Swaragini 10th November 2016 Written Episode Update

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The Episode starts with Swara getting shock hearing Ragini’s decision to move on in life and freeing Laksh. She says this is not wrong. Swara says you are lying, whatever you have done for him is because of your love. She says nobody loved him like you do. She says we will not believe you, and the truth is that you want Sanskar and me to get back together. Ragini says no, and says she is doing this for herself, and says if he had to come back then he would have returned. She tells Laksh went with anger and that’s why may be punishing me. Sumi asks what you are saying? Annapurna and Durga Prasad are shocked and emotional. Ragini tells Sumi that she has taken her decision. She goes to her room. Swara and others see Annapurna and Durga Prasad standing.

Gayatri is upset to get back to her old

house. Chirag shows his true colors and asks why did you get greedy and asked for 5 crores rs. He says you said that Uttara is simple, but she is not. Chirag’s dad tells that everyone will know that they are in debt. Chirag tells them that he will make Uttara be mad in his love and will break Sanskar’s ego and will make everyone fall her happiness. Annapurna asks Durga Prasad, why didn’t you let me speak to Ragini and says she is worried for her. Durga Prasad tells that they shall bless Ragini for her new life. Sanskar sees them emotional and thinks to enquire by going to Baadi.

Swara tells Ragini that she is not at all convinced. Ragini says I don’t want to talk to you about my decision, as you don’t want to talk about Sanskar and your relation. She goes out. Sanskar comes to Baadi and sees Swara. He asks about Ragini, and insists to talk to her. Swara says she don’t want to talk to anyone. Sanskar blames her. Swara reminds him that Laksh left home because of him. Sanskar asks her not to blame him and says you had left me. Ragini is helpless to take this decision. Sumi comes and says Ragini has taken this decision for you both. Sanskar says I know Maa. He says our relation is broken just because of Swara’s once decision.

Sanskar comes out. He gets Inspector’s call informing him that he came to know something about Laksh. Sanskar says I will come there and asks him not to tell anything at his house. He shows Laksh’s pic and tells that they got it from social media. Sanskar asks Inspector to let him search Laksh, as he don’t want to return. Inspector argues, but agrees. Sanskar calls Ragini, and tells everything. Swara is the one who picked the call, and tells him that they will search Laksh first and will bring him back. Sanskar says he will alone find Laksh, and they will not get together.

Swara sees Ragini coming there and is shocked. Ragini asks what you was doing with my phone. Swara tells that Sanskar called and talked about the engagement bills. Ragini asks her to sleep. Swara calls Inspector and asks him to send Laksh’s pic which he got on social media. Inspector agrees. Swara and Sanskar come to the same place where Laksh is seen in the pic. Sanskar asks the people if they saw Laksh there and shows his photo. Swara collides with him. Laksh lookalike or Laksh comes there with the little girl. Sanskar and Swara are having an eye lock.

Ragini cries and hugs Sumi informing her that Laksh is dead. Shekhar and Sumi are shocked to hear this. Later Sanskar is about to see Laksh there.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. season moments were to good… I just love it…
    n I think he is laksh not abhimanyu n the person who died is abhimanyu…
    lash is acting because of the small girl… as her father died n her mother was in coma…
    don’t know what is going to happen….

    1. OMG I can’t believe mine comment is the first….

      1. Mica

        huh! i never become first commentator 🙁

    2. Aditi I also think the same. Let’s hope so

  2. sad to see ragini like this

  3. Scooby

    Ahhhh the witch greedy family is bck.. i thought thy wr dead but thy came alive.. thy r ghost hw come thy will leave this world.. chirag chamelon u wud suffer later for playing with uttara.. and uttara dont fall for him.. be brilliant like ur bhabi… thn oh god what ah attitude. Ippahhhhhhh swasan rocked.. their ego was awesome.. swasan wr looking adorable in market place especially swara the gorgeous.. bt due to ur ego love eyelock u missed lucky.. ur having whole for eyelock u missed lucky… hope swara shud find lucky b4 sanskar…. sanskar u go protect ur sis… thnk god today no sujatga drama…
    ragu ma ur broken.. dont cry soon u cn meet ur lucky…

  4. Finally when will this laksh enter in to ragzz life again just like anything dragging paa mudiyala in tamil also ragzz evil track started cannot bear it but i love yamuna sanskaar and laksmanan ganga pair

  5. Raina

    missed today’s episode. but i am not liking laksh with this nerd glass. anyways just hope everything gets sort soon. and mica if you are reading it, then let me tell u we are not friends till now, but can u accept my friendship.i read ur os and it was amazing, sorry i was not able to comment in it. aur haa, even i want sanskar to give that type of punishment to swara.

