Swaragini 11th December 2015 Written Episode Update

Swaragini 11th December 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Durga Prasad agreeing to Dadi’s conditions and gives his everything to Ragini. Swara asks Dadi not to force Durga Prasad give away his respect. Durga Prasad says he is giving with his wish. He gives keys to Ragini and says this house, and decisions will be yours from now and no one will interfere in your decisions. Dadi says Laksh will be freed within half an hour and takes Ragini with her. Swara comes to Sanskar’s room and calls him. Uttara tells about her mannat and says she wants to distribute clothes to the poor. Swara says I will help you. Sanskar comes and says what is happening Swara….Swara says she is shocked with Dadi’s conditions. She says Dadi is not bad at heart and says I would have convinced her if she was not angry. Sanskar says your so

called missions are done now, your work is over now. Everyone think about themselves. I am mad to think about you and your happiness, but you never cared about my feelings and will never care….and asks her to go….says I will not stop you.

Swara says you are taking me wrong. Sanskar says I thought you care for me as a friend, if not being wife. You have taken decision of your life without talking to me and says I am just a toy for you. Swara says I have not thought about your relation, Sanskar says you don’t have time to think about your life, and you have taken me for granted. He says he don’t want to be just a toy for her, and says I love you, doesn’t want you to take my advantage. He says I don’t want your friendship, and says he is not going to apologize to her. He asks her to pack her stuff as he is dropping her to Baadi. He says if you want to come back then come for me or for our relation, else don’t think of returning home.

Swara sits in his car. Sanskar drops her near the Baadi, but comes back. He says I don’t want to keep anything reminding me of you. Swara cries as he leaves in his car. Durga Prasad is seen sitting at Annapurna’s side. Annapurna opens her eyes, sits down and asks if Laksh came…..She says thank god …Kaki (Dadi) agreed. She says she wants to meet Laksh. Durga Prasad says you needs to rest. Annapurna says I will be fine after meeting our son. Laksh comes home. Annapurna hugs him and cries. She says she wants to thank Dadi……..for getting him out of police custody. She asks Uttara to bring something for Laksh to eat. Laksh asks are you fine Ma? She hugs him again.

Laksh comes to his room and sees his wardrobe empty. He then sees Ragini and asks what you are doing here. Ragini says I am owner of this house, and your wife too, that’s why staying here. I don’t think that you want me here in this room. I have played many games with you, and you have tried to take my life in exchange. She says so now, calculations are equal. She says lets end the matter right here. We both have betrayed each other. Ragini says I have done this as I love you, but you never loved me…She says calculations is not same. She gives divorce papers in his hand asking him to hold it. She then burns the papers with the lighter. Laksh is shocked. Ragini then slaps him hard on his face……Laksh holds his cheek in shock. Ragini says from today, from this moment all his life…I will stay as Ragini Laksh Maheshwari and will settle the scores.

Maha Episode at 7 pm, Sunday…..
Ragini stops Durga Prasad from sitting on his chair, and sits on it instead. She then asks Annapurna to clean her saree after throwing water herself. Swara asks Ragini to stop her drama.

Update Credit to: H Hasan


  1. Honey

    Wow… I liked no no I loved whatever sanskar said today. This is what many of us waiting for. Whatever nonsense writers going to do after this but today they did with lots of sense. Swara deserve that. But please unite swasan soon.

    • Neha

      Yeah honey waited for his reaction like this what a dialogue and expression dear he nailed it today yaar finally swara ko sanskar ki kadr hogi I loved the sentence when he said agar wapas aana chaho to mere ya hamare rishte ke liye aana warna kabhi mat lautna wow love you sanskar

      • Hi neha
        How are you? I haven’t watched the epi yet but read the update.
        now our swara madam will finally realise her mistake. And kiya dialogue Diya our sanskar ne yaar, it was awesome. Good she deserved it.

