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Salman khan comes and rescues Swara and Sasural Simar ka family….from the goons. The goons identifies him as Raj Kumar Prem and runs from there. He returns bag to Mata ji. She thanks him and says you have done a big favor on us. She says her bahu soul is held captive inside the pot and thanks him. Salman says you are fighting for truth and you will win surely. Mata ji says they have to spend night there and says they will find the temple in the morning. Swara thanks Salman Khan. He says no thanks and no sorry in friendship. Swara recalls Sanskar telling her same line. Sonam asks if he is calling you. Swara gets Sanskar’s call. Salman asks her not to ignore him. Sonam says you shall give importance to the person who loves you. Salman talks about love. Sonam says your heart will beat faster whenever

you are getting his message. Salman says love doesn’t happen with any planning and asks her to make her heart understand. Swara thanks them. Salman asks the viewers to meet Prem and Maithali and watch their film.

Sujata tells Durga Prasad that Swara and Sanskar don’t want to stay together and asks why they are forcing them. Durga Prasad asks Sanskar, when Swara is ready to give a chance to their relation then why do you want to break this marriage. Ram asks why you are breaking marriage and says Swara is your friend, she takes care of home and family. Sanskar says we both are different and have to do many adjustments. Ram says everyone does adjustments with their partner. Sujata asks why they are forcing her son. Sanskar says he don’t want to stay with Swara and don’t want to adjust. Swara tries to speak. Sanskar asks her not to speak in between them and says he has decided to break this marriage. Durga prasad says I haven’t expected this from you. Ragini tells Laksh that Sanskar has taken Swara in his words.

Sanskar says they have their own identity. He says Swara can start her music career and he can concentrate on his own business. Durga Prasad agrees and says he will get his divorce papers ready. Sujata smiles. Sanskar thanks him. Annapurna tells Swara that she doesn’t want why Sanskar is stubborn in his decision, and hugs her. She asks if you agree with him. Swara nods yes. Ragini says Swara has agreed against her wish. Ram apologizes to Swara. Sujata asks Swara not to take Sanskar’s words on heart and asks her to take care. Durga Prasad tells Swara that the doors will be opened for her always, and says you will always remain daughter of this house. Swara looks at Sanskar and goes. Sanskar too leaves.

Ragini tells Laksh that everything will be finished now and asks what to do now. Laksh asks her to think what to do now. He says let me think? Ragini says I can help you, and reminds him of the threat which he gave to Swara. Swara tells Sanskar, why did he stop her from telling everyone that she don’t want to stay in marriage. She asks why did you take all blame on yourself and says everyone was sympathizing with me. She says she will sleep in guest room today. Sanskar says you are going to your house today, and says he will be punished for his mistake. Swara says you didn’t do any mistake. Sanskar says I did a mistake by loving you. Swara looks on. She tells him that she has done all the changes and asks him not to drink old water. Sanskar says let your memories stay in this room. He asks her to come. Sanskar says I miss you Swara. Swara asks did you tell something. Sanskar says no, and asks her to come. A song Mat Jaara Re plays………………….

Annapurna asks Durga Prasad, did he talk to Shekhar? Durga Prasad says yes, and says he will send Ragini by making an excuse. He says he don’t want to force Swara. Swara is about to leave Maheshwari house with her stuff and takes all elders’ blessings. Sujata asks Sanskar to drop Swara home. Ragini comes and shouts that Laksh has cut his wrist. Everyone is shocked.

Ragini tells Swara that Laksh wants her to return in her life.

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  1. Nice epi….. Swasan scene was superb nd cute… Their cute fight is awesome..

    Swasan rokzzzz..!!!!!

  2. Writer plzzzz u hav 4 leads in ur show man unlike anyother serial..y d hell r u dragging n ruining each n every character..
    Ur show z all about love..But u ppl never respect love..is dat some kind of a joke??? Plzzz don’t do dat
    Improvise d story..its a Humble request

    1. Well said…. I too think the same.. Writers should concentrate more on how to convey the feel to the audience…

  3. @Appu,I had sent it in the afternoon,don’t knw y it didn’t get uploaded.