    1. That glass is of namish(laksh) (in real life he wear it )

      1. Raina

        i never knew that dear

    2. Mica

      aawww..raina, thank you so much dear! we are family dear….not just friend *xoxo

      1. Raina

        thats so sweet of you mica

      2. Raina

        whats the meaning of xoxo?

      3. Mica

        XOXO mean hug kiss hug kiss dear…
        it’s happening during gossip girls serial..

      4. Raina

        then a xoxo from my side tooo

  6. Thank H.Hasan so much.Again Swaragini’s makers …what are up to???
    U TOTALLY sidelined Swara’s character…this is ridiculous.
    She’s just like a statue…she just keep repeating the same thing over and over again.
    EGO…isn’t it?
    We all forgot that Sanskar was first to begin this ego thing….he told her that relation is over even if he survived.
    Who to be blamed?
    Plz clean this mess

  7. Silent_writer

    Ahhhhh superbbbbbb one yr speechless

  8. I agree with you Aditi Singh, but how could Laksh do this to Ragini and his family, and how could that lady hug Laksh, knowing that her husband just perished, how? I know that she is dying, but still.

  9. A.xx

    Like I’ve said Abhi died and Lakshya is pretending to be Abhi for the girls sake…after next episode the girl will get lost and Swara will find her and give her back to lakshya but won’t find out its him and Ragini is going to marry Nikhil so hopefully Lucky won’t be able to bear that and reveal his true identity xx

  10. Kakali

    Thnk u H.Hasan mam for light speed update….

    CVssssssssss !!!!
    1.Where is Swara ¿
    2.Where is her new dialogues¿
    3.What’s wrong with hrr script¿
    4.Did writer forgot to mention new lines to speek…¿
    5.Is she a tape recorder to chant same same dialogues many times¿
    6.Isn’t it wrong¿
    7.not only off screan infect Swara’s character has been side lined in SR/on screen also!!!. why?
    I m really very disappointed with it…

    8.Chirag Chrag Chirag !!! Mannn !! u r just a shittt who wants to destroy his own life by himself.. dhuuii !!!
    i just wish God bless ur Soul n u rest in peace after death in hands of SR n SM…phewww €!!!》

    9.Gayetriii oo goshhh u n ur family is bagger !!! bhikhariii ,,,
    10.Like parents like Son… !!!

    come to my SWASAN scenes…

    11.MICUUUUU !!!!*loud scream
    see they again bumped !!! they again bumped… waaaaaa!! 10% dream come true…. i couldn’t stop myself from blushing… huhhhhh their just this a small scene enough for me to take my breath away…
    12.SWARA SANSKAR MAEHSWARI u both r sooo damn naughty n making all of us happy,sad,angry,blush,emotional,laugh,cry, through ur all rounder antics….
    ONLY U BOTH can do that… it’s kinda “HYPNOTIZE”… *mad me…
    13.Ragini God bless u dear !!! Love u..
    14.Uttara stay away from Chirag !!
    15.Sanskar ready to see ur kick !! do it fast..
    16.Gd mrng to all… have a beautiful day ahead… !!!! :)??

    1. Good Morning!!!!
      Loved Swasan scene <3 🙂
      Is it the same Laksh or just a look a like?? 😮

    2. Mica

      Waaaaaa…Kakuuuuuuu… don’t touch please…don’t touch….*what we talking about :3 :3

      1. Kakali

        God u n meee know !!! *confuse !!!

  11. Soundharya please tell me the time and channel of swaragini Tamil airres please Ganga Yamuna Sun tv ?

  12. What to tell…what to write
    First im really damn mad for My Swara dialogue..isnt it wrong somehow cant find a simple reason to justify it…
    But my dear Swara even with all the u find only a way to nail every situation
    Dear Sanskaar i know u are wounded so damn wounded ur Swara isnt with you that is why u feel incomplete and so ur acting like a wounded tiger screaming out of pain
    Gayatri not so Dear Cruella well as if we dont have enough troubles yet u and your family again so greedy so obvious not to Sujata and not Dear Cruella son hitting the dignity of my Sanskaar isnt a possible mission ull find Swara next to him and to Uttara and believe me my lionesse will kill for her Sanskaar
    Dear Ragini ur way to make things right and taking respinsability touched me deeply
    Last but not least…dear Laksh i hate ur way ur looking something is fishy about u and all that situation alll around

  13. Rekha

    Awesome epi…..
    Ganga Yamuna – Raj tv – 7 p.m.
    Retelecast – mrng 10 a.m.