    • Rids

      Yeah I read it now… You were right.. Swara deserves it. She is the sole reason. For all these things… Ragini we all knew is characterless.. But every bad deed of ragini had become successful oly because of swara…. Nd her over smartness…

      • Hi rids
        What’s up? How are you?
        What you’ve said is true, if our swara madam wouldn’t have acted over smart, mahan and,and also like sherlock holmes , you know the detective then things would have been different now.

      • Likhitha

        Hello rids..hello shuva..
        Shuva i think u r very much obsessed with swara’s detective skills….hahahaha….i have been seeing from past few days u were constantly mentioning about it..haa its true..its all because of swara’s foolishness only..if she had not proved anything then whatever is now happening wouldn’t have ever happened..but its over now…dont worry no more detective episodes..haha 🙂

  2. anu

    its vry irritating. Are how d girls maiika involved in her sasural prblms. director has crossed d limits. And ragini hs 2 quit d show otw people would kill her.

  3. Tara

    Sanskarrrrrrrrrrr ???????? … lovedddd him 2day. Awesomeeeeeee… he proved that he is a human with feelings. Not a mahan like swara devi.. he rockeddddd today. I wud have satisfied if laksh too have slapped ragini. Bt tejaswi gonna lve d show. Can’t even imagine some other. I was tolerating Ragini’s character and acptd RagLak only coz of tejaswi. Her quitting really hurts ? I don’t wanna tejaswi to leave ?

    • Rids

      Tejaswi had told before oly if they don’t change the negativity she vil quit the show. Of course she was meant to be a protagonist…. They hv not done right things with her …

  4. kashis

    first time sanskar took the correct stance… swara really felt guilty today. swasan moments were so cool.. ragini slapped laksh. I don’t get it… when she had done so much mistakes why she didn’t go to jail… oh god!! crap show… that’s why tejaswini is also quitting the show…

  5. Aishu

    Got to know that tejaswi is quitting the show. For me SWARAGINI is incomplete without her. This is not a rumor

  6. Aaliyah

    Hate ragini so much and dadi how can ragini slap her own husband and how can dadi ask dp to give his whole house to ragini just to save lash should have just bailed him out with Money and I hate this new ragini she has no respect for her older and makes her mothe in law wash her Saree which she drop it herself I like Swara and sankar they will help to get the family back to normal

      • Mishti

        Bt he took a decision like that because she dint left another option for him..She had ruined every1s happiness n so he couldn’t have took any other decision than finishing her off..

      • preetika

        Also i dn understand when Raghini tried to kill Swara infct wounded her badly then when she wasent sent to jail then u is Lakshya sent to jail when he just tries n NVA succeeded in killing her.. what kind of justice was dis.. n m sure dis dadi was nvr gud she is still d same!

  7. Lee

    Yr l just luv swasan scene ..
    Swara finally realize ki uane sanky ko for granted liya…
    N sanky ne bhi kya sumaya use i m very happy..
    N indirectly ye bhi kah diya ki tum mahan bandi ho dusari ki problem solve karti hi n mai kya hu…
    N but wo bhi hurt hua…..
    N tum ne dekha jub sanjy wapas aya mobile dene tb kitna khush ho gai thi swara…. As if wo wapas aa gaya ho use lene…wowwww.
    Luv u sanky….
    Swasan rockssss…
    But that evil ragini chudail kahiki… Kitna torture karri hai wo sabko…..
    But swasan scene is the best

    • Harsha

      Really Tejaswi has quit Swaragini? I can’t imagine the show without her. I was watching the serial because of her innocent and good acting.

  8. pragna

    bad news guys ragini quits swaragini..she is quite dissappointed with her negative role..she asked writers to change her character but they didn’t respond to her.so, she takes the decision to quit this show..

