blackmailer that she will not do whatever he says and asks who are you, tell me. The blackmailer turns to see his face. Ragini is shocked.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. NOOOOO WHY IS THIS HAPPENING???? WHYYYY OMG I LOVE RAGINI AND SWARA BUT PLEASE DONT DRAG THIS ANY LONGER I CANNOT TAKE THE SUSPENSE ANYMOREEEE!!! Please return the baby ASAP and show some happiness!! I LOVE THIS!! Swasan should be happy and Raglak should have a baby!!

  2. Finally laksh spoke for ragini but that too on wrong moment….swara slapped ragini for a purpose when she alleged her for having affair with both bros…. She deserved it but ragini slapped swara for nothing!! Though she z guilty but laksh’s defense is illogical!!!!he should have spoken boldly when AP slapped ragini…..

    Kidnapper z gonna be adarsh I guess…..

    1. u r right anu laksh defense is illogical

    2. Mica

      rite Anu, indeed, laksh has had angry to ragini those ages and kidnapped ragini at least.

  3. I read on a spoiler that said Swara wont know about all this till Janmashtami, which is on like August 25.. Thats a long time, this is going to be really dragged on… almost 2 more weeks of this track I guess….

  4. SR of this week is good..its a perfect mixture scenes of swara,swasan,swaragini,family time,happiness,sorrows,raglak and ragini scenes..but i think ragini scenes is more compared to raglak scenes…but i liked it..everyone got equal scenes..pls cvs continue like this..
    if they continue like this trp will increase…

    and in thursdays epi ragini’s acting is not upto expectation..she tried but didn’t reach upto level..sometime i feel its fake and her sound modulation is not good..sometime its lack of emotions..as a viewer i felt like this..tejaswi is a great actress anger waala scenes is suits her more..crying is not suit for her..srry if it hurt anyone..but as a critical viewr i feel lyk this…

  5. hahahahaha its soo funny ragini wants to become mahan infront of everyone by bringing her brother alone and wantsbto prove herself mahan.but what happend????Ashe again and agin become LOOSER.why can’t she take the help of swara or laksh atleast??noo she want to become mahan.dumb girl
    show ahow more show ur intelligence you stupid dumbo girl.swara is more intelligent and strong than that dumbo ragini.

    and thanks nagini for changing laksh into a dumbo person..how can he support ragiñi for her crimes??how illogically he said..dumbo criminal wife ki stupid illogical husband…

    and some stupid jealous ppl said in their iv that trp is low bcz of their less scenes..they said dat bcz of their less scenes trp is low coming week is their scenes soo watch SR and increase trp aage ke tho dey don’t know soo ask more for their scenes and startd to mocking and insulting other actors…
    we can see increase in their scenes 1.6, 1.4…vow what a increase…raglak fans dont tell its not their week mostly they show their scenes and look trp its decreasing..hahaha tejaswi always blackmail or treaten cvs for her scenes..sometimes quiting drama by giving these type ofvdrama..she said same thing in her2 ivs..unprofessional girl..aur dikavo ragini scenes..no one like ragini thats why trp is like this..even swara ML track trp is 1.8-2.0 level
    isaw manybraglakian comments about trp in the time of swara ML..they really making fun of swasan..what u saying ragini fans????swara is best than ragini..don’t put blame on pari for low trp..temish iv made me to write like this.

    1. excuse me lisa as you know that kidnapper is looking at her with a bird eye and message her as something happens what ou think how can she tell to anyone you stupid one

    2. dear u know what!!!!!! if u want to praise ur fav swaragini actors u can do that.Regarding Trp ….still it is fine bcz it is UR OPINION….But if u hate someone plz keep it for urself………….DO NOT BASH ANYONE…………U HAVE NO RIGHTS TO SAY AGAINST REAL ACTORS ESPECIALLY TEJASSWI……….I AM DAMN SURE U DON’T EVEN KNOW HER PERSONALLY………HOW COME U R SAYING THAT SHE IS UNPROFESSIONAL GIRL……..?????????
      and ur saying that no one likes Ragini.there r lot of Ragini/Tejasswi fans too …….just like swara/Helly fans ……
      So kindly do not bash anyone……..HOPE U GET IT

    3. Mica

      i won’t comment bout your rude words to ragini, let ragini’s fans defend her.
      but really, accused someone in real is soo rude, Dud!
      u even don’t know what happened behind the scene.

