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The Episode starts with Ragini asking Rajat to give his car keys. Rajat gives car keys hesitantly. Sujata asks Rajat not to worry and says we have thought about the gift for you. Rajat says 1 min, and gets up from mandap. He calls his goons and asks them to keep the stuff, and don’t let Ragini know anything. Goon says we will keep the stuff. Ragini says okay. Goon keeps the stuff in the decky. Ragini sees Parineeta’s hand and thinks Swara was right. She comes back and tells Swara that Parineeta is in the decky. Rajat gets up again and calls goon. He asks if Ragini came to know anything. Goon says no. He says nice and goes to sit on mandap again. Annapurna brings Utara to mandap. Ragini says we have to save Utara and Bhabhi. Swara says I hope Utara have read the chit else…Pandit ji asks Utara to sit

beside Rajat, and start reciting the mantras. He asks them to get up for the jai mala. Rajat makes her wear garland. Laksh feels helpless and says I can’t see my sister’s life ruined. Everyone shower flower petals on them. Ragini tells Laksh and Sanskar that Parineeta is in car’s decky. Sanskar shares his plan with them and asks Laksh to come.

Ragini tells swara that she is feeling helpless and couldn’t tell anything to Adarsh. Swara says I know. Utara makes him wear garland. Swara tells Ragini that the goons are having gun. Adarsh hears her and asks about goons and gun. Swara says I was saying fun and says Utara is looking happy. Adarsh asks you both are looking tensed. Ragini and Swara say no. Adarsh goes. Laksh comes out and tells the goons/bouncers that he will tell everything to everyone. The goons follow Laksh. Sanskar comes, opens the car’s decky and tells Parineeta that he is Sanskar. Parineeta says Sanskar…..Laksh runs. He makes the goon smell choroform. Other goon asks him to come out and throw the handkerchief. Laksh throws the handkerchief, kicks the gun and takes it in his hand. He slaps the goon and asks him to lift the handkerchief and smell it. Goon refuses. Laksh makes him smell it. The goon falls unconscious too. Laksh throws the gun and goes. Sanskar makes Parineeta come out of decky. He asks Parineeta to go directly to basement and says Rajat or his goons shouldn’t see you. Parineeta collides with Laksh.

Laksh asks her to go and relax. He says I will call swara. Sanskar says still Rajat and his goons are inside. Pandit ji asks them to do the ghatbandhan. Sujata calls Swara and Ragini and wonders where did they go? Annapurna asks her to talk slowly and says Laksh have kept party for them after marriage, and Ragini, Swara and Sanskar are with him. She asks Sujata to do the ghatbandhan. Utara thinks about Swara keeping chit on the dressing table and asking her to read during marriage. She reads it. Ragini and swara are outside. Laksh tells Ragini that police will come in casual dress. He gets Rajat’s message on bouncer’s phone and he replies that everything is fine. Utara faints. Rajat asks what did she faint? Annapurna asks someone to take her to room. Rajat lifts her and takes her to room. Sujata sprinkles water on her face. Utara gains consciousness and says she wants to talk to Rajat alone.

Sujata asks what? Swara, Sanskar, Ragini and Laksh come inside and wonder where is everyone. Sumi asks where did you go? Shekhar says Utara fainted just as the marriage started. Annapurna, Sujata and everyone come out. Laksh asks what happened to Utara. Annapurna says Utara wants to talk to Rajat. Utara asks Rajat, you lied to me and don’t love me. You are danger to my family. Rajat asks what are you saying? Utara says my bhabhi never lies. Rajat says Parineeta is tied safely in my car’s decky. Swara reads the chit. Utara is shocked and asks what? Parineeta is locked in decky and says you are dangerous for our family. She asks why are you doing this? Who are you? Rajat says I am a professional conman, and I don’t love you. I am marrying you for money. Utara is shocked. Swara says Utara read the chit, means she knows Rajat’s truth now.

Rajat kidnaps Swara and keeps gun on her head asking everyone to stay far. Sanskar shouts Swara, Parineeta sees Swara. Swara asks her to go. Rajat tells Swara that Parineeta hates her and will not help her. Swara is shocked.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Thanks for the update

  2. Same precap for past two days.episode is superb .waiting for the memory loss track nd the new guy entry.

  3. Thankx for written episode

  4. Ayendrila Saha

    Hi I am a big fan of swaragini especially swasan……. But today I want some info.. .. . Is the fanfic “you are mine” deleted from tellyupdates??? ?.. .. .. pls pls pls I want to know so pls inform me I like that ff soooooo much…… I dont know what happened… . But I am literally verge of crying pls anyone tell me pls

    1. swasan you are mine is not deleted.. in fact bushra ji posted a wonderful episode on Monday afternoon..

