Swaragini 11th September 2015 Written Episode Update

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Shekhar tells Sumi that they will not have husband and wife relation. Sumi asks him to stay in the room and she will sleep outside. Shekhar tells her that he is going to Ragini’s room and tells Swara or Dida might complain to the women organisation. She taunts her.

Swara calls Sumi and asks about her. Sumi says she is fine. She hears the sound and asks Swara. She feels bad as Swara has to stay in tent in winter. Swara says it is okay. Ragini instigates Sujata against Swara. She shows the tent from the window and tells she don’t intent to hurt Sanskar. She says Sanskar has to stay in tent because of Swara and says she is ruining him. She says Swara is coming inbetween her love and that’s why she wants her to go from here. Sujata says Swara is ruining my son’s life. Ragini asks her

to help her. Sujata says she can’t as Swara is his son’s wife. Ragini says Swara is not married to Sanskar. She says they are acting to ruin her life. Sujata gets happy and says she will do as she says.

Swara and Sanskar are in the tent. Swara says I was thinking what to do to make Ragini confesses to her crime. Sanskar says shall I ask hotel manager, etc to tell the truth. Swara says their truth will not be shown because of Ragini’s innocent face. Swara asks if she can get that medicine which they used to give her to numb her mind. Swara apologizes to him. Sanskar says he should apologize and says he will bear if she taunts him even all their life. Swara says you didn’t do right with me. She laughs and says past is past. She asks him to give that medicine and shares her plan.

Ragini tells Parineeta that she kept fast for her (Parineeta and Adarsh happy married life). Parineeta gets happy. Ragini asks her to have breakfast and says she will have only Sabudana. Swara hears them secretly. Later Ragini eats sabudana and drinks water. She thanks Parineeta and sees Swara instead of her. Swara tells her that she had mixed something in her food. Ragini is shocked and tells that this medicine effect will be stopped when I wash the face. Swara says all the best. Ragini tries to get water and finds no water in the kitchen. She panics and asks why you are doing this. She tells herself that she can’t let medicine effect on her. She thinks to go to her room and don’t let anyone know about her. Swara asks her to return to kitchen. Ragini turns and gets effected by medicine.

Dadi stops Sumi and says I won’t let you go to kitchen. She asks her to wash her clothes. Sumi says okay. Dadi asks her to wash 35-40 clothes, and asks her not to complain in Mahila Samithi….Sumi says okay, I will wash as it is my responsibility. Dadi is irked. She picks up the clothes and says you will love me more when you come to know about the truth. Sanskar comes and says he needs tea leaves. Annapurna asks him to come inside and says we have an objection with your wife. Sanskar enters and sits on dining table. Annapurna asks Ragini to bring a cup of tea. Ragini comes like a robot. Annapurna asks her to say something. Ragini says I will tell everything. She says there was a conspiracy against Swara and I did it. Sujata asks her to go to room. Ragini tells that swara loves Laksh and I took her to temple then pushed her in river. She says I loves Laksh and didn’t want to lose him.

Laksh asks what you were telling? Ragini tells truth. She says she came back and told everyone that she didn’t go to temple. She says she married him cleverly. She says she proved Dida wrong and even emotionally blackmailed Laksh to marry her by doing suicide attempt. Laksh asks what you were saying? Ragini says Swara was betrayed by me. Laksh is shocked.

Ragini asks Laksh to tell what she said. Laksh tells everything which she told him. Sujata signs Ragini. Ragini is shocked.

Update Credit to: MA

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  1. Plz some one post d latest updates
    Heard dat swara will die n San will b left broken again

  2. Swasan is d best
    Will rags truth come out???

  3. Plz don make anyone die in swaragini

  4. Atleast dont let swara die agar maarna hi hai to us evil rags ko maro verna sans fir se paagal ho jayega n badla lene lag jaega n laksh n rags ko toh bohot buri maut dega or jail chala jayega ya fir suicide kr lega lr naam raglak pr lga dega

  5. Oh gosh!!Plz Swalak shud b with eachother dey look good together…Ragini is suited for a good role not a villian’s ….if she had sacrificed her love for Swara..it wud have been better..n complete Swaragini!!

