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The Episode starts with Kavya telling that everything is happening because of Ragini. Annapurna asks her to stop it. Ragini follows the man and sees him opening Karthik studio. She thinks she has to find out about the man. Kavya lies and acts to protect Annapurna. Sanskar says my Maa haven’t done anything. Sujata says Kavya is lying. Inspector says you people have old thinking and can do anything. Durga Prasad says we have old thinking, but we do understand new culture also, and says they think of bahu as their beti. Kavya tells Laksh that she don’t lie. Laksh says Kavya never lies and acts like hypnotized puppet. Kavya says even Swara is not saying anything against them as she knows that this was happening in the house from before. Sanskar says Swara can’t speak now and tells Inspector that she

will give her statement later.

Ragini comes inside the studio and asks the photographer to take her photo as it is necessary to get her hall ticket. Photographer agrees. Sujata is shocked and thinks Kavya has stoop to low level. Annapurna gets worried for Swara. Sanskar tells Laksh that Annapurna is hurt because of Kavya. He says you have stood against Ragini when she tried to insult annapurna, and asks why he didn’t say anything when Kavya was blaming Annapurna. Laksh says just because Kavya never lies, and goes. Sanskar asks what happened to him? Annapurna feels bad and tells that last time Laksh took a stand for her, but today…..Kavya comes to Swara’s room and says she is feeling bad for her. She says you can’t talk, but can hear. She says there is so questions going on in your mind, why am I doing all this and how? She says vamp’s truth will not be revealed as this is real life and I will not tell you anything. Ragini happens to see that man’s childhood pic with a girl and says it is his childhood pic.

Kavya tells Swara that humans and relations will burn in the fire. Ragini takes the photo and wonders Kavya’s relation with the man. Kavya says it is my guarantee that this will happen. Durga Prasad tells Sanskar that they shall call the doctor as Swara couldn’t speak till now. Sujata says she made kada for her and says she might be feeling restless as she couldn’t talk. Ram says you gets restless and not her. They ask her to take care. Annapurna asks Swara to drink kada and promise to give chocolate. Sanskar promises her as well. Swara drinks kada. Annapurna asks her to rest and goes along with Sujata. Sanskar asks her to rest and closes the door. Swara calls his name. Sanskar gets happy hearing her voice and hugs her. He says I missed your fights and lecture. Swara recalls Kavya’s threat and tries to tell Sanskar. Sanskar asks her not to talk and rest. He gets Ragini’s call and she informs them about the photographer. Swara says we can’t let Kavya succeed.

Ragini meets Sanskar and Swara and shows her the pic on mobile. Kavya gives interview to media. She asks Laksh to tell about their first meeting. Laksh says it was love at first side. The media person insists to see the house. Ragini’s feet gets hurt. Sanskar asks Ragini to come inside the house. Ragini refuses. Sanskar sees Laksh coming out with Kavya and asks him to bring first aid box. Laksh looks like a zombie. Swara shouts asking him to bring first aid box, but Laksh looks numb.

Groom’s family rejects Ragini due to something. Dadi promises to get her married with 15 days.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Hey guys.. How are you all…
    In today’s episode it is clear that Laksh is hypnotized.. He acts like a robot.. No expressions no reactions…
    Swasan and Ragini together going to solve it as we know that but still we have to tolerate some idiotic scenes…
    Hoping for the best..

  2. So…black magic and hypnotising starts in this serial too….oh god…

  3. Poor Ragini , I know ragini choose wrong way for her love but she loves lakah truely.

    This song for my fav. Ragini.

