Swaragini 10th June 2016 Written Episode Update

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The Episode starts with Sujata and Annapurna getting happy seeing Swara coming. Ragini says she will make her favorite food. Swara says no, and says she will take care of her diet, medicines etc, Laksh says now Ragini don’t need me. Ragini says I will stay with my sister now. Laksh says I will shift to guest room now. Utara teases Laksh. Laksh pulls her tears. Annapurna scolds him. Sujata takes out evil eye from Swara while parineeta keeps black eye on her. Sanskar looks at her emotionally, though Swara is angry with him. Sujata takes out evil eye from Ragini and curses the person who sees Ragini with bad eye. Sanskar is getting down the stairs and slips. Swara runs to save him and shows concern unintentionally. She then realizes Sanskar tried to murder her and goes far from him. Sanskar says Swara….and

gets up. Sahil is in his room and tells Swara that his hand is injured because of her. He puts his pic beside her pic. He then cuts his hand and fills Swara’s maang in the pic with his blood. He says Sahil and Swara are perfect.

Ragini asks Swara to come inside the room and says you will stay here. Swara enters and sees the decorations. She asks did you decorate this room for me, and says I like it. Laksh comes and says this is done by my brother just for you. Swara’s smile vanishes. Laksh says he remembers the good moments and decorates the room. Swara says I am leaving. Ragini says you said that you will stay with me. Swara says yes, but I can’t stay with the man who tried to kill me, just for my respect. He says although we are married in society’s eyes, but he will be stranger for me always. Sanskar hears her and gets sad. He asks Swara to stay there and says he will shift to guest room. Swara says no, I will stay in guest room. Sanskar requests her and asks her to stay in this room.

Ragini calls Sumi and tells that Swara’s memory will be back soon, and tells that Swara got concerned for Sanskar today. Sumi thanks Ragini. Ragini says you are my maa and I am your daughter, and asks her to take care of herself and baby. She goes to see Swara. Someone goes to Swara’s room. Ragini sees the door open and sees Sanskar sitting. Ragini prays for their jodi. Sanskar says I miss you Swara. Swara opens her eyes and sees him sitting. She asks you? What are you doing here? She asks him to stay away from her, and says she is here for her sister and her baby. Sanskar asks her to stop it and says how can he think that I will hurt you, I love you. He says I will die, but will not let anything happen to you.

He asks how did you forget our love and relation. We had promised each other that we will trust each other and asks how could she forget. He asks her to trust him once and says I love you. Swara looks angrily. Sanskar looks at her and goes. Sumi feels vomiting sensation and asks Shekhar to give medicine. Shekhar checks the medicine box and says it is over. He goes to bing it. Sumi vomits in the wash basin. Dadi calls Shekhar and Sumi for giving aarti. She opens the door and sees Sumi sitting on bed. She asks where is Shekhar? Sumi says he went for a walk. Dadi asks her to rest and goes.

Durga Prasad asks Ram to talk to Maya about the foundation. Laksh says we shall start this project soon and says he will talk to Sahil today itself. Annapurna asks Ragini to eat paratha. Sujata adds much ghee on the paratha and asks Ragini to eat fast. She says she needs healthy and golu baby. Ragini says I will eat apple. Swara says do you want to eat fruits. Ragini says she needs apple. Swara is cutting an apple and is about to cut her finger, but Sanskar calls and alerts her. Swara asks him to stay away from her and says you came to my room last night, what is your problem, let me live peacefully, I don’t remember our so called marriage and says she is getting irritated and hate herself for marrying him.

Swara says I didn’t see such a double standard man in my life and asks how can you act infront of family. Ragini says you are thinking him wrong. Swara says I did wrong by coming here, and says you people are forcing me to stay with this murderer. Parineeta smirks happily. Swara says I can’t stay with this man under one roof, I am sorry. Sanskar stops her and says he will leave.

Parineeta insults Swara. Swara leaves from the house cryingly. Ragini slaps Parineeta.

