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The Episode starts with Parineeta asking Adarsh why did he bring sweet when he don’t want to buy any gift for her. Adarsh says I didn’t forget and thought that this will be special for you. Everyone looks on. Adarsh goes. Guest invites Annapurna for their visarjan ritual and goes. Annapurna says okay. Surekha tells Parineeta that she has done wrong by hurting Adarsh. Sanskar says Bhaiyya haven’t taken this at last moment. Laksh says he told that he used to give special gifts to you every year. Sanskar says he wanted to give your childhood memories, as you had told him about your favorite kalakhand from patna’s favorite shop. Laksh says he wanted you to break fast with this. Parineeta gets touched. Sanskar says we have brought gift only 2 hours back, but Adarsh is planning since 5 days. Surekha

says this gift is precious. Laksh says our gift is nothing infront of this gift. Sujata says what you both are doing? Your wives will get angry. Swara says mom…Ragini brings Adarsh there. He breaks her fast by making her eat the sweet. Parineeta gets teary eyed. Adarsh goes.

Surekha tells Parineeta that everything will be fine. Dadi tells Annapurna that they will also leave now. Annapurna thanks her. She says we will go to Jyoti’s home and come. Sujata asks Parineeta to rest at home. Annapurna says who will stay with her. Sujata says she is not a kid, and servants are here to help her. She says swara and Ragini have to come. They leave.

Dadi drinks water and asks Sumi, why did Shekhar go to shop early. Sumi says there are many customers today. Dadi says everything was good after many days. Sumi says yes and says I will bring tea for you. Dadi stops her and clicks her photo in marwady attire. He says I am very happy as both of our daughters are happy. Sumi says yes, but says I felt bad for Parineeta. Dadi says she was shocked to hear Parineeta scolding Adarsh.

Everyone come back home. Sujata says we will break fast. Annapurna asks about Parineeta and Adarsh. Surekha says they are in room and will solve the misunderstanding first. All the men of the house make their life partner have sweets. Sanskar says I hope you don’t talk bitter about me after eating this Gewar. Surekha tells Utara to eat sweet and break fast. Utara refuses. Ragini tells Annapurna that she will send Parineeta and Adarsh food. Utara says I will take it. Ragini says okay. Durga Prasad, Sanskar, Ram and Laksh make their wives break fast. Surekha hopes Parineeta and Adarsh have food too. Parineeta asks Adarsh to have food. He refuses. Utara gives food plate to Parineeta and asks them to sort out their differences. Parineeta apologizes to him and holds her ears. Adarsh agrees and asks her to make him eat kalakhand with her hands. Parineeta makes him eat. Adarsh makes her sit and feeds her food. Parineeta thanks him and says she felt bad when Ragini and Swara’s dadi have taunted her. Adarsh asks her to ignore people’s taunts, and says you are elder bahu and most important.

Utara goes out to meet someone and collides with Swara. She says she will break fast with his hand. Swara sees them from a window, but couldn’t sees his face. The man removes his helmet to kiss Utara, but she goes inside. Sanskar comes to room and asks her if she is seeing something interesting through window. Swara thinks she can’t tell about Utara and her boyfriend to Sanskar. Laksh and Ragini come there, and says Adarsh and Parineeta have food. Sanskar and Laksh eat sweets for winning the bet. Laksh makes Ragini have sweets. Swara laughs.

Surekha shares her worries with Annapurna about Parineeta. Annapurna says nothing will happen. Later Annapurna asks Parineeta to kneed the floor. Parineeta looks upset.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. I love swaragini I hope parineeta doesn’t become evil

  2. Good to c writers giving evn laksh sanskar n ragini importance.. But y did they change d montage bac to only swara n ragini.. Plzz add laksh n sanskar too..

    1. And surprised to c adarsh pareenita n uttara getting importance.. Poor DP aur Dada ji unhe bhi thoda dialogues diya karo

      1. Hehe true. 😉

  3. Super episode???

  4. Hey guys!! I HV jst started to comment on this page.. I was always I Solent reader bt thought of being a part of this SR fam too.. Can I b a part of d ” SR fam”.. Am a very big tejaswi fan.. Plzz do reply

    1. S ofcourse u r welcome

    2. s obviously

  5. oo good .Directors came to know that if they make pari as negative lead then their trp will be 0 ????

  6. Plssssssss give Swasan scenes…. plsssssss??????

  7. wt ever may happen am eagerly waiting for sbb segment to be aired its such a lovely swasan fight

    1. what are u talking about bhagi ji?

  8. Even raglak scenes also plzz

  9. Hai friends…episode was good…in maha episode of sasural simar ka..there is swara but not ragini…now ragini is also positive and main lead…so they should include ragini also…they give importance to raglak for a week…i hope it continue forever…and parineeta’s mom is positive and cool…..parineeta takes sujata’s words wrongly eventhough sujata didn’t meant it..now parineeta will think that she don’t have any importance as she can’t be a mom and will create problems for swaragini..today i really felt bad for adarsh…

    1. Yaa.. The writers always neglect ragini.. They give all importance only to swara.. So do they neglect sanlak bonding..