  14. MAHIRA

    Swara and Sanskar… can someone give both of you a slap behind your head (cf NCIS american serie)… your minds are in need for a shut down then restart to see the situation clearly away from this ego issue for the one and other…
    Sanskar, you can keep repeating that it’s over again and again, we know that you’re acting rudeness just to make your Swara feel your pain… you blame her for her sister’s state just as she does for your brother’s missing … uff… can’t you see why you couldn’t find him till now? because Swasan team is broken and alone both of you aren’t efficace.
    Swara, pyaaree Swara… if only you let go of this armure you’re protecting yourself behind hiding how much you miss your Sanskar and how much you feel guilty for the present situation too… you say it when he’s not listening, that it was a wrong decision, that you didn’t mean that it becomes a so big deal… can you see how much Sanskar is suffering behind his harsh words and acts?
    Nowadays, i feel you like Shekar’s daughter and not Sharmista’s upbringing… we’re long time ago when your parents separate because of misunderstanding about you and Ragini… and today Ragini is Swara sacrifying herself to reunite her sister and beloved husband feeling guilty about their separation and you’re accusing Sanskar for his brother’s missing like everyone accused you for your sister’s problems with Laksh.
    On the other hand, i can’t blame you… at Sanskar’s words about your relation’s end on phone whaterver would be the result of the fight between him and his brother, something has broken deep inside you, your trusth in him? in his love? or may be your trust in yourself…
    Both of you are again equal, he couldn’t imagine that she go against his decision even with the menace of his death and she couldn’t imagine him breaking their relation even she was saving his own family…..
    Today, i hate you Lakshey Maheshwari if you haven’t lost you memory and you’re not a look alike, your eternel lack of maturity/responsabilty broke your brother’s life and marriage first and now is shattering this poor Ragini… soon, it will destroy your family when they’ll know about your death…
    Special moments:
    * Sanskar worrying about Ragini and coming to baadi in the middle of night to talk to her (i know she’s his brother’s wife, but i feel it just like his worry about Shakar’s attempt to suiside, he really considers Swara’s family as his… i love you Sanskar)
    * Sanskar taking Sumi’s blessings just after fighting with Swara
    * Swara jasous outfits back!! calling the inspector and fooling him to have the information about Laksh
    * Nikhil? are you a jasous sent from Laksh to take care of Ragini until he’s back? because you’re always at less than 2 meters of her … it’s like if she’s you childhood friend and her sister… but it’s ok, Swara has already so much to deal with her husband about… and what the hell are you doing in the bedroom of a married woman?
    * Sanskar look is killing… alvida Dany Vyas cuty look Sanskar had here too… you’re rocking like that!
    * the SWASAN meet !!!… waiting for today’s episode^^
    GRrr moment: Chirag and family menacing orage over Maheshwari family!!!!

    1. Mica

      i love them, no matter how they blame each others, but it didn’t affect their love for each other families…

      1. MAHIRA

        oh yes… never forget the long discussion Sanskar had with Sumi when he was fasting (Sanskar fainting from her love uuuff)… ehm… so…, i loved that so simple lovely honest relation he shares with mother in law^^

      2. true true true

  15. Mica

    Thank you so much H hasan mam for update…..
    well well well…
    Sanskaaaarr!!!! what is that ? till when you will realize that it was you who ignited the fire..
    till when you realize that your Swara also in pain ?..it’s not just you..
    Swaraa!!!!! gooosshhh, STOP blaming your Sanskar, he suffer a lot, he tried a lot..
    you both such duffers..but then..

    huh! you are both smart to recognize Ragini ‘s sacrifice, you both know that Ragini did it for you..so, can you stop her by do something ? lemme give you advice.. FAKE UNION..
    you ever did fake marriage,it’s must be easy to do fake union…rite ? *excited

    Hurray!!!! Cruella Devil family is back!!! goosshhh where did Sujatha find this beggar family ? but i love it.. i love it.. i love it..our swasan, maheswary will have enemy from outside..