  9. Harsha

    ये राग़िनी है ना वो एक् नँबर् की नौटँकी। घर् की मालकिन् बनकर् वो सबकी ज़िन्दग़ी को मुसीबत् मैँ डालेग़ी। अब् राग़िनी से घर् बचाने के लिये स्वरा-सन्स्कार् ने मिलकर् कुछ् न कुछ् उपाय् करना ही होग़ा। स्वरा मैँ विनन्ती करता हूं की सन्स्कार् को अप्नालो।

  10. Veena(Vini Ross)

    Yea read that Tejaswi has quit swaragini on DEC 1st and the actress is serving a two months notice period with the show and creative are figuring out the future of Ragini character in the show,in of on location of swaragini,Varun was seen wishing Ragini all the best,though it was said in a teasing way in connection wid Bajirao promotion,may be he was hinting this….So sad, Tejaswi and Varun’s acting I like the most,she is a very good actress,now may be they will kill her character and bring a new lead opposite Laksh but what about ‘swaragini’,ah,Indian daily soaps may be they will bring her bk as her unknown twin.Whatever really disappointed, though I like Swasan pair can’t imagine this soap widot Tejaswi.

    • Ramya

      Hai veena
      Can u pls tell me when will this Fridays episode repeat telecasted ?
      I missed today’s epi.. Want to watch sanskaar
      If anyone knows pls comment

  11. Anu

    Teju’s right decision. She is a talented beautiful actress. This role is disguesting. No need to play this. Swaragini’s story became very bad. The director and writer are mad… go to helllll

  12. K.praveena

    It’s really true about ragini quit the show. I’m already told i watching swaragini only teju acting. Now she is leave the show plz don’t do that teju.

  13. dhanu

    I hate ragini negative character when je was in positive her character is adorable ….and i don’t know why they’re….. Kept ragini in negative character….. And i like taju a lot bcz…. Her acting dam….. Awesome

  14. meghs

    teju is cute actress swaragini is incomplete without her… teju too irritated by her negativity in show so she is quiting …

  15. meghs

    well done sanskar… i loved all words he said for swara today…
    he is not a toy … swara now will understand him for sure

  16. Ammu

    Cant imagine without teju…
    this soaps I like only one person ies teju..
    she is the only reason behind show daily I watching…
    she was amazing actress…
    I like lot her acting..
    this is really very sad..
    teju quit I also quit

  17. Prena

    Hey friends, if news that tejaswini is quitting the show is true then really really really happy for her decision..
    These senseless writers need this..
    I thought ragini will turn positive and it never happened..
    Nice decision Teju..
    U are talented and you will get good role…

    Writers please rename serial coz the present title doesnt justify what u r showing..
    All d very best Teju…

  18. ammu

    why teju u taken vild decation ur quit naa? too much yar dis ur ducty.. swaragini mey apko mila nagitve role sso what.. tumari charchrcter stoung hote to vutana serial ko high hogayeta….seriously do dare to work yar..apako fans unconcondisationly support karete raehega naa yru quit ur show its bad..positive r nagitive don’t worry do level best job…ya I m aslo swasan n swalaks ka fan but I love ur charchrcter.. tum bhautu strong ladiki kovo yar.. posivti charchrcter koyibi karte but nagitve shade some bady do strong its one person u dnt lift ur show ragini aka teju we needed…love u guys keep rocking love you laksh….

  19. achu

    Wowwww…great news…well done teju….even the actress is fed up of this stupid track…now nxt will be namish…bcoz now the writeris behind him…he is going to be the nxt negative character…you loser writer dnt u have anything inside ur head if not borrow something from fan ficitions they r far better than u…..just go to hell u swaragini makers…and a good bye…

  20. RaZZ

    Very good sanskar …
    y boys should always listen .,
    what if we love ,
    we should least get attention as a friend

    • Hi zay zay
      How are you? I’m also from UK And I’m not really sure that if there’s gonna be a maha epi this sanday. I guess we just have to tune in to colors tv this sanday and wait and see if there’s gonna be one.

