Swaragini 11th August 2015 Written Episode Update

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Sujata talks to Ragini. Ragini says she will convince Durga Prasad to bring Sanskar back. She says she will pretend to suicide again, and says Sanskar have to promise that he will not come inbetween her and Laksh. She says she didn’t have any enmity with Sanskar. Sujata promises that Sanskar will not come in between her and Laksh, and asks her to bring Sanskar back home. Sujata gets trapped by Ragini again. Ragini asks her to take out the Swara and Laksh’s name board. Sujata takes it off and asks how did she made the video. Ragini acts helpless and says she added drugs in Swara’s toothpaste. She says Swara didn’t know what was happening with her. Once Swara gets dizzy, Ragini gives her paper asking her to read it. Swara reads the paper and Ragini records the statement that she takes drugs and

don’t intent to marry. She says she let her sleep then. Next morning, Swara wake up and didn’t remember anything. Sujata says you have tried to killed her. Ragini says Swara is part of her life, but Laksh is her life. She says she will start new life with Laksh, and he will forget Swara. She says she will prove Nani’s curse wrong and will happily stay with him. She asks Sujata to change the entire decoration. Sujata says it is not that easy and shows her Swara coming with Sanskar. Ragini gets shocked.

Ragini runs to hall. Dada ji thanks Durga Prasad. Dadi thanks him and says she feels good here. Ragini shouts Dadi maa and comes running there. Dadi is shocked. Ragini hugs her. Dadi asks what happened? Dada asks what did you see? Sanskar and Swara enters there. Everyone thinks Ragini is troubled because of them. Ragini is shocked to see Swara alive, and recalls pushing her in the river. Laksh looks at her with anger. Ragini starts her acting and hugs Swara. She asks are you alright? Swara recalls Ragini pushing her in river. Swara says how did you know what happened with me?

Swara tells that she has cleared everything in the video and thanks Ragini. Annapurna asks why did you come here? Durga Prasad says what is Sanskar doing here? Swara apologizes to Durga Prasad and Annapurna and tells her that she don’t want to interfere in Ragini’s life. She says you are my sister always, and your happiness matters to me always. She asks Ragini to take her mum back in his house. She says we have done so much for unite mum and dad, and have become Swaragini for them. We can’t punish them for our mistakes. Dadi asks her to keep quiet and says her son have taken a right decision. She says her family is on right mode now, and asks her to stay away from their life. Swara says she wants to get forgiveness from all. Laksh asks her to keep quiet and says let me tell you Ms. Swara Bose. You will not get forgiveness from us. You have betrayed me big, and now showing courage for getting forgiveness. Sanskar speaks up and says you have done so many mistakes, but did get forgiveness. When our turn came, no one listened to us. Laksh says I am impressed, today one betrayal is a lawyer for other betrayal. He says no one will care about your speech. He says Swara will get only punishment from this house. Swara says she is ready for his every punishment.

Laksh throws Swara out of the house. Ragini goes to meet her outside. Swara tells her that she will expose her true face infront of everyone. Ragini says you are there in your house and I am here in this house, you can’t do anything. Sanskar asks are you sure Ragini? Swara tells her that Sanskar is with her in her fight. Ragini looks on shockingly at Sanskar as if he has betrayed her.

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  1. swara

    Wat a great drama queen is ragini. Heads of to u rags. U must get a award for or evilnes. But don’t think u will getlaksh by doing wrong with swara and if u really love him than hHV never seperated him and swara.

  2. lali

    really but Laksh don’t deserve swara. he loves her but don’t believe her its waste
    ya ragini great drama didn’t even think of your parents
    I’m waiting for swaras challenge in which sanakar will help her
    so sweeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeet

  3. Leher

    It’s better if swara and sanskar get together. They can start fresh. And anyway ragini would have landed there even if she had not tried to kill swara. I mean if ragini would have pleaded in front of swara to leave lakshya she would have left him for ragini. Swara said she will not marry laksh I’d ragini doesn’t want her to. Swara loved ragini more than laksh and would have left him if ragini had asked her(like in uttaran) and swap her with ragini so at the end ragini will be with laksh.

  4. This is too much koi itna bhi nahi girta ap logo ne to Ragini ko galt samaj rakha hai. Aur writer ki sense kahan chali gayi hai. Swaragini naam aur ab dono ko ek doosre ke khilaaf ya to naam hi change karo na agar ek ko acha aur ek ko bura banana tha.

