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The Episode starts with Swara thinking Utara has read the chit and knows Rajat’s truth now. Sanskar tells Inspector who comes in formal dress, that Rajat’s goons is having guns and are indisguise of a waiter. Rajat asks Utara to marry him quietly. Utara refuses to marry him. Rajat calls his goon and asks him to shoot Durga Prasad first. Goons agrees. Parineeta feels bad and thinks when did I become wrong and did a big mistake. She fears if Rajat or his fake parents tell everything to her family then everything will be ruined. She blames Swaragini for the happenings, and thinks why did they interfere and everyone will think of me as villain. Rajat asks the goon to wait for his sign and asks Utara to marry him. Annapurna comes to room and sees Rajat holding Utara at gun point. She is shocked. Utara asks

her to go from there, and says Rajat is dangerous. Annapurna asks Rajat to leave her and says this marriage will not happen. Rajat says this marriage will happen and I will not leave her. Annapurna asks him to keep the gun down and leave Utara. Rajat slaps Annapurna and the gun falls on the floor.

Swara tries to go to Utara’s room, but she comes back seeing goon. She tells Sanskar that goon is hiding there. Sanskar goes to talk to Inspector. Parineeta thinks to tell the truth to everyone. Swara is coming towards Utara’s room. Annapurna tells Rajat to leave Utara, else she will shoot him. Rajat asks her to shoot. Annapurna shoots at Rajat. Utara gets shot. Everyone is shocked. Sujata shouts Utara. Utara falls down unconscious on the bed. Swara comes and shouts Utara….Rajat holds Swara and says I will not leave you. Annapurna asks him to leave her. Rajat says no, I will not leave her. He snatches gun from Annapurna’s hand. Sanskar, Laksh and everyone come there.

Sanskar asks Rajat to leave Swara. Rajat refuses. Sujata asks who is this man? Rajat says I am in a hurry right now, but Annapurna will tell you everything. He asks them not to come infront else he will kill Swara, and his men will kill Parineeta. Everyone is shocked. Ragini says you can’t harm Parineeta, and says she is saved. Rajat says so you have rescued her, but you can’t rescue Swara. He says let me take Swara with me from here. He keeps gun on Swara and asks everyone to back off. Police comes and keeps gun on Rajat’s gun. Goons also comes and keeps gun on Police. Sanskar asks Rajat to take him instead. Rajat refuses and pulls Swara. Sanskar leaves her hand.

Ragini asks him to leave her sister and take her instead. Everyone is shocked. Laksh also asks him to leave Swara. Rajat asks them not to move and asks Swara to come silently. Everyone is shocked. Rajat escapes with Swara. Laksh and Sanskar fights with the goons. Police arrests the goons. Ragini says she will se Utara. Sujata tells Adarsh that Utara is shot. Adarsh says her injury is not deep as the bullet just touched her. Annapurna asks her to calm down. Adarsh calls her. Ragini tells Sujata that she is going to bring Swara. Sumi asks Ragini to promise that she will bring Swara. Ragini promises that she will bring Swara and goes. Laksh, Sanskar and everyone try to open the door.

Parineeta is outside the house. Swara asks Parineeta to go, and says Rajat has locked everyone. Rajat says if she will help you, and says she hates you very much. Parineeta asks him not to tell her anything. Swara is shocked and says you know everything. Rajat says it was her game plan to make you fall in everyone’s eyes and become great infront of everyone. He hits Parineeta with his gun and takes Swara in the car. Parineeta gets unconscious. Sanskar leaves in his car. Laksh and Ragini sit in the police jeep and goes. Adarsh tries to wake up Parineeta and takes her to hospital.

In the hospital, Doctor tells that the bullet just touched her body. Utara asks about Swara. Sujata says Rajat has kidnapped Swara and took her. Utara says it was all my mistake and apologizes to everyone. Parineeta thinks about planning with Rajat. She tells Utara not to say that. Adarsh asks her to take rest. Parineeta asks her to move on forgetting her mistakes. Sujata asks what are you saying and says everyone is trapped in this condition. We didn’t know where is Swara and in which condition. She says we will try to forget then. Annapurna says everything will be fine.

Sanskar shoots at Rajat. Rajat holds Swara’s hand and falls with her in the river. Sanskar couldn’t save Swara from falling off the cliff and shouts Swara…

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Bilkish Abdul Hamid

    Oh God now wat? Swarna dies? Or cums back??? Eish just wen we start liking the writers go off…

  2. What ….!!!! No this just can’t happen…..but yeah according to SBS ….swara will forget the love she had for sanskaar and will only remember her relationship with Laksh….and …or …it cab be a plan of swara to expose rajat….thats it…….

