Swaragini 11th November 2015 Written Episode Update

Swaragini 11th November 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Swara comes running to Laksh and sees his hand. Doctor bandages Laksh’s hand and tells Durga Prasad that he is fine. He asks what happened? Laksh says he was cutting apple and his hand was cut by mistake. Annapurna gets concerned. Ragini tells Swara that Laksh wants her back in his life, and says if you try to leave again then he will commit suicide again. She asks her to agree and leave her decision. She asks her to stay back in house and give a chance to her and Laksh’s relation. Swara and Sanskar hear her. Ragini comes to Laksh and asks if he is fine? Laksh asks what happened to me? Laksh says how can I do this? Ragini says when I told everyone that you have injured your hand, then Swara came running first. She says this lie is for good and says these things are just small.

Swara recalls

coming to Laksh’s room and seeing his bleeding hand. She recalls Ragini’s words that he wants her back in his life. Sanskar asks what is your decision now and asks if she wants to go or stay back. Sujata comes and asks you didn’t go till now. She says everyone might be waiting for you. Ragini acts and tells Swara that her head is paining badly. She asks Swara to stay back and pretends to faints. Swara asks her to take care. Ragini says I will take rest and asks her not to go. Swara agrees. Sanskar says I will keep your stuff back in room, and says destiny and circumstances don’t want you to leave. Sujata is tensed. Swara tells her that she has to stay here until Ragini gets well. Sujata wonders what is happening here. She calls Parineeta and asks her to give juice.

Sanskar and Swara are in the room. Sanskar says I want to tell you something. Swara says she is tired of all this thing. She says she will give chance to Laksh as Ragini want her to give. Sanskar is shocked. Swara says I will give him a chance, but not bear this torture. Sanskar asks her to tell Laksh that she will give him chance. Swara says not now, but later as he might think that he has succeed. Sanskar says he will recover fast if you tell now. Swara angrily asks him to tell if he is so concerned about his brother. Sanskar says your idea is not bad, and goes to tell Laksh.

Sanskar comes to Laksh. Laksh asks what you are doing here? Sanskar asks him to hear him and says it is for your betterment. He says Swara is ready to give you a chance, but you have to accept her decision and should not blackmail her. Laksh asks who are you to tell this and says you might have instigated Swara against me. Ragini tells Laksh that Sanskar’s heart is very big and he never showed right on Swara although he is married to her. She says he did a great work. Sanskar says I thought Laksh should get a chance, and convinced Swara. Ragini says we shall go out and discuss this.

Sanskar tells everyone that Doctor has adviced Laksh to take Ragini somewhere. He says they want to go to farm house with Swara. Ragini says she will feel better if Swara goes along with them. Durga Prasad agrees. He asks if you are also going with them. Sanskar says yes. Durga Prasad says I don’t understand this thing. He says today you said that you don’t want to continue your marriage, and now you are taking her to farm house. Sanskar says we are doing this for Ragini. Durga Prasad says I have full trust on you and asks her to take care of Swara. Sanskar smiles and thinks nothing can happen to Swara until he is alive.

Sujata tells Annapurna that she is doubtful that something is brewing between four of them. She says Ragini hates Swara so much, and then she agreed to take Swara to farm house. Ragini, Swara and Laksh come to farm house. Ragini says this place have snatched my everything and will return my life now.

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  1. xoxo

    Nothing new in story what sans did with rags she is doing with lucky…writers are not creative at all…. Salman ke sumjane ke baad bhi swara didn’t realize sanskars love…. Now I’m wondering was uttaran better… I never thought there could have been a show as bad as uttaran but swaragini has made me to think otherwise

  2. sanju

    what is this ragini upto… new promo is about ragini revenge on swasan and laksh……
    “ragini looks at swara, sanskar and laksh pictures. she tells that kya kuch nahi karata humse pyaar, laksh ne hame chod diya , swara ka pyaar (they shows sanskaar) and sanskaar ne diye hame dhoka, swara ka pyaar aur swaragini ke beech ka pyaar, (suddenly sanskaar looks back) then shows swara and laksh he kneels down infront of swara.. ragini looks on ab tum se cheen loongi sub kuch bana kar pyaar ko hatiyaar.. she slightly see sanskaar who is also slightly looks at side… and swara comes and put her hands on ragini shoulders..””….

  3. Ramya

    I dnt understand one thing why swara always slips and falls in to either sanskaar or lakshs hands…
    And this show is very boring
    Reading updates Jst for timepass even this is also timewaste…
    Heyyyy it’s better to watch Thapki their cute fights are very nice and thapki and bihaan looks cute…
    Laughing while they are fighting
    Better to leave this show

    • Hi ramya,
      You watch thapki? me too. I also like thahaan, they will make a great couple.
      I am not liking the way that vasundhara using bihaan.

