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The Episode starts with Maheshwari family seeing Surekha coming there. Sujata and Annapurna get happy seeing her. Sujata hugs her and says I would have forget you. Annapurna asks her to come and says I will introduce you to everyone. Surekha says I am Parineeta’s mum. Parineeta hugs her. Ragini and Swara greet her. Surekha asks them to give heir to Annapurna as her daughter Parineeta couldn’t become a mother. Everyone is shocked. Annapurna tells Surekha that they don’t have any objection with this, and asks her not to hurt her daughter. Surekha asks her to just chill. Sujata asks them to come. Swara and Ragini start dancing with the ladies on a song. Annapurna asks Parineeta to bring chair for a lady. Parineeta nods ok and goes. Laksh and Sanskar look at their respective wife. Annapurna explains

to everyone about Ghangaur puja. Adarsh tries to cheer up Parineeta. Sujata says we should do the visarjan. Everyone keep the pot on their heads. They go out to do the visarjan and come back home.

Annapurna says Parvati ji goes to her mayka for 15 days and then she returns after 15 days. Swara pretends to be upset with him. Sanskar says Parvati ji had to return at last. Dadi says Shiv ji went with Parvati ji and changed his avatar. Laksh says this is true love. Adarsh says we have a surprise for our wives. Surekha asks Annapurna to make her bahus dance on the song. Sujata praises Ragini and Swara’s dancing and singing abilities. Surekha says what about my daughter. Annapurna says my Parineeta is also talented. Ragini, Swara and Parineeta start dancing on the song Dholna………..Their respective husbands get happy. All the elders look happy. Just then Parineeta falls while trying to keep her pallu on her head.

Swara and Ragini hold her. Everyone start laughing on Parineeta including Dadi. Dadi tells that her grand daughters are very qualified, but not Parineeta. Adarsh says Parineeta have danced really well. Everyone claps for her. Surekha says no daughter in our house can do work without falling down. She asks Laksh, Sanskar and Adarsh to give their gifts to their wife and also to speak two lines for their wife. Parineeta tells her mum that she is not clumsy and says she fell while trying to keep her pallu on head. Laksh gives a gift to Ragini and says it is for my beautiful wife. Ragini looks at the earrings. Laksh tells poetry in her honor, and says he will be with her always. Ragini smiles.

Sujata calls Swara next. Sanskar comes near Swara holding a rose. Sujata thinks Sanskar earns much, but have brought just a flower for Swara. He gives flowers in her hand. Sujata is surprised to see bangles with the roses. Saiyya song plays………..He makes her wear it. He tells poetry. Swara tries to go, but he holds her hand and says I want to agree you, convince you and want to smile for your every smile. You made me complete, I was like a broken stone, you made me Kohinoor. Surekha calls Parineeta next. He says I thought a lot and finally got it which is as sweet as you. She opens the box and finds sweets. She asks why did you bring sweets, if you don’t want to bring any gift. Everyone is shocked. Utara talks to someone on phone and says she is coming and have kept fast for him. She collides with Swara.

Surekha shares her worries with Annapurna about Parineeta. Annapurna asks her not to worry. Parineeta thinks she will not lose her position and will take care of it.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Loved RAGLAK…… ???? and plz….don’t make parineeta negative…..

  2. Nice epi.. Parineetha s turn to negative…. Eagerly waitng 2 c swasan sceness…

  3. Was there none ? So making sweet parineeta vamp :!

  4. Guys there is a merger with ssk I think in friday
    Acc to spoiler

  5. patakha princess

    raglak scenes.were so cute……..the poetry was nyc………the dance was nyc…but M feeling bad fr parineeta……her mother is so bad…….and saying bad things to ur daughter………yukh man…..and pori duniya ke samne yeh kehny ki kiya zarrorat thi tht ur daaughter can’t conceive….waiting fr swasan scenes……OMG nw uttara is also in love…..but with whom……parineeta turning into evil……..parineeta was looing so cute…….sujata dialogue was nyc…….all daughter were looking beautiful……dance performances were brilliant…….the epi was 10 on 10…….<3 <3 <3

  6. What are s dizzz yaar if 1enemy is gon means other is ready ……………fedup wit dizzzz serial

  7. What the heck!! Spoilers said parineeta’s mom would be positive and no grey shades but looks like they changed everything ughhh!! Now she will create problems between our swasan and raglak ughhh I hate this so much but so happy our raglak and swasan are together!! Hope their together!!

  8. Uttara scene should be in precap

    1. Sia, r u a fan of Sia Furler,d singer or is dat just ur name?

    2. No no this is just my nickname

  9. Uttara jis ko pyaar karttha hei ooowala kartthik hei.. Or ny new cast intrdce..

    1. New boy called aryan
      Saw mock shot on yt

  10. This serial has been giving very different twists but this does not seem st new . l felt like I was reading fabric by seeing the rom

  11. #fanfiction

  12. Swasan are amazing today, they rock?????????????????

  13. Thanks H Hasan for today’s update. Well I didn’t get to watch from the beginning but only from when sanskar gifted swara flowers and bangles. Wow what can I say guys Today Swasan rocked. Loved it when sanskar was saying out a poem to swara. It was mind blowing, for some reason it gave me goosebumps, loved it and it was epic. Swaragini looked beautiful today and so did sanlak, Well they looked handsome. Sanskar looked hot today without clean shave, he looks gorgeous that way. I got the feeling that uttara was talking to kartik.

    1. enemy ji swasan rock ..

