Swaragini 11th January 2016 Written Episode Update

Swaragini 11th January 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Swara coming to Urvashi’s room and asks if she called her. Urvashi gives her work. Swara hangs the photo frames on the wall. Swara sees Janki and Shekhar’s photos. Urvashi says the dead people shouldn’t think that we have forgotten them. She says if my jiji was alive then she would not have let you do this. Shekhar says Ragini had married Laksh forcibly and says you don’t know about Swara and Sanskar’s marriage. He asks Swara to come, and asks Urvashi not to say anything if she doesn’t know. Urvashi apologizes to Swara. Shekhar takes Swara with her.

Sanskar opens the window and hears cuckoo’s voice. He recalls Swara asking him to make a wish hearing a sound. He thinks he can’t wish anything even though he wants to. Swara is crying in her room. She hears

cuckoo’s voice and asks it to go. She makes a wish to make Sanskar strong and don’t let him feel any guilt on his decision. She cries badly asking Cuckoo to go else she will wish something for herself.

Gadodia family come with Swara to Maheshwari house. Swara greets Durga Prasad and Annapurna and says she is fine. She says whatever Sanskar is doing is right. Ram asks Shekhar to feel proud of his daughter. Shekhar says sure, and looks at Swara smile. Sujata asks Dadi to drink the sherbet and says she made it for her. She asks about Urvashi. Urvashi says she is Ragini’s Maasi. Sujata says we didn’t know that Sumi has a sister. Urvashi says she is Janki’s sister. Sujata asks them to have sherbet. She sees Swara and goes to her. She says you are really a brave girl and God should always keep you happy. Swara smiles. Ragini sees Urvashi and hugs her. She says I am happy that you came to my house on my invitation and asks if she liked her sasural. Urvashi signs yes. Ragini sees Swara and comes to her. She says you have come here to prove me wrong and says you and Sanskar can’t be one. It will be difficult for you as it had happened twice. She says everything will be fine soon. Swara thanks her for the concern and says she should have make herself understand. She asks her to live her own life and not interfere in her life. Laksh hears them. Ragini goes. Swara greets him. Laksh says I couldn’t keep up my promise and couldn’t take care of Sanskar. Swara says it is okay as someone is here to take care of him (Kavita).

Everyone see Sanskar and Kavita coming downstairs. Kavita holds his hand. Sanskar feels uncomfortable. Swara tries to be unaffected. Sanskar and Kavita come and stand for their engagement ritual. Someone says lets start the engagement function. Sujata gives the ring to Kavita. Kavita looks at the ring. Sanskar and Swara looks at each other. Kavita places ring on his finger. Sanskar picks the ring to make her wear the ring. Swara looks on sadly.

Kavita tells Sanskar that the ring is fallen. Everyone searches for the ring. It falls near Swara’s feet. Swara picks the ring and gives it in Sanskar’s hand. Kavita thanks Swara. Swara says no thanks and no sorry in friendship. Kavita says even Sanskar says the same. Ragini asks them to do the engagement. Sanskar makes Kavita wear the ring. Kavita announces that Sanskar will sing song for her and reminds of his promise, asks him to sing her favorite song. Sanskar sings Kabhi Khawahishon ka maara………….Manchala………He recalls the moments with Swara….and imagines dancing with her. Swara couldn’t control her emotions and hugs Sanskar. Sanskar hugs her back. Everyone is shocked. They have an intense hug. Laksh smiles at their union. Swara looks cryingly.

Swara says I love you Sanskar and hugs him. Sanskar proposes her for marriage. Laksh sees Ragini’s clothes catching fire and shouts. Ragini is shocked.

Update Credit to: H Hasan


  1. sakshi ajishma

    make it as sasural swara ka!stupid.only swara mahan,swara devi,sacrificing etc. fed up 2 see this.plz make it as swaragini not swasan!

    • Ramya

      Very exactly said Sakshi! They could have better named it as Swasan or Swara the great! There’s no importance given to Ragini’s character! But Ragini’s character is the one that has always taken the show to next level! Fed up!

  2. Rachel maglin

    plz give equal importance ragini.we all restarted the show coz of raglak romantic scenes hence trp increased.but dont make it as swasan.plz give equal importance 2 raglak&swasan

  3. Honey

    Nice episode.. But the new promo it’s disgusting… Laksh can’t do such a bad things and who is going to die… Swasan union gonna be incomplete again…

    Oh God what the hell is happening in these writers mind. If they don’t how to take it further, for God’s sake they should end it. Going worse day by day…

  4. Tara

    Omgggg omggg omgggggggg some1 control me nd save me. I’m dying out of excessive happiness… superbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbb episode ???? SwaSan .. my godddd. . Tey r impossible ???? bestttttt episode. I luvdddd it. Precap, swasan dance, hug omg omggggg.. I’m jumpinggggg ?????

