Swaragini 10th October 2016 Written Episode Update

Swaragini 10th October 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Sanskar coming somewhere, and recalls Laksh calling him and saying that it is better to end everything. He takes out his anger and throws the stone. Laksh thinks about Adarsh’s words that Sanskar’s hunger is not ending even after getting 10 crores Rs. He drives the car. Adarsh asks Ragini and Swara to call their respective husband but keep the call on loudspeaker. Swara calls Sanskar, but he rejects her call. Ragini calls Laksh, but the call is unanswered. Sujata worries thinking Sanskar left home in a hurry and prays for his well being. Sumi says even Swara and Ragini’s phones are not answered. Shekhar holds Sumi’s hand and says nothing will happen, everything will be fine. Just then Dadi comes there and shouts at Shekhar..Shekhar also looks at her.

Adarsh asks

what happened? If your husband not picking your call. Laksh sees Ragini’s call, and disconnects her call. She thinks why he is cutting the call. Laksh says I know you will convince me, but first I will do deal with Sanskar and then make you understand. Swara calls Sanskar again. Sanskar recalls giving warning to Swara and his family. Sanskar picks the call. Swara says I know you went to meet Laksh. Sanskar says so your sister told you about this. Swara is about to tell him about Adarsh keeping them on gun point, but Adarsh stops them. Sanskar tells Swara if she knows that Shekhar was about to commit suicide because of Dadi and Adarsh’s doings, but was saved somehow. Swara and Ragini are shocked. Adarsh smiles. Durga and Annapurna are shocked too. Ragini asks baba…? Sanskar says yes, and says Laksh is equally responsible as he believed Adarsh. He says I will fight with him, and even if I am saved then also our relation is over. Parineeta and Adarsh smile victoriously.

Dadi tells Shekhar that you have betrayed me. She asks him to leave Sumi’s hand. Shekhar says no Maa….Dadi reminds him of the promise. Shekhar says I gave you promise and have broken it. Shekhar asks what about your promise? Dadi says I never gave any promise to you. Shekhar says you had promised to keep me happy always, and will save me even if you have to die. He says you have broken all those promises, and have kept me away from my child for 20 years, only because of your thinking and hatred. He says now you have tried to take Ayush’s life. Dadi is shocked. Shekhar says your conspiracy doesn’t end here. You have separated Laksh and Sanskar, and have done a big conspiracy against them. Laksh comes to meet Sanskar and recalls Inspector and Adarsh’s words. He recalls doing Shradh of Sanskar.

Sanskar is already waiting for him. Laksh asks him to give property papers first. Sanskar asks what? Laksh says Adarsh told me that you have property papers and he even told me that Swara and you have fool Ragini. Utara sees them arguing. Sanskar laughs and says if I have property papers, then why would I come here. Laksh says it was my mistake to trust you. Sanskar says you have trusted a wrong guy Adarsh. They hold each other collar. Utara stops them and says you both are my brothers, and I can’t stay without you both. Laksh says it is the best way to save your life. He says Utara is your sister, but I have lived as a brother more than you.

Adarsh tells Parineeta that this is their double win. He says if Swara wins then only she will lose Sanskar. Adarsh asks her to get the papers and save their husbands. Swara thinks why did Police haven’t come till now. Adarsh tells her that Khoon Khela are going to start in sometime.

Shekhar promises keeping Durga Maa as a witness that he will bring his mum on the right track. Dadi asks what you are saying? Shekhar says I want just one thing from you. He asks her to give house keys to him, and says I will give keys to Sumi so that she can stay in the house with my daughters and son. Dadi says I will not give you keys until I am alive. Sujata asks her to get ready to see her son’s death. Dadi shouts at her. Sujata says why she is so egoistic, and tells that Shekhar tried to give his life, and this bengalan Sumi saved his life. She says your son didn’t act to try commit suicide like you, but committing suicide for real. Dadi shouts and asks her not to interfere in her family matters, and says you have no right. Sujata says you have full right. She says you have broken my family, and made our sons fight like enemies, my jija and bhai saheb are staying in their own house as a prisoners. Dadi looks on.

