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Ragini cries and tells that she didn’t know anything about the kidnappers and asks why did they kidnap me. She asks did you give him money. Laksh says he made us do something and recalls Swara’s love confession. He tells nothing. Ragini asks did he asked you do something bad. She cries and asks them to take her home. Durga Prasad asks the guard to search the kitchen first. Sujata diverts their attention and brings Sanskar from kitchen. Adarsh asks how did Sanskar change his clothes. Everyone look on suspiciously. Sanskar starts acting and tells he needs Ragini. Sujata takes him to room. Uttara tells that he might have changed the clothes to meet Ragini. Durga Prasad gets a message and he gets shocked.

Laksh drops Swara and Ragini to their house. Swara says they will talk to Sumi and Shekhar.

Laksh says he was there at that time and will make them understand the situation. He says I always ran from situations, but not anymore. Swara, Sanskar and Laksh come to the baadi. Everyone gossip about them, seeing the mms video. Swara asks why they are staring us. Ragini says don’t know and gets in the house. They see everyone awake. Dadi says you gave us a good gift on your birthday. She sings happy birthday to you. Swara asks what happened? Sumi asks her to come inside. She asks what is happening? Ragini says actually she took Swara to meet Laksh.

Dadi says your daughter has ruined our respect. Laksh says we got late to come. Dadi calls him shameless, disrespectful and a bad guy. Swara asks what happened. Sumi shows the video, where Swara and Laksh are dancing and kissing. Sumi asks what is all this? Ragini asks if the kidnapper asked you to do this. Dadi blames Swara and Sumi. She blames Sumi for her bad upbringing. Ragini asks Dadi to let her speak, but Dadi stops her. She says they are taking your advantage.

Ragini tells that whatever happened is because of helplessness. Dadi says you both hurt Ragini. Laksh tells that someone had kidnapped Ragini and we did that because of helplessness. The kidnapper made us do that. The neighbor taunts them. Shekhar says he made a mistake by leaving him and says you shall not live anymore. He tries to slap him, but just then Durga Prasad comes and holds his hand. Laksh apologizes to Durga Prasad. Durga Prasad says I am angry at you, but is standing with you, as I know you won’t break my trust. Dadi tells that some people are like dog’s tail. Ragini asks Dadi to understand, but she doesn’t listen. Swara asks Dadi to let her explain. She tells that Laksh got threatening calls from private numbers and said that he will kill Ragini, if we don’t agree to his sayings. Dadi doesn’t believe them.

Laksh says it is truth. Dadi asks why did you take my grand daughter. Durga Prasad says my son has no relation with this girl. Dadi says it is showing. Your son has started playing game with Swara now, after breaking alliance with Ragini. Laksh says I loves Swara, but…….Shekhar asks him not to take his daughter’s name. Dadi tells that Swara is at fault and asks didn’t you see the video. Sumi asks Swara, do you love Laksh? Swara recalls her love confession. She tells that she don’t love him. Dadi says it is showing that she loves him. Laksh tells that Swara doesn’t love me and she told me this several times. Sumi says she wants to hear this from Swara.

Sujata asks Sanskar what will you get from this kidnapping and video. Sanskar says he had target three things. He tells Garodia and Maheshwari will hate each other. She says something will happen and then Swara will hate Laksh even more. He says he will do something. Dadi tells that Swara is struggling for words and it shows that she is in love with Laksh. Dida asks Swara to tell that she doesn’t love Laksh. Swara tells I……..Ragini tells Swara don’t love Laksh……She refused to love him. Dadi asks her to stop and says they are using you. Durga Prasad says his son knows that he is against this alliance and has promised that he will never accept Swara. Dadi says your son is ………Durga Prasad says until the crime is proved, the person is not guilty.

The goons (Sanskar’s men) takes Laksh’s name and says he asked us to do the kidnapping and phone calls. Laksh gets arrested, while he pleads that he is innocent. Dadi blackens Durga Prasad’s face and announces everyone to see his face.

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  1. First

    1. do u have instagram Ihow many drama u watch .
      my favourite drama is shastri sisters,swaragini and beintehaa.
      I like also sasural simar ka.