  21. Prena

    amazing,swasan scene, the song…it was touching…felt bad for swara ,when she felt happy on sanskaar returning but shocked when he returned mobile…
    But, i think swara needed this ,she will now start loving sanskaar….
    Waiting for bajirao and mastaani (only bcoz we will get to see swasan scenes then..haha)

  22. K.praveena

    Teju quit the show and she tell i don’t want to acts negative charector. Bcoz her charector changed in show first she acts good now bad. It’s good decision. And i wish u good role or ur dream role u gets in future. I can’t imain swaragini without u

  23. riya

    Swaragini: Tejaswi Prakash aka ‘Ragini’ QUITS the show
    By: ABP News Bureau | Last Updated: Friday, 11 December 2015 5:23 PM

    New Delhi: Tejaswi Prakash Wayangankar aka Ragini of popular daily soap Swaragini has officially quit the show. Well if reports are to be believed, the actress is currently serving her notice period with the Colors TV show.

    Reportedly, the actress was disappointed with her negative track. Tejaswi felt cheated on being never kept in the loop about her character changes.

    The actress discussed the entire matter with the team and finally she officially quit on December 1 . Tejaswi will now be serving a two months notice period, as per the report in Tellychakkar.com.

    Tejaswi Prakash was also recently nominated as the Best Actress in a Negative Role category at the 14th Indian Telly Awards. Apparently, the creative team of the show is currently trying to figure out the future of ‘Ragini’ in the daily.

  24. Saranya

    Good decision Teju. All the best for your future projects.

    Writers pls change Ragini character as positive. Not only for Teju if any of the others play this role there is no good result will receive. Because of the character negativity is so much irritated.

  25. Likhitha

    Now it is a waste of watching this show. I actually started watching this show because of the first promo and as tejaswi prakash wayangankar is in lead role. In that it is said that both are unaware of their past, but when they come to know about it they unite and both together would solve it. aisa kuch tha. and the great tag line. jodein rishton ka sur….hahahaha… ab koi rishta hi nai bacha toh unke sur ko kaise jodege..i don’t really understand why they kept such a tag line as it is not at all matching the show. No justification for it. There is no swaragini now… there was a time when swara and ragini decided to be with each other forever and never separate from each other after their mom and dad unite but now toh they stand against each other. And yeah….one more big reason that i continued watching this soap, even after they made tejaswi’s character negative is coz of the title song..the great swaragini title song…it gave me some hope that at some point they will make the story good again and revive swaragini…but nahi..ragini ko innocent se bad kiya aur ab egoistic and evil…ab kya bacha…after listening to the song…i couldn’t help but appreciate the lyricist whoever it is…wonderful lyrics but kya kare wo lyrics toh ab kabhi match nahi hoga story ko..in that there is one stanza.. one(swara i suppose) is like sun and the other(old ragini) is like moon but they are for each other and stand for each other…their hearts are filled with love… suron se saji hai swara…ragon se rachi hai ragini…swaragini…ab kya hua…jis story keliye iss song ko create kiya gaya usi story ne isko murder bhi kar diya…all credits goes to the script writers…hats off…mujhe ek bat samaj mei nahi aati..aise writers ko chance kaise diya jata hai…haha then this means i can also become a writer of a daily soap if the script turns to be this damn stupid.. please till now there is so much negativity in the show…shak karna…chaal chalana..kidnap karna murder attempt karna….bas…enough now..i can’t take anymore of it…kuch toh acha dikhao..swara aur sanskar ko ek kar do..all are with sad faces…there is nothing happy about this show now…and the saddest saddest saddest part for me is that tejaswi leaving the show…she is an outstanding actress..once tejaswi leaves, i will never ever watch this serial again…

    I can’t even believe that u tested my patience so much that silent readers like me also made a comment today…there will be a limit for everything yar but in this show, because of the writers, there is no limit for evilness and ego..