Adarsh asks Swara to decide fast. Swara thinks why did Police haven’t come till now. Adarsh asks her to do khool khela fast. Swara proceeds towards Adarsh and bends down. Parineeta asks Swara not to act smart again. Swara picks the plate and hits on Adarsh’s hand making gun fall down. Ragini rushes and takes back the house papers. Swara asks the goons to keep the gun down. She shouts gun in air.

Laksh and Sanskar fight. Sanskar hits on Laksh’s head with stone. Swara tells Sanskar that they have lost because of him. She tells Sanskar that she will not fill her maang with sindoor until Ragini’s husband gets fine. She blames him for ruining everything. Sanskar is shocked.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Rabia0032

    Seriously I hate now swaragini what the hell is swara doing how can she blame sanskar ahhhh I will kill her I hate her when she try to ne the great swara…
    I love swara n sanky but I dont like swara When she everytime blame sanskar…the whole mistake was of laksh but who is suffring mostly sanskar

    1. Rabia0032

      I cant live without my swasan n even raglak are separate oh no yaar atleast one couple should be toghter na

    2. Mica

      don’t worry Rabia… Sanskar himself said to Swara that even if he saved, their relation also over, rite ? so, Swara just give what he wish and demand… 😀 😀 😀
      see… Swara is so good wife ahem ahem

  2. Fairy

    Wowwe full on drama!!m lykng it ;)loved it wen laksh ddnt picked d cl coz he knows dat ragini wl surely convence him..it ws lyk a awwwee!!!moment for me.. 🙂 …n raglakians happy belated anniversary of ang laga de re segment of our raglak 😉 😉 😉

    Get ready guys for 6 months leap in swaragini with sanlak n swaragini separation .
    After d leap u”ll see swararagini handlng marriage beureau .not nly dis bt even swaragini’s intrument wl also get swapped.
    That is swara wid sitar n ragini wid guitar…
    Wid new looks…
    Swara is lookng really cute
    N sry to say bt i dnt lyk my ragzy baby’s dress(dat salwar n suit) bt still her charming ,beautiful ,cute n attractive face is makng her look sweet 😉 …wid lovely hairstyle..
    Bt i dnt understand one thing y dey swapped dere instruments????wtever m happy dat i”ll see one more shade of my ragz.. 🙂 🙂

    Waitng to know y swaragini wl get separated from sanlak 🙁 🙁 ..m sad wid dis news bt i know twists r needed for trp .so guyz plz watch swaragini 🙂

  3. thank you for the update
    oh my god today’s episode is great…didnt quiet understand what swara said in the precap we have lost cause of you sanskaar
    waiting for tomorrow and all that week episodes…will be a leap of 6 months in the serials where swaragini leave Mahishwari house

    1. Mica

      i guess kinda because of Sanskar anger and didn’t let Swara to explain, everything ruined, so, even though Aadarsh finally sent to jail, the bro fight incident still happen.

      1. Maybe..and see mica I guessed correct??
        I asked abt a 7yrs LEAP..
        But I asked about a LEAP..
        See I know everyone future here??

      2. Mica

        uugghhh.. Shrinju,,,how you did that ? Rasmi mam whispering something to you ?
        tell me,,, tell me..*shaking Shinju body

      3. Kakali

        Waaahhhooo !!! Shrinjall !!
        u r multi talented…

  4. Mica

    thank you H Hasan mam for update..
    what i found…….
    -on 2 first minutes, i found smartphone advertising *waiting solarin go public
    -Swasan romance i want, but i found shekar-sumi romance *fainting
    -Shekar’s speech, i found his speech more heroic than Donald trump *aye aye captain
    -Sujata’s speech, i found her speech more heroic than Hillary * you go gal!
    -Durga Prasad, i found no hair on his head *mirror on head

    1. Kakali

      Mica where is Heltej di??
      i mean from when she is quiting d site?do u know?

      1. Mica

        sorry i didn’t find her 😀 😀 😀

  5. the show will gets 6months leap , swaragini are seperated from sanlak ! laksh is missing , sanskar don’t know !

