Swaragini 11th October 2016 Written Episode Update

Swaragini 11th October 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Swara hitting on Adarsh’s hand and asks them to stay far from them else she will shoot. She asks goons to keep guns down. Just then a bullet is fired. Inspector comes there with his team. Shekhar asks Dadi to give keys. Dadi refuses. Shekhar takes it forcibly. Dadi is shocked. Shekhar says you have two options now, go to Bikaner and stay with bau ji, I will send you monthly expenses, else stay here becoming good dadi for your children. Dadi says so now you will make me teach what is right and wrong, and is about to slap him. Shekhar says he is a changed man now and can taken his own decisions now. He goes to Sumi and gives keys in her hand. Sujata smiles. Dadi is shocked. Shekhar takes Sumi home and asks Dadi to come. Dadi looks on. Inspector tells Adarsh that they came to

arrest him on the charges of trying to murder his own family. Swara says Inspector. Inspector says we are sorry to came late. Police catches the goons. Adarsh says he is Adarsh Maheshwari. Parineeta falls on Annapurna and Durga Prasad’s feet and asks them not to get them arrested. Annapurna and Durga Prasad back off. Inspector arrests Adarsh and handcuffs him. Durga Prasad says 1 minute Adarsh.

Sujata prays to God and cries. Shekhar looks at Sumi, picks sindoor plate and says I am promising you for the last time that I will not leave you until I am alive. He fills her maang with sindoor. Sumi gets emotional and teary eyes. Two ladies come and plays sindoor khela rasam with her. Shekhar takes Ayush in his lap and smiles. Sumi plays with the married women. Sujata prays to God and asks them to make everything fine. Durga Prasad asks Adarsh to call Laksh now itself. Sumi comes back to Sujata and says everything will be fine. Utara comes running there and informs them about Sanskar and Laksh’s fight. Everyone run out in a hurry. Laksh and Sanskar fight and beat each other. Adarsh takes his phone out. Durga Prasad snatches phone from his hand and calls Laksh. Durga Prasad calls Laksh and asks him to come home. He says if you don’t come home then you will see my dead face, asks him to learn something from Sanskar and says you are wrong even this time. Sanskar picks a big stone and is about to hit Laksh. Shekhar comes and stops him. Sujata asks have you gone mad? You will kill your brother. Laksh recalls Durga Prasad’s words. Sanskar asks him to fight with him. Laksh says Durga Prasad gave him promise, and leaves in car.

Ragini asks what happened? What did Laksh say? He didn’t do anything to Sanskar naa? Durga Prasad says I am hopeful. He breaks the phone and says I am hopeful that if he really my son and haven’t become rakshas like adarsh then he will come home. Sanskar asks Shekhar, why did you stop me? He says I came here to make him understand, but he is suspecting on my intentions. Sujata asks what you was trying to make him understand by hitting him with stone, and asks how can you try to kill your own brother. Shekhar says you both are brothers.

Sumi says I know you are angry because of Swara and Ragini. Sanskar tells her that he gave promise to Swara, that if she meets Ragini then they will have to see his dead face. Sumi says they have done this to unite family. Shekhar says Durga Prasad called Laksh and gave him promise, it means everything is fine now. Sumi asks him to talk to him. Shekhar says Laksh left as he gets Durga Prasad’s call. Swara recalls Sanskar breaking marriage with her. Ragini consoles her.

Inspector takes Adarsh from there. Parineeta cries. Inspector asks Durga Prasad to sign on the papers and says then only we can file case against him. Durga Prasad is about to sign on the papers, but Annapurna asks him to forgive Adarsh. Durga Prasad asks can you understand what you are saying? Parineeta says she is saying right? Adarsh is your son. Don’t send him to jail. Durga prasad asks Annapurna to look at Adarsh, and says there is no shame, forgiveness or love in his eyes. He has hatred and anger for us even now. He says you are our first child. I have felt fatherhood first because of you. He says I have never differentiated among my kids. I never differentiated between Ragini, Swara and Parineeta. You both have taken advantage and proved me wrong, and Swara and Ragini have proved that they are my real family. He says I am not feeling bad today to sign on these papers. He signs on the papers. Annapurna cries. Parineeta also cries.

