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Dadi threatens Sumi and says she will trouble her like a filmy mum in law. She says onions was already cut, but I made you cut it as I want to see your tears. Sumi says she will prove that she is right. Dadi says I will snatched your peace, so that you don’t get strength to prove anything. Sujata is unwell and tells Annapurna that her son is away. Annapurna tells he is outside the house. Sanskar comes with Swara. Sujata gets angry at Swara. Annapurna asks her to stop talking much. Swara asks her to take care and asks Sanskar to come soon before leaving. Sujata tells she will snatch him from her. She says whatever you are doing is because of Swara. My son have to stay in tent without AC on floor. Annapurna asks him to go to their other house. Sanskar says Swara want to stay there and says we are

one family. Annapurna asks Parineeta to make dinner.

Laksh gets Adarsh’s call informing him that he is not needed in the meeting. Laksh asks how is Chachi? Swara thinks he is talking to her and replies she is fine. Laksh tells I am not talking to you and asked Bhabhi. Parineeta says she is fine. Laksh goes to his room. Swara asks Parineeta to come as she wants to talk to her. Parineeta refuses to talk to her. Swara takes her to room and tells she have seen Adarsh with some girl. Parineeta asks how can you say nonsense. Ragini hears them.

Ragini comes to Laksh and tells him that Swara is accusing Adarsh for having an affair. Parineeta scolds Swara for accusing her husband. Everyone hears Parineeta and comes there. Swara tells she didn’t want to keep her in dark so she told her. Parineeta tells Annapurna that Swara is blaming Adarsh for having an affair. Ragini scolds Swara and asks her to say after thinking. She asks her to atleast respect relations. She asks her to take revenge on her and not mixed poison in Parineeta and Adarsh married life. Laksh says we don’t trust you. Sujata says Laksh said right. Sanskar asks why did you come out. Sujata says she is a big liar and asks how can you accuse Adarsh. Annapurna asks why you are saying this? You did this drama, just you entered the house. She asks Sanskar to take his wife. Swara tells Adarsh have no meeting today as he is meeting that girl in pinewood hotel,in room no. 124.

Laksh says okay, we will go there in the evening. If you proved wrong then. Swara says she will accept the punishment. Everyone come to the hotel in the evening. Sanskar says I trust Swara and she never lies. They ring the door bell. Adarsh comes out of room and is shocked to see his family standing. They see some men inside, asking Adarsh to read the papers. Adarsh asks them if they are having some problem. Laksh says nothing. Adarsh tells I will come late. Ragini signs Adarsh and he smiles at her. Swara looks at them. Parineeta cries. Ragini acts to consoles her. Laksh tells it is Swara’s habit to lie. Ragini eyes Swara. Sujata cries and tells Swara is a liar. Annapurna asks why yoy are crying. Parineeta cries and tells Swara has insulted their relation. Annapurna tells that girl is breaking their family. Durga Prasad looks on.

Swara tells Sanskar that nobody will belief them. She tells Ragini must have informed Adarsh and says Ragini is playing with Adarsh and Parineeta’s life. Sanskar says we have to keep Adarsh away from that girl. Ragini recalls informing Adarsh about Swara seeing him with a girl. Adarsh thanks her and says Swara is lying. Sujata suspects Ragini and thinks she is behind it. Annapurna tells Durga Prasad that she want to talk to Swara. Durga Prasad asks her not to talk in anger and says I will talk to them. Sanskar says Ragini is getting bad day by day. Swara says she is spoiling many lives in her blinded love. Sanskar is about to say something, but Swara says it is okay. Swara sits on the bed and falls down. Sanskar says that what I want to tell you….He tries to lift her and falls with her. They have an eye lock.

Ragini under a drug influence tells that Swara never lies and confesses to her crimes, leaving everyone shocked.

Update Credit to: MA

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  1. More than enough….
    It sucks…!?
    Really wanna kill the writers…
    They have crossed all the limits

  2. kal ka episode me kya honey wala hai sab ko pata tha .our waisa hi huwa . Bakwaash serioul aba jab rag ka sach samne aayega tab hi dekhungi usse peheleka bakwaas nahi dekhungi.

  3. will ragini get caught or get escaped asusual

  4. Main to yehi chahti hu ki again ragini bole swasan ki fake marriage hai and unki marriage asli dikhane ke lie sanskar swara ki mang bhare :*

    1. dear falaq…ye sach me hone wala hai….but fark ye hai ki
      Laksh will badmouth about swara and sanskaar looses his calm and takes sindoor from mandir and fills swaras maang….

  5. band karo ye bakwaas serial… n u guys stop watching it… ban Colours for showing bakwaas serials like… Sasural Simar Ka , Swaragini , Meri Aashiqui Tum se hi …

  6. A ridiculous serial that is loosing its grip now. They are stretching the success of evil (Ragini) too much. The more they continue with Ragini winning, the more its going to loose viewership. Serials like these encourage people to backstab their own family members for their happiness. Why can’t they show how someone who plays dirty tricks suffer?? Total shit is being shown. Time to switch off such boring and lop sided shows.