  6. Mica

    i justified Sanskar anger , he felt his wife betrayed him, the last person who he want to trust, but even Swara want to solve the problem and prove her husband innocent, she know that aadarsh is the real culprit….
    She knows that unite the family is a medicine that her husband refuse to swallow cause of it’s bitterness, but she know it’s his happiness.
    see.. Sharmita, what i said.. you let your daughter’s marriage ruined..
    huh! you can enjoy your marriage life now, at least your shekar back to you rite ??

  7. Heltej

    Yay… I dint watch today also! ?
    Ty H Hasan

    1. Kakali

      uhhhh Diii u r heree … huhhh !!!
      i was mussing u..

      me2 didn’t watch swaragini yesterday.*copy RAT..

      1. Heltej

        I miss u too… Kiddoo… I really dont have time nowadays… Mostly i will be leaving the site soon… But will try to catch up with u guys in this site??

      2. Kakali

        That’s d thing i feared for.. huhhh !!
        why to leave d site?? i know u might b busy,,
        but try to talk with us through this..
        huhhh !!
        m gonnaa miss u too badly

      3. Heltej

        I wont leave yaar… I need a break…

    2. Mica

      yyeeeeyy.. i watched it.. i watched it…
      i’m copytigress ahem.. ahem….

  8. Mahjabeen

    You said right da show will take 6 month leap..nd all r separated..laksh is nt found nd swaragini r staying in mayka nd dnt knw abt sanskar…nd swaragini r in thier new attire swara holding sittar nd ragini holding guitar nd performing in marraige…swara lookng damn beautiful in her new luk….
    Nd tdy epi i culdnt blv at da precap…how cn swara blame sanskar..i rlly hate it…evrytm he is gtng blame now evn swara blame..nd i cnt understnd abt wat c ws tlng…lts wait fr da twist..

  9. Sammykapoor

    whats the mistake of sanskar in this fight???? if he was not fight back with laksh he must be in critical condition….then what swara do????? who will see his familly?????? is ragini do as like swara if she was in her place????….never…. may be she blames them in reverese…….

  10. blo*dy how can swara blame Sanskaar he is nt in fault na

    1. Mica

      i dunno what happen later, but Sanskar controlled by his anger today episode, he didn’t want to hear anything from Swara,
      i consider that Sanskar didn’t know the situation, but we know exactly what happen in MM, that Aadarsh told the truth that he created war between Sanlak,
      so, swara will be upset to sanskar as he didn’t let Swara to tell everything cause of his hatred and ego.

  11. I dnt thnk laksh l die becoz if he was killed by sanky am sure sanky l surrender himself behind bars.. maybe aftr knwng truth laksh may ask forgiveness from sanky bt he won’t forgive hm nd he l try 2 go away frm family so laksh left evry1 by thnkng if he left means sanky l care hs family

  12. Swara pov l b if sanky forgiven laksh on time means he won’t left ragini nd family so c accused sanky lyk dat.. i wish after sanky find laksh he should mke evry1 unite nd nxt dy he have 2 left evry1 nd back 2 hz lyf n Mumbai whr he was lived before he came for revenge. . I hope if dz hpn It l b so exciting. . Swara l fel guilty nd c l try win sanky heart. …

  13. Unite swasan

  14. Heltej

    I don’t know… Why people are blaming swara…! Show’s name is swaragini… Not swasan or raglak… First understand that… Swaragini will not show how passionate or romantic is swasan /raglak… Instead we will get to see… How swara/ragini suplorting each other.. Blaming each other… Misunderstanding each other.. Loving each other!
    In this case… Everyone equally contribute to this hell…
    1.laksh should not have done smuggling!
    2.sanskar should not have put laksh into jail
    3.ragini should not have believed that police!
    4.swara should not have ended the ties with sanskar (STILL WE DIDN’T WATCH THE EPISODE… WE DONT KNOW WHY SHE SAID LIKE THAT)
    Well all thanks to cvs

    1. @heltej
      You r extremely correct……
      God knows why the fans swaragini bashing each other…….
      Not only on swaragini swasan and raglak fans too……..
      Guys now its high time plz stop this nonsense…..
      If u wanna blame anyone them blame the cvs becoz they are the one who write these kind of stuff

    2. Mica

      ahem,, ahem,,,, Happy Girls International Day Dear!!!!!
      Let we rock the world !!!!

