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The Episode starts with Laksh refusing to give first aid box to Sanskar. Sanskar, Ragini and Swara feel bad about his behavior. Kavya waves bye to the media persons. She thinks if Ragini have any self respect or not. She asks Laksh to come and they leave. Sanskar tells that he will go and check that place. Annapurna feels bad about Ragini and says Laksh has become puppet and don’t talk to anyone. Swara says yes, and says it seems like he has become her puppet. Swara asks manager to make 2 cheques of 20 Lakhs. She asks Laksh to tell him. Laksh says the same thing. Kavya asks him to sign. Laksh signs on the cheques. Kavya says lets go home baby. Laksh says lets go home baby. He repeats the same thing just as she said. Kavya makes Laksh sit in office. Sanskar tells Ram that the house is near the court

and asks if he knows any info about it. Ram says I don’t know and asks him to talk to Durga Prasad. Kavya hears them and asks Laksh to come. Just then she hears Sanskar speaking about plot no 211.

Kavya gets scared and thinks they are getting info about me. Sanskar thinks to find out and recalls all the happenings. Sanskar says that girl is Kavya who was with photographer in the pic. He thinks Kavya have come with a purpose. He thinks why Laksh is behaving like a puppet, if Kavya is giving him any drug. Laksh collides with Sanskar. Sanskar goes. Laksh comes to Ram and says he will handle the meeting as…..Durga Prasad says as this house and business are on your name and asks him not to remind them again and again. Laksh says yes. He says I will leave after breakfast. Ram tells Durga Prasad that everything belongs to him now, and don’t know what to do as he is trapped by that girl. Durga Prasad says everyone learns with time. Kavya tells Laksh that she will be alone. Laksh asks her to come with him. Kavya says no, and asks him to go. She says she will help Annapurna with some puja and says she will do her duty as a bahu. Laksh hugs her and says you think so much about them. Kavya hugs him and thinks it will be a big blast.

Shekhar talks to Dada ji. Dadi tells that tomorrow is a big day and hopes Ragini likes the groom. Sumi says she has done the arrangement. Shekhar tells them that groom stays in USA and they have a house in Kolkata. Ragini gets upset. Sumi calls Swara and tells that they have done all the arrangements. Swara says she would have come, but Annapurna have kept 16 somwar puja, and says she is very happy for Ragini. Sumi gives the call to Ragini. Swara asks Ragini to move on in life and says you still love Laksh, but he has done a mistake by choosing Kavya. She asks her to meet that guy and give him a chance, never knows that he is her Mr. right. Ragini promises to meet that guy. She says she is missing her angel. Swara says this Ragini is very strong and don’t get scared of anyone. She says angel can’t come there now, and you have to manage it all alone now, as I know that you can manage. She says I am missing you, but is helpless. She says sorry to her. Swaragini plays……..Ragini asks her not to say sorry and take care of everyone.

Kavya tells Annapurna that she will take part in the puja and made something. Swara says don’t know what she has mixed in it. Sujata says she has seen in the TV shows how a bahu gives poison etc. Kavya starts crying. Laksh comes and asks what happened? Kavya says I made food for them in the morning and they are saying that it is having poison. Laksh asks what is all this? He says he will taste it and show. Sujata says you will not have this food, and asks Kavya to eat. She says we can lose Kavya, but not you. Laksh says chachi please and eats it. He holds his head. Swara and others are tensed.

Guy’s mum sees ring in Ragini’s finger and asks why did they call them when Ragini haven’t forgotten her first husband. Dadi shouts stop it and promises to get her married within 15 days. Kavya lights her pallu with fire and shouts.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Thankyou so much hasanji for fast update..

  2. swaragini: there was a blast in dp’ house during santhoshi maa puja. kavya says laksh to family eyeing her. he comes to home. he gets shocked and runs to her she gets injured. everyone shocked. laksh gets mistaken and suspects his family actually kavya is doing all these conspiracy against family and instigate him. he gets his family arrested and blindily trust her . ragini agrees dadi to get married groom family comes to see her and makes her wear kanghan they see ring in rags finger she taunts her dadi give back bangles and make chalenge in 15days she will do rags marriage.
    police arrest hole mm family rags comes to know that as swara tells her about what kavya did in mm..she comes ps and releases all ladies. mens are stays in ps. and at the same time police tels them that laksh murdersd kavya he comes ps with cuff all family shocked.. he apolizes to swaragini.. all ladies went and now swara and ragini try to discover about kavya really died or fake. and brings men out of ps.

  3. i think kavya is drugging laksh its going to be like this only… but some past connection is there..