Update Credit to: H Hasan


  1. anu

    what is sahil rama.. hw he get swasan pic and swara’s pics.. mrg, and engagement hw he got it.. and whats that black paint on sanky face and put his photo and cut finger and put sindhoor in her mand.. hw pathetic and hate his seen mana ki he is psycho but nt like this.. oh god.. swara will hurting him more and he broken but when she gain his memory sure she will regret fully.. i dont want only sorry want her to regret full and with guity and cant come over it soon… hope cvs show swara like this..

    • Serena

      She will surely regret..after all she blamed her love….n I know everyone will forgive her but she will not forgive herself…n she will be so guilty for blaming sanskaar….n then sanskaar will be the one who will take her put of her guilt..

  2. anu

    how can pari insult swara.. please cvs for god sake change her.. she did so much to swara but no regrets and still jealous and insecure.. how will she became nrmal again.. i want after swara memory back want swara to expose pari and gave her tight slap one or more.. hating pari more…

  3. seebu

    Today episode is awesome…i loved swasan scenes…even though its hatred track swasan eyelocks,sankys frustration,care,love towards swara is just awesome…and today swaras unintentional care towards sanky is so good…totally after ml drama…i’m in love with todays episode

  4. bhuvi

    Omg… After gaining memory Swara going to regret for hurting sanskar like this…she didn’t show this much anger San n rag defaming her character n stopped her marriage but now y she is getting did much hyper.. If v go back n see swara then v can see understanding n sweet n sensible girl even they were hurted her also she never hatered n got anger this much.. But this swara is completely adament n senseless n anger filled with arrongent girl…k she lost her memory but she was not like this before marriage… I really feel irritate to listen her non sense accusations… Feel like giving tight slap to her n that pari must get more…juz one slap is not enough for her ..

    • Anita

      I too feel the same.
      You are absolutely right.
      This swara is completely different from the swara we’ve seen in the past.
      In the past…she had never accused anybody like this..even if they were criminals. …
      She had a calm and cool attitude…but this new swara is really irritating me to the core…

      • Serena

        Coz that time she knew it that they r doing childishness….one in the name of love…n other in the name of revenge..

  5. juhi

    Sanskar tum swara ko kuch yaad dilane se pehle sahil ko use nadi me dhakel do jahan se swara giri thi tab sahil ki memory bhi chali jayegi aur tumhari ek problem solve ho jayegi

  6. Haritha

    How can one become obsessed with no reason.I think only in swaragini,Sahil will get on swara…Just because to make Swasan track awesome u people need not to make other characters so irritating.

  7. radika

    oh my goodness, i am not liking this track at all, she is blaming a person on basis of her only seconds memory then y she does’t want the reason from sanskar for attempt murder or trying to get back her memory as she felt bad in previous episode for memory loss. if she falls for new avatar of sanskar or sahil what’s the point she is cheating on her husband only know because she knows the fact of her marriage and that is double standards. I hate cv’s , they already made fun of marriage in raglakswa track and now they are making same mistake.

    And why can’t they give raglak track properly, why they are sidelining them, they are leads of the show not side characters who always support hero n heroine or play detective….why the drama of pregnancy, why can’t raglak support sumi to face society or adopt the baby openly why to cheat families ….another stupid track.

    Is this parineeta is always worried about her position, because i never see her caring about adarsh anymore always back of house politics…..

  8. Rekha

    Hi frnds..
    The swaragini team got bored by turning main leads to negative so they r making sharmishta negative now…y can’t u show the useful things in serials always turning all charec into negative.. useless to watch tis show..

  9. Fairy

    Happpppyyyyy brthdayyyyyy tejaswiiii…u r an angelll…love u a lotzzzz dear…u r a diva …..hope u get bright n succeessfulll future…keeep smilng n shininggg dear…love ragini..

  10. MINHA

    Swara what hell are you doing…??u always give pain to ur lovers..in past laksh,in present sanskaar and then in future it is sahil…I think ragini is the best wife in swaragini….iam start loving ragini..