Swara tells Sanskar that they have lost this war even after winning because of him. She says I will not fill my maang until Ragini’s husband comes back. Ragini, Swara and Shekhar are leaving. Sanskar asks Swara to stop from going and says once you go from here, I will never accept you back in my life.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. very good i just knew it swasan are gonna separate and not even a bit shocked to see it but i think sanskar deserved it but swara doesn’t deserve it
    sorry really very very sorry if any sanskar/varun fan is hurt
    but believe me i love swasan and especially as both are so cute

  2. What!? Can someone clear out what sanskar did for swara to take such drastic step?

  3. Makers dont separate swasan pls

  4. Heltej

    I watched till laksh n sanskar fighting ????? ty H Hasan

  5. Sammykapoor

    why swara questioning sanskar????what he did???? if he was not fight back with laksh ,he may kill him……..how sanky is the reason for laksh missing???? i did not understood this thing….any body her knows???????

    1. Wasn’t it sanskar’s fault to threaten swara that he will commit suiside if he unites the 2 families ? Even he is stopping swara to do the ri8 thing ….Try thinking logically

  6. Bkwas!!!!
    Best couple z gonna separate now!!!!
    Stupid writer

  7. So sad for swasan dont separate swasan again

  8. I want swasan back

  9. Alia

    Swasan has gone mad

  10. Avishikta muhury

    Looks like serial is gonna interesting after 6 months leap.

  11. Mica

    thank you H.Hasan mam for update..i’m blind without you…
    i dunno i’m feeling soo emotional today episode.. CVS you ruined my mood..
    -i love Parineetha when asking forgiveness for Aadarsh, they are kinda bonnie and clyde ..
    somehow, i want to give credit to their love even though i know it’s wrong…
    -i can’t imagine DP and mostly anandpura’s feeling to sent their son to jail.
    -i hate Sanskar today when he want to throw big stone to Laksh from behind, he is kinda coward, i feel the same hatred as i hated Swara when she forced Laksh to accept Ragini those ages…
    -feeling pain to watch precap….*crying in the corner

    1. Kakali

      Micaa !!Sanskar is not only cowerd .. all r here same..

      Swara-hmmm!! going to take a drastic step leaving her husbend for her sister,,fulfilling duty towards sister.. but what about Sanskar?? what about her wife’s duty?(i know she has been doing it perfectly since yesterday,,but now what??)

      Sanskar- huhhh!!! he didn’t even give her a change to speak.. whatever she wanted to speak,, did he listen? here his ego was bigger then his Swara..n finally he says if she goes today he will never accept her… like really??

      Laksh-uhhh !! his trust upon Sanskar n Swara is incredible.. hahaha… he is also a coward he didn’t believe her bro n believe on that Adarsh who was torchering his parents like hell.. though he believed on his words.. huhh … n now he is missing … some says may b for guilt .. i also don’t know d main reason..if d reason is guilt.. then this time he alsoo run away from all..not facing d problem leaving Ragini all alone..

      Ragini- I must say her trust upon Swara is Epic..huhhh !! myy God..she is also same… took Adarsh’s side instead of truth.. n leave her sister n mother alone when they needed her d most…

      Sarmistha-wahhh !! it is soo easy for her to forgive ev1.. every time Sekher disrespect her.. her self respected.. though she forgives him yarr.. whyy? can’t she leave alone..can’t she fight alone.. i feel like sooo helpless with her character..(girlz n women r not like this,,if anyone hurt their self respected many times,,then show their Durga rup to d world… but here.. huhhh such a cowerd..