    4. Pls see the show properly. Kidnapper is keeping eyes on her wherever she goes. If she tells swara it someone the kidnapper can cause harm to the baby. Stop BASHING!!! Don’t act stupid. Shut up

      1. Absolutely right I agree with u

  6. Mica

    So, my point of view..
    the sole reason of all the problem was ragini herself.
    her hidden secret opened an opportunity of blackmailing.
    Ragini had known bout his brother longer than swara.
    but why she didn’t tell anything to swara,
    so parineetha saw it as a chance to blackmailing her.
    just if ragini trusting swara or laksh to tell everything
    i think swara will more interest to hear that their bother is live than accused ragini kidnapped a baby.
    oh Ragini, sharing a problem won’t make you weak, dear
    it shown that you trust/love the person whom you shared the problem.
    you can try to trust laksh, and it will create less problem
    look at swara, even if sometime she lied to sanskar, she told the truth to sanskar at least
    because she trust sanskar, she love sanskar. ( i bet sanskar will get heart attack someday to have wife as swara hahaha)

    1. agree with u…but blackmailer is eyeing ragini each n every moment…and she is fearing that hewould do something to his lil bro…may b that is y she is not sharing it with anyone…..during fake pregnancy track,she shared her ideas/decisions with laksh…even i am liking swaragini’s twists now a days

      1. first time parineetha sent the video, parineetha blackmailing ragini to make all of family accept parineetha, nothing else (the video shown as ragini kidnapped a baby), when swara asked ragini what happened ?(swara smelt something fishy) why does she change her decision bout parineetha? Ragini said nothing, rite ?
        assumed that there are 2 different blackmailer:
        1. parineetha
        2. unknown.
        did parineetha said that she know every move of ragini ? she just blackmailed her that she will tell family that ragini kidnapped a baby….
        that why i said, just if ragini told everything to swara, just if ragini trusting one of her family, i bet they are more excited to hear their new family member alive… that’s it.

      2. bout fake pregnancy drama, of course she should ask laksh permission, since laksh is the only one who can make her pregnant for sure, hahahha

    2. Mila swara v kbhi kisi ko kuch ni btati h… Bt ragini baby ko lekr ja hi rhi thi ghr or beech me hi baby kidnap Ho gya isme ragini ki kya glti… Btw cvs is real culprit

      1. Mica

        i don’t understand hindi, sorry, but i put my further explanation already.
        dun wurry, cvs need to drag the story so we can still watch swasan raglak.
        btw, it’s common problem, someone whose have bitter past mostly did as ragini ever done.

  7. Mica

    btw, i love the husbands tried to defending their own wife…
    even though laksh’s answer such an illogical, but still i luv it.

    1. Mica

      i dunno why but i love this swaragini ‘s twist/ problem nowadays.. wish the trp increasing.
      but sorry i can’t give any credit to the trp as i’m not living in India

  8. Episode ws interestng…dnt know wen blackmailer wl b revealed…loved swaragini’s bondng….
    N how dat blackmailer knows everythng about ragini??wen she ws talkng to laksh ,how blaclmailer said dnt tell hm anythng!!!…lets jst pray dat all dese things gets solved soon..loved ragini’s acting 🙂 ;)… swasanlak i lyk u all 🙂 🙂

  9. sakshi magdum

    Who is the damm black mailer.Is parineeta died?I don’t think so.This serial is filled with so much of suspense. Some or the problem gets create.damm waiting for some interest

  10. sakshi magdum

    What the hell is going on?who is the damm blackmailer?adharsh?I don’t think so

  11. sakshi magdum

    What the hell is going on?whose is the blackmailer? Adarsh? I don’t think so

  12. Alia

    What the hell is happening? Not able to understand anything there is no swasan n raglak scenes only drama , anger n sadness.At first i thought the blackmailer is adarsh but I read somewhere that the blackmailer is laksh i mean how this be possible..laksh loves ragini then y will he blackmail ragini n create hatred for ragini in everyones eyes…I am just waiting for this blackmailing drama to finish..n reveal the real blackmailer soon.

    1. Luvleen

      I watched last night’s episode it’s funny I can miss couple of weeks n come back not missing anything.

      I think parineeti is alive and had staged her death n has this blackmailer on her side…hmmm could be an old enemy…why would laksh be the blackmailer? Unless laksh is being blackmailed for something n is forced to blackmail his wife!!! Lol confused!!! ?