    Dil Mera Tod Diya Usne
    Bura Kyun Maanu
    Dil Mera Tod Diya Usne
    Bura Kyun Maanu
    Usko Hak Hai Woh Mujhe
    Pyaar Kare Ya Na Kare
    Dil Mera Tod Diya Usne
    Bura Kyun Maanu

    Pehle Maaloom Na Tha
    Aaj Yeh Maine Samjha
    Pyaar Kehte Hai Jise
    Woh Hai Dilo Ka Sauda
    Dil Ki Dhadkan Ko Bhala
    Kaise Koi Qaid Kare
    Yeh To Aazad Hai Jab Chaahe
    Jahan Aahe Bharen
    Uske Raste Mein Khadi Kyon
    Koyi Deewaar Kare
    Uske Raste Mein Khadi Kyon
    Koyi Deewaar Kare
    Usko Hak Hai Woh Mujhe
    Pyaar Kare Ya Na Kare
    Dil Mera Tod Diya Usne
    Bura Kyun Maanu

    Saare Vaadon Ka Bharam
    Pal Mein Woh Tod Gaya
    Ghum Ke Jis Mod Pe Laake
    Woh Mujhe Chhod Gaya
    Main Usi Mod Ki Dehleez Pe So Jaaongi
    Umar Bhar Uske Liye Ajnabi Ho Jaaongi
    Har Sitam Shok Se Muhjpe Dildaar Kare
    Har Sitam Shok Se Muhjpe Dildaar Kare
    Usko Hak Hai Woh Mujhe
    Pyaar Kare Ya Na Kare
    Dil Mera Tod Diya Usne
    Bura Kyun Maanu……
    Love you ragsss….

  4. laksh is a zombie he’s just lost his senses now i feel somethings fishy maybe who knows kavya done some tona totka on him :p i gues she’s drugging him or maybe it’s the mask drama again :/ ragu 🙁

  5. Ragini (Tejaswi Prakash) forgets Lakshya (Namish Taneja) and decides to move on in Swaragini
    The upcoming episode of Swaragibi will show that Ragini’s family decides to get Ragini married again.
    They select a guy for Ragini and his family comes to see her.
    Ragini dresses up but unknowingly wears her previous engagement ring.
    Gyt family comments on Ragini for still keep memories of her first husband which makes Ragini irritated.
    Ragini breaks her alliance with the new guy.
    Apart from this, Maheshwari family celebrates Mahashivtrati where Kavya’s saree catches fire due to blast.
    Lakhya scolds Swara (Helly Shah) for trying to kill Kavya (Roop Durgapal)
    Lakshya saves Kavya and puts all blame on his family members.
    Kavya provokes Lakshya that his family wants to kill her which makes Lakshya angry.
    Lakshya calls police and makes his family arrested while Swara try to stop Lakshya but Lakshya asks police to arrest her too.
    Swara decides to prove that Kavya was herself responsible behind this blast.

  6. Y this Laksh is acting like a robot… Wat happ to him…he is just repeating Kavya’s words… Daily this Kavya is creating some new drama… End tat Aunty drama soon… It’s irritating…

  7. actually what is happening with laksh. why he is behave so woried? I want ragini to move on but something seriously happends with laksh. when ragini threatened badly with his family he stood for his family and care about his mother . But now when kavya become evil to his family he doesn’t stand against her. He is like the puppet of kavya. i think kavya and karthik has some connection . Is he kavya’s brother?????? new new negative entry of swaragini with starts with the letter ”K” Now K is the big problem for swaragini!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. Yes karthik is kavya’s bro I read somewhere

  8. swaragini twist: connection amid kavya and karthik to bedetected.
    the upcoming episodes of colors show swaragini will take the viewers on mysterious ride with new man kartik who will turn trouble maker for ragini and swara.
    the recent episode featured swara and kavya getting unconsious after eating the mahashivaratri prasad.
    kavya and swara recover, but swara feels very weak.
    rags recognizes the man as she has seen him and realises as ice cream vendor.
    ragini will be seen following him to know reveal his reality. she will land upto studio and sees burnt house photo. on the wall. kavya will threaten swara of burning down swara’s relations just like burning house.

