Swaragini 11th February 2016 Written Episode Update

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The Episode starts with Swara seeing Kavita going and thinks to follow her. She gets Urvashi’s call. Urvashi asks her to trust her. Swara asks her to tell on phone only. Ragini comes and asks why you are looking tensed. Swara asks her to follow Kavita. Sujata asks Swara to come, and introduces her to her relatives, and praises Swara. Swara gets Urvashi’s call again. She messages Sanskar and goes. Annapurna searches for Ragini, and thinks where did she go? Kavita comes to the bakery and buys something. Ragini tries calling Laksh and thinks what she is doing here when food is ready at home. Kavita sees Ragini and is alerted. Ragini tries calling Swara, but her phone is unavailable. Swara goes to hotel number 102 and rings on the bell. The door is already open, Swara gets inside the room, and it gets

locked. Swara calls Urvashi. She holds something by mistake and keeps it down. She thinks where did Urvashi go? She thinks she would have went to follow Kavita. Ragini thinks Kavita didn’t come out till now.

Just then Kavita comes out holding snacks. Swara comes home. Sumi asks where were you? Sujata asks why her hairs are wet. Ragini also comes back and tells Swara that Kavita brought cake. Ragini asks Swara where are you? Laksh comes. Ragini goes and talk to him. Sanskar asks where are you? Swara tells him that she messaged him before going. Sanskar asks where did she go? She says she got someone’s call. Police gets a call about the murder. Sanskar asks whose call? Kavita comes and asks if they have a fight again. They find Urvashi’s dead body in the washroom. Swara tells Kavita that everything is fine. Sanskar tells Swara that he brought something for her. Swara asks him to give. Sanskar gifts her bangles. Swara says it is so beautiful. Sanskar says it will beautify when you wear it. Sanskar says it is hand cuff. Swara says I am ready to wear this hand cuff and be in your jail for life. She hugs him. Kavita looks at them. Uttara tells that the sangeet function have started.

Police checks the CCTV footage and finds Swara. They say who is she? Sanskar – Swara, Laksh – Ragini dance on the song Tenu Leke Main Jawanga, Prem Ratan Dhan Payo….All the ladies dance on the song with their respective husbands.

Police comes to Maheshwari house. Durga Prasad asks why you are here at this time. Inspector sats Ms. Swara Gadodia, you are under arrest. Everyone is shocked. Durga Prasad asks what nonsense? What are the charges? Inspector says on murder charges. Everyone is shocked. Kavita smirks. Inspector says Swara..you are arrested on charges of Urvashi’s murder. Ragini and Swara are shocked. Sanskar asks do you have any proofs? Inspector asks him not to teach him his work and tells Swara that they have to enquire with her. Shekhar says my daughter will not go anywhere. He says he didn’t do any murder. Inspector says your daughter is fooling you, and you didn’t do. Sanskar asks him to mind his language. Inspector says if you trust her so much, then I will ask her something. He asks Swara, did you go to meet Urvashi in her room 2 hours before. Before Swara could say anything. Inspector shows the CCTV footage and says Urvashi’s body was found in the washroom. Sujata says her hairs were wet.

Swara says I went there. Sumi says you went to meet her, but didn’t tell me. Swara says she got her call, and went to meet her, but she didn’t see her there. Inspector says we checked her last call record, but it was not your number. Ragini tells him that Urvashi have done bad with them. Inspector says you had threatened Urvashi yesterday. Sanskar and Swara are shocked. Swara says Kavita. He says Kavita has done anything. She says you have killed my Maasi. Swara says you have done this? She tells Kavita has killed her. Inspector says it was cleared in the CCTV that you have wiped the blood. Swara says there was box or something and my hand went into it. I just wiped that paint. Inspector says there was no box. Swara says it is all done by Kavita. Sanskar says it is all done by Kavita. He says you had hit on her head and hid her in room.

Swara says you asked me about the shock. Sanskar asks him to arrest Kavita. Swara says I haven’t done any murder. Police arrests Swara. Everyone is shocked. Ragini assures Swara that she won’t let anything happen to her. Sanskar also assures her. Ragini asks Laksh to tell Inspector and says my sister is innocent. Sumi says my daughter can’t be taken away from here. Durga Prasad says I will talk to commissioner. Shekhar asks her not to worry. Swara’s bangles fall and goes near Kavita. Kavita picks the bangle and looks at it. Swara turns and see her. Kavita hugs her and says I will make everything fine. She asks her not to worry about Sanskar as she will take care of him also.

Ragini asks Kavita to tell the truth and says it is done by you. She says how can I go to that hotel and murder Maasi. Ragini says I know all these tricks well? Kavita says you might have done this, even I can tell this. Ragini says you tried to ruin my family and now sent Swara to jail, don’t you have a humanity. Sanskar asks Ragini not to argue with her, and says I talked to the lawyer already. Swara is innocent. We don’t need to talk to Kavita and we will find the proofs against her. He says you can’t separate Swara and me and I will get to the bottom of this. Kavita says I will leave then, if you don’t trust me. Sanskar says I won’t let you go from here. Ragini says I won’t leave you Kavita, and you will be punished. Kavita says if you don’t trust me then I will leave after removing all charges from me.