    • Tara

      Hahaaa okiie I ll b careful ?? yaaaa?. Bt tmr epi ll b raglak scenes?may b wednes v ll see tat precap scenes ? I’m equally excited for RagLak

      • Angel

        Careful tara dnt hurt urself….we want u fine my friend….evwn i have same feelings….i have uodated spoilers again read it as soon we are gonna see swasan romance…..???????

      • Tara

        Angel ? v all r having same kinda feeling nah.. how long v hav waited 4 tis scene ? ok dr I ll read. I’m opening tellyupdates just now. I ll read all ff posted from fri nd ll get info frn ur spoiler ?

  5. siya

    Hey guys I guess swaragini team take our notes… That’s y they showed swasan romantic dance as we demanded one swasan scene per day Atleast to tolerate this track… Not bad… Then the dance was so hood though it was v short… I loved it.. Coz that magic was done by our swasan…

  6. Neha

    Oh god why I missed today’s epi but no problem will surely watch it tomorrow guys especially the hug I think it would be so romantic and really might have created magic hi everyone how are u friends I am on cloud nine just by reading don’t know how will react after watching

    • Hi neha
      How are you? I’m so happy yaar that I can jump all day. So the hug is not a dream, swara really hugged sanskar and it was epic. I also liked the precap and can’t wait till tomorrow’s epi. And that psyco ragini is still having a go at swara. she said that swara and sanskar can’t be one, they can’t be together. But I’m glad that swara gave it back to that psyco ragini by saying that she should stop interfering in swara’s life and think about her own. You know neha Laksh will kick ragini out after she gives back the property and guess who will be there for her our mahan swara.

      • Neha

        Hi shuva I am fine dear I’m very much happy though I missed today’s epi but still I can feel the magic which they swasan have created today dieing to see it and yes u asked about my exams well it was good I have 2 more one on 19 and other one on 21 so a rough week but I can’t stop myself from watching swaragini in this week as I am very eager to know what will happen next and yes swasan scenes are just speechless whenever I see them my mouth is wide open yaar what a chemistry

    • ammu

      Keturah I dont think it is a dream coz if swara is dreaming why will she dream of raginis sari catching fire? And anywayz luv swasan todays was so romantic judaai of swasan

  7. Vinu

    Someone please tell them stop this swara mahanata…. unbearable to watch her over action… After seeing the pre cap today’s hug will b fake I mean dream sequence I feel so…. laksh is becoming handsome day by day… If he feels really happy for swasan then his character is also getting better… y don’t they show happy moments at least for days, every time intensive drama… promo is half ok and half is worst…

  8. aathira

    There is good news for Swasan’s fans. Swara and Sanskaar are getting married again. Swara goes to temple. Sanskaar throws color on Kavita, and it falls on Swara. Kavita unites Swara and Sanskaar, as they love each other. Swasan’s marriage will be grand and by everyone’s happiness. Sanskaar surprises Swara with a romantic date. Sanskaar’s parents bring shagun for Swara. Sanskaar asks for Swara’s hand from her parents and promises to keep Swara happy forever. Swara hugs her parents and takes elder’s blessings. Swara and Sanskaar get happy, and spend some good time together.

    In the upcoming track, Swara and Sanskar are seen standing in the crematorium ground, mourning and crying for their dear one’s death. They are wearing white clothes and look at the burning body of someone after last rites is done. Kavita understood Swara and Sanskaar’s love, and asked them to marry. Laksh romances with Ragini to take their relation to next level. Ragini is happy and turning positive. The death remains a mystery as of now. Keep reading.

  9. Pavithrakrishnan

    Fu—–g swasan go to hell blo*dy idiots always swasan swasan che bullshit hate Yu lyk hell blo*dy fuc-ers…. Jst change the title into SWASAN KI PYAAR che….. Give importance to our raglak also they r also a main lead disgusting swasan

  10. rosy

    Oh wow actually nd finally DA HUG happened…!!!!!!:)
    however i jst wana knw if any1 remembers were the fb of cuckoo n manchala song ever shown before ????
    Guys plz plz if any1 cn clear my doubt…

  11. siya

    Hey dudes… I know upcoming track( crap)… Do yo all have Interest to know that…
    1.after Laksh betrayal ragini commit suicide n her face get completely damaged.. Then our vamp 2 ( kavitha) use the opportunit by making changing ragini face to her face( kavitha face) by plastic surgery n send that body to marriage venue n accuses sanskar for rape cum murder( because ragini n Laksh got consummated … Tha lab report will come as she lost her virginity)… Then everyone ll doubt him.. This is the san truth revelation on wedding time..but swara ll find out truth n reach kavitha…that time kavi keep a demand to swara to leave sanskar n ask swara to act infront family that yo don’t love san n behave rudely to everyone.. So that everyone hate you… Then I ll get san out of jail…”””.. Then swara dance on kavitha terrific song ( doing whatever kavi asked to do)…

  12. Rakz

    Hi guys

    I am new here. Are yourll sure that swasan reunion is not a dream? I am so happy to see them confess their love but I don’t want to get my hopes up

  13. sethulakshmy (sethooty)

    Today’s episode made my day…now manchalaa become ma fav song..this is d first time I hearing this song..wow swasan hug..awesome. Steal my heart..loved laksh scene also

  14. Shani

    Plz swara or ragini ko ek hi tarah importend dedo.or swasan love story ka sath raglak ka love story be aage badane do…..!