      1. Ayendrila Saha

        But I Search it.. .. Can’t find any of the chapter of its….. If u find that pls send me the link

      2. yes Ayendrila bushra herself told tellyupdates to delete her previous episodes. she will not continue this ff anymore bcz of some problem. that’s why they deleted her ff.

    2. No no…IREENA plz bushra ko yeh ff cntinue krne k liye kaho plzzz….

      1. BUSHRA plz aisa mat karo…plz continue na plz plz plz plz plz plz.m..i knw yeh kisi aur ki h …bt 2mhe hume phle h bata diya tha ryt..so no prblm…plz continue

    3. Actually Bushra had copied the story from wattpad and if she continued writing it, then she might face legal problems or may even be sued by Leila (the actual writer) So she had decided to stop it. And TU was informed about the plagiarism and so they have deleted all the updates where Bushra has been falsely given the credit for something, she didn’t write.

      1. yes that’s why she stopped writing it. we should accept this bcz its not good for her. if she will continue then it will create a big problem for her. so i think her decision is right .

      2. Ohhhh toh yey baat h…anu wo story kaha h…i mean ttle pta h kiya 2mhe..plz bata o na

      3. the title if the story is same ” YOU ARE MINE ” by Leila Mehtab

      4. ireena u have any contact of bushra like fb id or something? i yes then plz give me link

    4. http://www.google.co.in/search?ie=ISO-8859-1&q=swasan u r mine .%21&btnG=Search .. I hope this is of some help

      1. it’s so upsetting … all of my favourite letters left telly updates.. meher ji… bushra ji.. anjali ji…

      2. Ayendrila Saha

        What????? meher nd anjali also left telly update???? What are you saying?????

      3. thankfully Anu ji is still there .. there is no update from them since 3-4 days..meher ji will b back next week

      4. Ayendrila Saha

        Its not fair….. I want to know what will happen next in you are mine… .. . Pls pls pls someone tell me pls???????????

  5. Hi guys,iam minha and iam new here….
    Today we are going to play a game…that is all want to suggest their best couple in swaragini

    And my vote goes to swalak
    So plz guys say ur best couple

    1. Zuha (SuNusZuRah Rocks >3)

      Of course Raglak???

  6. swalak…i think their chemistry is awsm…always funny and adorable

    1. Same here im also fan of them but erm I dont think we will be seeing them together again ?????

  7. Sanskar didnt believe that swara died searches for every where he should comes to know that swara was saved by unknown man after 3 days sanskar should met swara shattered knowing swara ml somi should take swara away to badi rag san should try to bing swara mem back sahil tries to come close to swara but swara feels uncomfortable sanskar should take swara to place where ragini thrown her again she she got slipped into water and gains memory then swara should tell sanskar that sahil is her college friend at that who loved her but swara hates him bcoz of his sychoic behaviour she tells sanskar about parineetha they should make a plan to expose her sahil tries to shoot san swara comes infront he should realise his mistake swara ko heart per goli swara asks sanskar to promice after she dies he has to mary san denies suju says abhi bi thinking about san suju gets angry on pari san also fight should happen san swara leave house

  8. i think swalak..that lucky is my favourite..i dont see lucky charming after their breakup

  9. Writer hw can make a new topic…. watever da twist we beg u nt to seperated our SWASAN plsssssss. Try to understand Hw mny fans might b disappointed by ur junk twist. Plssss

  10. I am a big fan of swasan and sanskar is handsome guy I love him

  11. SwaSan is the best.

  12. Raglak and ragsan

  13. metro masti.
    1. swara comes close to sahil, sanskar in depression.
    the upcoming episodes of colors daily popular show swaragini will witness some high voltage drama.
    earlier it was seen that swara is successful in exposing rajat in front of the entire family. in a fit of anger rajat will throw swara off the cliff, how ever sahil will save swara’s life.
    sahil will be a rock star and will take swara to his house and take care of her. the two will come really close and bond will over their intrest that is music. it is hear that later on sahil will turn into an obessive lover.
    on the other hand sanskar will go into depression after losing his lady love as he will assume that swara is dead.
    2. sanskar feels responsible for swara’s death.
    colors daily popular show swaragini will witness some high intensity drama in the upcoming episodes.
    it seems that rajat will hold swara hostage and tries to escape from the maheshwaris.
    however he will be shot by someone from beyond (sanskar) and falls from the cliff along with swara.
    though sanskar will try his level best to save swara, her hands will slip and she falls off.
    swara’s last words before dying will be “i love you sanskar”.
    sanskar will be shattered seeing swara and holds himself responsible for the death of his beloved lady love wife swara.
    apparently sanskar will go into depression where he will stop talking to his entire family and turns into a stone.