      1. Hi there stoneheart what’s up how are you? Yeah you’re right Swasan rocks. Love their chemistry and their cute bonding. They are my shining star??

    2. Hi stoneheart how are you? Exactly Swasan rocks. And yeah rose you’re absolutely right about our Swasan that they are shining star.

      1. hello Rose ji and enemy ji.. the best thing about swasan is that they are fun plus intense that attracts the viewers ..

    3. Exactly stoneheart they are ain’t they.

  14. I think uttara loves karthik……
    Feeling bad for pari…..
    Swasan was sooooo cute……..

  15. The writers dnt leave any1.. Evry1 in d maheshwari family (2nd generation) except fr swara hv taken d wrong way.. Ragini did soo much bad to evry1 b4.. Laksh was madly in love wid kavya n did wrong to ragini. Insulted her in front of evry1. Slapped shekar. And he was a spoilt brat b4 he met swara.. Sanskar madly in love wid kavita came to destroy laksh n DP.. Adarsh had an affair.. Now parinita (DK wt shez upto).. N uttara is also secretly dating some1 of doing something like tht.. (which is nt tht bad actually)

    1. Or**

      1. Secretly dating some1 or** doing something like tht

      2. Ohh ya uttara supported laksh fr kidnapping ragini

    2. Good analysis

  16. Nice episode.

  17. Suspected dat Uttra was seeing sm1:-/.nd writers, pls don’t make parineeta a villan…;-(

  18. This serial trp will fall down surely to 1 in next week as it has become big bakwas .Making pari negative too bad .may be this is the last epi of swaragini I am going to .Good bye to this bakwas serial

  19. Writer pls don’t always keep twist lik problems…. bring some happiest moments . Specially fr swasan plsssssss…. dnt mee to hate ds drama plsssss. Swasan

  20. Awesome epi…Raglak just rocked today..i had goosebumps seeing them..They r most sweet couple…Raglak forever…….luv u Raglak ….Ragini as usual she luks like doll ..i dnt understand hw can someon be soo beautiful…Swara also luking beatiful…Sanlal too handsme…but Swasan ke time song aur Raglak ke time no song…its kk …Overall nyc epi

  21. Awsii RAGLAK …………
    Plz don’t make Parineeta negitive ………….. :):):*:*:(:(

  22. Why there was no song in bw raglak. But my raglak rockzz as always. Everyone was looking good. Swaragini sanlak. Everyone. Loved it

  23. Wow Swasan rocked in today’s epi. Love their bond. They were amazing especially when sanskar was telling poem to his princess, Wow it was epic. My Swasan will always shine bright like a diamond. Swasan forever Swasan rocks.?

    1. yup swasanite for Eva …! the idea of bangles hidden in flowers was awesome

      1. It was epic loved it ?????

  24. Really eagerly waiting to see swara and sanskar scences and plz don’t turn parineetha negative its request

  25. Pari s too cute yo play a negative shade. Now that we are used to her simplicity. .
    Moreover the next villian cld have waited. We are yet to see more of swasan n raglak. Swasan yet to consumate.
    N cvs pls don’t fool us by showing tat swasan ll wait for yrs together to move ahead. .lol

    1. becharo k paas tym hi nai h .. SAb tension unke sar toh hai

  26. wow…..swara looking soooo cute in this episode….and sanskar awesome….loved swasan part

  27. wow…ragini was so gorgeous….i look her only this episode…she so cute and her dress also…she acting too good…i like her very much more then swara nowadays….
    raglak consumate their marriage bt swasan not yet right????!what they upto…we r(swasan fans)waiting for their romantic sceens….
    and plz writters u did all their vamp chr ….like sanskar,ragini then laksh ,uttra,adarsh and even all family members now its time for parinita!!!!!
    oh plz…cut the crop yar…plz show some enjoying sceens funny sceens…i requ

  28. I think parineeta will start rebelling against swasan and raglak..as others are taking her for granted


    Nice episode… but logo ke khass tur pr ghrwalo ke taano ki wajha se ab perineeta villan bann jayegi and uttra ka bf toh hai hi new villian…. ab bichari family 2-2 villian se ladegi first ghr ke andar fir bahr….

  30. Oh why no song fr raglak so unfair..but loved teju’s acting expressions..she ws luking like princess..n laksh said so cute lines but his voice ws too slow to listen..but i got it frm expression of my cutie ragu tgrough her more thn beautiful smile n eyes..i love my tej..hope we will get to c more raglak scenes ahead as we get of tht swasan..

  31. I think parinneta is gonna become d next villian…..

  32. Anyone tell me the songs and film they danced

  33. please upload todays episode. I have not watched 🙁

  34. XXX-man of future

    Why these mad writers are not giving Swasan and Raglak scenes.. its OK that we got to see some romantic moments btw raglak the previous week but- what abt swasan? I am happy to c their cute nokjhoks but longing 4 sm romantic scenes too. They r easily giving scenes btw par ash & utt-bf but not our main leads..they r in a rajdhani express mode to introduce saas bahu segment. 4 that we can’t enjoy Raglak marriage.Watching this show only 4 heltejnamrun. SWARAGINI CAST ROCKZZ..Love u Raglak & Swasan.

  35. hi every one i am just sharing my concern to everyone that writres have gone mad and they need to be treated kindly donate some brain to them if u are 18+ 🙂 hehe first thing first parineeta was a such a good lady what are u making her huh ?? pls stop this and make things fine for sometime

  36. I didn’t Wat sanskar said..cos I dnt knw hindhi! Can anyone explain his sweet poetry

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