      Sekhar– Most annoying n cowerd father any children had ever have.. i don’t think its necessary to remind hid deeds.. hahahaha… LEADER OF COWERD GROUP… aaai aaaii captain*blo*dy hell…

      Now Mica bang my head with coconut… n don’t cry in corner yar… feel free.. live free… like me.. cry in foot path.. it’s damn adventures.. *try once ..

      1. Mica

        Kakali… huh! you are opposite left (rite)… thank to the coconut *saw the injured coconut.
        -i won’t blame Swara yet, as it’s a precap, but i prepared now ?? ,

        -i didn’t blame Sanskar yesterday as it was precap and i didn’t believe he able to do so, but this episode made me shock about Sanskar , how could he did that ? what if Shekar didn’t reach there in rite time, ….

        -i didn’t blame Laksh yet for his further step, since in this episode, he seems feel guilty and walk away, and in previous episode, at least he tried to save Sanskar during his helpless state
        (he isn’t missing yet)

        -about ragini, what to say, she is Ragini with her up down mood, feeling and value, she even didn’t say sorry to Swara, but at least she tried to rectify her mistake.

        -shekar, just promise, break, promise, break, i can’t tell about him, make me headache *drunk

        Sharmitha..uuhhhh, i hate her now, she got her love back, she got her marriage back but her daughter marriage broken, and she didn’t even say that she was the one behind Swara’s disobey.

        for all drama, your POV just soo awesome babe!!!!! *standing ovation

      2. Kakali

        Hmmmmmm !!! Thinking deeply
        *under 1000 feet of ground

        Standing Ovation… huhhhhh !!!*sleeping under d desk.

  12. Fairy

    Ye kya horaha hai bhaiya ye kya horaha????
    Laksh ji kaha ho aap!!!
    Aap ki vajah se toota swasan ka sansaar..
    Ragini hui bekaraar…
    Adarsh gaya jail ,apne ego ke sath..
    Sab kuch hua theek,par tum kaha hoo yaar??
    Laut aao mere handsome,n khatam karo ye takraar…
    Kar rahi hai ragini kab se tumhara intezaar…
    Common laksh,now come to ur so called parivaar..
    Ab isse zada rhyming mujhse na hoga yaar 😛

    uff!!laksh has disappered…ragini is shattered..swara is supportng her sissy as usual…n sanskaar is showng some unique shade of himself!!!
    Lets see wt happens nxt..love all of dem bt more to my tejas 😉 ;)..
    #waitng for d leap 🙂

    1. Astha

      Kya lines yeah meri pyaari fairy…… Mujhe bhi rhyming words milgai.
      Ab teri handsome Ki vajase bohoth badi drama honyawali……. Ab sab teek but teek nahi….. Ab may bohoth kushi kyunki ab Prem aur nafrat ki nakani shoru honyawali……
      Love u meri pyaari fairy…….? ? ?

      1. what lines yaar fairy awesome yaar u should become a poet and i feel leap is interesting something new then regular drama of property

      2. Fairy

        Hahahahaha oh god meri pyaari doll!! Kya baat hai…well done 😉 😉 😉 😉
        handsome ke vaja se drama to hone vala hai ,
        BT KYA KRE yaar trp ka jo mamla hai 😛
        #love u dr 😉

      3. Fairy

        Hey j hahahhaah thnx thnx 😛 …YA DEAR EVEN m excieted about d leap …. ya u r absolutely r8 dat leap is better den property drama !!!
        #keep smilng dear 😉 😉

  13. Rabia0032

    Acha guys just answer my question will ragini leave laksh if sanskar was missing for swara…? Just give me truth full answer and dont think I hate raglak or something like that even I like raglak not more then my swasan…but still do you think ragini will do something for swara like this ?

    And i am sure sanskar will Prove him self After laksh reentry everything be sort but swara will be in guilt I am dam sure bec…I think laksh is missing maybe bec..he is feeling guilty whatever he did sanskar…

    1. Rabia0032

      N yeah one more thing I really hate sharmishta Charakter how easily can she forgive Shekhar ahhhhh I wana kill her how many how many time he left her and she ahhh????????

