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Sujata talks to Ragini. Ragini says she will convince Durga Prasad to bring Sanskar back. She says she will pretend to suicide again, and says Sanskar have to promise that he will not come inbetween her and Laksh. She says she didn’t have any enmity with Sanskar. Sujata promises that Sanskar will not come in between her and Laksh, and asks her to bring Sanskar back home. Sujata gets trapped by Ragini again. Ragini asks her to take out the Swara and Laksh’s name board. Sujata takes it off and asks how did she made the video. Ragini acts helpless and says she added drugs in Swara’s toothpaste. She says Swara didn’t know what was happening with her. Once Swara gets dizzy, Ragini gives her paper asking her to read it. Swara reads the paper and Ragini records the statement that she takes drugs and

don’t intent to marry. She says she let her sleep then. Next morning, Swara wake up and didn’t remember anything. Sujata says you have tried to killed her. Ragini says Swara is part of her life, but Laksh is her life. She says she will start new life with Laksh, and he will forget Swara. She says she will prove Nani’s curse wrong and will happily stay with him. She asks Sujata to change the entire decoration. Sujata says it is not that easy and shows her Swara coming with Sanskar. Ragini gets shocked.

Ragini runs to hall. Dada ji thanks Durga Prasad. Dadi thanks him and says she feels good here. Ragini shouts Dadi maa and comes running there. Dadi is shocked. Ragini hugs her. Dadi asks what happened? Dada asks what did you see? Sanskar and Swara enters there. Everyone thinks Ragini is troubled because of them. Ragini is shocked to see Swara alive, and recalls pushing her in the river. Laksh looks at her with anger. Ragini starts her acting and hugs Swara. She asks are you alright? Swara recalls Ragini pushing her in river. Swara says how did you know what happened with me?

Swara tells that she has cleared everything in the video and thanks Ragini. Annapurna asks why did you come here? Durga Prasad says what is Sanskar doing here? Swara apologizes to Durga Prasad and Annapurna and tells her that she don’t want to interfere in Ragini’s life. She says you are my sister always, and your happiness matters to me always. She asks Ragini to take her mum back in his house. She says we have done so much for unite mum and dad, and have become Swaragini for them. We can’t punish them for our mistakes. Dadi asks her to keep quiet and says her son have taken a right decision. She says her family is on right mode now, and asks her to stay away from their life. Swara says she wants to get forgiveness from all. Laksh asks her to keep quiet and says let me tell you Ms. Swara Bose. You will not get forgiveness from us. You have betrayed me big, and now showing courage for getting forgiveness. Sanskar speaks up and says you have done so many mistakes, but did get forgiveness. When our turn came, no one listened to us. Laksh says I am impressed, today one betrayal is a lawyer for other betrayal. He says no one will care about your speech. He says Swara will get only punishment from this house. Swara says she is ready for his every punishment.

Laksh throws Swara out of the house. Ragini goes to meet her outside. Swara tells her that she will expose her true face infront of everyone. Ragini says you are there in your house and I am here in this house, you can’t do anything. Sanskar asks are you sure Ragini? Swara tells her that Sanskar is with her in her fight. Ragini looks on shockingly at Sanskar as if he has betrayed her.

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