    1. looks like both have strong connection

  9. Plz end this hypnotisation track soon….

  10. guys cvs giving unexpected swasan scenes.. guys after watching olvs dont dissopointe.. cvs will surprise us giving swasan scenes. .
    trp of week 9 is drop.. last week 3 and now 2.2 excluding naagin its 7th in top10 including naagin 8th position.. all serials trp dropped this week slot leader yrkkh.

  11. Ok…so i guessed it correct. Laksh has benn hypnotized by Kavya. I mean seriously in other serial ETRETR they show that true love could break the hypnotism and over here even his mother’s insult doesn’t matter. Please give a round of applause for such a great serial.??

  12. I guess every

  13. Lksh: kvya sach bolti jhoot nahi bolti wat luxji hs bcme robot kya??? lgta baby ne shock treatment di hai isiliye dimag khisak gaya hai? Aur wo tharki inspector kispe bharosa karu abee idiot inspector kisne banaya tujhe mm kya park lgta hai kya tuze baar baar aa jata hai ghumne..pls ye karthik rags ke opp nai hona chahiye mujhe bilkul achha nai laga wo..rags itni sundar hai or ye?..lksh better hai tu phut yaha se..pata nai kal kiski photo nikal raha tha..aasman me dekhkar..bachpan ki photo me naak chhoti thi ab itni badi kaise ho gyi..??
    Same precap ye log nai sudhrenge thoda drama km kro..pallu jala incident repeat kiya firse famly jail drama kya chal raha Kb se jail jail..kuchh naya kro cvs..trp is 2.2 agn y so much fluctuation..Buddha serial YRKKH bcme slot leader.. Sikho unse honkong leke gaye unko fr picnic aur yaha picnic dur ki baat hai 5 min chain ki saas nai le pate log.. trp badhane ke liye kya kya kr rahe hai wo (YRKKH)aur ye log?

    1. angel i love u
      i was laughing like an idiot afer reading ur comment amd myy family was staring me like i have done some crime…

    2. I Luv U angel ??me toooo was laughing lyk an idiot and my stomach was paining very much ???Lolzz..

    3. I was laughing so badly after reading my dad thought that I am insane. I was actually supposed to cry but you made me laugh.

  14. i think kavya giving drugs to laksh or she hypnotizes him.. something wrong with laksh… kavya jo kahathe he is telling that only… what a robotic laksh

  15. Divyanka krystal

    why swara asked laksh to bring first aid box even ragini is there&knwing tht she was hurted by laksh..and y cant that ragini doesnt giving a slap to laksh?both are mad!my sujju rocked as alwayz!.but what is the the relation betwn police&mm. didnt thy hv any other cases?when somthing hapnd in this nonsense,police came like their relatives..i hate swaragini ,pata nahin kyun,phir bhi mujhe aaj ki episode dhekne ke baad sukun milgaya..abhi bhi sab abnormal he..lekin aaj itna dinon ki baad aisa feel kiya,sab mental nahin he..,swara or ragini donon ko aaj akal vapas mil gaya thts why episode turn gud.

    1. Ya i totally agree and ya Sujata is the best!!

  16. Not bad thank u for fast updates

  17. Divyanka krystal

    swara know very well that laksh never bring the medicine&it makes ragni hurted.but even she said him to bring.y dont she ask sanskar or herself bring tht?..why dont that ragini utter a single word against laksh?why she bearing evrything like this? becoz both leads were pagal&no mind.

  18. rp and sujju scene super and swasan , sujju and ap choclate scene superb.

  19. Saksh ajishma

    awesome episode!!i realy love it..swasan scenes r nyc.kavya.sujata evry1….. ragini rocked as a SWEET JASOOSI..loved it..that orange&blue..hairstyle.. killing beauty.how anyone luks so cute in all outfit?.

  20. Shraddha Sharma

    I think Kavya is making Laksh helpless or dumb or may be giving him drug or something that like that or may be he is not laksh …. isliye Laksh aise weried behave kr raha hai…. ya fir confused hai bus ki vo ragini ko hi pasand krta hai but janta nhi hai…
    I hope Ragini ki dadi jaldi me koi decision na le le jis se ek or villian aa jaye….