  4. naira

    What is this all…I hate this serial now…I want swara and sanskar together..but it will not going to occur..

  5. z

    guys read yesterday wu comments some one posted that ” swara to follow her heart by returning back to sanskaar””..

  6. Divya

    Enaku kadupu agudhu!indha ragini eh modhala kollanum aprm laksh! Ivlo pattu thirundama ava pecha ketukitu irukan! Seriya a muttal Ivan! Sans pavam swara sonadhum moonji maari pochu!

  7. Sathyasree venkat

    last varaiyum ragini ippadithana,ava maaravemaatala
    feeling sad for swara,ragini come back to take revenge,worst ragini,I Hate U

  8. Ragini singh

    ye serial na ekdam se bakwaas ho gya hai…..ham swara aur sanskaar ko dekhna chahte hai,pr ye lakshya ka drama khatm hi nhi ho rha hai..plz swara aur sanskaar ki milado……

  9. unknw

    wht d hellll…..????
    how can swara behave like child????
    matlb wo sanskar se kehti h laksh ko batane k liye ki she is ready to give another chance to laksh……
    sanskar se pyar nahi h pr wo janti to na ki sanskar swara se pyar karta h fir bhi….jiska khud ka dil tuta hota h wo kisi aur k sath aise pesh nahi aata…….

    • Hi unknw,
      I got the feeling that something is not right, maybe it’s their plan and they are acting. And also I wonder what’s going to happen tomorrow. What is that psyco ragini up to? will she try to hurt swara tomorrow in the farm house?? Today sanskar said to dp that he won’t let anything happen to swara.
      Maybe swara agreed to give a chance to laksh because swara and sanskar planned something or maybe it’s just me thinking too much. I don’t know what it could be but allowed could do is wait for tomorrow’s episode.

  10. Lee

    Ab aage kya hoga kisi ko pata hai.?????
    N ragini ka agala plan kya hai.??????
    Pata ni yr ye bevkuff swarako kb samaz me aayega..???
    Sanskaar again superb
    u r simply wonderfulll
    …..hey koi ageka track batao na

  11. Nitya

    It’s boring now. Y swara behaving like dis nd ragini…..Koi itna bura kaise ho sakta hai. Swara is behaving like dumb. Sanskar ka pyar ragini ki nafrat nd laksh ka bewakuf nature samajh ni aa rha. Sanskar is to good.

  12. nik

    I think rag knows that swara also loves sanskar n now she wants to snatch swara’s love(San…) from her to take her revenge n that’s the region she is making videos of lak n swara. What do u think guys??????

    • litty

      Guys…..chill from all dts happening its clear dt swasan is the actual pair of the show n abhi show intrstng ban gyi….latst promo se yeh instincts milrhi hai ki swara shall soon realise her luv 4 sanskar….knki ragini’s plnng will some how end up hurtng sanskar ds time(feel so accrdng 2 latst promo) which will surely bring out swara’s luv 4 sanskar

  13. neha kothiyal

    Please crate some new track as we are getting so much irritated this, we need that swara nad sanskar love story should begin and and ragini should suffer and realise her mistake and something very bad needs to be done with her , as she is getting more and more evil day by day . So, before your trp gets down, people looses there interest just take track to diff level u r going good till now but we need something new now.

  14. appu

    To be frank.. Swara doesnot deserve sanskar… Vo laksh se bolthe he ki ragini ko ek chnz dho.. Vo jantha he ki laksh ragini se pyar nehi kartha phir b kehtha he.. Lekin apne baari aayatho us idiot ko sanskar galath.. Har vakth sanskar par gussa.. Sanskar ka pyar Swara idiot kab samchegi… Nw i jst hate this show.. I’m sure the writers ko love failure saroor huva dha.. Isliye pyar karnevalomko ek nehi karthi.. Thapki pyar ki phi yehsi he.

  15. Neha

    Dragging dragging going on let me call it boring boring I don’t know what the writers are upto sometimes swasan sometimes swalak please clear it fed up of thinking

    • Ramya

      Hay am fineeeee
      Yeah Thapki is better than this..
      Veena when will u upload ur fan ffs??
      I an reading updates with a small hope tht bychance if anything good hpns but no this show has no chances to show good things..
      Always eating our brains and kills us

  16. Pls change the track…v want ragini to turn positive …..pls dnt drag d show wid oly wid d great mahaan swara..its ok bt nwadays its too irritating to watch…its sumtimes boring to watch her face again nd agin..,