      1. XXX-man of future

        U frgt that they showed sanlak bonding when they both were fighting for love of Swara..just joking.;-)
        Can anyone tell me why this Mahan Simar is again promoting her nonsense missions in Swaragini again? The last was in November. And moreover Swara is a modern girl- the writers r forgetting abt that.


      So true…. show is about both sawraragini.. don’t know why they give importance to sawara only… and sawara will only find about uttra’s bf and parineeta…. and this is injustice done by writers…

  10. Swasan scene kinna cute tha ghewar wala..swara in full masti mood..but swara ko sanskar ko batana chahiye tha uttara ke baare me I wish swasan me koi problem na ho uttara ko leke..
    Cute Swasan scene aanewala hai..kal SBS me dikhaya..bt swaragini editors ka bol nai skte edit kiya toh last time ki tarah..sanskar dialogue in dat scene ‘Me romantic mood set krta hu aur tum hamesha kharab kr deti ho’ true dat?
    I couldn’t comment on yest epi don’t knw y page ws showing error while opening.. Bt I loved sankys dialogue in yest epi’meri zindagi me aakar Sara gam door kiya,tute kaanch sa me Kohinoor banadiya’ ohh God kya style hai..wat dialogue n swaras reaction on it I loved it..??

    1. Hi there angel how are you? Wow you nailed it about sanskar’s dialogue. These days I’m loving the epies and Swasan’s jokes and their cute fighting.

  11. pls we want raglak scene also dont turn them to supporting cast.swaragini loked beautyful

    1. Evn I think NXT year ragini n laksh will b nominated fr best supporting role like roli n siddhart

      1. (Sarcastic tone)

    2. Hey raglak.ian ragini and laksh not nominated to best sup roll they nominated to best pair in this serial and they also a main character’s na and ever raglak always rokzzzz and teju love u…..

      1. I meant tht they r nt being given much importance as swasan..

  12. The way laksh hugged Ragini was so cute want more raglqk scenes again detective swara and simar are joining so irritating

  13. Yaar swaragini people r such unfair log..they dnt give importance to rags..she shld be also shown in promo n they hve shown only swara bichari my ragu is like supporting actor.they give many swasan scenes n no raglak one..i miss raglak scenes..i njoy them..but i m nt gonna watch this show as they dnt give raglak importance..bye to swaradevi..miss u ragu my love

  14. again..same old story uttara will b having an affair ..that guy will b a bad one n our heroine bahus or may b only swara will rescue her at the nick of time…common man think sm think new…we hav already seen such things..n its so predictable…n nxt is parineeta’s topic i dnt understand if cv’s r nt getting new negatives then its ok y r they ruining positive characters….??? missing romantic scences of swasan n raglak…

  15. Exactly i want even ragini shez nt a supporting cast its swaragini soo plzzz i want bth of them to b given equal importance…i hope this director will understand that very soon…

  16. swasan swasan swasan swasan.. aap sab log updates kaha padte hai..pls bataiye..

    1. Subscribe to channels like tellymasala, tellybytes, telly talk India, India forumsforums, saas bahh aur saazish, saas bahh aur betiyaan, n etc on YouTube

    2. Hi there stoneheart how are you ?

    3. Sorry it’s just that your name, is it really your name? Just curious that’s all

      1. hey sonali ji … it’s my pen name as it explains me the best .. good to hear from you sonali ji

  17. Cvs please don’t fool us by delaying swasan moments by an yr. Now that things have fallen into place they should move ahead in their marriage. N parineeta s to cute to play a vamp

  18. Please change the costume of even swara ragini always gets new look but swara the same old dress

    1. agreed … raglak fans bolte hai inko bhav nai milta toh hm swasan fans bol sakte hai hmko kapde nai milte hisab barabar ( just kidding )

      1. Haha good 1 stoneheart 😀

      2. XXX-man of future

        U nailed it…Ha ha .After that Raglak fans will say that they missed pre marriage rituals and Swasan fans will say that they missed their wedding night . Equal Equal.

      3. They shud get a twist like swara n laksh meet wid an accident n suffer frm memory loss n r in d time where their marriage was fixed.. Fr all swalak fans.. Poor em swalak story is completely gone.. Atleast this way they wud get to c some swalak moments.. N swara n laksh shud think sanskar n ragini got married.. Fr d ragsan fans.. BT wen swasan n raglak collide wid each other.. They feel connected n show some romance b/w em not to frgt d main couples of d show.. Ragini n sanskaar together try hard to bring bac their memories.. Wt do u guys say abt this??


    Hasan ji plz update the show on the same day when telecast happens, its very difficult to wait for update….

  20. Ye serial ka naam I thk so swaragini hai lekin hamesha q swara ko imp dete hai koi bhi cheez pehle swara ko pata chalti sry fr the fan of swara mujhe usse koi prblm nhii hai lekin Ragini ko bhii imp do writers plzzz aur give more scene of raglak plzzz

    1. I love watching swaragini but I have no favourite. Does it really matter who is shown more important. Why can’t you people just stop moaning and watch and enjoy the show.