  4. Waiting for this drama to end soon and get to knw what happ to Laksh and y he was behaving like a robot and Laksh asking forgiveness frm Ragini… I think this Kavya dead is also a drama… Tat Aunty would die so soon…
    On location video

    Watch this and u would witness the upcoming track…

  5. i started to watch this serial frm where ragni with sanskar&thy planning to separate swalak.so i thought that its a typical 2 lead drama like SATHIYA/UTTARAN.so i hated ragni 4 her deeds&alz bashed tejaswi without thinking that she is jst doing her charactr.bt last 3 months i watched all episodes from d begining on youtube.i realy felt guilty.ragini is not like rashi/tapsi.she never jealous towards swara.infact she herself ready to sacrifice her love 4 swara 2 unite their parents evn dadi tried to inject many wrong things.she lossed her mom.but accepted shomi has her own mom.ragi has no nee to unite them,as shomi not her mum.but she united them.she told dp at first tym she has a half sister evn doesnt care whethr it break her engagement or not.it is laksh who gave her fake promises.then sanskar&dadi brain washed her.but in evry minute she felt the guilty..swara also broke her engagement 2 tyms but it is not intentionaly.i realy misunderstood ragu.

  6. ****i realy misunderstand ragu.she is not a vilan.her role turned a grey shaded one for a period&then they turned as a vamp like pragya or ishita as shagun.ragini is a very gud girl.if u were misundrstand her like me then watch it from the beginning.both charcters are good.ragini is very innocent&sweet girl at the begining.SWARAGINI like EK HAZARON MEIM…were both leads are good.i realy did a big mistake *****

  7. ssk cvs are obessed with dayans and chudails and swaragini cvs are obessed with drugs, pehla pyar and jail..

  8. Oh my what’s happening in this serial. Anyways I’m only watching all the nonsense becoz of Swasan they rock.?

  9. ****i thought that ragini just a obsessed person bfore.bt while watching from the begining,i got many cute raglak moments&i saw ragini’s pure&uncoditional love.she loved him alott.on that tym swalak is not started.swalak started after that period.how much she cried for him.but i bashed teju without knowing it&thought that ragini wrong alz.she only wrong on her -ve role,otherwise she is a very good&innocent character on tv

  10. Sanky ke dimag ki batti jali..mentos khya kya??sujju ws right dimag ke pokode bana rahi hai luxji ka dimag khud ek pakoda ban gaya hai..uska sar khali hai filhal usme dimag nahi hai usme..isiliye din me bhi sota hai ye banda?jhatka lgne ke baad jag gaya..aur ye item(kavya) bade bomb fod rahi hai mm mai baby Diwali nai holi hai..hamesha aadhi hi jalti hai puri nai jlti..
    Lo ye police fir aayegi mm..sabko le gai scheme hai kya take 1 get all free free..aree RP ko bhi leke jayenge bechare ko aajkal dialogue bhi mushkil se milte hai aajtak show me machhar tk nai maara usne kavya ko kya udayega..i think police aur mm ka janmo ka saath hai..isilye milna-julna chalta rehta..koi nhi 2 din me hi bye krke wapas aajayenge..
    Same precap dekhke hmra dimag bhi pk raha?kb sudhrenge ye..n yes lux ne kavya ko maara na..taliya lux ko jald dimag firse milne wala hai..lux ne bina paani ke dho diya kvya ko wahh..bt ab usko pura week waste karenge..till den..BABY JI ROCKS??

  11. I really really luv this track. Bcoz my swt laddu ragini completely turn over her charector into +.(i just remain the old swt ragini) and now she tries to move on her life especially forgetting laksh. And now she has lot of acting portion in the show with gud thoughts. Just now i read it swaragini latest gossip and it show ragini move on her life with karthik. And new love story start at once. I lyk ragini very much. For a long time i not commented any page bt now i changed. Bcoz that new love story ragini. Its just my pt of view no one take this be a wrong.

  12. *** i realy felt bad after watching d whole episode.i have no guilt for bashing ragi,bcoz its a fictional character but blammed teju without any reason.last month my sister made me undrstand tht what is d diffrnce bw real and reel.they all doing the characters,after this serial they got pack up.i supported swasan and bashed raglak on the hate of ragini.bt i saw,raglak 2o hav a cute&swt chemstry at d beginng bt thn changed evrythng.now i realizing it very wel.

  13. i bashed dhanya too in the name of swasan.i never thougt that sanskar’s wife is swara,not varun’s wife helly.i nvr thnk wht hpnds if my sistr husbnd acting wid a girl&fans asking her please give their IV or selfie wid tht heroine!!i nevr thought how much painful to see ur husband wid others.it is gud to keep distance.actualy i am mad.in next serial they wil see another actors&they wil nevr gonna be real couple.

