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The Episode starts with Adarsh picking Parineeta’s call and asks her not to call again even by mistake. Parineeta tries to talk, but he doesn’t listen and cuts the call. Parineeta thinks I will not leave you both…Ragini asks Adarsh, what she said? Adarsh says nothing is left to be heard. Annapurna asks do you want to give a chance to her. Adarsh says no. Ragini asks where is Swara. Durga Prasad says she went to take phone. Sanskar seems angry with her…and asks her not to go or take him with her. Swara says no. He says he is pain now. Swara asks him not to say that and asks on whose name is the foundation. Sanskar says you. Swara asks him to handle the conference and not to behave like a child. She convinces him. Sanskar asks her to watch videos after reaching there. Swara says okay. Sanskar hugs

her and says you have to come back to me. Swara says sure. Sujata asks Swara to go. Ragini is coming to Swara’s room and thinks to tell her. Sujata asks are you happy to go. Swara says yes.

Ragini comes there and says I need to talk to Swara about something important. Sujata asks what? Sujata scolds Ragini for not taking care of herself and asks Swara to come. Ragini asks Swara to talk to her for a min. Annapurna comes just then and asks her to carry home made food. Swara says Utara is packing. Utara brings the tiffin and keeps with her stuff. Swara takes everyone’s blessings. She asks Ragini if she wants to tell something. Ragini says yes. Annapurna asks her to let Swara go. Swara says I will talk to you after reaching there. Sujata stops Swara and asks her to take Rasgulla and eat on the way. Swara takes it and leaves. Annapurna scolds Sujata for calling Swara when she was leaving.

Swara thinks Ragini wanted to talk to her. Ragini sees her phone battery low.. Swara calls her and phone comes as switches off. Ragini charges her phone. She gets Laksh’s call. She tells him that she couldn’t tell Swara and fears that Parineeta might reveal the truth to family. Laksh says we will tell family members and is hopeful that they will understand. Just then Parineeta comes there and shouts Ragini’s name.

Parineeta asks Ragini not to forget that she has hidden her big secret. She says you was about to make me meet Swara and asks where is she? She asks did you remember the deal? You will help me come back home and I will not tell your pregnancy secret to anyone. Laksh comes home and says it seems you have a habit to blackmail others. He tells Ragini that he has come. He asks Parineeta to stop blackmailing and troubling Ragini. Parineeta says oh..so you are with her in this drama. Laksh says yes, and says they are doing this for saving a life. He says we are not like you. You couldn’t handle your relation with Adarsh. Ragini says Swara is not here and went to Patna. Just as she comes back, I will make you meet her and it is my promise. All the family members come home.

Ragini hears Sujata’s voice and asks Parineeta to come with her. Parineeta says I will not hide and will tell truth to everyone. Ragini says nobody will believe you and will throw you out of house again. She asks her to hide. Sujata, Annapurna and Utara comes home. They ask Laksh how did he come back early. Laksh says he came home early as it was a small meeting. Sujata asks Ragini not to walk fast and asks her not to forget that she is pregnant. She sees Ragini sweating and asks if she is fine. Ragini says yes. She stops Sujata from seeing Parineeta. Laksh asks Annapurna and Sujata to make food and tea. Annapurna says he is very clever. Sujata asks Ragini to sit and says your baby should be like Kashmiri apple. She asks her not to work and take rest. They go to kitchen. Laksh sends Utara also. Ragini asks Parineeta to go. Parineeta asks Ragini not to betray them. Laksh asks Ragini not to worry and says they will tell truth soon.

Parineeta comes to Sumi’s house. Sumi gets shocked. Parineeta says I came to remind you, if Ragini’s truth is out then your truth will come out eventually. She says my threat is not working on Ragini and that’s why I thought to tell your pregnancy secret to everyone. Dadi sees her and asks how are you? She says you was not there in puja. Sumi says she has some argument with adarsh and that’s why I asked her to stay at our house. Dadi agrees. Parineeta asks Sumi not to hold heavy stuff in this condition surprising Dadi.

Swara drinks water and faints in car. Sanskar, Ragini and Laksh reach the foundation, and come to know that they have not sent anyone and have not kept any concert. They are shocked to know that Swara is kidnapped.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  2. awesome swasan scene… i want to know what videos in phone .. please cv’s play the videos in when swara misses him… off pari nw blackmailing shomi…

  3. for mm people ragini is pregnant then how can mm wasis send her with sanlak to search swara?. is they are fool.?.. whats wrong with you cv’s.. if you show fp drama then why you show her running and you have to show her like real pregnant in fp also nt like that running and all.. whats this cv’s …

  4. loved the way laksh stood for his bachcha i think after this kidnaping drama raglak v/s swasan track will come as u people are doing right now by bashing swasan and raglak
    feeling bad again no raglak track

  5. Uff this fp and sahil drama they are dragging it too much but raglak scene was good
    Varun i love u so much i am the biggest fan of yours

  6. I lyked todays episode…..laksh entry ws awesome?…swasan scenes r sooo cuteee?….ragini n suji scenes r
    Helarious…hahhahaa loved d wy rags ws movng here n dere to cover pari n suji is scoldng her??….rags is lkng soooo pretty??…dnt know wen pari drama wl end…???..waitng for precap eagerly…worried about sumi coz of pari….cvs i dnt hve any complain against u today coz u showed both ragini as well as raglak scenes ,so thanku☺☺☺??