      1. Mica

        yeaahhh… i kinda melting to pieces, fainting, drooling.. huh!..
        now i can say that he is se*y and hot ! 😀 , no more cute
        they are both soo stunning in their new look ????

    2. Mica

      aahh Rabia… you know Swara rite ??? *just want to bang my head to watch her impossible deed… omg!!! 😀 😀 😀

      1. Rabia0032

        Same here dear ahhh but did you see sanskar New look omg kya lag raha hai dear sooo hot n handsome I am gona crazy yaar??????

  14. Swasan rock the show with their positivity. Raglak should learn from swasan to understand other’s empathetically. This show is really entertained by high voltage drama & melody of relationships.

  15. i like today’s episode but what is happening to Sanskaar…why is he different now why his methods are different
    precap is interesting…didnt quiet catch if Parineeta is jailed or not

  16. laksk kia hua..swasan and raglak separations..why writer u can make the story interesting..actually family ka har koi vilan reh cuka hea and now separation..I feel bad for swaragini..but happy ab sisters bond ur love dekhne ko milega..

  17. Sumeeta

    interesting episode.damn xited for nxt epi.one thing is clear swasan got separated thats why no sindoor nd mangal sutra on swara.
    but why does not ragini maintain her shuhag k nishani.why does she leave sindoor nd mangal suutra.swasan separation reason is clear.but raglak reason is hidden

  18. I don’t agree with u rabia because once laksh save sanskar but this time sanskar cross her limits…he try to kill him..kuch bhi ho chakta tha badh me swara se jadha sanskar ko guilty feel hoga..usne apne lie nehi sanskar ke lie parivar ek karna chaha..but all time swara can’t be stand with him..she can’t ignore wrong things…agar ragini ko swara ka chinta na hoti toh o ye nehi bolta ki laksh ne sanskar ko kuch kia toh nehi..usne ek barbhi nehi bola ki sanskar ne laksh ko kuch kia to nehi…so its justify with sanskar..usne swara ko rukne ki lie bola but sath me ye bhi bola jane ka badh he never accept her..what sanskar think about himself..swara ka kia self respect nehi hea usne bilkul sahi kia..sanskar u should regret for this…my lovely swasan break for this stupid writer..and my cute sanky became egoistic…

  19. what the hell..what is this swara doing..why swara stand for her sooo called blo*dy behen ragini???
    swara dear dont belive ragini..plzzz..ragini is not worthy for ur love….again again that dumbi ragini hurts you and you again and again supports that stupid nagini..plz swara my little angel dnt blv that ragini..she us fake..itz better to give kove to dogs than ragini..dogs remains trustworthy to u but dnt blv ragini she will hurt you again..plz swara..

    i m really angry on swara while seeing precrap.shez really gone nuts..dnt be soo emotional fool…swara only u value that sisterly love ragini alwyas think you as a step sister dnt support ragini nagini…plzzzz swara…

    and swasan seperation..cant see anything…but hope for new fresh love story of swasan

    1. Listen dear…Don’t blame Swara for this….Swara is right in her place… Didn’t you see that how Egoistic Sanskar has become…. Ragini isn’t fake…. Why you are all blaming her for Swasan seperation… She always believed her sister… She has broken her all relations with Swara because she has promised her do called Dadi….And Please font blame a person for his/her previous deeds….Swara is the elder sister of Ragini and this is the duty of elders to support their youngers when they need you…Swara is doing the duty of a sister…Sanskar also supposed to do the same but he didn’t…Shekhar said correct that He is his elder brother….Takes this in your real life dear… Whenever our younger brother or sister are angry with us or hate us…We didn’t do the same n fact we try to make them understand what is wrong and right….In this case, I must say Sanskar is wrong….Don’t blame anyone for this….Remember this is a story of two sisters not of two couples

    2. Right rag doesn’t deserves swara’s support! And prakriti rag can hurt her sister sooo much just for a blo*dy promise?she didn’t support the person who never went against her no matter what the situation is ; just for a blo*dy promise? She didn’t even tried to hear her sister’s side of story , blamed swara when the mistake was entirely hers(of not believing swasan) just for a blo*dy promise ?she can’t even say a sorry to swara she never said in the past too….after her mistakes….always chooses laksh over swara Just shame on ragini , she shud surely learn something from swara!