    • Rids

      Hello likitha… I know how horrible this show is … It was really good wen ragini nd swara fought for their parents… Anyway… Let’s see wat happens. If ragini quits. Thus show might end…

      • Likhitha

        hi rids.. how r u ?
        yeah..let’s see what happens…
        I hope that writers would give some good script for this show in future.. I don’t want tejaswi to quit this show….but she is vexed up with the negativeness of her role…i saw some of her interviews…in one of them she said ragini ka logic usko bhi acha nahi lagta infact usko samaj mei hi nahi aata ki ragini ka logic hai kya iss show mei…who likes to do a negative role yar….no one wants to be hated by his/her viewers..

  26. Omg y is ragini quitting.. im fed up.. she has talent so writers give hr this role.. she cn manage with both( goodie nd bad). She is apt for ragini role.. nd nw cominig sankaar good job.. he has proved dat he os human.. i hate swara.. stupid girl.. nd hw come she came back to mm house…

  27. I hate both laksh and his so called wife ragini. Plz unite my swasan. Plz writers unite them. And stop this drama of ragini. And today sanskar was amazing. He told what he wanted to. Wow super. Writers plz make swara understand sanskar’ love for her. Plz make her develop her feelings for sanskar.

  28. ishu

    oh…i miss this episode…..i feel so bad..i read update…..finally…..sans openly talkibg to his feeling….now swara will understand his value…..swasan sceens wiill be happned soon….its good
    bt the bad new is teju is quiting the show…..no…..i cant imagine this character anyone else….plz….stop teju…she is the best…..i hope the writers change their role into positive then she will not quit the show…without ragibi(teju)is not complete SWARAGINI…..

  29. Hi guys,
    What’s up, how are you all?
    I’ve read the update but haven’t watched today’s epi yet. And yeh what a dialogue he yar, I mean what sanskar said to swara today it was awesome. And now our swara madam will realise her mistake, and now dire dire she will start having feelings for him.

  30. Adithi

    Oh no Tejasvi going to quit the show. But really the character of Ragini made very bad. But I love tejasvi. Writers please change her character to positive. It won’t be so good who ever replace her. She is a very good actress. Gonna miss you Tejasvi.. 🙁

  31. Sunshine

    Poor Tejasvi, I don’t know why did they turn her into such a bad character. She was so pretty and innocent and beautiful. She’s done the right thing. Hope she leaves on a positive note in the serial. Too bad we’ve to bear her character and evilness for another month or half.

    • Hi sunshine
      What’s up? How are?
      Yeh tejasvi is a good actress, I really liked her in this other drama as darah. But her as a negative role as ragini I’m not liking it. I really thought that she will turn positive you know but I don’t know what is the writers problem, why are they making her as negative.

      • Sunshine

        Hi shuva,
        I’m good 🙂 how are you?
        Absolutely right. I don’t know why they’re showing raginI in such poor light. And now laksh too…so many criminals in this serial. And raginI is so smart, has access to kidnappers and drugs and money and murderers. It’s really stupid. Highly disappointed after expecting so much from a serial that started off on a good note.

  32. joya

    superb sanskar…..
    but i think sanskar ka yeh gussa bhi jhooth hai….unse swara ko isliye badi wapas chhoda hoga qki wo swara ko ragini se dur rakhna chahta hai….shayad….