      1. Kakali

        Hmmmm !!! let we rock d world…
        i have already took 10 chocolates n banging my head on rock for more chocolates…*still pleading to God..

      2. Heltej

        Yup… Come on babies… Let have fun?‍❤️‍?????????

    3. ?absolutely correct!!

  15. o god i have so many ?????????? comeon annswer me mica and helteja 🙂
    first of all cvs this time gave kuch dang ka coustume for badi bhena * my ragini looking so cute and beautiful *
    1? y the blo*dy phsco laksh left my ragu
    2? y they left mm
    3? and ya badi bhena nei sindoor lagane sai refuse kar diya omg disgusting sindoor isleyae lagaya jatha hai ki uska pati salamath rahe
    3? y did they swap instruments
    4? and ya what’s reason behind ragini s attitude change
    !!! good to see a strong ragini who is not affected by phsco laksh living her alone raglak part is dam?????

    1. Heltej

      Kee after reading this m thinking something else… ??! Never mind! My dirty mind?

    2. Mica

      Haa.. Kee…let Swara and Ragini become cute teenager again.. stay away from saas bahu drama..
      i wish i can ask them to join me for clubbing or outing… and yelling
      you wanna join us ?
      Heltej, no jealousy please.. ahem ahem…

      1. Heltej

        Mica baby…. M jealous! u all will be watching new phase of SR! Poor me… I will miss their career based story…
        Jealousy meeee! ?

    3. Kakali

      Kee !! m seriously blank… wahhhh !!! soo interesting ???? … ohhhh God plzzz give me answers…*my silly mind doesn’t work at rit time… *need almond… hmmmm !!

  16. After the incident I even like swara because love is not blind…agar husband galti kare toh use barabha nehi dena caie..ur gussa kabhi kisi chis hal nehi dund sakta..sanskar ko ye relies hi nehi hea ki pehle larai ke same laksh save his life..and now he hit with stone on laksh head..how disgusting…writer apko sanlak ko itna dump nehi karna caie tha..laksh recover hone ke badh how sanskar face to laksh..and I am sure trp going to be low..

  17. thank u farie whish u the same anglagade was purly bliss for us / we raglakians are best of all

    1. Fairy

      🙂 🙂 🙂

  18. Swara and ragini bounding nice but there is no loyalty in the bounding swara character was justified till now but now swara’s decision is not right…..this suitation are because of laksh madness how can he didn’t think at least once before laksh is puppet of ragini then kavya and now adarsh he has own mind or not………. At last adarsh has succeed in her plan…

  19. Mica

    Many Swasan fans, mostly Sanskar’s fans blame Swara to everything she did nowadays, let me remind you the equality between Swara and Sanskar..
    1.– Swara did a white lie to Sanskar to united his family and prove his innocent (his happiness),———> you blame Swara.
    –Sanskar did white lie to Swara by become Kissan during Swara memory loss to get Swara back (swara happiness) ——-> you accepted Sanskar deed happily
    (they are equal in white lie, but as fans you did injustice toward them)

    2. you said that sanskar did everything for Swara, but Swara didn’t
    let me remind you….
    — Sanskar ever chosen Kavita over Swara (he choose his responsibility to Kavita over his love to Swara.
    —In this episode, Sanskar choose his ego/hatred over Swara (by said, even if he saved, their relation is over)
    but, you all blamed Swara for her decision to choose her family….
    whatsoever… blame game Starting.. YAY!!!!!!

    1. i couldn’t agree more
      abd for thr part that he is trying to kill his brother even thought u are defending him
      this is injustice and not the type of sanskaar we used to watch

      1. Mica

        yeah, it’s not Sanskar, totally not him, he loves and respects someone life soo much (remember how he tried to convinced Ragini to back off from their wicked plan or he saved Swara from Mohini),…
        we don’t know the truth yet, maybe Swara feel guilty to Ragini because sanskar anger/didn’t want listen Swara explanation ruined everything..