      1. You are correct dear but still..

      2. What do u mean?

  20. Silent_writer

    Clap clap clap for the cvs how can break swasan hate them for taht in whole show i love one thing only n that is swasan bond n trust now great they break that too n sanskar seriously what character u r becoming again wants to b neg…. Laksh has been disappeared for sure to prove himself cuz Dp says b like sanskar n now laksh will gone in guilt n becoming like sanskar n now sanskar is behaving like laksh like when laksh behave when swasan are getting divorce really disappoint with sanskar n about dadi well done shekr she desrve this n about swaragini i wish ragini will support swara n make swasan uniteee but also exited fpr the 6 months leap n swarag back to their old avatar w8ing for this n hope sanlak patch up too sanky rectify his mistake just finger crossed

  21. what the hell..what is this swara doing..why swara stand for her sooo called blo*dy behen ragini???
    swara dear dont belive ragini..plzzz..ragini is not worthy for ur love….again again that dumbi ragini hurts you and you again and again supports that stupid nagini..plz swara my little angel dnt blv that ragini..she us fake..itz better to give kove to dogs than ragini..dogs remains trustworthy to u but dnt blv ragini she will hurt you again..plz swara..

    i m really angry on swara while seeing precrap.shez really gone nuts..dnt be soo emotional fool…swara only u value that sisterly love ragini alwyas think you as a step sister dnt support ragini nagini…plzzzz swara…

    and swasan seperation..cant see anything…but hope for new fresh love story of swasan..both of their new loojs are awesome..sanky looking hot and swara lookung simple cute and beautifull

  22. And really parineta is asking for forgiveness and when she heard both laksh and sanskaar are good she was upset…Parineeta Adarsh and Dadi should be hanged not only Jail…

  23. Kakali

    After a long time,, reading swaragini written update n crying… coz always i got fun here… but today… uhhh !!! this is not worth it..*wanna cry…

    Honestly speaking let SWASAN n RAGLAK be separate… swaragini n sanlak… huhh !!!
    i want their love story again to be start at a unique way … *praying to God..

    CVs prefer almond … i’ll give us much more good ideas… uhhhh !!! otherwise i’ll bang my head with coconut…

    Thnk u H.Hasan mam
    .. i badly neeed it …

    1. bang ur hand with coconut looooool…should try it also

      1. Kakali

        Yoooo !!!Lounaa !! try once … it’s damn tasty … bang once … m sure after this ur mind will work like Mica.. *split d coffee,i was having..

    2. Mica

      feel pity to the coconut huh!

      1. hahahahhaha….me as well Mica

  24. Aditi Singh????

    WHAT THE blo*dy HELL….
    r u all insane….


    I WANT MY SWASAN SWASAN SWASAN N ONLY SWASAN……N I WANT A CONFIRMATION THAT THEY WILL BE TOGETHER….???????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

    1. Mica

      Aditi…chill dear! as per i know, later swasan track will become hate love story, don’t you think it will more interesting ?
      seem, Sanskar will be arrogant, hot and se*y guy for loosing his princess..
      meanwhile Swara will more quite, mature and s*xy for loosing her prince….
      and I, myself will more crazy about them.. *huh! who ask about you, moron Mica?

      1. thanks yaar…I too want the same…I too want SWASAN separation n then their unison…but I just fear what if this CVS try to do some experiments by bringing new hero…

        n I read a post stating that sanskar will become more ?hot… seems interesting ???….
        I just want that in last season unite…
        n thanks sunsets, prakriti19 n mica for support….