  17. tani

    Disgusting show Sanskar Ko hero banarahe hain aur Jo hero thaa usse vilian shame on Swaragini show ids show Ki soul Swara aur Lakshya ka pyaar thaa donon ek doosre ke liye thee to phir ab kyun sanskar ko beech Mein laake show Ko kharab kardiya
    Ab Kia swara ke ek aur love story dikhaoge sanskar ke saath show ka mazaak banadiya
    Durga Prasad Jo pehle kehta thaa lakshya humein tum le poora bharosa hai tum Jo karoge sahi karoge aaj woh jaga lakshya se cheen kar sanskar Ko dedi
    Sanskar jisne yeh sab Kia as woh swara ka Sacha pyar hogaya yeh show Mein seekh milee hai buraa karoge to sab milega
    Ghatiya show hai

  18. yuvika

    Bakwaas show lost charm helly n Namish were amazing Jodi
    Swara aur Lakshya Ko jeet honi chahiye thee
    Yahan to sab palat diya swara lakshya se pyaar karti hai to phir lakshya Ko bhool gayi
    Bewafai Ki misaal hai swara character hi bura hai usska
    Lakshya ne wafa Ki
    Sanskar sab se zyada bekaar character bhai ke hi pyar Ko cheen kiya aur khud banagaya mahaan true lover

  19. Iraj

    Kitna bekaar hai yeh drama pichle 7 months se swara lakshya ke pyar Ki kahani dikharahe thee to achanak se kiya hogaya why they changed it ???
    Swara lakshya ka pyar Ko kiya hogaya aur swara Ko kiya hogaya ?? Sanskar se pyar ?? Yeh koi mazaak hai show Mein pyaar koi bhi sake help kare to pyaar hogaya lol
    Swara lakshya Ko ek hone ke liye sanskar air Ragini ke reham par nirbhar hai ??

  20. I feel like wacking that psyco ragini till she gets dizzy and maybe this time she really does looses her memory. Her behaviour is getting worse day by day. She really needs to see a psychiatrists or go to the mental hospital to get her head treated. Laksh cut his wrist in today’s episode because that psyco ragini influenced him. What is that mental ragini doing, she’s trying to turn laksh like her psyco.

  21. Tammy

    Hi guys !

    Can anybody explain me why is ragini doing all this ? Wats her plan now ? Y is she taking everyone to farmhouse again ???? And she says ” this place took everything from me…now this place will return all things to me” what it means ????

    Plus why is everyone behaving so stupid to believe her now ?????

  22. sam

    What nonsense ??I don’t understand what is as in writer’s mind that one side he play the role of sanskar is too good now he change the story by one small point that sanskar smile and think nothing can happen to swara untill he is alive

  23. sam

    What nonsense ??I don’t understand what is as in writer’s mind that one side he play the role of sanskar is too good and now he change story by one small point that sanskar smile and think nothing can happen to swara untill he is alive

  24. unknw

    guys belive in ragini…..
    wo kabhi bhi swara aur laksh ko ek nahi jone degi….
    jald hi swara aur sanskar ki story start hogi..shayad isi farm house pe kuch aisa hoga jis se swara ko pata chalega ki wo sanskar se pyar karti h….
    i want swasan….
    bt i dnt like swara….bcz she is irritating so much now a days..

  25. s

    tdy segmnt they showed .. sujju taunts swara..
    swara in pink suit coming down from stairs with ragini &lakshya.. some other girl in yellow red colour suit girl there i think she is uttara..
    sanskaar was showing some papers t dp. .. diwali preparations going on in mm. ragini makes rangoli , swara lighting diyas… sujatha tauting swara….
    helly iv: tane pe tane maarrahe hai mujhe ki machi wali tel se diya mat jalana..rangoli me fish design mat banana. aur tu toh vapas jaa rahi the na yaha kyun aaya hai?? kya iradaa hai??
    vo saya: twist commes when laksh brings lehenga for swara instead ragini… (that is in pink colour) in segment they showed is teju and helly diya comepation she wear puple colour dress same dress varun helly laxmi puja did with telly masala… hope she dont wear which laksh gave her….

  26. Harini

    Worst episode..y dey r dragging ds much? Swara was an intelligent ..bt nw acting lyk a puppet. I dnt lyk dese episodes nw..

  27. jersline prisilla

    nejamalae eruchala varuthu.plz laksh don’t go behind swara.ava romba overa pandra n ragini avala pakkavae pidikala she z a selfish pig

  28. sammu

    areh a kya he…
    kuch logh laksh ko villan banarahe he.. pehele Swarako apni ma baba ko ek karnekeliye Lakshne saatdiyatha .. Ragini aur sanskar dono milkar Swarako drugadict ladki banakar dikarahe the tab bhi Laksh ne Swara par bharosa kiyatha.. ajbhi Raginika sach samne ayahe woh tho sirf Laksh ke wajese jo swara and sanskar saath mein na karpaye… pyarko koneke baad sanskar and ragini badlalena chahathete lekin laksh ne ayisa kuch nahi kiya wo tho sitf apne pyaar ko pana chahta he ismein uska kya galtihe…?