      1. Yes erika I have instagram
        I watch ss, swaragini, matsh, ssk, warrior high, sadda haq, yhm, sns And my most fav kyy

        And I used u watch beintehaa

      2. My Instagram name is deeval13 your account name I always send new picture I edit

  2. Awwww…..so saad laksh

  3. hmmmmm swara wud ve told tat she luvs laksh

  4. Second
    Poor laksh that sanskar should be exposed to all as soon as possible

  5. I hate sanskar to d core!!!! ??? poor laksh…can’t see him lyk this……………….

    1. You are totally and absolutely right annah. That Sanskaar is the biggest Jerk I’ve ever seen!! He is an evil prat!! ???

  6. Does anybody know as to what will happen next?

  7. I think sanskar will marry raging and lakshya will marry swara.

    1. We all kno that laksh will marry swara but for ragini there is some1 else

      1. i agree no1 deserves sanskar now ………ragini deserves better.he has to do a lot of pleading and begging to be worthy

  8. Sorry. Sanskar will marry ragini

    1. noooooooooo…..i wil die if thats happens

  9. swara & ragini specially swara plz believe laksh..
    & proove that laksh is innocent..

  10. I think so swara was going to tell I luv him but ragini interrupted her

    1. ya…….i agree with u…..

  11. Yaar laksh arrest ho gyA!! 🙁
    I cant see him sad
    any idea age kya hoga??
    Will swara confess her love, will laksh be proved innocent??

  12. Poor laksh can anyone know what happens next ….and i think swara will proof laksh innocent and ragjni just turns into negative from starting i hate ragini and now she is dojng rediculous swara laksh ko dur kar rhi hai♡♡you swaraLk hope you will reunite…

  13. The new promo tells that ragini and swara separate where ragini still wants laksh and now even swara loves laksh

  14. @nika where did u see that promo??

    1. i also saw it

      1. on tv on colors channel

    2. I too saw it hope rags will learn her mistake soon

    3. I also saw it this mrng!!!

  15. What is this yaar…..
    Kill this sanskar

  16. What is this yaar…..i don’t like this sanskar….plz swara believe on laksh

  17. Sanskar is villan or hero of this show…..plz rply

    1. Villian

    2. Hello who are u using richa’s name

  18. Yeah why can’t ragini just accept that laksh doesn’t love her anymore

    1. Hey u fool y r u using athus name!!!!

    2. Wikl ragini turn negative?

    3. Will ragini turn negative?

  19. Yesterday noon i saw in colors while watching swaragini

  20. Swara and ragini are main leads they can’t turn any one to negative

  21. I think now laksh will take revenge for insulting his father

    1. He should take revenge its enough of swaragini

  22. so sad laksh………..i can’t see laksh in such a suitiation………writers, please bring some intersting track in swaragini instead of this boring track………hate u sanskar and also sujata for helping her son for doing this stupid plans………………….

  23. That Sanskaar is sooooooo DESPICABLE!!!!!!!!!! Swara should trust Laksh. Otherwise there won’t be anyone for Laksh. So sad for him!!!!!

    1. Sanskar will fall for ragini and turn positive.

  24. hate u sanskar

  25. sears loves laksh bt y is she pretending …
    want ti see dem kiss

  26. Guys this track is really boring
    i luved the serial shen it was happy n i loved that nok jhok but now it is all melo drama
    i mean everyone is just crying n crying
    n everyone’s character is spoiled….swara was such a strong girn n niw she doesnot do anything accept crying
    same is with laksh,that happy go lucky is just crying n crying :'(
    n ragini’s character has just list the trackaa

  27. swara loves laksh bt y is she pretending …
    want ti see dem kiss

  28. Poor laksh so bad for him where was he waiting for swara’s love confession n where he went to jail God help him

  29. poor laksh……..the tract is gng to be boring..no rags dont turn negative we want swaragini who always happy nd unite nt seperate….nd also i want my strongest swara backkkk….lv u swara…i cant see vk in negative role..pls make him realise his mistake

  30. Shut up cheap pradishma I will speak if I want to

    I’m not a fool you are

  31. i hate this sanskaar.. such a sadist. hamesha pareshaan marne mehi concentrate kartha hai

  32. They can’t keep a popular actors role negative for long .

  33. i hate u sanskaar pudichi jayilla podunga sir avana

    1. Yes pudichu jaila podunga. Adhu migavum aabathana mirugam

  34. Sad Laksh is falsely accused – a nice episode, ood story.

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