    2. Kakali

      Micaa!!!*tapping ur brain…
      What did u eat today?
      haaa? u r damn correct like always. *v.nice

      1. Mica

        eat your brain…:3

  20. സേവനം

    എന്തൂട്ട് സ്റ്റോറിയാ ഇത് വളിച്ച കഥ

    1. Heltej

      Pine enthina kadha vayikane…. Vayyikanda..! ?

      1. Manjula20

        Than Malayali arunno
        Keralatil evdEya
        Pnne malayaltil ith kanumpo than prnjth sarya
        Pnne Sanskar entina avl pryunnth ellm kettond nikkne
        Avr oru nalla jodiya but avrde bonding saryalla
        First of all Kavita sari alla enn Sanky prnjappo Swara believe chytilla at least Kavita Sanskar nte lover arunille atnklm kanakkiledth koode Swarakk
        Nxt Sanskar vngi kodta vala aa mate dash undallo Simar(onnm vicharikkle) avlk vaykkari idan kallanmark oori kodtu.Appo Sanskarinekkl valutano Swarakk evdeyo kidanna Simar
        Pnne Rajat Kallananenn avle itraym drohicha Raginiod pryn avlkarymm ennlm her own husbandinod vayya
        Pnne memory loss track prnjal teerula atrakknd
        Ini avlde odukate suicide drama alla tanik tonnunnundo Sanskarinod prnjal Swaraye hspitalil cid panik vidillann
        Pnne innle pryunnth kettille 2 sahodarimarum yudham jayich jayich thotenn
        Onn chodchotte itellm sign chyth vngi Adarshinu kodutatara Sanskar aano???
        Ippo Sanskar suicide chyyumenn prnjittm Swarakk Mahan avnm
        Onn vicharikkle itoke arodnklm prnjillkl enk samadanamavila njn mump e sitil ff ezti kondirunntha itokke knd manam maduth njn patiyil vch nirti
        Njn entnklm thet prnjittdnkl please forgive me

      2. Manjula20

        Imaginary world oke tane bt onn alochich nokk etra nalla cute coupla itupolatetine oke nutandil orikale kittu problems undakm bt avrde bonding saryalla 2 perum orumich nikknde serialnte nm Swaragini enn anenkl pnne Swarakk Raginiye angu ketyal pore verte entina nalla 2 payyanmarude life kalayane??????

      3. Manjula20

        Atoke kala than keralatil evdeya
        Njn ff nirtiyatode ente ivdate frnds ellm miss ayi
        Than ff ezutunnunndo

      4. Manjula20

        Atoke kala than keralatil evdeya
        Njn ff nirtiyatode ente ivdate frnds ellm miss ayi
        Than ff ezutunnunndo
        Ivde vere arokke mallus und

      5. Manjula20

        Dear I am not blaming Swasan m solely blaming Swara’s character but no comments she is too cute

    2. Manjula20

      Ohh oru malayali enklm undallo samadanai satym valicha katha itoke Malayalathil ayirunnkl cmdy starsnu chakara arunnene

      1. Heltej

        Trollans will troll them! Malaythil ithu kanumbol… Nammuk atleast we will feel respect towards SR original cast n their acting!
        My opinion no offense ?

      2. Heltej

        Nta ponnu manjula ithokke imaginary world anu… Eee storyude peru swaragini enu anu… Ivaru enthenkilum cheyyum pokum…oru time kayyumbol…. Most of the people ithinte kadha thanne marnju pokum….
        Ela storyilum atleast oru drawback indakum…. No story is perfect!
        Ps: dont ask translation for this comments(non malayalis)!

      3. Heltej

        Alappuzha! No… Njn ffs onnum ezuthurila

      4. Heltej

        I really dont understand y u blaming swasan… Ahhh leave it… Both couples are imaginary character which never gonna exist!