      1. Alia

        i also think that parineeta has faked her death…i also think that laksh cann’t be the blackmailer just waiting to see the blackmailers face…n this track to end

  13. I don’t think laksh defending s illogical …v can shout nd scold our dear ones bt v cant c others scolding tem…laksh before nd him nw s diff he loves ragini nw…he cared abt swara nd asked ragini t reason…he don’t want sansky to accuse her bcoz of tat he defended her…anyways loved SR bonding…raglak scenes…baby nd ragini scenes…

  14. lol cvs ur indeed spectaculus at spoiling things lol by seeing this vedio ragus life will get spoil seriosly cvs its high time give us good raglak track and swasan rommantic sceens really they are good at it again pechanting for raglak track

  15. Oh my doll teju u rocked as usual…
    I watched this episode 4 times only for u….
    U never cease to amaze me…..u can play any role…….i think thats why few people hate Ragini even now…
    Laksh defend for Ragini is cool even illogical……
    Love u teju.Love u ragini….me and my frds are big fan of u and we r watching this serial only and only for u……if in any episode where there is no role for you,it is feel incomplete….

  16. In the precap I think it’s Swara in the black hood. She wants to know what Ragini is hiding from her so maybe… Just a guess

  17. I think Adarsh aur pareenita ka sub plan hai aur Adarsh blackmailer hai …..

  18. Excusme joy,asha,anonymous..pls read what i wrote properly..i said ragini wants to become mahan in the sense she want to take the credit for bring her brothr to house…
    when ragini comes to know about her brother is alive why didn’t she shate this thing with anyone????why???she can tell this to swara or her soo calked husband laksh..nooo she didn’t bcz she want to befome mahan by bring babu by herself and she want all credit goes to her..selfish girl..and what happend she again become a LOOSER,DUMB..
    see swara seeking help from sanky for finding babu..but ragini didn’t ..atleast she can inform this to laksh..she claim herself that laksh is her true love but can’t shate a problem of her to her husband..why???she didn’t trust laksh????like some ragini fans she didn’t give any value to laksh???noo when she came to knw abt chottu she want to become mahan and go alone for chottu..very funny..what to say she is a dumb nerd naa..soooo she wll do lyk this..dumbo coward behenjiii(behenjiii in the sense bcz of her thoughts not by dressing)

    in otherside when swqra comes to knw abt chottu/babu she shate it with her beloved husband bcz she love and trust sanskar..and when swara hide pari’s kidnap ragini has doubt on swara and ragini directly questiond abt it to swaravand swara very polietly replied to ragini..but what ragini did rudely behave with her..i think these thoughts are going on nagini’s mind thats why she told everythng to swarq ki how sanky bear u blah blah blah..and also abt her insecurity to everyone..like suju said she is nagini..
    even parineetha is far better than nagini

    1. agree with u lisa atleast ragini can tell about chottu matter to atleast laksh.that time no one eyeing on ragini.i also feel the same ki ragini wants to become mahan

    2. dear lisa……..I haven’t said anything regarding what u said about ragini…I just said ki don’t bash REAL ACTORS………as u did that………

      1. Yes u r right mahaan stupid dumbo nagini

      2. N he is swara’s bro also she has right to know about her brother vaise bhi us nagini ka to vo sautela bhai hai par swara ka real bro hai so shona has first right on him

  19. Please readers encourage the actors (everyone) as all are doing their best as per the script and lisa sorry tejaswi is not using her brain cvs is making her do so please understand because i too understand ur sentiments and dont call ragini nagini as its a sweet name do not spoil it hope u all understand love u all

  20. well some ppl jz waiting for a reason to blame ragini n ty get a reason too…great!!! luv u ragu.u are the strongest..

    1. Mica

      sometime you shouldn’t just thinking about blaming, try to take it in positive way also..
      u can learn as ragini’s case,
      -that a lie will earning another lie,…
      -don’t let your bitter past haunted you to do rite thing even thought it will troubling u…
      -trusting someone isn’t bad…
      -be yourself…( ragini underestimate herself that she is weak in front of others, but she forgot that she is strong in her own way )
      sometime, watching serial isn’t all bout fandom.

  21. n ya some ppl have confusions in the name i guess.no issues.il clear.it isnt nagini its ragini.to be very clear Ragini Laksh Maheshwari.hope it was usefull..

    1. but ragini’s character like a nagini who ready to bite everyone.her thoughts are also same.nagini.always hurt other.what suju said is correct ragini is really Nagini..ready to duss everyone even her inlaws.but one thingbis different this nagini is a dumbo coward type who attack hiddenly.stupid nagini.its suits for dat ragini devi more.

