Swaragini 11th November 2016 Written Episode Update


Swaragini 11th November 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Sanskar and Swara arguing with each other over searching Laksh. Swara says even I have full right to search him. Sanskar says you might have told everyone at home. Swara says she didn’t tell anyone. Uttara’s car stops on the road. Driver tells that he will repair. Chirag comes in his car and offers to drop her home. Uttara looks on. Chirag tells her that whatever happened with her was wrong and tells that he left his home, and want to make friends. Uttara says she can’t accept his friendship.

Ragini shows the decoration designs to Nikhil. Nikhil asks her to do something to prove that Laksh’s place is taken by someone else in her life, so that Swara and Sanskar get convinced and get back together. Chirag tells Uttara that his thinking is not like his parents.

Uttara agrees to go with him. Chirag gives money to Uttara’s driver and says good job. Ragini thinks who can help her at this moment. She asks Nikhil to help her. Nikhil refuses. Ragini asks him to make everyone believe that he wants to hold her hand. Nikhil refuses. Ragini says it is for sometime till Swara and Sanskar get back together.

Sanskar shows the pic to the people on road. Laksh comes there with a girl. Girl calls him papa and shows her shoes. Laksh bends down to make her wear shoes properly. Sanskar couldn’t see him and goes. Laksh asks girl to stay there itself and says he will buy medicines. He asks her to sit there while he takes medicines. Swara also searches for Laksh holding his pic. Girl looks at the balloons and goes after it. Shop keeper gets tensed when he couldn’t find the girl. Girl starts crying and tells that her Papa couldn’t be found when she sees Swara. Swara asks her to stop crying and says they will search her Papa.

Nikhil tells Ragini that Swara will never believe them and will doubt. Sumi and Shekhar come there. Ragini gets tensed seeing them. Shekhar grabs Nikhil’s collar and asks what is happening. Sumi tells Shekhar that she will talk to Ragini. Ragini cries and hugs Sumi. She tells her that Laksh is not in this world. A fb is shown, Doctor informing Ragini that Laksh is dead and they have done his last rites. Sanskar gives his card to the shop keeper. Swara comes to Sanskar. Sanskar asks about the girl.

Swara tells that this girl is searching her Papa. Sanskar says I will drop you to your father. Girl asks about their relation. She comes back to shop with Swara’s help. Shop keeper says I was searching you. Swara hopes that her papa shall come soon. Ragini cries. Sumi asks how did you hide this big truth from us. Ragini says if I would have told the truth then Sanskar and Swara would have been separated for forever. She says I didn’t want to hurt anyone knowing this, but may be God wanted me to get elders’ support. She asks them to help her unite Swara and Sanskar. Sumi says what we have to do? Ragini shares her plan. Sanskar start fighting with the goons. Swara sees Sanskar fighting with goons and asks girl to sit for sometime. Laksh comes back and asks girl what happened? Girl cries and tells that she lost the way, but that aunty helped her. Laksh asks which aunty? Swara stops Sanskar from fighting with goons. Girl points his finger towards Swara and Sanskar. Laksh is shocked seeing them.

Sumi informs Annapurna and Durga Prasad that Laksh is dead. Annapurna and Durga Prasad are shocked. Later Swara and Sanskar couldn’t believe on Ragini’s decision. Ragini tells that Laksh will not return while Sanskar assures to bring him back.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Silent_writer

    Laksh reactions shows that may b he is acting but today chappy was supwrbb n want to see face off of sanlak or swalak or raglak n precap was intrestinggggg keep going tysm mam for fast update

  2. Aasthu

    Yes……………………..I am happy that Laksh is shocked……………..so he doesn’t have memory loss but is acting for something…………….yaaaaaiiiiiiiiiii………….I’m all dancing……………..feeling sad for Ragini……………..swasan fight was really cute………they both looks like KG kids who ran away from nursery……………I love this new Ragini……..I thank you cv’s…………….I think maybe Swara will once again become a detective………….I wish the cv’s would soon unite swasan and raglak..