    • Simzain

      Swara is so beautiful n sanskar suits her more den laksh..he luks so dheela lifeless expression less…sanskars exprsns wer too gud wen he saw swara dancing aftr gtng drugged by ragini he so didnt want it to happen n d helplessness n gulit flng on his face was so real…ragini luvs laksh a lot but she has humiliated dat luv by dng such cheap acts hw cn u say dat u luv sum1 n den dnt evn thnk once bfr hurting dem so much u r brkng d heart of d prson u luv d most its not luv its selfishness same is hpng in tere sheher me dat uma (hate her more den ragini)is gvng so much pain to mantu who trusts her blindly…but true luv does get der destinations though wid hurdles n difclts…but jo asani se mil jaye wo pyaar nahi…

  5. :-)

    Bcz rags words today like am in dis house and swara in her house sanskar n swara would marry to enter into maheshwar’s house as swarasanskar. Ragini bad tym had started 4 u n ur dadi n dat laksh. I jus hate laksh swara nly gave him suport even his parents also didnt believe him bt nw u wnt deserve swaras love.

  6. Ahana

    cheap ragini..cant tollerate her…
    swara-sanskar pls ecpose ragini soon… I dont like swasan & ragya…
    I hope sanskar help swara as a true friand… swara-sanskar become partnar to expose ragini bt not life-partnar…
    mujhe v laksh pe bahat gussa aa rehi hai bt still I want SWALAK….

  7. chizzy

    wow..so sad.it is one thing for ur frnd or sone girl to take ur man.it is anoda tin for ur own sister to betray u…very painful!!!™n for all dose blaming lasksh..pls let be real!!!he is human n had stood by swara for a long tym thru her dramas..he is only human n d whole evidences were nt in favor of swara..

  8. ar

    How much i can guess k ragini ka sach samne aye ga wo apne kiye pr pachtaye g aur usay ghr s bahir phenka jaye ga phir kiya hoga swara mahan bn kr ragini ko us ki jaga dilwaye g……….. Ya rashmi sharma khud mahan banay g lolzzz

  9. chizzy

    d story is sad bt it happens….a true story of love,friendship,trust and betrayal…..tank u colors for airing such an amazing serial!

  10. rosy

    Time n again i wana say dat pls UTTARAN SHALL NOT REPEAT….
    Plz swara nd sanskar jodi shd cntinue tl da end….not dat swara wud 4giv dat crying baby laksh….
    Laksh doesnt deserve 4gvness frm swara den it wud b an injustce towards sanskar….he is da 1 whom swara got as a savior,a helper etc wen she needed laksh da mst…wen laksh cudnt believe swara frm da begining of dat drugs case he cnt get 4gvness….

  11. Ahana

    laksh should get a 2nd chance.. so after exposing ragini’s trouth swara should go back to laksh..
    SWALAL rock……

  12. Kokila

    Omg.. Swaragini shd b broadcasted at least for an hour.. Its so exciting.. And dat Ragini.. Omg.. I jus hope Ki deeda Ki shaabh sach ho jaye.. And dat stupid laksh.. I Neva thot he’d turn out be such an idiot.. U wud hav killed him.. He shd hv believed swara.. Now I wish swara and sanskar get paired and make dat stupid laksh and tagini jealous

  13. sudeshna

    Now in this show there is only ragini drama & ragya… uparse sbb sbs mai jo IV aa rahe hai wo v tamish.. do irretating…
    I always hate ragya now also hate tamish very much…
    love SWALAK very much…

  14. wnt swasan wl watch nly if we get swasan scene hate nagya n nagini lakshya chrctr ws alwys weak kdnpd swara fr dpm thrwng hm out frm house n den claimed to lv hr bt nvr hd d crg to fight fr his lv den prmsd to trst hr lv hr bt nvr trstd hr sanskar too did wrng bt svd swara’s lyf n nw tryng everything to hlp her he z d 1ly prsn sprtng swara

  15. Eve

    Hiram, don’t b surprised at Ragini’s rapid change. Infact those quiet nd shy pple r the most wicked pple.

  16. nira

    wnt swasan laksh ws always weak chrctr nvr hd any back stry or strng chrctr which cn mk hm hero kdnpd swara cz dpm thrwn hm out frm hm den claimed to lv hr bt nvr hd d crg to fight fr his lv den prmsd to lv hr trst hr bt didn’t trust hr n gt mrd to nagini nw he dnt dsrv swara n hez mrd nw sanskar to did wrng bt accepted hs mistake svd swaras lyf n nw doing evrythng to sprt swara cvs need to focus on swasan nw enough of nagini n nagya n swara shd nvr go back to laksh btr lvng alone dan lvng wd dat coward

  17. Honest

    Some hum dil de chuke sanam about to happen! Through the process of getting revenge from ragini, Sanskar will fall for swara while swara & Laksh will still love each other…. But at the end, swara will be with sanskar because he stood by her through her tough times.. (Even though none of this would’ve happened if sanskar hadn’t kinda started it all)

  18. rosy

    Wana see sanskar n swara….together plz let it happen…may b sanskar wud try to avenge swara nd want her to b wid her love bt swara wl fall for sanskar seeing his goodness nd may feel da difference b/w laksh nd sanskar n wl decide to b wid sanskar….