      1. nusz dear…………..please for god’s sake don’t instigate Ragini’ s fans with ur bashing comments.It is Mrs.Ragini Laksh Maheshwari…….got it

  22. I read a article which said laksh is the blackmailer.isnt tat stupid!!few days ago he was struggling to save the baby n nw he has kidnapped it.he was ready to go to ny extent for ragini’s happiness tat he even lied his own fmly n nw he is doing all tz.he z making his beloved wife evil in every1’s eyes.hats off cvs!!!to bring trp u’ll make ny sweet character evil.great!!! seems making every character negative is the sole motto of SR cvs.lets see will ty even make swara negative.cz shes the oly 1 left

    1. no no no dear………that was fake…..

    2. Mica

      no way… it such kinda promo to gain viewer’s interest, mostly they will put them in question mode on..for example.. is laksh the blackmailer ? blah blah blah…just kinda like that.

      1. I read its aadharsh who is doing this all

  23. Bakwas hai bakwas hai bakwas hai except helly

  24. I want to say one thing this series is swaragini..so one is incomplete without other..I love both..because situation handle karne ka har kisika apna apna tarika hota hea…ur har koi best koshis karta hea..per iska ye matlab nehi hea ki o loser hea..jab swara ko rajat ne blackmail kia tha na chahte hue bhi bohot kuch kia iska ye matlab nehi hea ki o loser hea.. swaragini ke bare me asa comments don’t accepted..agar kisiko accha nehi lagta so don’t watch series..okay…agar kisiko meri batose bura lagta hea so understand ki ase comments se Hume bhi bura lagta hea..

  25. so my pov z bth sisters r equal.bth are in a mission f saving their bro.if ragini has nt sed nythng to swara until nw,swara has also nt sed nythng to ragini until nw.bfr blackmailng ragini cud ave sed to swara bt she dint say.swara isnt being blackmailed,so nw she cud say to ragini bt she dint say.swara sed to her husband recently nt bfr.if ragini wasnt being blackmaild she wud ave shared it with her husband if nt bfr atleast nw cz v ave seen she trusts her husband n has shared things.swara shared it oly with her husband n nt with the fmly.ragini too shared fp with husband n nt with the fmly while swara had scolded ragini fo doing so,shez doing same thing nw.if swara z ryt ragini z ryt too.its nt tat swara nvr does mistakes.she does bt its jz tat her mistakes get coverd up soon while ragini’s remain fo longer.n ragini being blamed fo hurting fmly z nt fair cz shez double hurt fo doing soo.

    1. Mica

      lying is if you ask something but the answer is out of the truth.
      swara ever questioning ragini, but ragini LIED to her.
      ragini didn’t questioning swara…so, swara doesn’t lie to ragini,
      that was the differences between both..
      once, parineetha blackmailing ragini, swara ever asked her, but she said NOTHING HAPPENED…

    2. Mica

      yups, you are rite, their mission is equal.. the differences was, ragini tried to solve it herself since the beginning. so, good luck ragini !
      swara tried to solve it with her husband, so, good luck swara!
      sometime 2 brains more useful than 1 brain.

      1. Mica

        useful fo make wise decision

    3. actually ragini devi wants to become mahan like lisa said thats why she doing things alone or she didn’t trust her husband

  26. Xxxxx ( Shrinjal )

    Nice episode. Love helly n teju?

  27. if we have registered sm1 has wrong in our mind watever good ty do it seems wrong to us.so there z no point in explaining…

    1. Mica

      yups…especially if they didn’t get the point of the explanation.

  28. Iamsofianeak


    1. Luvleen

      Who is adarsh? Bro in law? So his helping parineeti?

      1. Mica

        adarsh is parineetha’s husband, the elder son of DP, big brother of Laksh

      2. Iamsofianeak

        Luvleen i just know that he is the blackmailer , adarsh , parin’husban , laksh’s brro !
        frrom the new olvv

  29. I heard laksh gonna be the blackmailer in serialgossip cite..is it true or false…

  30. Hey guyz it is revealed in spoilers that adarsh pari r blackmailing ragu and park is alive she will enter mm in disgust of maid swara will doubt her n adarsh will blackmail swara to get sign of dp on some documents and swara will befool him by getting signatures by pen with disappearing ink and decide to expose dem rags will also tell swara truth on janmashtami function

    1. Iamsofianeak

      Haaa i saw the olv , but every charachter is ruinedd nowww ! even adarssh
      protagonist turns antagonist

  31. And laksh is behaving so rude how can he say like that to sanky? N seems like he forgot when swara slapped rags he hated her n always used to badmouth rags in front of swara

  32. now he loves his wife too much n cant see ny1 hurting her.true love changes everything u know

  33. 15th aug updates plzz

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