    2. Sumeeta

      swasan is end game.on twitter evrey swasanians ask for swasan separation track.now cvs gave that but with a illogical nd lame reason.swasan separation make their realtionship more beautiful pure nd heavenly.it s the track for love nd hate for swasan.they will show love nd as well as hate too.it will be nice track.so enjoy

    3. Chill dear…Swasan will be together and forever

  25. I hate swara now. Why she keep on blaming sanskar . I don’t know who is husband for her now . If ragini in this situation means surely she won’t do this. Swara is alwys trying to blame sanskar. It is better he don’t accept her if she back again to him. He can live peacefully with other

    1. Are you serious dear…

    2. Mica

      No dear….maybe you didn’t need Swara.. but Sanskar need her badly.. what to say!!
      she is his life, his love, his princess… ooohhhh…

  26. What the hell blo*dy crap is this swara always supporting her coward sis

    no problem Sanskaar leave her this blo*dy emotional fool don’t deserve u

  27. Not only swasan,even raglak got separated.here there is not only one’s mistake and it is exactly correct that this serial name is not swasan,not raglak,it is swaragini. Swara + ragini.laksh and sanskar comes after the swara and ragini even they are main protagonists.I am not hatred towards sanskar but sanskar crossed all the limits of anger even he tried to kill his lucky.if shekar doesn’t stopped him definitely he might be killed his lucky. Even laksh was better in that situation he even saved his brother when he struck.And finally supporting ragini is not a wrong deed by swara even Swara supported sanskar and changed him when he was negative.
    A leap is coming.looking forward with a lot of excitement.hope this time when laksh is back then they will give good and equal screen space for 4 leads.

  28. Mahjabeen

    Wat da hell is going on..sanskar hav u gome mad…u want to separate from swara..huhhh
    Cvs y u separated our swasan..rlly flng sad fr dat
    But i thnk show will b interesting as their is lots of twist coming..nd hope soo ragini wl unite swasan after laksh returning..
    One more thing sanskar should understnd swara dat watevr she did ws for his family only..but he is nt accepting dat..i rlly feel pity for dat..
    Nd rlly sanky ws lukkng so handsome tdy..
    Love swasan in their new luk
    Waitng fr leap nd i rlly want swasan love story to start as a unique way

    Till den i hv to bear their separation???

  29. Mahjabeen

    Nd thanks H hasan mam for da updates…i rll need it

  30. Heltej

    Swaragini fandom is best deciding everything without knowing anything!
    They watch promo/precap… They will start bashing or giving pov…
    1.when godbarai promo aired raglak fanS went mad
    2. now swara choose ragini over sanskar… Everyone went mad(nobody knows real
    Mad people n mad swaragini!

    1. Kakali

      Mrng dii…

      Subah subah full on angry mode.. *scared..

      1. Heltej

        Mrng kiddo…
        Haha… Morning when i opened the site i saw 31 comments… I thot u n mica continously spamming without me… When i read the comments i was laughing ???

    2. Mica

      huh! including us…ahem ahem

      1. Heltej


  31. Heltej

    After leap story will be like this… One day laksh will come in new identity (memory loss) to swaragini to conduct his marriage with new girl… Ragini will be heart broken!
    Swara and sanskar hate game will be going on other side! Swara and sanskar will team up to unite raglak??????

    1. Kakali

      Waaaahhhoooo !!!! Diiiiii ¡¡¡¡¡short term memory loss…

      Why m having doubt dat the girl will b u.. as u r alsoo gonna marry … n u r gussing it … uhhhh God … plzzz invite me … what’s in d menu*watery mouth

      1. Heltej

        Come dear! U r invited… ?

      2. Lol????kakali!

      3. Kakali

        Diii !! forgot abou

      4. Kakali

        Diii !! forgot about d invitation… 1st tell me about d menu…*damn hungry with watery mouth

      5. Heltej

        Mutton briyani… N chicken fry so many desserts! Welcome drink?