  21. why everybody blaming swara
    first no matter what nothing justify sanskar throwing that rock even thought laksh blaming and saying nonsense
    second swara and ragini wasnt getting along but swara tried everything to prove her innocence
    third i guess laksh will be mad at ragini too and swara from sanskar so to teach them a lesson they go back to their patental house and open a marriage bureau to end the hatery between sanskaar and laksh

  22. I just wish that awards and sandbar get together again

  23. as a matter of fact all updates says laksh goes missing…Adarsh is arrested but Durgaprasad didnt arrest Parenita he decides to punish her else ways…swara blame sandkaar for laksh missing and the two sisters are in their parental house and have their own business and ecrn this six months leap laksh still missing

  24. Mica you said that swara tell white lie for the happiness of sanskar. It is wrong because sanskar told swara that if she unite with ragini and her family then he will kill himself. But swara still to that means swara wants to give happiness to the dead body of sanskar?

    1. Mica

      Vishal…. did you see Sanskar happy after that ? Sanskar love his family soo much, actually it’s hurt him deeply,
      being a lover, Swara surely know about the value of family on Sanskar’s heart, being a lover, she can’t let her beloved one drawn in pain and hatred..
      She know, it’s not Sanskar who said that so, it’s his ego…
      sometime, we just can’t follow everything what our beloved one said, we should observe whether it’s rite or wrong,…lead them to rite path.. it’s called TRUE PARTNER…

  25. Wow nw this site is on ” blame Swara” mission??………Mica ?…….Fairy did u google for SR latest news and knew abt these things”?????

    1. Fairy

      Hahahaha no dear i actually saw d video n read about it in a tejaswi fan club account. 🙂 🙂 n how r u dear n wen u r postng nxt part of ur story????

  26. Its just so irritating how on earth is it sanskaar’s fault now!?

  27. Hi everyone…I am also a appreciator of Swaragini….Can I join you all in your discussions???☺☺☺☺???

    1. Heltej

      Yah.. Yah… U can join… N have fun… ???

      1. Thanks dear…BTW What’s your age???

    2. Mica

      waaa.. you can join Dear! discuss here, spam here… have fun here! let’s rocks!!

  28. my goodness really loving this track and will be happy if the spoilers are true

    1. rekha vaghela

      Wat r the recent spoilers??? Pls tell..

  29. Heltej

    Mica kakali… I think we are spamming this site???

    1. Kakali

      Prakriti join us dear …

      N heltej di n Mica after reading all d comments i wanna sing 2 songs…

      1> Dil se dil ka rishta jo hai,pal do pal mei mitta nahi ,, bandham dilo ka tutta nahi(2)…tere dil ka mere dil se ridhta purana hai..in aankho se har aasu mujhko surana hai. (( how sweet aaall knows about each other soo welll))

      2> Flying baby m shinning baby m riding with ur love..
      one hit baby m can’t quit baby m soo sick but soo what ?
      m on top of d world… !!! *wink

      Feeling like this…*wanna cry

      1. Mica

        uugghh, what the tittle ? let me cry with you…it’s suck to cry alone you know !
        don’t ask me about food, bhukhad.. *aaww iu can speak hindi…

      2. Kakali

        Here is d most beautifuly speaking Hindi in a second award goes to Mica… *pleasure is all mine

    2. Mica

      you and kakali did.. not me, i’m the one who always serious here, …..
      i’m the one who always bring the topic to next level of seriousness…
      i’m the innocent one.. you both the spammer….*run

      1. Kakali

        Yeahh yeahh !!! *i guess u r still in hangover…

        now m seriously asking u Mica what did u take in BF or lunch or Dinner?

      2. Heltej

        Mica did u had bath? Tell me

      3. Kakali

        Heltej di question of d hour? answer it Mica!!! *all d viewrs eyes n cameras r on u… *feel special

      4. Mica

        don’t say anything, you both enjoy watching SR now, meanwhile i’m watching jungle junction in Disney Junior channel ..huh!!!
        rolling.. aaannnddd action *spielberg bang his head

      5. Kakali

        It’s dream come true if i can watch swaragini at 9:30…bbuttt huhhhhhh !!! my mommm !!! she doesn’t permit me as this is my study hours… *cuddling doraemon in bed

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