  15. rids

    Siya please tell u made it up.. please . .. tat s the worst thing ever. Matsh is filled with such stories nd hv stopped watching tat after ritika s re entry… if something like this happens in swaragini I ll stop watching too… kavita should fie. Ragini should not die after turning positive..

  16. I hate ragini becoz when laksh loved swara she break up their love. The same thing is going now also she is breaking love b/w swasan.please unite swasan fast

  17. Mishti

    Honestly I think when she realizes she’s hugging him she’ll back off apologizing and then run from there
    But I totally don’t wanna see that
    The writers need to unite Swasan soon!

  18. siya

    @Rids nik shuva cherry Tara free harini shani … Chill guys.. Its not true… Its my assumption… Because I heard ragini will commit suicide after Laksh betrayal n kavi turns negative to separate swasan.. N sans truth revelation before completing wedding rounds..suddenly this guess came to my mind… Itsnatural guess… Similar they said some many upcoming twist n turns are on the way( fool serial makers are calling this same track as twist n turns .. But its obvious not.. Becoz v fed with this same track in almost all the serials)

    • siya

      Sorry sorry sree harini … Sorry i written free harini instead of sree harini… ActuallyI din check before submitting dear… Sorry…

      • siya

        S Tara..pakalam yaaru antha dead body n sanskar secret enna nu… But Atleast 7 rounds mudinjathu entha twist vanthalam parava illa..

  19. Aditi Singh

    hey guys last part was amazing fabulous great …. i don’t have words to say…..i m very very very very very happy… luv u SWASAN……u r amazing……. but the spoilers are really bad now who is going to die?why swasan marriage will be stop?can’t wait to know the reason …..if anyone know plzzzz tell me…..

  20. Kalika

    Well after consummation comes pregnancy as I said before. Ragini will not die as Tejaswi is no longer leaving. Hoping they introduce a new male for Ragini. The dead body is more than likelying Kavitha, Sanskaar will get arrested for her suicide. I think Laksh is going hot be the new villain. Urmston needs to go as her character feels out of place.

  21. Wow….nw this is something waiting for…bt still what writers hav done to dis serial….it was a story about two sisters and their bonding….bt here it is seen that one is always b*t*hing about other….instead of showing luv,trust,affection…they are showing hatred and drama….!!!

  22. sandy

    today’s epi was just awesome…☺…i never listened that song(manchala)..from today onwards its my fav song..and i just hate that psyco ragini…after watching todays epi i feel to kill that psyco…now its laksh turn…he is gng to cheat her..iam sooooooooooooooooooo happy..she deserve it….

  23. Shwetha

    Most probably,Swara will run away after realising she has hugged him in front of others,Sanskar will tell Kavita that he loves Swara,Swasan mutually confess love,Kavita may go away uniting Swasan happily buy later will fake her death and it may stop Swasan marriage,then Swasan may be separated,Laksh will fake love n get property papers signed and ditch Ragini,Ragini may regret her deeds n turn positive,Laksh will start feeling for Ragini,Raglak may help in uniting Swasan..we know swasan and Raglak are the pairs,instead of showing the crap which is seen in all soaps,why can’t u show a feel good love story of Swasan Raglak Adarsh Parineeta and some good moments n bond in Maheswari and Gadodia families.Don’t test viewers patients like this.

  24. priya

    Goddddd!!!!finally this became reall..
    Wowwww…it was mindblowing..esp swasan dream sequence n hug..i was literally jumping out of joy..waiting for swasan cute momrnts..
    But wat was tat death and sanskar’s unrevealed truth??any idea guys..??i heard ragini committing suicide or kavitha commiting suicide..but don know why swara and sanskar are only seen in the cremation scene??where r others?
    whats gonna happen??
    WHos dat who is dead and wats sanskar’s unrevealed truth??
    I hope swara wil b there by his side whatever happens..