Kavita asks Sanskar to marry her if he wants to protect Swara. Later Sanskar and Ragini come to meet Swara. Swara tells Ragini how the CCTV cam couldn’t capture Kavita. Ragini tells Swara that there is one proof. Sanskar holds Kavita’s neck and asks her to tell how did she murder Urvashi.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Nice episode

  2. Wowww 45mins nvr expected it… Is it gng to be like this hereafter… Raglak and swasan dance was so cute just loved it especially Raglak??? I think even Laksh is involved in this crime becoz he nvr gave any reaction wen the police came and arrested Swara and before Sangeeth function started even Laksh too was not thr as Ragini was searching for him.. He is surely upto something.. I loved the precap in which Sanskar was holding b***h Kavitha’s neck..

  3. Omg!!! This is will be the best scene ever that sanskaar strangles kavita’s neck

  4. The Precap is awesome ! And I fear too Laksh is involved in all this crap. Please writers spare Laksh. I don’t want Raglak to he separated. Swasan rocks •••!!!!

  5. damn it… finish this fake murder drama soon… its really annoying n boils n makes high pressure n my blood… I feel like I myself wanna strangle that blo*dy criminals necks ( kavitha n mausi), .. I can’t see our Swasan like this… I couldn’t even tolerate this separation for single episode of today.. if they think to drag this more than week then surely I have to delete this channel from tv channel list… then oly I ll quit watching it… or else I ll lose my temper …that I don’t wanna…

  6. I wonder wt laksh s upto . Now wn both pairs r falling in place he shldnt do Nythin stupid. Ya precap wr sanskar strangulates kavita d best

  7. epi ws nice..except dat cavity drama..i hate her….massi ki jagah tera murder hona chahiye tha…..n one thing must say ye police ne cctv dekha swara ko andar jate dekha bt uske hath me khun kaise laga..masi ko dhundh rahi thi wo nai dikha..cctv footage kya edited thi kya..kuchh bhi….aur cavity ne 40 min me sarra karnama kr lia…aur police aa gaye arest krne without warrant..had h yr..laksh kuchh react hi nai kr raha bohot hi illogical tha epi…. …..Precap same pure week dikhayenge..n precap me angry younman sanskar itna helpless kyu dikhya aur promise kr liya..confusing….bt sans strangled dat cavity i loved it…is cavity ko bhagao show se cvs jldi….accha show khrab ho raha..n sans cavity mrg dikhyi toh trp toh bhul jao….ghatiya mt kro aisa krke..

  8. Nice episode. Precap awesome. But writers pls don’t drag this track too much yar. It’s very irritating & boring. And pls don’t seperate swasan & raglak. Pls pls pls…….

  9. Yeah. Even I think that laksh is also involved in kavita’s conspiracy..n I don’t think that urvashi is dead..she is just faking her death to take revenge from swara

  10. Thought that may be Kavi & massi story ending soon. After that swasan will get married. And then only laksh problem may be start and swasan separate as per their wish.

  11. I don’t thing laksh involve in this why you all things that.why laksh want to swara in jail.

    1. Did u see his reaction… He was just being normal as if he knws tat this is gonna happ… And before the Sangeeth even Laksh was not thr.. He nvr replied anything wen Ragini asked him whr he went…

  12. After watching toady’s episode i must say, if in reality somebody was in the place of sanskar then he must have committed suicide till now. I mean at first he lost Kavita then swara came in his life then again Kavita came back nd swara left again swara came back nd Kavita is still madly in love with him. Seriously? I swear aftr some days we will stop watching this serial as we have already gone mad on the writers for writing these sort of unnatural twists nd turns.

  13. the big illogical thing ws swara ko apna call list dikhna chahiye tha uske pass toh phone tha na….aur wo idiot cavity woh toh only dialougs bolti aur face pe koi expression nai hota..dont understand…she is in neg role..expressionless face hota hai….

  14. Good episode. Superb cast and great show.

  15. If forensic experts and police have confirmed death then how are they gonna show it as fake murder?or another innocent soul wearing urvasi’s mask got murdered?or Kavita really cheated Urvasi and murdered her?many questions coming to my mind.But one thing is sure, Kavita-Sanskaar marriage won’t happen, Sanskaar belongs to Swara,may be some painful episodes for swasan fans is coming up ,it will lower the trp further,writers,drama is essential in daily soaps but isn’t this a little too much in Swaragini..??unite Swasan ,also waiting for Laksh realising his love for Ragini but Ragini should not get him easily.She has turned positive but Tejaswi will act perfectly ,give her some good scenes.

  16. hee..so true….cvs are nt able to maintain balance dats y showing illogical things..overdose of drama trp will drp..its nt ssk n sathiya..cvs shud NOT try to mke it like dat..n sanskar amother ahem ji… Bt d shows like nagin such a beautiful story..even though revenge saga..der is no too much drama….swaragini cn be gd story..bt dont knw yr y dey repeating tracks..before..it ws ragini nw its cavity..