  29. Siri

    Iss show mein kisiski galti hona ho but show dehkna hamari sab se badi galti hein…
    rashmi ki dimakh hi nahi hey isliye wo hamare dimakh khaate rehte hein…
    Arey yaar agar aap ke pass kahani nahi hey tho fanfiction se lijiye… Wo bahut ache hey aap ke show se
    Hey guys ur wasting time fr commenting pls pls swasan bcz that is not goin to hpn fr atleast 4,5mnths..
    Until then we have to bear that psycho rags.so it’s better to shift to the other shows and reduce this shows trp.,,, mayb rashmi will get a brain then..
    Only thing which is common in this show is revealing truth by swara.Frst his dads truth,then laksh, then sanskaar,then ragini.. And now after 6 months she will again reveal the truth of ragini.she shoul become a CBI officer…

  30. sanju

    swaragini: annapurna and sujatha follow swara and laksh in swaragini..
    as per current episodes of swaragini, ragini tells laksh that it is not wrong of him to lie as everything is fair in love and war. later, laksh asks ragini to help him out, unknown that ragini is behind him&swara for revenge and wants to get him back in her life..
    while ragini makes laksh hurt himself to emotionally make swara to come to him. with the events swara tells sanskaar that she will give laksh a chance, sanskaar is devasted but wants her to be happy so decides to help her out..
    while laksh wants swara to spend sometime with him and they decide to talk separate away from family. so, laksh, ragini and swara leave for the formhouse. annapurna and sujatha follow them in another car as sujatha believes something is brewing with the couples.
    ragini decides to get defame swara and get back in laksh life even by force. she plan all this to make family have no option than ask her to accept laksh.
    will laksh and swara get to know ragini’s plan? what is ragini planning to do?
    do keep the space for more updates.

  31. Lee

    I agree eith u unknw farm house pe aisa jarur kuch hoga n swarawill realize sanskaar ‘s lovee….swasan rock

  32. Oh my what is that psyco ragini up to now. I’m so curious, I wonder what will happen in today’s episode. This show is getting weird day by day. When will the current track end? It’s getting on my nerves. I just want swasan to unite but I got the feeling that it will take another 3 to 6 months. Guys when sanskar came to laksh to tell him that swara is ready to give a chance to laksh, don’t you guys find it a bit fishy? I mean swara just accepted sanskar’s words to give laksh a chance, that’s not like her. What if sanskar and swara both made up a plan. And also laksh, I got the feeling that he is also acting. Remember he told swara that ragini is acting with her memory loss and if he proves swara that ragini is acting then swara should come back to him. What if he is acting guys to expose ragini again. I think I should just stop being paranoid and just watch what happens.
    Swasan forever, swasan rocks.?

  33. Veena

    Hei Ramya,I wrote from 10th to 16th n stopped,restarted on 29th,u’ll find it,actually those who don’t like fan fiction please pardon,@Ramya,title is SWASAN fan fiction episode7,8….21…

  34. sammu

    is show ka matlab kya he… swara and sanskar , laksh and ragini couples banakar swaragini ko aghe bhadana chahate he.. ye tikh nahi lagta .. is show mein tho pyar ka mazak banarahehe.. pehele swara aur laksh ke bich mein pyaar dikakar laksh se itna dialogue kelayagaya woh sab joot he..? jab laksh keharahata ki uski zindagi swaraki bina adhura hein.. aur usne swara ki saath derahata jab ragini and sanskar ne milkar drugadict banakar logonke samne thamasha banarahete … thab mein ye sochne lagi ye dono kabhi alag nahi honge… uski bharosa muje kuch aisa laga premi ho tho uske jaise.. thabse kabhibi miss karna nahi chahtiti…but maine ye nahi socha directer ne apne serial ko aage badanekeliye doononko alag kardiya.. aj usi pyaar ka mazak banakar dikarahe he… i feel realy sad…

  35. Rajput

    Bahut hua ab kitna pkaayoga ab roj nya drama or y bewkoof laksh pta nhi kya problem h esa na iski skakal h na akal (brain) h

    hm to y serial sirf swasan k liya dekhta h essa phla hmna es serial ko dekha hi nhi

    pls swara or sanskaar ko mila do

    kitna pyaar h sanskaar

    we want swaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaSannnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn

  36. kirti

    Hey priti thanx fr d twist
    Atleast sans ko is tarah marte huye dekhkar toh swara usse apne pyaar ka izhaar kregi
    Juz keep ur fingers crossed
    SWASAN rockz

  37. ASEEMA

    Wot d hell is diz???bullshit raghini get out of ua blo*dy drama!!really fed up with diz!!!and plzz plz unite swara ans sanskar!!!they are made 4 each other!! jzt uv them!!luv u guyzz!!!

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