    Now Ragini will hand over her mangalsutra to a tearful Ap while shattering inside………..I don’t know whether Ragini will marry Nikhil or not………..I hope not……………

    RAGINI IS NOT THE REASON FOR SWASAN SEPARATION………….SHE IS TRYING TO UNITE THEM……in yest’s epi sme1 said that Rags is responsible for swasan separation……..

    1. In my views…..
      This is laksh but after accident had memory loss….so will not recognise Sanskar n swara
      N in hospital they were also saying truth about burning of dead body and dat of Abhimanyu
      So….after having memory loss of Laksh….he had been taken by Abhimanyu family or Their known by supposing him as actual Abhimanyu n due to memoy loss lakhsh has no option other than accepting him as Abhimanyu

      1. So I think we have to wait until laksh gain his memory back

      2. Aasthu

        But Hima….Laksh was shocked seeing swasan…….how can u explain his shocked face ???????????

      3. He is not shocked……….serial makers ended episode showing such expressions to us intentionally….
        Nothing will happen now
        Until…..ragini’s plan atleast reached to a excited state n laksh gets his memory back
        Bcz if laksh is back now only…..then how plan of Ragini will be executed??…….
        N I think Ragini’s plan is to announce her marriage with Nikhil

        By d way….Let see wat happens next

  3. Scooby

    Omg dashing cool cunning attitude of sanskar was awesome.. he looks perfect and the way he was fighting..eaaah…..
    thn swara ws superb…
    sanskar whn ur in good terms with swara, he wud have agrred with her in searching that choti girl dad.. but instead due to ego and anger again u titled swara as mahan.. yup she is mahan and u all are hurting her.. sanskar wts dis keep ur ego aside.. start searching for lucky along with swara..
    nxt that stupid started hos game with uttara.. uttrara b careful..
    Lucky looks show day he cn remember swasan.. donno wt cvz have planned..
    ragini brkn…
    But u hv take good decision to unite swasan and swara will always protect u rags..

  4. I m 100percent sure he is laksh….

  5. Omg!!!ragini made me cry…swasan as usual rocked…luv you raguuu..n nikil still confused abt him but I think he will fall 4 rags❤❤❤❤anyone knows smthmg abt nikil????

  6. Fairy

    Emotional update!!cnt bear my ragz in pain 🙁 …waitng to know about abhimanyus aka laksh’s story..!!!
    Aww!!dat grl is cho chueet 😉
    Huffff!!be careful uttara from dat chirag
    (N driver dats reallly bad,wt u hve done )
    Ayyo!!bechara nikhil!!
    Shekher ctrl ur anger man…
    Ragz plz mera baccha dnt cry so much ,it reallly hurt me!! 🙁 cvs plz unite raglak sooooooooooon!!now cnt see dem separate 🙁

  7. JenniferAndrews

    Hope they unite the couples sonn

  8. Mica

    Thank you H hasan mam for fast update..
    huft feeling frustrated nowadays to not understand what they said…:( 🙁 🙁
    is that any chance or any site that upload the episode in english subtitle ?
    btw, anyone please, can you tell me what this cute girl said to Sanskar to made Sanskar seems feel guilty taunted maahan Swara ?
    this driver just impossible, how long he working for maheswary that he able to betray them ? didn’t he feel that uttara is his responsibility ? that too it’s a girl.
    Ragini, hiks..why you lose hope dear ? can’t you feel Laksh’s heart beat around you ?
    Swara and Sanskar, seriously you need room to do romance ,huh!
    gimme Laksh’s pic, lemme search him myself!

    1. MAHIRA

      Mica didi… little girl asks her “unty”
      little girl: why is he saying that? do you know him?
      swara: tell her, who am i for you? tell her, do you know me or i’ma stranger to you?
      little girl: i don’t know what’s the problem between both of you, but every thing will be ok, papa always says every thing will be fine from it self, no need to intervene to patch it up
      later, i love when she points out at swara and sanskar saying: she’s there… with that arrogant uncle too… they’re fighting again

      the three adults should take lessons from the little one, she is very smart ^^

      1. Mica

        waaa.. ty Mahira babe!
        yeah you are rite…. sometime a child more mature than adult people..
        and sometime mad/crazy person more logic enough than normal people..