  14. Raglak is best couple offscreen onscreen

  15. Swasan is the best

  16. Bring some story fr raglak along wit swara s memory loss track….writers ter r many raglak fans think abt tem…

  17. Raglak is the best

  18. Sanskar and ragini enter the sahil house as servents tries to recover swara memory then unknowingly swara should attract towards sanskar and should express her feelings to sanskar swara should tell sahil that she loves sanskar then he should turn negative and tries to kill sanskar by pushing him into river swara should regain memory by seeing sanskar she also decides to end her life and falls into river and saves sanskar they should reunite there and shares some romantic moments they should goes into jungle and misses the way here every body should bash sahil and thinks that swara and sanskar died and united sanskar should marry swara again in jungle and should get intimate sahil also blames himself for their death after a week they should come back togeather and everybody gets shocked ragini and lak scolds them for not informing sujatha and every body praises for their love with each other and decides them to give a honey moon trip and sahil asks uttara hand for marriage

  19. Divya tumhe kaise Pta ye ki sahil ki shadi uttra Se ho jayegi thank for the this news I big fan of swaragini specialy swasan

  20. Hiii….m bk agn. So swasanians excited for cmng trk dn do wch swaragini at 9:30 pm only on colors. N plzzz..wch 9:30 wala telecast kyunki trp using se aati h.

  21. Swaragini k pass do powercouple h swasan n raglak bhir bhi trp itni km. Guyzzzzz….plz….watch it for ur fv couple n increase trp.

  22. watz t trp nw of swaragini

  23. Swaragini fan

    Really d story will go like dis or wat plzzzzz tell me or I will go crazy. Swasan ko kyu har baar juda kr dete ho and I think age ye trak rag k saath hota to raglak ki chemistry dekhne ko milti well jo bhi ho painful to hai. San ko yakin nai krna chahiye ki swara is dead warna storyline kharab ho jaayegi. Divya Sanju Siya plzzzz tell na

  24. Swaragini fan

    n so sorry but sometimes I cant watch d show on exact time bcoz of family muje to bout bura lagta hai but i ll try nooo will see on 9.30 only.
    My fav couple swaragsanlak well I like all couples but swasan raglak r going amazing. Memory loss hona zaruri hai kya and how can swara fall for som1 else swasan sirf naam ni jude hai dil bhi jude hai and I feel or m sure ki swara ko kisi orse pyaar nai hone wala. New entry ko pyaar ho sakta hai swara but swara ka dil to sirf san k liye hi dhadakta hai and I think ki rag hoti to lak ka real pyaar fer se dekhne ko milta.

    1. U can watch repeats on 11:30am,1:30pm,3:30pm , i am also swaragini fan

  25. Guys,thanks for your comments on my question

  26. Especially pranav….

  27. anuj sachdeva’s “hatke” role in swaragini.
    anuj known for his roles in tv shows like “chanchan”,&phir subha hogi, is walking back to the world of small screen as a rockstar through ‘swaragini’. the actor says he has a ‘personal connect’ with the role.
    anuj , who last seen in tv show ‘itti se khushi, and all features in bollywood film. “love shagun” will enter the colors show as sahil sen gupta.
    “to me, there is a personal connect with sahil character because much like him, even i am a music lover.and that’s what urged to be part of the show.” he said in statement.
    his character will be seen bonding with the femmale protaganist over music. he will enter the show in a dramatic way as he will be seen saving the female lead from a near -fatal accident.
    having starred in shows like ‘sabki ladli bebo’ ,phir subah hogi, chhanchhanh, itti si khushi. he is popular face in tv industry.
    now, he is glad to be associated with the show.
    he said, ‘swaragini’ is one of thefinest shows in indian telivision and i am glad that i have gooten an oppurtunity in it.

  28. This is a honarable request to rashmi sharma by next week sanskar should bring back swara memory sanskar ragini lak asks swara to pretend ml pari truth comes out sahil should aploize swara by seing their love lak san should leave house

  29. Ijeard ragini will fake her pregnancy ???

    1. I heard*

  30. kya……….swara get memory loss……… then she forget sanskar and his love…???

  31. Never going to happen bcoz ragz is completely positive now writers pls dont spoil her i know u never consider us pls consider us too becoz we also help u to increase TRP

    1. No I guess it might go like she wud do this fr sharmishta.. or something like tht

  32. Swara comes to badi with sahil and tells he saved her sahil should tell them that she is in subconcious ml sanskar and every body comes happily to see swara but she remembers only ma dida sank shatte tries to bring back swa mem

  33. oh………tho swara ko uski papa aur ragini bee yadh nahi athi…….. ???????

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