  14. cvs pagal hogaye hai kya same precap they are showing for 3days this episode will air on tuesday and again new precap it will air till next week.. whats this….. same precap and repitative tracks of being drugs.. kuch naya dikao…. recycling all topics getting bored… today only worthable is sanskar dot connection and sujju scene and some swaragini scene somewhat good… but getting horible thinking about this drugs and all.. please cvs change the plot and show some new intresting track…. sharad ji kya sun rahi hi aap hamari batho… please who have twitter send tweet to colors and rashmi sharma and cvs to change the plot and show some good scenes..

  15. Nice episode. Good drama.

  16. laksh is druged and hypnotized it clearly visible in today episode when kavya asks 20lakh rs 2 cheques to sign what she said he did nothing else… so obviously he is drugged..

  17. ****swara&ragini have no problem in serial,heltej r bst friendz thn y we put hate cmnts?NEITHER HELLY NOR TEJASWI wil not going to read our cmnt.if they read it,they never feel happy.where as they also feel bad for having these type of fans.and also we ourselves ruining our image by using bad words to others.they are also human being like us.i never thought tht if i do the role of ragini or sanskar? ..reality to reel take many diffrnces,bt i am realy addicted to this serial!..

  18. swaragini is the worst serial and waste serial it doesn’t make sense at all how dare u suman and ankur just mind ur business dont recommend ur stupid serial to others if u really want to recommend ur serial to others then recommend it in a kind way dont even dare to comment in ikrs page again it is not for all fans of swaragini only for the suman and ankur and jignesh there is no use of seeing ikrs right then what is the use of seeing swaragini everyone have their fav couple but u cant say that that serial is waste this serial is waste suman and ankur commented in ikrs page like that so only i did this

    1. Hw dare to tell that swaragini is a waste serial. Swaragini won maximum number of awards in colors channel award function. IKRS (ishq ka rang safed) didn’t win any awards. SWARAGINI TRP is more than the IKRS.

    2. Lmaooo dead

  19. ****now i get rid of it.&can easily diffrentiate onscreen &offscreen.luk salman khan how a bad boy became our favourite…thanks to my dear sister for make me to understand this.this serial wil end&thy wil remain as gud frndz thn y we create enemies?y ruin our own level&name?whn writer stops it,stry ends..i am sory teju,many tyms i cmnted that teju luk like NAMISH VARUN’S ELDER SISTER.bt 2day i am loving evry1.&HONESTLY,by keeping hands on my heart i am saying that she luks more younger than others,infact she looks like SMALL SISTER of helly.and sach ye he ki she is the most beautiful girl in swaragini.she is gud person.evn othr -ve roles justified&argued 4 their own chrctrs.bt teju alz criticized ragini.honestly i love both SWARA-RAGINI.LOV HELTEJ.SWARAGINI IS A BEST SERIAL.

  20. I think laksh is being hypnotised by kavya , if my guess is right then seriously I will kill kavya

  21. I think laksh is being hypnotised by kavya ify guess is right then I feel sad for laksh

  22. Sakshi ajishma

    today’s swaragini part awesome!me too cried wid thm.whn ragi said tht i miss u angel me too cried wid her.bt swara gave d confidence.today swaraz saree nyc.the tears on raguz small face seems like cute baby.her cutness shined on blue&white.especialy blue..gorgeous! strong&powerful swara rocked by her dialogues.i love both swaragini infinitely.ummah.both r my swthearts

  23. Sakshi ajishma

    written updates nevr gave visual effects.coz u missed/ruled out some smal dialouges bt which is strong.plz concntrate on it….its clear tht laksh drug addcted&nw turned as robot.i hate kavya more than any other vlans in swaragini.laksh..rag was suffering frm hr injury bt he stand like a statue.more thn ragz dialogue on tht situation..so heart touching.bt swasan done a gud job.2day i went 2 tht old memories f swaragini whn ragni put tht angel,&she caled swara as tht angel.so swt scene.many tyms b4,on tht ni8 laksh came 2 meet rag,bt swar folowd him,swaragni exchnged their dress,raglak got closer&,shomi-shekar 2gthr leaded swaragini 2gthr.cant 4get tht scn.bst scn evr&also my most fav! .once dadi herself choose a guy 4 rag,spoiled hr lyf without askng hr opnion&nw again doing d same.uff

  24. Swasan forever Swasan rocks.?

  25. Hey ridhima,diya,Krystal hi all..
    Actually sometimes I felt SR is comedy show..sme scenes like playing horror bg in kavlux scene,sujju,specially when d grt luxji cmes on-screen meri hasi hi nai rukti uska behaviour dekhke..he is robot?
    Kvya:chale BABY
    Luxji:chale baby actually he bcme tota(parrot)?I hpe jaldi thik hojayega

    1. ???U always make me laugh lyk he’ll angel with ur comment..