  7. At start of the show it was shown that Swara was clever she would provide proof before pointing fingers..this is so ridiculous these writers dont have any common sense atleast what is the use technology..swara could have used her phone such as taking pictures or making a video as she knows in this house nobody will trust..for Godsake bring some common sense stop showing that indian are the more foolish idiots in this world..

  8. What the hell is happening in this serial.plz expose raginis truth before all d family members

  9. Me to kya koi b indian seriel nahi dekhti..I only read written updates..me sirf ek hi seriel dekha karti thi ISS PYAAR KO KYA NAAM DOON season 1..uske bad koi b seriel nahi dekhti..coz all indian seriels are bakwas and colors ki sari seriels ki plot same hai

  10. Boring seriel…..whatever I wanted to happen in this seriel did not happen.
    I wanted swalak but no……..I wanted ragsan but no…….i mean they are trying to show that if you want love take the wrong way and separate your mum and dad for your one sided love.
    Then they r showing that how much any1 does only lie will be trusted bcoz the person who is lying is the same religion as the family members. But the one who is with truth is not Same religion so they will not trust her.

  11. Even Pakistani seriels like zindagi channel r far better than this…….and also English r better……that is why there is greatest economy in USA coz the shows don’t show such things and don’t spoil ppl brains for their blo*dy trp…..then they comment on their own country and say India ki to baat hi Matt karo…..shame on the writers, directors, producers and even actors!!!

  12. Arre yaar sirf vo tent vale scenes hi dhang k the or baki sab BAKWAS

  13. i really like this serial par mjhe base he smjh nhe ae jb ragni ne swara ko pani me phaka tha tou wo hospitalized th wo hospital staf or doctors ko witnes k tor pe use krsakti th koe reason he nhe tha itna phalany ka drama

  14. I want swara and sanskar to fall in love
    Because it makes sense
    Feelings change, people change
    Yes swara loved lakshya but now he changed and he she so says ” its gone”
    But the writers will have a love triangle and swara will end up with lakshya
    Because they want more drama more episodes nevermind they are stretching the story like chewing gum
    Sanskar right now is like the guy for her
    But what will the writers do
    Go backward !
    So lakshya is the good guy again, says sorry and asks for forgiveness, hot steamy moments, love rekindled again and bam
    Sanskar is the bad guy
    Maybe literally becomes the villian again
    The other right thing is to introduce new cast
    New people in lakshya and raginis life
    But will that happen ?
    Why ?
    Because we love going backward !

    1. True…..these Indian daily soap people know how to increase their trp…..and for doing that they can do anything

  15. swargini meri fvrt seriel hai… plz lakhs nd swara ko plz mila do.. aur ragini ki soch sbke samne le aao plz……..

  16. So I want your opinion on this

    I had an episode in mind where swara pretends to be dead and her mom and sanskar and dida are crying, lakshya is still insulting her and sanskar is telling her to wake up and lakshya to shut up. Sharmishtha comes with a video of parvati and Ragini and everyone is shocked to learn of the truth. Ragini does a lot of drama and dida says that now everyone should make up their mind what to believe, she tells this to Shekhar, annapoorna, durga Prasad etc. Sanskar is crying holding swara and she opens her eyes and tells him
    Some filmy dialogue

  17. I also want your comment on this
    The truth is out and Ragini has gone mad, she gets a gun and threatens
    to kill herself or swara or lakshya but in the end kills sanskar
    Sanskar is taken to the hospital where durga Prasad gives him blood because lakshya was drinking the other night due to raginis betrayal
    Then swara is devasted but sanskar survives and tells lakshya and swara to get together basically without confessing his feelings

    Also Adarsh is kicked out, durga Prasad says that parineeta is their daughter
    Swara is at her home deciding what to do
    The families decide to marry lakshya and swara
    Lakshya wants to swara is not clear
    She has sanskars handkerchief and she is staring at it and at that moment Sanskar calls her
    He says that he is going to find who killed his first love kavita
    He wishes her a happy life even though he loves her
    He is kidnapped by the killers(
    they are) and manages to escape before dying
    Then at the same time swara leaves from her mandap, her marriage saying that she cant do this, before she had a talk with her dida or something realizing that she loves Sanskar
    Swara and sanskar meet and confess their love

    1. I must say…a nice script u have…Lisa
      But wat abt dat psyco ragsss?¿?

    2. This one is not good as in this again laksh’s heart will be broken???

  18. guys its jst a serial y u r wasting ur time by commenting very big paragraphs

  19. Suppose rag’s truth cmes out n swara has 2 choose between laksh n sanskaar whom shud she chose n y??

  20. Thank you 🙂
    I hope Ragini becomes a better person and meets someone
    I hope lakshya gets over swara and meets someone
    I hope swara makes the right choice and chooses the right guy which I feel is sanskar
    Ps if you like my script I write ones for chakravartin ashoka samrat, qubool hai, tum hi Ho Bandhu and sakha tumhi, also jodha Akbar
    All are my versions 🙂

  21. Did anyone notice that the music for swara and sanskar is similar if not the same as it was for jodha and Akbar ?

    Should we form a site where all us fans can chat and discuss our frustrations?

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