    1. Rajats already exposed in front of Maheshwaris then y would she act as a memory los


  4. Actually they are not doing the swalak track again. Sears will lose memory and a new guy will make an entry and save her. The new guy (anuj sachdeva) will save swara. He will be a musician and will slowly start to fall in love with swara. Later he will turn his love into obsession. Swara will be living with him because she would think they both know each other or are like married. Swara will try to come close to the guy but she will keep getting flashes about her and sanskar. That’s how the story will go


  6. I heard ragini will fake her pregnancy..

    1. Wy would ragini fake her pregnancy…may b I guess for sumi….

      1. Yea evn I thought tht way

  7. I liked the episode because everyone acted good

  8. Nice episode.

  9. oh………no………..
    I hate rajath iski vaja se swara bhee gir jayegi………

  10. If swara should go close to him people will bash rashmi sharma bcoz swara character is well respect swabhiman when she fake her marriage she even didnt try to come close to san if they show swara close to him swaras best character gets spoiled swaragini is becoming simply like ssk rashmi sharma has no new story why simply doing same story plz.. End this ml track ragini should see swara by listening her way of playing guitar follow her tells to everybody they should know about swara ml and shomi should take swara to home swaraki yadash vapas lanekeliye rag san lak should stay at badi

  11. After knowing paris truth san should hold paris neck adarsh should slap san then san should say apki patni ki itni choti dard keliye apko itana gussa at ate par muje kya hoga lak and suja support san he should leave house lives with swara in dida house getting irritatio to same ssk

  12. Swara will forget everything as she like music she will get involved in music concert with sahil, but sahil will love swara n become obsessed in love his character is grey shaded as per metro masti, till will good to watch how ragini will get swara memory back n unite swasan again as sanskar will in shock

  13. why always swasan. . i think it would have been better if ragini in swaras place. i mean rajat shuld have kidnapped her and ragini should have fallen from the cliff so ragini would have forgot everything and lucky trying make her remember and so on. that will be really nice. but here i think they should kept the title name as swasan. instead of swaragini

      1. what u mean

      2. preethi kalian

        what u mean

  14. I lvd 2days episode . helly n varun act was just suprv. Vahe nailed it.

    1. Hi there nik so you’re back. I remember you used to comment here as a swasan fan. Anyways good to see you commenting here again. And yeah swasan forever swasan rocks?

  15. waiting for today episode

  16. Ye SB swara me with kyu hota hai ragini bhi to hai name usme to fir ragini kyu nhi I think ragini much kre to swara ke liye I mean uski memory me liye

    1. Yeah but ragini already went through memory loss even tough it was her drama.

      1. Meant for preethi not you

  17. loved tdy episode helly,varun and mohith nailed in there scene all good except shekar he dont have any emotions his daughter life in danger.. what kind of father he is? and wen rajat takes swara she try to free herself and ran to sanskar but rajat catches her..parineeta what she think so much happend but she think herself and wants to move on to forget all.. but she didnt back of and nt telling about her deeds. uttara is apolozing and she repenting bcz of her all in this problem and swara life in danger.. when pari says forget and move on. repeating same she didnt thinkg abt swara nw also.. but sujju said jab tak swara not return nthng going to happen good she genunly loves swara nw.. also nw if any thng happen to her sanskar wont be able to live.. she knows hw much sanskar loves swara. even when he takes swara at gunpoint in room and comes out dp and ap asks him to leave swara she also tells that “mari chori ko kuch na karo”.. she loves swara also… pari truth will nt come nw.. but when her truth comes wants to see sujju and sanskar reaction bcz of pari nw swara and uttara life in problem.. love to see her reaction regardng pari involvement with rajat and she is really good i love swasan ramta and uttara family bonding and for uttara swara life danger love nanad babhi relation. here.. shekar no expressions in segmnt also he is nt crying… is swara nt his daughter? . overall episode is good … want anyone comes to pari deeds… she wont tell her involvemnt hw family gets to knw abt it?

  18. really liked the trac

  19. Plz.. Any body tell how they come to know swara is alive

  20. OMG m still crying swasan were really gud and don’t worry guys swasan are just made for each other no one can separate them. They are heavenly now we will see a new love story full of pain and the biggest day will be when swasan will unite. Just waiting for upcoming track.and really wanna see ragini’s sisterly love and sanskar’s intense love for swara in upcoming track.

  21. sanskar’s heroic act to save swara in swaragini!!
    a dramatic turn to be awaited in color’s show swaragini.
    tellybuzz was the first one to report about the new track introduced on swaragini with anuj sachdeva entry.
    before the track begins lets see how will swara and sanskar’s track lead to the new entry on the show.
    rajat, who held swara hostage, will run away from the police and reach a hillitop. sanskar would chase him there.he will try to resuce love of his life, swara and shoot rajat. the evil mind, rajat will fall down the cliff but will take swara along with him. but, fortunately, they both will struck in a tree. sanskar as a true hero and lover will try to resuce his lady love and reach out his hand to her, but rajat will pull swara’s leg down, resulting in a sudden fall, down into the river.
    what next?
    rajat will die but swara will lose her memory amid this terified incident. this leads to the introduction to the new character, anuj sachdeva on the show, who will be soon seen opposite swara on the show.
    are you excited to watch the new colour of love in swaragini!!

  22. Why its always swara. Serial ka naam swaragini hai . Ragini ka kuch dikhate hi nhi hai ??

  23. Hey similar don’t worry now they will show ragini equally coz now we are going to see sisterly love and u should see in promo they showed sanswarag only .so be happy. ???

    1. Watch trishakti only swara n sanskar r there

  24. Its similar to qubool hai.. There also Sanam vll lose memory and vll think shaad as her hubby but its end would b most tragedy… Pls don’t take swaragini also to tat track…. Pls make swara understand her real love and unite swasan and swaragini

  25. Swara remembers maa dida ragini as friend and now she will stay at badi sank chup chup swara ko dekne keliye ana again swara san should fall in love san stop talking to family and will go to dep bcoz he blames himself responsible for swara condition

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