  17. I agree with you ani, I think laksj be shamil hua iss matter mein…….

  18. Why do I feel that laksh is involved in this whole drama because in today’s epi he didn’t say a single speech only danced…no reaction when police came….strange!!!!!But liked the dance of swasan &raglak and in upcoming episodes again the drama of separation ????

  19. oh my god todays precap was amazing I just cant wait to see what happens to kavita I wish she kills her self full of shame

  20. Guyzzzzz…do u all think smone ll die after all dis tragedy??? Actually I don’t think so coz d promo showing dat scenes ended instead dr is a new 1 showing swara behind bars n saying how sanskar ll sv swara n ll he marry kavita n kavita is shown offering her hands for marriage n d dead body burning in earlier promo I think its connected to masi’s fake mrdr drama. I think d cvs has changed d twist a Lil after seeing fans reaction. N after dis problem ll arise for ragini n swasan ll help her to ft. Don’t know bt I felt kyk dis so shared wid u

  21. nice…

  22. Honest opinion

    PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE DO NOT SEPERATE RAGLAK & SWASAN…. Laksh needs to let bygones be bygones, and forgive ragini since she has finally changed… The writers need to end the cycle of revenge between raglak! Show raglak & swasan fighting other problems & people together….

  23. Wow ..! What a twist. …..!
    Very interesting serial. ….
    Laksh involved in murder. .?

  24. metro masti:
    swaragini: helpless sanskar burst out on kavita to expose her..
    with swara getting arrested for urvashi’s murder, the story of colors show swaragini has taken sad tuen and it has put swasan wedding on side track.
    the upcoming track swaragini will show sanskar’s outrage on kavita for swara’s arrest.
    the maheshwari family will come to know that they have only one day to save swara as she would be shifted to another jail.
    sanskar will feel completely helpless and will have emotional breakdown.
    sanskar will doubt kavita’s hand behind all the happenings and will get furious.
    sanskar will remove the anger on kavita by trying to strangulate her.
    ragini will stop sanskar right in time and will console him.
    ragini will promise sanskar to work out way to get swara out of jail.
    post this kavita will put the marriage proposal infront of sanskar.

  25. how does one become an Inspector in India, from a cereal box??

    Swara comes in along the corridor and enters the room. As soon as she enters the room she gets the so called blood on her hands. This will only mean that if swara murdered someone it has to be between the Mashwari house and about 3m inside room 102. If I was the inspector I would go back along Swara’s route and look for another dead body. This inspector should go back to being a hawaldar.These writers should write things that is logical.
    I rest my case.

    1. Honest opinion

      Excellent point!! lol. Your cereal box theory may be right!

  26. sanskar to strangle kavita seeing swara in jail:
    sanskar looses his cool on kavita and tries to kill her for sending swara to jail. in future episodes mm family find about only 1day to save swara after that she shifts another jail. ragini is upset because she has no ways to save her sister life.
    on the other hand swar’s finance sanskar is sure that kavita is behind all this but is failed to get evidence against her.
    he gets furious and corners her next to pillar attempting to strangle her so that she would blurt truth from her mouth. ragini frees kavita from him and consoles him that they will bring out swara from jail. ragini stops sanskar harming kavita.
    he is getting restless for not able to save swara and free her from jail.
    seeing sanskar panic, kavita shows her real true face by making a deal of marrying with her to free swara from jail.
    stay tuned for further exciting updates.

  27. according to new olv sanskar is in black& white shirt he is telleing servent to there will be 2shaadi’s trmw ap asks him he tels her and goes and next is scene he strangles her which is in yesterday segment.. in tdy segmnt they showed sanskar and kavita fighting over phone were in sanskar room.. and in phn where saboot having which tells swara is not culprit and she didnt do anything.. they both fight she bites his hand and breaks the phone which has evidence.. and kavita put condition if he marry her she will give statement that swara is innocent..(same dress as per in yesterday segmnt)

  28. spoiler:
    kavita shows some video on the phone, sanskar wants that phone to get the evidence. this can prove swara innocent. sanskar holds her and snatches the phone from her, while she fights with him refusing to give the mobile. he falls down and she bites him. later breaks the phone and ends the evidence.but she gets ready to save swaraand asks sanskar to marry her. sanskar gets stunned and wants to save swara at any cost..

  29. laksh is helping kavita to trap swara …

    1. Honest opinion

      Why would he do that??

  30. End the murder case fast and come fast in the weddings…………

  31. I too hv doubt on laksh!!!! I think he is also involved in dis planning n plotting .wat say guyzzzzz????

  32. Honest opinion

    One more thing, swara & Laksh got separated because of ragini & sanskar! But swara has forgiven sanskar & moved on with him… Why can’t Laksh just forgive and ragini & move on!!! I mean I know what ragini did was terrible.. But the writers need to stop repeating the same theme of raglak revenge, & marriages breaking. Its getting old!!

  33. Disgusting kavity put a proposal infront sanskar to marry her to save swara, she want him forcefully, this proves she dont love him,hate her to the core of my heart, lagta hai swasan marriage itni aasani se nahi hogi,ye writers b na trp k liye kuch b impossible dikhate hain,kuch logic to hona chahiye na?marriage ko b ek joke bana dala hai.

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