  26. in metro masti news says that soon kartik and ragini fall in love.. his turns positive and fall in love with ragini she also moves on is given but its not reliable i think because in sbs iv he said he is main lead in negative role confirmed it then how he become +ve may be he is making ragini to fall for him then reveals his true inntensions.. thought came may be he acts innocent and turns positive byut after some time again -ve what you thisnk guys.. is karthik changes to +ve. i am hating the current track illogical connection… please cvs change this track… getting bored with same drugs, kidnapping, jail dramas.. kya police walo lives in mm only ah? always comes if they comke without proof how can police comes and arrest what you are trying to show us… kuch toh acha dikhavo ise acha toh rags in -ve only acha hai.. kavita and masi track not good kavya track also not good always she makes things and disturbs with her ..
    why she came mm for what reason of revenge show that without showing that laksh comes to know she is behind this and he kills her and gets arrested whats this? is there any logic… show some good

    1. Is it confirmed dat he is main neg lead den wat about lksh?? Y dis writers so obsessed with love triangles.. Frm Start it nly love triangles, drugs,kidnapping, jail,police nthng else..dis people doesn’t give proper stories to leads- swasan hs no story raglak lv stry dey can mke it gd by mkng rags strong n lksh redemption bt no..nly famly drama n lv triangles..I dnt want dis ragthik pair?he doesn’t suit ragu at all..

  27. why there is no episodes of 25th and 26th feb episodes of swaragini in youtube? is that episodes are there.. actually its krishnadasi and sr of kasauti… is episodes on youtube or not?

    1. and kd all episodes are also not in youtube from 1st episode is it correct?? so there is no krishnadasi in youtube but why this 2episodes of sr missing or is there? please tel me if yes give the links of 25th &26th feb swaragini episodes.

  28. Shraddha Sharma

    Now I am sure after watching today’s episode that real Laksh is being drugged and at home someone is staying with wearing mask of Laksh or double role of laksh….
    And feeling sad for ragini….

  29. Donno why, but somewhere in my heart I still want raglak …. Ragini and laksh to stay together . some how but make them love each other ( again) …plzplz plz do something director I want and not only me some silent readers too want raglak back together forever we want our heroes and heroins … Pairs ….to be only swasn and raglak ……….. If u guz can do such unexpected dramas/twists to shock or surprise or make happy to audience / viewers then why can’t u guys unite ralgak. “WE WANT RAGLAK BACK”

    1. Even I want Raglak back

  30. Hey guyz i want my teju to get a new hero u knw like that akshay of silsila pyaar ka he was So cute n story shld be like tht he is a rockstar n he would get stuck by our ragz simplicity n fall in love at first sight n always search fr her then our ragz should once meet him fr audition he would get mesmerized by her voice n want to take her to mumbai fr making het singer but our ragz family will nt allow ragz but he will convince them n then will take her to mumbai he will call her chamcham fr her dressing n thn he will train her n he will completeley fall in love with her n so as ragz slowly but she would nt accept it as she thinks she will spoil his life as she did of swara but our hero will thn also accept her n make her a popular singer…i knw i m nt that good at fanfiction writting but guyz i think ragz deserve a cute hero atleast this level story what do u think..sorry if u dnt like n if i bored u …gn

  31. Lakshya pass gaya hain kavya ke Jaal me ab swaragini Kar payenge apna kaam pura

  32. I only need swalak pair…why all are like this
    ….when swalak pair came all like it….but after all want swasan….why it is…plze swalak pair

    1. Hi niku
      So you want Swalak pair but the thing is that it’s a bit too late for that becoz it’s Swasan now.

      1. Correct swalak is over nw its better to move on..swasan gt more popularity dats y der pair hs been continued..I too used like swalak before as I watching SR frm beg bt as per d story n lksh behaviour with swara after raglak mrg swasan is best..and I also love swasan alot n raglak too..N yes most imp dey gt best Jodi award n best fandom award..
        I cn understand u like dat pair bt its too late nw..swasan n ragalak is FINAL..?

  33. And yeah Swasan forever Swasan rocks.?

  34. Tejaswi,you are looking damn pretty,superb make over,simple and elegant.

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