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Durga Prasad tells Swara that he will not forgive her and accepts Ragini as Laksh’s wife. He tells that he is with Laksh’s decision. He blesses Ragini and calls her Ragini Laksh Maheshwari. He asks them to leave. Sanskar tells Durga Prasad that he wanted to take revenge, but now he realized his mistakes and is repenting. He asks didn’t you have forgiven Laksh? Parineeta requests Durga Prasad to forgive Sanskar. Ram also requests Durga Prasad to forgive Sanskar and says he is repenting. He tells him to do a favor on him. Durga Prasad asks him not to bend infront of him, and says he can’t forgive Sanskar. He says there is no forgiveness for him, but for you…..I can permit him to stay in this house. Parineeti thanks him. Durga Prasad asks Sanskar not to take Swara’s side again. Swara asks

him to follow Durga Prasad’s decision, and don’t let the chance go from his hands. She says she will wait for…….. Laksh angrily takes the Laksh weds Swara board and breaks it. He holds Swara’s hand and throws her out of the house asking her to leave.

Sanskar and Sujata hug Sanskar, while he looks at Ragini with revenge in his eyes. Laksh tells Swara that he will never forgive her for her doings. He asks her to take the board and leave from there. He says I hate you Swara. Swara cries. Ragini comes out and tells Laksh that she want to talk to her sister. Laksh goes inside. Ragini questions Swara, what you are doing? I thought you will beat me, and will question me, but why you are playing games with me. Swara says you have started the game, and I have end it. She says we both shall get a chance to play games. Ragini says they are married now and she got Laksh. Swara says you didn’t get Laksh till now. Ragini says she will get him soon. Swara says she would have kept quiet if it was a matter of her love. She asks her to unite their parents and accepts her doings infront of family. She says she will not inform anyone about her doings and will back off. Ragini refuses to come, and says Shekhar will break her marriage. Swara says she will make him understand. Ragini says so you will instigates him against me. I understood your plan, you wanted to separate me and Laksh.

Ragini acts innocent and says no one understands my heart talk. She says you have tried to snatch my love, but I didn’t let it happen. She says no one can snatch my Laksh from me. Swara says she didn’t want to snatch Laksh, she just want to unite her parents. Ragini says she can’t put her relation in trouble because of their parents. Swara asks if you are selfish from before. Ragini says I don’t want to talk to you and asks her to go. She returns her phone saying she didn’t need it. Swara makes her fall, but holds her on time. She asks her to tell truth. Ragini refuses. Swara promises to expose her truth infront of everyone. Ragini says you can’t harm me as you stays in that home and I stay here. Sanskar comes and says are you sure Ragini? Swara says Sanskar is with me in this fight. Sanskar tells Swara that he will drop her to her house. Swara congratulates Ragini and asks her to think what would be Laksh’s reaction after knowing the truth. Ragini is shocked.

Sumi tells Swara that you shouldn’t have gone there. Dida says that girl’s truth should be out. Sumi says Ragini is married to Laksh now and he might break marriage after knowing the truth. Dida says that girl ruined your daughter’s life, she separated you from Shekhar. You are seeing her happiness and can’t see your daughter’s pain. Swara tells that she don’t want to separate Ragini and Laksh, but just want to unite her parents. Dida asks Sumi to forget the happenings. Swara hugs Sumi and Dida. She says our family will unite again and everything will be good.

Sanskar comes home in the night. Ragini comes out and tells Sanskar that she will not let him and Swara win. Sanskar says time will tell. He says you are scared and it is showing. You knows well that truth wins always. He says he has one motive now and that is to bring her truth infront of everyone.

Evil and desperate Ragini dreams about Laksh and thinks Laksh consummating marriage with her. She smiles. Dida files complaint against Laksh. The Police comes and arrests Laksh. Ragini tells the Inspector that Laksh didn’t do anything.

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  1. Stop showing shit….All day of tiredness and came home to watch a little tv and this crap is showing everywhere.

  2. yipee….first day in college..so excited…gonna miss swaragini…so sad…

  3. I like this show so much ?

  4. bye guys…whenever i have time…i will defenitely come…enjoy your day guys…tata…

  5. Uh wat a bad show

  6. love swragini

  7. Rags stop ur fake innecent drama

  8. Jst wana say dat swara shdnt 4gv da 1 who instantly married another girl wen he was betrayd….laksh actd ly k sanskar…sanskar was enraged wen he thought his wud b wife was killd by durgaprasad….so wen laksh n rags marriage gets approval y nt sanskar n swara’s doins??????? In both cases da guys felt being betrayd nd wantd revenge….so wen laksh revenge towards swara is good den sanskar’s motive shd b respectd…both never thought to thnk….
    So swara shd marry sanskar as nw sanskar is changed….he is helpng her…laksh dnt deserve swara..he deserves dat vamp rags only

  9. no laksh dont desrve that evil ragini too..he s worst than ragini

  10. shifa(shakira)

    ragini plz stop this darama

  11. Am back to this after really long time…OMG Ragini is so evil…but I think Swara and Sanskar will do a great job trying to bring Ragini’s real face. Gosh that stupid girl calls herself Swara’s sister when she tried to kill her?? Senseless and that too for a man who doesn’t feel a thing for her…she is mental, psycho..should be dumped in a mental asylum…foolish Ragini

    But bringing Ragini’s truth out is going to take probably more than a few months…I will come back then..not going to watch this crap daily for sure!!

  12. Minnie and sudeshna
    I saw her video (tejaswi) was funny cracking joke but I don’t know why u both think like that she is over smart
    I personally don’t know her neither do you guys so stop judging her. if I say you are oversmart how will you feel so don’t judge yaar thats it. and sorry if I hurt you any way
    it wasn’t appropriate to say that( are u guys educated )it was wrong so sorry I just wanted to prove my point.

    1. U don’t find her over reactor but v find her….so its fact dear its bitter but its true not only v both but many ppl also think that…. she is over smart….

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