      6. Kakali

        “””O””” … send d address to Mica.. she will pick me … *running with 555 km/hour

      7. Heltej


      8. Mica

        Kakalii.. ciihh, you just thinking bout the menu….we are bridesmaids, stop eating first huh! *hide under dining table..
        who is the Wedding Organizer Heltej ? don’t say it’s Swaragini WO…*praying

    2. Mica

      nooo.. noo memory loss please.. i’m afraid he won’t remember me…. oohh my hotty Laksh..hiks

      1. Heltej

        Predication baby… It wont happen ??

      2. Kakali

        Swaraginiiiii !!!! wedding planners … Laksh is groom… Sanskar is cutee important guest…..
        yoooo !!!

        *where is my mini mirror ..uhhh god where is my lip stick…
        Mica where r u? where we r?

    3. what’s with loosing memory…ragini and seara and even sanskaar…is it a disease or so
      Sanskaar has crossed all the limits he was trying to kill laksh nothing can justify his acts…even his mother hone mad…
      I couldnt agree more with the Story of Laksh loosing memory and whats more if Kavya is back

      1. Heltej

        Are yaar…. I just predicted???peace… M running ?

    4. Mica

      Heltej.. Laksh will be your groom best man ?

      1. Heltej

        Yup!! Dear

  32. debangana sarkar

    I am just seeing wat kind of wife is swara….she only knows ragini thats it.since laksh is missing she left her husband..wah wah..now i think i am a fan of ragini than swara..dumb girl

  33. debangana sarkar

    But its true that the show is swaragini

    Not swasan raglak

  34. Astra

    now i think… Laksh wii forget the past, in shock Ragini also forgets the past… swara breaks relation with sanskar
    \6 months leap…

    swaragini sis are shown in new avatar… again raglak and swasan love story starts… yay…!
    hehe…i’m just guessing stry like that….

  35. gunjan bhargava

    Hello swara and ragini though are stepsisters but there love is unconditional and about laksh sanskar track they were misleaded by aadarsh and parineeta .6months leap track is only to bring new life in show so plzzz stop giving unrealistic comment

  36. Sumi can’t tell sanskar that she told swara to unite the 2 families? Her marriage is saved what about her daughter? She least cares ….and R.A.G.I.N.I wow clap clap clap (waiting for rag fans to bark coz it is the only thing they know)that dumbo is just standing and seeing the tamasha! She is the sole reason of all the mishap and swasan separation too!*srsly wanna kill her this moment*height of dumbness! Is she even having a organ called brain? Or there is stone filled on her skull? Okay ,I know she can’t say a S.O.R.R.Y coz of her family size ego (I know she is a non – apologist nor can we expect anything better from a wanker and prik lady like her , so no offence)but atleast she can try to sort out things first of all she has some trust problem as she cannot trust anyone and knows only to break the trust of others but when she was in negative role her chaff filled brain worked very fast so what happened now ? Double standards urf!!????and Sanskar !!!??CVS has turned his character so lame first he threatens swara and then again blackmails her for not accepting her!Sanskar baby u r gonna regret badly that all I can say about him

  37. Laksh’s character I cud never understand positive negative positive negative and now missing sorry it is all out of my brain so let’s not talk about him (same with ap dp)and I m even not saying anything bout pari aadarsh dadi and shekhar coz they are 2 evil to be talked about!

  38. 6 months leap firstly does not makes any sense, if they had to give a leap they shud have made it bigger! …but what will happen with just 6 months? Last but not least, coming to swara – actually pity on her poor she …she will regret for believing her dumb sister again so she better not! And just leave sanskar dear after what he has done he doesn’t deserves u ! Just move on without him n that dumbo ….Come on u can do it !! N amazinggggggggg acting helly *less of words to praise her *just love u ????…..waiting for ur after leap look , even varun and namish have done amazing acting !!! God bless u Helvarmish n pls pls pls want a fun segment of helvarmish plssss???love them!

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