  33. kirti

    Yaar now m regreting fr not watchig dis epi coz iwntd 2 see swasan expressions in dis one n also i felt pity fr laksh as he had done d ryt thing with dat psycho
    Sanky u juz rocked n m happy as he did ryt wid dis swara as she nvr cared fr him much
    So today m gonna watch it anyway (only swasan moments)

  34. jo

    i think when he came swara packing stuff for which uttara asked but he misunderstood that she is leaving him when he saw she is doing packing without asking he lashes out and he didnt ask her what she doing? but swara now ralizes how he hurt when she said no to him for loving her… and upto wednesday we see sanskaar is angry with her.. she wants time for their life so he said.. waiting how swara will manao sanskaar.. hope this time when she back he cant again misunderstood if it happen he thinks she came to settle the family from ragini clutches.. and above that his b’day party which ragini and sanskar said is off screen masti only i think…

  35. san

    hope teju is not quitting rs will not send the lead actrss out soon.. this will same happen when in ssk dipika put down her papers when the proiroity given to avika. but rs comes with new track and they totally changed the track and now dipika in ssk total imp to her and avika sidlined.. so rs will not do this i think because so many teju fans want her become postive soon and they want to see old ragini.. hope cvs will listen this and bring her +ve character so she will not quit the show.. fingers crossed. hope they change track and her character she will not quit the show. what you think guys..

    • Honey

      Hi San. I hope this should happen. Teju is really a very good actress. Writers some how should stop her from going.

  36. Rajput

    I think writers ka pass mind nhi bcha h ab ragini ko kun negative dikha rhan hain

    maximum people bahut sad hain kunki sunna m y aaya h ki

    tejaswi ab es serial.m nhi hogi

    ragini is so good pls mt jao na

    mt jao na teju pls

    i luv ragini pls uska positive character dhikhaya pls writers pls


    we luv u yr pls mt ja ra mt ja mt ja ra mt ja ra teri kami h tera bina serial.flop





  37. Jhanvi

    Today I loved sanky…. After all self respect is more important…. I hope now at least swara will realize her mistake…
    Nd sanky pls let swara realize your love first.

    Yeah Tejasvi is really awsm actress… She is neutral.. She rokz in both characters…!!!!!

  38. Sandy

    Its official news tejaswi is quitting, an unofficial news namish is also planning to quit the show because of his role in swaragini because he is introduced with lead role and now he became second lead and also antagonist according to latest news his character laksh also ruined he is also disappointed by the role like tejaswi he also set all his decision to quit the show and making arrangements to go for discussion with production, even though tejaswi set the mood in time of July she waited till now, namish is all no mood to wait for anything

  39. san

    swara’s love confession and challenge in swaragini:
    colors show swaragini is going to showcase a lot of drama in the upcoming episodes.
    as we have seen lakshya turning negative and kidnaps ragini. he also tries to kill her but swara exposes his real motive infront of hole family.
    dp begs dadi to get back lakshya home to save his wife. dadi asks dp to handover the maheshwari family’s property to ragini.
    as tellyguru informed earlier that ragini will get a makeover and decides to take revenge from all the family members of maheshwari clan including lakshya.
    in the upcoming episodes, ssanskaar will send divorce papers to swara and informs her to sign on those papers and move on in her life.
    with the fear of lossing sanskaar she will realizes her feelings as love. she confess the same with her maa. shomi encourages her to win sanskaar back in her life.
    we will also see bajirao mastani lead ranveer and deepika comes to promote film. and we see ranveer saves sanskaar from goons sent by ragini/lakshya.
    on the other hand, ragini tortures the family members to do everything according to her wish. she makes laksh as her servent.
    according to the new promo , swara tries to stop ragini’s tortures. but ragini tells her that doors of maheshwari house close for swara.
    now we will find some tiff between swara and ragini when swara stays in the house for sanskaar and to help him in getting rid ofher acts.
    keep reading for more updates of the show.

  40. sanju

    entertainment tadka:
    tejaswi aka ragini quit swaragini:
    swaragini gearing up for much more twists and turns making the viewers pop out their eyes.
    but a sad news for the fans of swaaragini is tejaswi who portraying the role of ragini is going to quit the show.
    in past only we said you all that she is not happy with the way her character turning into -ve. though she spoke to the creative team nothing changed in her role and being commited person, she been with the show till now.
    but right now she feels her character is being turned into more -ve shade and she thinks to quit the show. she also put down the papers on dec 1st 2015. for now she is serving her service period.
    the production house is thinking in the what way they have to change the ragini’s character in future.
    well its sad news, but you never now what may happen next minute in the tellyvision world.
    stay tuned for more exciting update..

