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The Episode starts with Sujata and Annapurna getting happy seeing Swara coming. Ragini says she will make her favorite food. Swara says no, and says she will take care of her diet, medicines etc, Laksh says now Ragini don’t need me. Ragini says I will stay with my sister now. Laksh says I will shift to guest room now. Utara teases Laksh. Laksh pulls her tears. Annapurna scolds him. Sujata takes out evil eye from Swara while parineeta keeps black eye on her. Sanskar looks at her emotionally, though Swara is angry with him. Sujata takes out evil eye from Ragini and curses the person who sees Ragini with bad eye. Sanskar is getting down the stairs and slips. Swara runs to save him and shows concern unintentionally. She then realizes Sanskar tried to murder her and goes far from him. Sanskar says Swara….and

gets up. Sahil is in his room and tells Swara that his hand is injured because of her. He puts his pic beside her pic. He then cuts his hand and fills Swara’s maang in the pic with his blood. He says Sahil and Swara are perfect.

Ragini asks Swara to come inside the room and says you will stay here. Swara enters and sees the decorations. She asks did you decorate this room for me, and says I like it. Laksh comes and says this is done by my brother just for you. Swara’s smile vanishes. Laksh says he remembers the good moments and decorates the room. Swara says I am leaving. Ragini says you said that you will stay with me. Swara says yes, but I can’t stay with the man who tried to kill me, just for my respect. He says although we are married in society’s eyes, but he will be stranger for me always. Sanskar hears her and gets sad. He asks Swara to stay there and says he will shift to guest room. Swara says no, I will stay in guest room. Sanskar requests her and asks her to stay in this room.

Ragini calls Sumi and tells that Swara’s memory will be back soon, and tells that Swara got concerned for Sanskar today. Sumi thanks Ragini. Ragini says you are my maa and I am your daughter, and asks her to take care of herself and baby. She goes to see Swara. Someone goes to Swara’s room. Ragini sees the door open and sees Sanskar sitting. Ragini prays for their jodi. Sanskar says I miss you Swara. Swara opens her eyes and sees him sitting. She asks you? What are you doing here? She asks him to stay away from her, and says she is here for her sister and her baby. Sanskar asks her to stop it and says how can he think that I will hurt you, I love you. He says I will die, but will not let anything happen to you.

He asks how did you forget our love and relation. We had promised each other that we will trust each other and asks how could she forget. He asks her to trust him once and says I love you. Swara looks angrily. Sanskar looks at her and goes. Sumi feels vomiting sensation and asks Shekhar to give medicine. Shekhar checks the medicine box and says it is over. He goes to bing it. Sumi vomits in the wash basin. Dadi calls Shekhar and Sumi for giving aarti. She opens the door and sees Sumi sitting on bed. She asks where is Shekhar? Sumi says he went for a walk. Dadi asks her to rest and goes.

Durga Prasad asks Ram to talk to Maya about the foundation. Laksh says we shall start this project soon and says he will talk to Sahil today itself. Annapurna asks Ragini to eat paratha. Sujata adds much ghee on the paratha and asks Ragini to eat fast. She says she needs healthy and golu baby. Ragini says I will eat apple. Swara says do you want to eat fruits. Ragini says she needs apple. Swara is cutting an apple and is about to cut her finger, but Sanskar calls and alerts her. Swara asks him to stay away from her and says you came to my room last night, what is your problem, let me live peacefully, I don’t remember our so called marriage and says she is getting irritated and hate herself for marrying him.

Swara says I didn’t see such a double standard man in my life and asks how can you act infront of family. Ragini says you are thinking him wrong. Swara says I did wrong by coming here, and says you people are forcing me to stay with this murderer. Parineeta smirks happily. Swara says I can’t stay with this man under one roof, I am sorry. Sanskar stops her and says he will leave.

Parineeta insults Swara. Swara leaves from the house cryingly. Ragini slaps Parineeta.

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