  6. Hey swasan is better n even it sounds gud rather than swalak tht sounds eeeeeeewwwwwwwwww

  7. I want swalak together….plz reunite them…

  8. sry guyz bt i hv to tell ds dt marriage isn’t a game nd swara also not a toy to use n throw,n sanskar did all mistakes bt he always protect swara,so he shd b unite with swara,n ragini did all mistakes when c repent wt abt her dn u all tell dt frgv ragini

  9. dn make raglak pair ri8,so plz stop talking abt pair,nd plz like these pairs,swasan nd raglak luk gud

  10. U r absolutely right krishna

  11. Agree with u swalak(saisha) if SWALAK doesn’t unite then b*t*h psyco will never realize her sin it can never be called a mistake after what all dirty cheap tricks she played……. guys understand swalak are made for each other today or tmrw they will b one…….. m NOT saying that shona should forgive laksh easily n move on with him be should repent his each spoken word his each taunt his each word on shona’s character then he will get his mistake of not trusting shona then he will get his punishment…. v all very well kno when laksh will come to kno rags truth he will definitely repent n apologize to shona but v also kno that shona will decline it but they are made for each other today or tmrw swalak will happen mark my words……. n if it’s true love na then it will face obstacle it will have to face problems to test their trust on each other do what I’m first time he didn’t trust her then after this their love will grow even more stronger……… as time heals wounds……but it’s the fact that SWALAK will happen even if sanskaar develop s feelings for shona she will never develop the same..

    1. Yes Minnie……even I was trying to tell Anu the same thing….
      Btw…I think u r prads??? I’m Ria/Saisha

      1. same here
        Awww miss u too yaar but my mails are not working only???

      2. Dear, I too want swalak yaar!! I was juz talking bout ryts……….
        Coz I have said earlier also that even if I m liking swasan…….swalak will always be there in my heart!!!!

        N say dear…….how r u??

    2. Yes cutie pie ik its u cuz of ur dp….. yep m prads…..how are u??

      1. I’m gud….u tell
        Y don’t u chat on Mails now??? We r missing u a lot….

    3. Even I thought d same….but I don’t think so dey vl reunion swalak…:(

  12. sry minnie,true lov mns nt only cross obstacles nd unite bt also keep trust nd do sacrifices which made their bond stronger i knw dt which sanskar feel it doesnt mn shona also feel same bt u also knw dt if they unite then rag nd sans become more violent

  13. than wts the difference btwn swara nd ragini,so plz move ahead nd plz dont mind nd sry sry sry again

  14. waiting for tmrws epi!!!!squeeeee!!!

  15. Guys is it true swara is going to die
    Kyula koi mujhe bta sakta h ki yeh kha likha h

  16. Yeah I agree laksh is not believe swara it s only because of ragini…the situation makes him like this …but he is still in love..so plzzz unite swalak…sanskar also did wrong to swara..swalak made for each other

    1. Yes i agree with u gayathri. Two ppl in love each other they should be together. U know that day when laksh proposed swara in her brithday i liked it so so much. I have cried that day. But don’t u think guys swaras love we didn’t see it in her

    2. Friends i don’t think swara is love laksh in the same way he loves her. Becuse i didn’t see in her. Friends i have doubt who had tied rags hand with rope. Because she’s don’t do it by herself. Who’s help her in this.at the same time

  17. I want sawlak back??????. I think swara never die. I saw swara (helly shan) was injured in leg i hope she get will soon

  18. sry guyz bt i dont think dt it ri8 fr swara to go bk to lak,nd san also did mistake bt lak as well as san both r misunderstandings nd u all talking abt lak’s lov bt u dont see san’s lov

  19. Ara didi i also know that poor mean bechraa i was just joking don’t take take it serious

    1. Ohh…??? I got it joydeepa..?

  20. are yar mujhe pta h ye serial h& evrythng ll b possible bt frnds swara ko jb lak ki jarurat thi tb lak k lov kaha gaya,or har koi kahega k me usse pyar krti hu to kya usk sth hr kisiko unite karde or swalak 2no hi apne lf m age ja chuke h &so plz stp alds

  21. Yaar kya koi btayega ki rags ki dadi ko uska kaunsa sach nhi pta plz batao coz i dont know

  22. dadi didnt knw dat rags is behind all dis…..she dnt knw dat dat pshyco rags try to kill our shona nd drugged her etc..etc…dadi only knws day at earlier dat pschyco helped san for d kidnapping drama nd all…then she acts innocent nd promise dadi dat she try to forget lucky nd also promise doat she didnt do anythng wrong which make dem shameful…dats why dadi blindly belive in dat evil witch rags bcz she didnt lie……
    if raginis truth out dadi ko bohath badi sagma lag jayega

  23. Thanx nish

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