    2. MAHIRA

      ahem ahem… bilkul sahih, give them a room please, Swara dear did you need to bump in him AGAIN , how do you want him to focus ha? and both of you too… HALLOOOO… don’t you hear what the girl is saying? come on yaar, Sanskar your chota bhai hai… Swara your best friend!!! anyone remember why are you here for when you’re not bumpinp in each other?… when you’ll remember, may be those words will seem familiar to your ears
      and Mr Maheshwari stop punching on any living human being crossing your road… we know you have so much frustrared energy to sort out…
      *shameless fan of shameless lovers :p*

      1. Mica

        hahahhah.. we are being their fans due their shameless behavior..what to say!!!
        again BUMPED, again SHARE EYELOCK, again MISSED LAKSH’s PRESENT..goosshh

      2. MAHIRA

        oh why gayathri and sujatta have inetrreptud them in that store room… poor little love birds :p:p

      3. Mica

        huh! din’t remind me, that why i angry on them, why they forget to tied cruella and sujatha in chair or locked the door…goosshh what we talking about ? better you back write and gimme update soon dear

    3. Aasthu

      Hey Micaaaa…….I think it’s on Monday epis epi that Ragini hands over her mangalsutra to Ap…..and later swasan who feels suspicious will install a recorder in Ragini’s room and will know the truth………………..

      Mica did u understand what that lil girl said to swasan ???? she said something abt relationships ri8??? something which hr dad told her????? later by what name did she say about Sanskar to Laksh ??????

      1. Mica

        oohh soo, mangalsutra first than the secret revealed..goosshh really i wish they do FAKE UNION for Ragini..
        well i dunno dear.. since i don’t understand hindi, that why i somehow frustrated 😀 😀

      2. Aasthu

        I’m not sure about the order…….just a guess……….so Mica (presuming that u r an Indian) in which state do u live in????? TN ??????

      3. Mica

        i’am Indonesian dear..crossed the ocean for my Swasan 😀

      4. Aasthu

        wow Indonesian!!!!!!!!! how is it like there??????

      5. Mica

        just like India Aasthu, but without Swasan… huhuhu

      6. Aasthu

        hehe……so is swasan your fav couple??????

      7. Mica

        NO DOUBT.. hehhehe, i’m swasan fans freak..:3 :3

      8. Aasthu

        wELL i’M NOT SURPRISED……they indeed make a cute couple…………but if you ask me who my fav couple are my answer will be one and only ardhika……….I would gladly faint at their sight……………such a…..it’s hard to find words to describe them…………..Mica. if u r free will u read smething which I have written????

      9. Mica

        waa…. Ardhika too, but as i’m late to know about them, so, it’s hard to me to mingle among Ardhika fans, be frank i prefer hot papa Ahem Sharma than other..
        sure dear, you can msg me or poke my wall if you update it, ..
        (i love so much ardhika fans togetherness)

      10. Aasthu

        There is no difficulty Micuuuuuuuuu…………….just comment on the updates and u become friends……its that simple……….I already finished it…..I’ll msg u……

    4. Raina

      hi dear. well i missed today’s episode calm down mica, i can sense that u r very angry. but first tell me you are really concerned about laksh or you want to give privacy to swasan.

      1. Mica

        hahahhah..Raina, i just angry as i can’t understand what they said…hehehhe
        if only there is english subtitle, i’ll beyond happy…
        what to say! they prefer doing romance than searching Laksh… 😀
        i just want to help them..they get what they want by my favor, Laksh and romance.. wanna join ?