  41. z

    telly guru.
    is ragini going to die in swaragini?
    colors popular swaragini known for its never ending twist and turns in the show. but this one will definetely shock viewers.
    the much hated ragini akd tejaswi has put down her papers and is currently serving her notice period with rashmi sharma production.
    according to a source, “she was never happy with the way her track was moved to a completely -ve one. although her commitment towards the show made her continue for so long, she felt cheated on being never kept in the loop about her character changes. she had a discussion with a team and finally on 1st december, she officially quit . she will now be serving a 2monts notice period.”
    the disheartened tejaswi , confirmed the news, and states ” i was promised a +ve role but it turned out to be something else. also the channel and the production team did not wish to change my character to +ve one. which left me with no choice but to take such a drastic step,. they convince me to do something that i was not willing to do or something i did not sign up for”.
    she was also recently nominated as the best actress in _ve role category at 14th indian telly awards . the creatives are currently trying to figure out the future of ragini in the daily.
    as of now, ragini is taking revenge from the mm family and we have to find out how the character ends. will the writers kill the ragini? or will she die in accident? or cvs will replace new lady?

  42. Sandy

    Hey stay tuned to tellybuzz namish is also planning to quit the show very sad news for swalakians and namish fans too he is planning because of his current negative role

  43. anu


    soon there will be a major twist coming up with this new entry on the show..

    viewers will get ready to welcome anew member on colors swaragini!
    well to everyone’s surprise, she to will portray a negative shade, joining hands with swaragini. we are talking about the talented actress sonia shah, who has last seen on star plus’s, lovable show ‘nisha aur uske cousins’. and she also play the role of menaka in starplus show saraswatichandra as danny’s (varun kapoor) mother sister role.
    our credible source informs, ” she will soon enter the show with a negative shade. she will be seen opposite durga prasad, who is also part of his past love life. she is coming back to his life with a negative motive soon will turn everyone’s life in distress. she would have a strong character and will be projecting a new angle to the show.”
    when contacted sonia shah, she said “things are still working out and will get a final conformation in few days.”
    we wish the actress good luck for her future venture.

    we wonder, if she will be replacing the negativity of ragini. as we have already informed about ragini aka tejaswi quitting the show. also we know that a show can’t run without a vamp. so, are you guys ready to welcome a new -ve character in swaragini?
    hit the comment box to share your views.

    • Baisali

      The first time when durga prasad’s entry was shown I never imagined he too would have a past love life. Its so funny to see a hard-hearted disciplined man having an ex-girlfriend :P. Now ragini will be like “o teri…sasurji aap toh chhupe rustam nikle, aapki bhi girlfriend thi aur hume bataya nhi?”

    • Baisali

      Jokes apart, it’ll be interesting to watch another love story and also Annapurna’s reaction. But why ragini is quitting the show? This show is about swaragini. If ragini is quitting what’s the use of airing this show?

  44. Laksh did not trust swara so she left him…and all of u hated laksh and wamted to seperate them…. Now swara did not trust sanskaar….so u guys want them to unite….rubbish…..n sanskaar and ragini can do anything for thier love…… there are more fans of teju than helly..aftr teju quits all r fans will definety quit the show… So trp will b less and the show ill go off air…..i really hate swara even though she is positive she dont do her acting properly …..teju is the mother of acting…..

    • Don’t compare swara with Laksh cause at the end of the day she didn’t run of and married some psyco the way Laksh did. Did you see swara insulting and calling anyone characterless. At the end of the day swara realised her mistake soon, it didn’t took her blo*dy 6 months and with Laksh it did. Sorry if I did offend you.