      1. wad u said is so correct sonali ji…

  21. swaragini fan

    change swara s look plzzzzzzzzz
    she looks cute beautiful with her early hair style but this one no ways man
    and change her dressing style too plz in pic they show swra in a lon dress but this sari i mean the colurs design of it ireallly dont like it never ever matches swara s character plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
    it never ever mathczzz

    1. Hey she’s married now so why would she wear a long dress. Anyways I like her new look, she looks cute and beautiful. I like her in saris. I remember when she was wearing a royal blue sari once and a yellow sari in northern day with her hairline in the middle and slightly curled she looks gorgeous that way.

      1. I meant yellow another day

      2. enemy ji u r right achi lagri hai wo sarees mai but I think usko aur jada better sarees de sakte hai..like pretty ones.. she is really beautiful n they should utilise it ..

  22. OMG what an episode why is always dadi in the show and parineeta is feeling very wrong about swaragini didn’t she remember that swara once told the truth od adarsh tell ?? and what is wrong with everyone it never happen dosn’t parineeta know that sujata is hyper person she says everything that come to her mind pls we want some raglak swasan scenes too

  23. nice episode but please catch raglak romantic scenes also as swasan scenes are quite boring

    1. Well I don’t find Swasan’s scenes boring.

  24. finally they are giving importance parineeta too because tillnow she even dont have single dialouge in whole episode, she keeps on standing in the side like an ideal bahu but now it will nice to see parineeta as shows nxt vamp……

  25. XXX-man of future

    I don’t know why there r so less comments nowadays.I was a silent reader at first and saw most of them commenting abt swasan in Jan, swasan & raglak in the first weeks of Feb and abt laksh ‘s foolishness, Ragini’sorry state and the horrid plans of kavya in last week of Feb & first 2 weeks of march. Suddenly this page became a bashing site due to a psycho commenter (it was but became more terrible,I don’t want to take the name) … but most of them got united (Swara & Ragini fans) to Swaragini fan and threw the person out of this site( for the time being).I am very happy 2 c that most of us are united and hope 2 c u like this.I appreciate all those who have tried and made this Swaragini page a friendly one. Thank u frndzs but plz do Good comments here.SWARAGINI ROCKS.

  26. Kitni sweet aur innocent this pareenita.. B4 wen raglak were newly married (first time) pReenita wanted to go out wid adharsh BT he said no as he has work.. She took tht sportively.. N dint complain abt it to any1.. What happened to her now -_-

  27. Hi friends Iam an silent reader in Sri Lanka. I havenot possed any comenta til now. Because I am doing a/l in this year. Also my exam will be held on August. Please pray for us. And I havnot any time for posting cimment. But when I get time for free then I surely watching swaragini . But sometime I had missed some episodes. That tm I am reafing nupdates. Friends ccan anyone help me ir do me a favour. I want some details about India(ur country) university . Iam a bio technical student aftr my a/l I will do my high studies in any firign country. But I think India is best place and best techincal coursec wil held in unversities. So. Can I know which Indian universities arecan we study in Tecnical feild. In which are how can we apply also cist. So. Plaese anyone give me details. Iam waiting for abswers…

  28. Hi friends Iam an silent reader in Sri Lanka. I havenot possed any comenta til now. Because I am doing a/l in this year. Also my exam will be held on August. Please pray for us. And I havnot any time for posting cimment. But when I get time for free then I surely watching swaragini . But sometime I had missed s
    ome episodes. That tm I am reafing nupdates. Friends ccan anyone help me ir do me a favour. I want some details about India(ur country) university . Iam a bio technical student aftr my a/l I will do my high studies in any firign country. But I think India is best place and best techincal coursec wil held in unversities. So. Can I know which Indian universities can we study in Tecnical feild. In which are how can .we apply also cost. So. Plaese anyone .give me details. Iam waiting for answers…

  29. I think its good 2 see Swara & Ragini happy again but from above comments u people were not happy about leading role of Swara but u people see from starting Swara was shown taking initiative about their sisters relationship , its Swara who always forgive everyone for their misbehavious she is such a cute girl and looks good leading .She justify that role . I like watching in that role & they also gave Ragini such roles when her mausi she find it out even when Laksh was in jail Ragini was in leading role only bot I love Swara in leading role.

  30. Now pari slowly starts hating swaragini & later goes against the family for supporting them then after many difficulties swaragini somehow manages to change her thoughts.C’mon man don’t jusw drag the story by making pari as villain if u want add swasan scenes what say?

    1. wad an idea sir ji

  31. omg what is happening in the show why do parineeta thinking that swara and ragini is the villian of her life and what the hell writers why are u dragging can’t u let some peace in house and else want to make sasural simar ka where every one come-naagin ,bhoot pret ,patali devi and so much more pls enough of this dram don’t they think what veiwers want and just adding twist and twist parineeta who good as a cow is now so aggresive what does she want by saying or doing with swara and ragini huh well as per now parineeta also thinks that after a long time i havn’t did any bad role and i think i am only one left lets be negative

  32. Plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz guys I want more Raglak scenes

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