    5. First Thank you Hassan for the update
      Second as for the episode i couldnt agree more with Mica ill help him search for Laksh but beg you my swasan get a room for romance
      three for the little girl she said what everybody is thinking…who is that man auntie?why he is talking yo you like that?is he related?….and after that she told swara and sanskar…Dad says some troubles are better fixed by hemselves without any interfere …and later called Sanskar arrongant one whrn showing him to her daddy by that i mean Laksh
      four Laksh seeing Sanskar and Swara doesnt get me the idea he lost his memory more or less…just acting i dunno why but simply acting
      five ragini will not give up easily dear Mica she will pretrend to marry Nikhil but My Swara wont believe that and will hide a recorder and will know the truth…just then sanskar will blame himself yoo much just My swara will console him…Later Swara will see Laksh…
      and we will see dear Mica romance in a garden that time???

      1. Mica

        Lounaaa.. where were you ?
        YAY! thank you for join me… this both.. even the little girl more mature than them..
        yeah, i sense the same, Laksh hasn’t lost memory, but it will more make me angry (if only he doesn’t loss memory), since he didn’t think about people who love him no matter what the situation..
        for Ragini, i just can’t accept that she believe Laksh nomore due her dedicated love to him, ..
        weeewww, instead of watching Ragini pretend to marry Nikhil, i want our swasan do fake union for cheering ragini… ahem ahem..
        YAY! we eagerly waiting for next week..
        see… whenever, wherever, whatever the situation, our shameless Swasan always don’t waste time to get romance, and their fans…goossshhh LOVE THEIR SHAMELESS THING…. hahhhaha

      2. MAHIRA

        just saw segments…. can’t wait for this romance and Swara consoling so so sad Sanskar… :3

      3. Mica

        Mahiraaa… uuugghhh* jumping..jumping..jumping
        even me can’t wait any longer…
        consoling without hug ? gooooossshhhh it’s kinda a soup without salt 😀 😀
        but the bumped scene…..aaaawwwww*shameless me
        huh! the accident is planned, some one planned to kill our Swara..huhuhu

      4. MAHIRA

        without hug… hum they’ll romance on the road after accident… soon, they’ll be trapped by police for inappropiate behavior in public way… and to console Sanskar properly, Swara really needs a room *wink*
        planned accident!!!! oh God… who’s after her again??
        ok, there a loooong list of possible persons… stay there dear Swara just in his arms, no one can touch you then * with all innoncent intentions of course *

      5. dear Mahira and dearest Mica
        the next week will be something to wait for…as for Laksh i hate his new look…sorry dear mica for hatering but cant support it????
        as for romance in the public places well after all what we have been passing by even in the middle of the street i dont care anymore but i miss them together…ill rent the room for them both even if i have to look for sll Maheshawari family???
        as for Swara consoling yea it will be like wating without salt…our shameless Swasan will find a way as always for their special eye romantic contact where i breath hardly and became speashless

      6. Mica

        trapped by police for inappropriate behave in public ? don’t say ..it’s kinda dream come true for them… even for us 😀 😀
        NO need booking hotel room as they can’t get romance in MM or baadi..wweeewww

    6. I would love to join you mica in searching laksh… let swasan do their romance only… why to disturb them… we r here to search laksh…

      1. Mica

        awwww… another shameless fans join me 😀 😀

      2. Raina

        hi aditi, in one of the chapters of my ff, u said u love me and my ff. sorry i was unable to reply but i promise i was really thinking to thank u in the last chapter of my ff. thank u so much for ur support and i love u too dear

  9. they are rrepeating the same story again and again
    swara had acted to marry sanskar to make everything fine and now ragini is asking nikhil uttara is again being made a fool by chirag just like rajat
    for swasan it was good but no ragnik only raglak
    hell to those cvs repeating the same story
    and if laksh is just acting to be somebody else then ragini should punish him

    u know what i think maybe laksh did abhimanyu’s accident where he died and the wife went into coma or he was trappped in his accident case so he is just saving himself he was very angry on the day he went missing
    i think he has been trapped

    1. Mica

      Myna… our CVS great skill are to repeat the story… :3

  10. Oh my god Ragini …please dont cry…I cant see you crying….
    My tears are rolling on my cheeks…
    Laksh please come back!!!!