  45. Rajput

    PlS yr ragini mt jao

    abhi to aapka fan bn rha hain

    writers kun itni pyaari ladki ko negative dikha rha ho

    ragini yr hm bahut miss karanga aapko yr pls mt jao

    or ab m or my frnds kbhi bhi es serial.ko nhi dhakhanga

    kunki tejaswi jaa rhi h

    i hate u colors aap na bahut galat kiya

    i luv tejaswi

  46. Sandy

    Hey the makers are almost trying to stop ragini I mean tejaswi because she told in an interview that the talks are going on happy news for ragini’s fans but I think we shall get a double bad news for swaragini fans because namish is also planing to quit is announced in SBS stay tuned for the latest news of swaragini fans I feel very bad if Teju and namish quit the show, because I started the serial from namish’s entry which tremendous at starting and made him villain, now I stop watching if this will be correct

  47. Sandy

    Telly buzz news:
    there some one to enter the show swaragini other than ragini who stood to separate swasan before she could confess her feelings to sanskar news specifice that could be kavitha who didn’t actually died and makes reentry in the sanskar life, whereas sanskar fed up with swara whose not at all listening to her will show concern toward kavitha for the state which she is, and swara who misunderstands sanskar for this decides to fight with ragini to make maheswaris free from her tortures, stay tuned does the change make swaras reentry in laksh life or sanskar will come to know the feelings of swara for him stay tuned for more exciting news and subscribe to the telly buzz for more exciting news and gossips

    • Scarlet

      Sandy tum ne aaj tak jo bhi news di hai sab fake thi first about swasanrag then namish quitting and now this kavita stuff aur waise bhi telly buzz par aisa kuch nahi hai i checked it aur agar genuinely hai to link do and plz don’t mislead us

  48. tia

    I think this stupid writers will show as if ragini died due to some mishap n swara was responsible in some way and then we will see her comeback but with a new face as she had undergone plastic surgery and wil take revenge! Cvs ka dimaag toh jhootha mein hai.they wil show some bullshit to cover up tejus quit

  49. Abram mirza

    Arey ya kya bkwss ha agar tejaswini quit the show then what iz d meaning of swaragini i want teju to be positive plzz teju dnt leave d show

  50. Sonia

    This is injustice with the fans of tejaswi if she left the show……. She’s a splendor and a talented artist. The show will suffer a huge backfall if tejaswi aka ragini leaves from the show.
    I hope she changes her decision….

  51. swalak

    plzzz teju quit mat kar.
    agar tum quit karogi toh bohoy boring hojayegi. tumhe bhi positive role deni chahiye.
    lekin tum yahan negative role mein bhi bohat acche ho yaar plzzz quit mat kar.

  52. Sandy

    How sanskar became hero of the show swaragini and laksh became the villain is the latest news of swaragini check out in swaragini-swalak or swasan in fb because show swaragini doesn’t have any story line it seems plz comment to share ur views on the show.

  53. Manju

    Wòw very very gud news that the vamp ragini is leaving the show.now we can watch swara.is it true really..?In swaragini ragini character is very worst.wat lakshya did is right.she deserves to be hanged.she tried to kill swara even then no one gave police complaint .but why lakshya.all crap.

  54. Superman

    This is simply absurd!!!!! Swaragini is nothing without our ragini noone can ever replace tejasvi she is the heart of the show i think the writers should give her a positive role now its enough ! According to me the writers should change the serials name from swaragini to only “swara” because all what the serial shows is maahanta of dat stupid swara who doesnt realize her own feelings itself den how can she judge others >_< its damn annoying #wewantraginiaspositive or else tata bye bye to swaragini forever

  55. meghs

    eventhough i dont like ragini… but i like teju she is cute villian…
    if any one replace her they cant match teju acting…
    as teju is gud actress…

Before submitting a comment, please be sure it meets our comment guidelines.

Before submitting a comment, please be sure it meets our comment guidelines.