  7. laksh rocked today awesome peformance by nami teju looks pretty aww ap and laksh bond so cute i just hope it wont spoil

  8. New promo out swara slaps ragini infront of everyone and reveal fp and lecture about playing with everyone feelings

  9. Swasan scene was jst awesome..its soo cute.. Nd hell with dis sahil nd pari..

  10. really really omg waited for this fp to end soon swara slapping ragini its not fair yaar i dont want any one to slap my cutiee ragini love u to the core looking pretty in todays epi

  11. swasan scenes ws superb nd cute….swara lookng more gorgeous today..she is soo beautifull nd cute..loved her soo much…after sankyz kiss mrs.sanskar maheswari glowing soo much….loved swasan scenes alot…i want to knw wts in dat vdo…nd ha atlst sahil track is over..i lv anuj…

    swara u r sooo beautifull dear..such a ptetty gorgeous cute charming stunning girl…love u helly love u swara love u swasan

  12. over acting of nagini aunty..irritating as always.dumbo stupid fool chipky mahan behenjii big fatty face nagini aunty..

  13. aww swasan scenes are toooooooo good.love swasan alot.swara look beautiful as always.want more swasan scenes.now sanskar is full on asanskari mood.hehe.
    not again kidnap.pls cvs dont irritate us with kidnapping fake pregnancy and paragini drama.instead give some happy moments between swasan and other couple and in family too.why dis rs always show so much drama.please cvs we want more swasan romance.

  14. Swara is always being kidnapped.

  15. Again the story came to first kidnapping swara became routine and boring.and patients is so sweet at first,but really I can’t see this pari drama.and coming to promo ,swara has understanding nature,then how can she forgot that her sister is trying to say something.omg my sweet ragini,this time laksh will stand for her.and again cv’s you people are so deaf ,why you are giving raglak these family tension instead of lovely moments.hate it.

  16. Swasan r too cute n adorable….their scenes r awesome asusual…n swaragini should get award for kidnapping drama….how many times a person will be kidnapped…?n pavani pls dont comment like that…we swasan n raglak fans from telly updates r warning last time to bashers of swaragini…next time onwards if u guys bash….we will not bash actors…but we will bash u….so stop bashing….dont spread hatred in telly updates also…..

    Love swaragini

  17. N lucky supporting rags is nice…..but parineethas drama is hell irritating….i’m not able to tolerate for 1 sec also….n now onwards we have to watch tourcher of pari-shomi scenes…..

    N thank u cvs bcs of ruining the most beautiful bond of our shona n shomi….

    N it is really bad to show this fake pregnancy crap…

    40 years lady should not become pregnant or what…?mother cant stand for her child or what…?that to a mother like shomi…who raised shona without anyones help….

    We r in 2016….not in bc….

  18. east or west TEJASSWI/RAGINI is the best. bashers keep bashing.it vl nt affect her.it vl help teju to do her work even better.

  19. Always sawra got kidnapped……y

  20. ya me to hate that slap but swara is swara she always first slap and then start her lecture

  21. why writers give dumbo character to ragini????why she is soo coward?????
    its 21st century not 20th or 19th century nd such a backward thinking..why ragini can’t fight for her mother openly???? dp also said dat we have any rights to inyerfere in anyones matter???
    why ragini hide such a truth from everyone????such a cowardness??why writer give such a dumbo character to ragini???thats why i dnt like ragini..she always need the help of swara..
    why writers give strong and bold character to swara nd dumbo character to ragini???
    swara is understanding mature bold strong nd intelligent girl…ragini is dumbo coward type girl why???
    plz cvs show something women impowerment type things not. these type of stupid cowardness????

  22. can anyone please tell me the real name of swara? she looks soo beautifull and cute.pls anyone tell her real name abd whats her age?? she is 22 or 23??

    1. Helly Shah,20years old

    2. Vyshu10

      Yup…she is so cute. Her name is Helly shah. She is 20 yrs old. Bcoz of her role, she looks like a 22yr old onscreen. She looks even younger offscreen.

  23. can anyone please tell me the real name of swara?? she looks soo cute and beautifull.please anyone tell her real name?? is she is 22. or 23???please tell me

    1. helly shah,22

  24. Loved the way Laksh stood for Ragini…
    Temish rocked?????
    Please give some lovely moments of Raglak…

  25. swaras real name z helly Shah.She z 20 years

  26. i cant understand how swara is sooooooo cute.her cutness is at peak.love swara a lot she is an angel.specially in that pink nd green saree i swear she is a true angel.how can anyone be sooo cute,hot,gorgeous nd beautiful.kismat walo ko milta hai aisi ladiki

  27. slap ke badh kya hoga shayadh ragini gar se bahar ya fir ……. exited to know what will happen after that irritating slap drama swara is understanding then y the hell she slaped my ragini, it is real or some dream sequence i think it is dream of ragu

    1. Writers ko award milna chahiye sab ka character ruin karne ke liye
      Pehle ragini ko totaly negative bana diya
      And now parineeta ka character negative kar diya and jab ragini ka character negative tha tub usne akele hi poore parivaar aur swasanlak ki band baja di thi aur ab jab uska character positive hogaya hai to ye log use looser ki tarah dikha rahe hai i mean jab vo swara sanskar aur lakysh se akele hi nipat sakti hai to is parineeta se kyo nhi
      Pehle swara aur ragini ki bonding kharab ki phir swara aur shomi ki aur ab swasan vs raglak
      First fp track then memoryloss track and now kidnaping track
      I think kidnaping track inka favourite hai

  28. Helly shah(swara) is 20years old..she looks soooo younger in off-screen and onscreen tooo….love u ? swara…she isn’t 22 or 23

  29. Vyshu10

    swasan scene is so cute….

  30. One more things teju looks so pretty in promo and her expression after swara slapped mindblowing exicited for actual epi

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