  4. plzz unite swalak

  5. U pple should stop saying swasan should b together bcus their is no lesson if they re together swalak should b bcus love is all about happiness none of the viewers can sacrifice his or her love for their sister . The serial is bulls hit nd meaningless now ok stop ur swasan together very irritating

    1. After sacrificing they will fell in love. And there is no chance for Lakshya. Swasan will unite but taking some time.

  6. Writer dont do more negtv rol wid ragini… Pls… Unit ragini wid swalak… She deeply loving him.. And unit swasan pls… Laksand sanskar have black and white difrnt is der.. Undstnd da difrnts btwn sanskar and laksh pls… End if d story swasan and rala vl unit

  7. Nice episode.

  8. Good episode….but plz do not seperate swasan….hope swara realizes true love after this….

  9. How long they will take for uniting swasan. And after hearing salman’s word swarm didn’t understand sanskas’s love. Wht the hell is this????

  10. Navee rajakaruna

    plz don’t separate swasan………………………………………..coz they lk amazing 2gthr

  11. Seeing this show only for swasan

  12. Enna serial pa ithu first ragini thaan mental vela pannitu iruntha Ippo laksh um mental aayitana???? ivangala la namma cute swasan kashtapadranga…. swasan kaga thaan intha serial eh oduthu….. enna solringa all Tamil pasanga…. I m nusrath from chennai

    1. Correct a sonninga… Ragini kuda sendu Lakshum loose aitan… Swasan forever..

  13. Yes frnd swasan rocks.

  14. I am a swasan fan,after watching yesterday felt like Swara has started feeling for Sanskar,I think after giving a chance to Lakshya may be she will miss Sanskar and writers may bring up a situation where she will have to live with Sanskar again and she will become clear about Lakshya and Sanskar and will fall in love with Sanskaar.Still watching only for u Swasan.

  15. swaragini: good news guys….
    swara happy and rushes to meet sanskaar….
    its time for union in the most popular show “swaragini”. it is time that swara realizes what her true love is and follows her heart. after the much drama in the show, swara decides and talks to laksh and asks him to give ragini a second chance. sanskaar agrees to it after much debate and this makes swara happy..
    now that swara knows that laksh will not trouble her anymore, she is relieved and happy and this in itself is an indication that swara does not love laksh anymore. she then wants to share this happy news with sanskaar and she wants him to be the first person to share her happiness with.
    so, is the begining of a new feeling for swara? now that she knows how much sanskaar cares for her, will she also start reciprocating to his feelings? is she falling in love with sanskaar?
    all the fans of swaragini are eager to know what would happen next and we at tvkiduniya want to get the latest updates to you on your favorite show. keep checking for more updates.

  16. swaragini: swara to follow her heart by returning back to sanskar..
    colors most popular show swaragini is currently buzzing with excitement with special appearance of prem ratan dhan paayo of prem and mithali to guide swara in love matter.
    it is seen that prem advises swara to look in to her heart and follow it choose between laksh and sanskaar.
    swara follows the advice and realizes that she wants to go back to sanskar and not laksh.
    swara will rush home to inform sanskaar and to get united with him.
    swara also decides to have a word with laksh about ragini.
    swara wants laksh to get along with ragini.
    looks like finally swara and sanskaar will be truly together with swara realizing her love for sanskaar.

  17. Swasan forever,
    Swasan rocks.?

  18. wah aaj swasan rocks.. when sonam tells her that dil ke baath na sun kar dimak laga diya hoga samne vala ka dil toda.. dat time swara’s expressions super she feel some guilt and prem mithali tells that swara sanskaar sounds good… super…. and one more thing swasan scene where swara tells his belongings she shuffeled and ramprasad dialogues or super.. pahli bar he talk about more than 1 min…. swasan rocks..

  19. When will Ragini be thrown out from Maheshwari home. She once used Sanskar for her own intentions, then used Swara… Now using Laksh. How can she rule minds of so many people , they fail to understand her and get trapped in the net she spreads. Nobody is loving her nor liking her , still giving undue importance to her. At least one senior wise person in the fam7ly need to understand her and find the reason of the conspiracy she makes. She is a psycho ….!

  20. i will be so happy if laksh and swara reunites
    how can swara forget her first love

  21. Writers Plzzzzzzz unite swasan soon.

  22. Iam oonly wathing thifor swasan plzzzzzz unite swasan In my village all like they two want to unite if they seperate we will stop watching swaragini

  23. Pls bs kro ab

    swasan ko mila do ab

    selfish dhakaan laksh pta nhi writers na ya kisi or na laksh m kya dekha or usa la liya or itna handsome boys hain pr pta nhi kun

    swasan ko mila do pls

  24. Yeah me too agree dear….

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