  11. MAHIRA

    @ Mica : writing writing… but let me tell you with all that ehem… romancing mood, i’m all spoiled, wait for a special gift in the update dear :p

    1. Mica

      hurraaaayyy!!!!! but please no soo intense romance :3 :3
      i’m too innocent on that 😀 😀
      believe me ! *ahem ahem…

      1. MAHIRA

        EHEM EHEM… special announce:
        dedicated especially to you… i just posted the new chapter dear, shorter than what it would be, but it’s ok… don’t want to give you toooo much emotions in one shot :p:p
        it’s waiting reviewing before published …
        *going continue the 5th one… *

      2. Oh innocent n you… really mica…
        n I would really love to join u…

      3. Mica

        aawww..it will make my weekend awesome, along with Asthu..
        Adity..i’m innocent as always :3

    2. Raina

      hi mahira. friends??? *giving a hand for shake hands* well dear if swasan are going to be arrested then i’m sure they will romance in jail too*ahem ahem* kya karein we are shameless fans of these shameless, magical and romantic couple.

      1. Mica

        any ff dear ? please inform me or poke my eyes oops i mean my inbox or wall

  12. MAHIRA

    Hi rains :)… Friends *shake hands*… I’m Algerian, so as we’re friends *kiss on cheek* this is dost saluting here^^
    “Romancing in jail” uuuff… So suggestive idea… Laksh should take lessons from his bhai as he had the occasion with ragini him :p

    1. Raina

      absolutely correct dear. well a xoxo from my side(mica style) i am an indian and i’m from tamil nadu but i know hindi

      1. MAHIRA

        Glad to know you Raina, Tamil nadu is in south india?
        your country is very lucky to have such great art named Bollywood (and Tv drama) so we have the chance to know a bit of it , i’ve been cruddled by Amithab Bachan film since my childhood^^

    2. Raina

      thank u. i’m always very much creative in this *innocently*

  13. romance in jail… wow…any of dear… please inform me about it… I would love to read…

  14. n which inbox or wall are u talking about mica???

    1. Mica

      my inbox Aditi or my wall as i’m registered member, we have our own.
      so, if any Swasan’s friends and writers have any awesome ff, i would love if they inform me for any update of their fabulous works…

  15. guys I want help I want to register in tu but I don’t know how to!! help!!!!

    1. Mica

      Aditi, click the “register” on top this page..
      put your name, email, password…submit, open your email to registration…

  16. where are you all my innocent friends…

    1. MAHIRA

      Aditi? so? registred?

  17. Raina

    aditi, u have to select an option called register which will be in the top. you have to fill your name, email id and u have to create a password for ur account. after sometime u will get an email from tellyupdates, it will contain the activation link for ur account. u just click on that, your account will be activated

  18. Raina

    and mica i can’t understand about what u r talking?

    1. Mica

      which one ? hmm about ff ? i just asking you whether you had written any ff
      you please inform me or message me, let me read them..

  19. MAHIRA

    @mica and other shameless fan club… oh yes, just both of them in 1 meter square jail cellule… or in that underground bunker Laksh had kidnapped Ragini in, or my favourite, that dark scary place where he took her when she lost her memory… *dreaming*
    (Laksh, really yaar, you had so much occasions, why didn’t you take your chance before letting this poor Ragini so sad!)

    1. Mica

      huh! shameless fans ? you must be the leader..goossshhhh
      you have so much shameless idea dear! 😀 😀

      1. MAHIRA

        me!!!???? * blinks innocently*
        i’m just helping, you said it Maheshwari house and baadi don’t give them any chance for romancing… so…

      2. Raina

        i’m writing the ff ‘seperation made our relation more strong’ on swasan and raglak

    2. Raina

      you are blinking innocently. mica is right, you should be the leader

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