  19. ammu karithik

    swara ur real nice yar… its truly very heart touching…yesterday episode. I tell u one thing swara Dnt change ur mind… sansker is nice guy he all ways supporting u. sansker ki pehali love kolo chuke.. he knows d pain so ragini pura tarf ney selfish nahi hova so u can change her mind dats d better but.. do go lakshya n ragini life ragini ke laksh chodo and pheali apake papa maa ko millalani ki kuchuto karo yer … apaka papa lakshsh same to same yar..oh logo kuchuto bi nahi suna te… bhr bhr tana sunite…

  20. ammu karithik

    swara ur real nice yar… its truly very heart touching…yesterday episode. I tell u one thing swara Dnt change ur mind… sansker is nice guy he all ways supporting u. sansker ki pehali love kolo chuke.. he knows d pain so ragini pura tarf ney selfish nahi hova so u can change her mind dats d better but.. do go lakshya n ragini life ragini ke laksh chodo and pheali apake papa maa ko millalani ki kuchuto karo yer … apaka papa lakshsh same to same yar..oh logo kuchuto bi nahi suna te… bhr bhr tana sunite… but swara tum be aghe badavo… with sansker. laksh is not suitable ur thought n thinking

  21. In the current track of Colors Swaragini it is seen that Ragini (Tejaswi Prakash Wayangankar) is married to Lakshya (Namish Taneja).

    After finding out about Ragini’s real face , Swara (Helly Shah) is determined to bring Ragini’s truth in front of the entire family.

    Soon, in the upcoming episode of the show,viewers will witness some more interesting drama.

    It will be seen that Lakshya who is heart-broken and has married to Ragini to save their families reputation will come across Swara.

    However, Swara will join hands with Sanskar (Varun Kapoor) in order to expose Ragini’s truth and will go to the Maheshwari house to apologize to everyone for running away on the wedding day.

    Lakshya will be shattered seeing Swara and will get drunk. In a drunkard state he will call Swara and abuse her for betraying him.

    After this drunken drama, Swara will go missing. Samishtha will be worried about Swara and will put the blame on Lakshya for her disappearance. She will file a police complaint against Lakshya and the will be arrested and put in jail.

    So is Swara kidnapped again? Well, as per the latest reports Swara will marry Sanskaar to give Ragini a tough time in Maheshwari house and ultimately maker her confess all her crimes!

    Stay tuned for more latest updates from Swaragini!

  22. ammu karithik

    I am waiting sansker and swara love…sansker is better to lakshks… I hope u also changed ur feeling.. fall in love with sansker… swara and sansker was best Jodi.. nice acting all of u… as spl swara love u yar. plz keep rocking guys

  23. shuvi

    in starting I thought that ragini will be more caring and nice person in this show… but they… hate them… now see lead characters only .. the revenge will go on… now I’ve started hating all the shows of colors… and jhalak reloaded toh sabse bakwas

  24. nira

    cvs played such a game dey shwd swarya scenes n vwrs lvd dem den dey r mkng ragya n swasan wen swarya sprtd swasan didnt hd much fan n no 1 ws intrsd in ragya bt nw swasan fans r incrsng fast aftr every swasan scene swasan fans r incrsng vwrs r nt jst acptng dem dey r shipping fr dm lvng dem wn raginis trth wl cm out der z going to b a big fight btwn swasan verses swarya n dats wt cvs wnt n 1 grp hd to b lft hrtbrkn cvs shdnt hv dn dis dey r plng wd d flngs of vwrs

  25. Ganga

    Please God.. Ragini ko jaldi upar bulao.. swara aur sanskar ek Jodi Ho jaye.. Aur un donom ke pyaar ko dekh kar voh stupid Ragini aur lakshya jalkar marjaye.. Aur.. Voh Shekhar ke Dimaag karab hokkar.. Kisi mental hospital chale jaye..

  26. I really appreciate ragini…she was not ready for negavtive character…but for story she played it..evn though she knwe her fans ill not like her character she did it…gud work ragini…

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