  25. Guyz I still think it’s a dream coz in SBS it was shown that Sanskar n kavita will take blessings n swara will run outside that has not yet happened so I think it’s swara dream

  26. sarah

    ragini did so many evil things but she is the one to get her love.she snatched laksh from swara and inturn accuses swara of snatching her love.
    why do the cvs always show swara as the mahan. no one can be like that in reality. so selfless. its irritating.
    now-a-days, i feel laksh’s character is impressive.
    felt happy that swasan is uniting but again a big drama of someone’s death. i just hope that urvashi dies

  27. needhi

    Hi shubva ,neha,rids,nik . I think kavita will committ suicide and sanskaar will be blamed for that and this truth will stop the marriage.sanskaar will feel guilty and will separate himself from swara and after knowing about ragini and lakshya a drift will be created among maheshwari and gadodia family ,making swasan unification more difficult.i am saying this because i read somewhere that nikita doesnot want to play negative role

  28. swara

    While Swara (Helly Shah) and Sanskar (Varun Kapoor) had also confessed their love for each other and Kavita has planned to re unite them.But Ragini still continues to taunt Swara and don’t want her back in Maheshwari house.Ragini is happy to get her love Lakshya back in her life.Lakshya also showers his love on Ragini and pretends to love Ragini.Lakshya is just pretending to love Ragini to get his property back.Ragini was unaware about Lakshya’s intentions and she madly loves Lakshya.Lakshya will soon get his property back from Ragini and willbetray Ragini.Ragini gets shattered by Lakshya’s betrayal and commits suicide.

  29. nik

    Hiiii….Shiva,rids,neha,needhi,siya,Tara n all odrs present here on dis teleupdt PJ.Though I hv already quit swaragini n also separated myself from swasan fan club. So from 2day onwards I nik is no more a swasan fan. Bt just now read all our cmnts, So finally they r showing d most awaited scenes of swaragini I know u all got what I m talking about . So swasanians enjoy these scenes as much as u can coz after dis there won’t b any swasan scene for @least 3-4 months n if sm1 is still wtng for swasan mrj n union dn plzzz guyz just forgt about it coz CENTURIES ll pass wtng for it. N even corpse in graveyard ll stood n strt asking d wrtrs wn ll u unite swasan….haha just joking. N guyz mark my words swasan ll unite in last episode of swaragini.So dears if possible don’t waste our valuable tm in watching dis crap. N @last a biigggg…..sorryyyyy……2 all swasanians if any word of my cmnt hrted u guyzzzz.

    • Neha

      Hey nik are you serious about quitting yeah I also feel the same these cvs will not unite swasan so happily they will surely show something stupid to seperate them but nik now the most wanted scenes are going to come so I can’t stop myself from watching and you know what I have started watching swaragini on rishtey as sanky’s entry is shown and I have not watched those scenes as I started watching swaragini after swasan fake marriage but you know what varun is such a amazing actor while portraying the character of mad also he was so fabulous and really if he entered Bollywood then he will surely fade others and only one thing swasan are really heavenly couples

    • rids

      Haiii nik.. hw r u ? Hv stopped watching too…. I knw its really irritating nd depressing. Well still long way before swasan unite. So not watching till then…

    • Hi nik, neha and rids. How are You 3? You know what nik even I sometimes feel like quit watching swaragini but the thing is that I’m only tolerating all nonsense coz of Swasan. I just hope that Swasan gets married and no one comes between them but I doubt that’s gonna happen coz I got the feeling that some how Swasan’s
      marriage will stop at the end. Well I just hope everything goes well for Swasan.

    • Hi nik u r right …they will take a lot of time of time to unite swasan n this rashmi Sharma serial do it will not take much time only 5-6 years like ssk n they ll even show dayan naagin bhootni n all crap
      So no need to wait for swasan

  30. nik

    In math (meri………) Tiil now ishaani n ranveer r not united n it is blvd dat soon it is going off air coz of low trp , I think d sm ll hpn aid swaragini also.

    • Yeah I know what you mean. It’s been so long now that they are not uniting yaar. I used to watch m.a.t.h but not anymore coz it’s boring now. I bet they will be together when they are old and wrinkly.

      • rids

        I know tgere s a limit. Ritika s re entry caused low trp…. I stopped watching aftr tat. They coukd hv united the two nd then made twists… rubbish they made it.

  31. mona

    I dont like sujatha. Why she was never happy whenever swara is about to become her bahu as swara is a bengali and why now so happy for kavita? Yeh hamesha ulta kyun behave karthi hain? And I’m surprised that people want to more importance for Ragini after all these episodes. Already she was given more importance more than what was even necessary and how much you guys want? But still I don’t want Ragini to commit suicide because after death she once again plays victim card after having done all disasters that she can!

  32. Hi shuva rids kritika nik neha n all others how r u all?
    Guyz I can’t wait till swasan date epi n swasan dance omg !!!! It was just mind blowing even though it was short.

    • Hi cherry
      I’m fine thank you. What about you, how are you? Yeah me too I’m also looking forward to their date. So do you think the hug was real coz I do. And yeah Swasan forever Swasan rocks.?

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