  21. Saksh ajishma

    are u felt guyz laksh was drug addicted?he was luk like walking in a nap!! and he is so cruel..but swasan cared very well.you have such a sister&jiju so no need to worry.but r u see raginiz eyes while met laksh?it touched my heart.her love still alive after death..

  22. Saksh ajishma

    are u felt guyz laksh was drug addicted?he was luk like walking in a nap!! and he is so cruel..but swasan cared very well.you have such a sister&jiju so no need to worry.but r u see raginiz eyes while met laksh?it touched my heart.her love still alive after the death of laksh in her mind..

  23. Tejaswi u r an amazing actress,and current look,very pretty and Elegant, versatile actress. Outstanding.

  24. Very pleasant episode. SWARAGINI always rocks and no.1 show in colors channel

  25. Hi all . May I join in SWARAGINI family !!!

  26. Oh God I was laughing lyk hell reading everyone’s comments especially angel’s??Luv U angel!?and divyanka I agree with U abt police being very close relatives of maheshwari family!

  27. Who is playing the role of kartik as protagonist?

  28. Of course dear frnd suman..saksha i m also thinking d same way.. Kavya s givng sme drugs to laksh.. So he acts lik a doll wat kavya said

  29. I meant antagonist.

  30. Nice episode.

  31. I think its not the real laksh..cause laksh cannot behave like this.he slapped shekar and behave like weird with his own family.i think this man luk same like laksh and kavya keep laksh somewhere else.

    1. Agree with u piloshini

  32. I think this is not real laksh.
    Kavya had locked him up somewhere.
    This some other wearing his mask or something like that. What I think

  33. spoiler Alert
    As per the recent news, Ragini keeps remembering her good and romantic time with Lakshya.
    However, soon, Shekhar and Dadi will decide to get Ragini married off.
    Ragini will have proposals coming for her and finally Ragini will decide to meet one proposal.
    Apparently, Ragini will mistakenly wear her engagement ring given by Lakshya and that will be noticed by the boy’s family.
    Ragini will be asked awkward questions about Lakshya and furious Ragini will turn down the marriage proposal.
    On the other side, Lakshya will get the news of Ragini getting marriage proposals.
    Lakshya will fell immensely disturbed with the news and he will get restless.

  34. Atlast Laksh comes to knw abt Kavya’s real face… Laksh sends his whole family to jail thinking tat his family tried to kill Kavya.. The twist comes here… Ragini comes to rescue them frm jail but everyone are shocked to see in Laksh handcuffed and being bought to jail by the police… He says tat ”Swara even this time I nvr listened to u and have done a very big mistake”.. ” Ragini I even dnt have the rights to say ur name… I have betrayed you even then u helped my family and rescued them frm jail”..
    Everyone are asking him why he is arrested… He just says he does not want to talk abt it…

    Y Laksh is arrested???
    What has he done???

    On location shooting scenes

    Hope we can see these scenes in nxt week

    Will Raglak unite again

    1. I gt to knw dat luxji has killed his awesome wife baby ji?wow Jo kaam sans 2 mnths me nai kr paya(cavity murder) wo lksh ne 15 din me kr dikhaya..bhaga diya Kobra ko..woww aur usne ragu se maafi bhi mangi..aww..ab inki love story start hogi bt still nt confirmed I think she is alive..

  35. swaragini is a worst and waste serial without sense
    how dare u suman and ankur just mind ur blo*dy business dont recommend ur stupid serial to others if u really want to recommend some serial then just recommend it kindly dont even dare to comment in IKRS page again

    1. sorry if i hurted some one i just want to remind this to suman and ankur

    2. IKRS is worst serial always TRP is low

      1. it has high trp also nut u dont know it

  36. no use of seeing such serials..all wrong . how can such be done

  37. sanskar u r best

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