    Phone call scene… aawwww, the silent moment made Sanskar realize that it was her…it’s her..yess it’s his Swara who picked the call…meanwhile, Swara so excited to hear the news,
    well, i have a doubt, it’s about the news, it’s about her detective sense, or accompanying Sanskar…. but then….

    Swaraaaaaaaaa…. in whole of market area, you choose to bumped to him only..yess him.. your Sanskar! don’t call it as accident, huh!*wink…
    and you both….may Mahira will say that your togetherness will more effective to find Laksh..
    but i doubt that !…
    see..instead to looking for Laksh, you both more busy to bumped to each others, share eye lock for century, fighting each others, until missed opportunity to see Laksh….
    get a room please!!!!!

    1. MAHIRA

      “and you both….may Mahira will say that your togetherness will more effective to find Laksh..
      but i doubt that !…”
      Oh no, not now in that market, they are too busy with their ehem… hormones :p
      i was talking about their team in general, if they work together for loooong time^^
      “huh! you are both smart to recognize Ragini ‘s sacrifice, you both know that Ragini did it for you..so, can you stop her by do something ? lemme give you advice.. FAKE UNION..
      you ever did fake marriage,it’s must be easy to do fake union…rite ? *excited”
      jumping jumpin jumping at this idea!!!! don’t want Ragini to marry this Nikhil, there a limit to nonsense!!!
      “get a room please!!!!!”
      the store room please… with the curtains shut and a locked from outdoor … ehem… returning to my punishment story before i say too much :p

      1. Mica

        Mahiraaaa!!! of course i know it, how they solved every problem together long back *wink….
        but we couldn’t forget that they always prefer doing romance than solve the problem, fake marriage case for example…
        who is the executor ? he was Laksh with his smart plan to brought Ragini’s real face in short time, meanwhile sanskar busy to fight with ppl who hurt Swara, gave handky to Swara, adored Swara, confessed love to Swara, or teasing Swara, meanwhile Swara busy to played prank or taunted Sanskar 😀 😀
        in Kavya case, Swara busy to kissed Sanskar’s cheeks, or did romance before tanya stabbed *bang my head
        in Aadarsh, they busy to hugged in 3 different positions ..goosshhh 😀
        and nowadays, they kinda fasting for more than 6 month.. 😀 😀
        so, what to say then.. ahem ahem…
        yeaahh better you go to do your punishment..huh! where is your update…

    2. MAHIRA

      positions… hug… romancing… kiss… ehem… be careful… on that mood, my update will be sensored :p
      i’m on “writing” mode, so it’s for tomorrow or after (a long chapter)

      1. Mica

        waaaaa…..eagerly waiting :3 :3
        see..this 2 shameless fellows can’t live without romancing whenever, wherever or whatever situation, they made us become swasan madness*we are shameless fans also 😀

    3. MAHIRA

      and yes you forget that in Ayush issue… they were busy romancing even with an explosion around and at hospital and in the kitshen…

  16. Aasthu

    Laksh’s look alike to see swasan sharing an eye lock. He has a peculiar expression on his face like kinda shocked, scared whether he wud be seen. Later Laksh’s look alike’s daughter to go missing in the market only to be found by Swara. But she won’t see him I guess. I’m not sure. Swara fans who feels her character is being side lined…I think maybe she is going to appear soon like the detective she was.

    Ragini and Nikhil to be married???????? Ragini is seen handing over her mangalsutra to a tearful Annapurna while shattering inside…….

    I saw these in a video in the shooting location……..I don’t know…….hope he 1st istrue and 2nd is not…………………..

    1. Mica

      Aasthuu,,, wonder Ragini hand over her mangalsutra after or before they know about Laksh’s dead ?

      1. Aasthu

        Hey Micaaaaaaaa……………..I don’t know dear……..but from Ap’s appearance I guess it is after they know about Laksh’s death……………I watched this video on the shooting location with the title” RAGINI TO MARRY NIKHIL????????” Mica are u writing any ff?????

      2. Mica

        waaaaa…. we should waiting then.,hmm ff ? no dear..

  17. oh please ragini is the cause of all the problems..she should have died.she loves laksh? it is her obssession and crimes that killed laksh… this entire show is screwed up just to make ragini positive and good..that is why trps will always be low

  18. Rekha thanks dear for informing me about ganga yamuna

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