    • mica

      pain to laksh ? when ? you should remember 1 thing, laksh decide to marry ragini and put untrust to swara.
      pain to sanskar ? even swara struggling to gain sanskar’s love, (ragini’s kidnap case)
      pain to sahil? what swara did ? made sahil obsessed to her ? for swara, sahil is a saviour for her, just it

  11. Anita

    Swara is gonna regret badly for what she has done…
    Even if the WHOLE WORLD says sanskaar is not a murderer. ….tis swara will not accept and will believe oly that idiotic sahil…

  12. Meera

    I totally agree with radhika.she even not ready to listen any words about sanskar.these writers ruined swara’s character.but one thing is really surprising me that ,why sumi will turn negitive.she loves ragini as like swara.it should be some strong reason,otherwise it will become another worst track.

  13. mica

    ty soo much for update mr Hasan tytyty.
    agree to anita, radika and shebu, well said all of you, swara isn’t just losing her memory, but also her character, her brain. come on scrip writer, give lil bit logical line in this story. where is swara’s curiousity to fishy thing, the detective swara gone soooooo far, even she don’t trust to ragini’s words about sanskar. how it could happen?
    i love to watch swaragini for their togetherness, the solid teamwork to solve problem and TRUST over all.

    • mica

      i prefer to watch swara trying to prove of sanskar’s double personality to their families spying on sanskar then found out that she is totally wrong than watching sanskar as rockstar. btw, i wish ragini trully pregnant. i can’t see pain on durga prasad and anandpura’s eyes. love them sooo much

  14. Eva


    |Registered Member

    Yeh huyi na baat Ragini….zindegi ka sabsa accha kaam kiya hai tumne..great….par ek aur thappad marna chahiye tha..uss chudail ko…

  15. Serena

    Aaj first time ragini acchi lagi…kya thappad maara….lekin yaar ek par hi kyun chod diya….minimum 10-12 Marne chahiye the….but really loved swasan scene a lot…love u swasan????
    N guys..who r saying that swara is doing wrong…just keep urself on her place n think…what if u loss it memory n remember only a person who is having gun n shooting in front of u…
    N next second u got to know that he is ur husband only…
    Swara just need to see sanskaar in diff. Angle ….which CVS r soon going to show as kissan…so just enjoy the story n don’t bash….cos they r doing hardworking for 15-16 hrs only for ur half n hour entertainment…just think how would writers feel if they got to know about the bashings…..so be wise people n don’t bash actors or any team member of any show..

    • mica

      didn’t blame swara, but i think it’s lil bit annoying if you loss memory then it’s change your character as well.

  16. Shona/Laado

    I missed this epi but I really liked swasan scenes. Now I think that I’m ready to go to jail for PARIL murder. Before I wished that muje do khoon maaf ho but now I want my swasan happy so I will surely kill them. Aur waise bhi swaragsan apna dimaag lagaker muje jail se nikal waa lege hi toh ab ye paril gaye…huh… Ragini u should not slap pari, u shoul expose her in front of family. Then she will understand whom she messed with. Ek baar swara ki yaadash aa jaye buss fir dekhti hoo ye paril kya krenge. Ye sahil khudko samajta kya hai ek baar isse (real)swara bose, gadodia, sanskaar maheshwari k baare pata chal jaaye to ye swara-married girl kya apni maa ko bhi aakh uthake nai dekhega. Sahil ka band toh kishan bajayega hi but I want swara and swasan milker isse………………….
    I’m shocked y sharmishtah will do such things kuch to gadbad hai. These writers r planning something unexpected well kisiaur ka to pata nai but I will enjoy this trak and one more thing ppl saying that raglak skould take stand for ma papa but if they will do that then situation will become more complicated. And swara ki haalat dekh k to raglak ne sahi decision liya hai. I’m wid raglak.

  17. seebu

    I’m really happy bcs cvs plan is to make swaragini viewers irritate by swaras character…helly is succesful to make us irritate…after getting her memory she will regret badly…so dat only cvs r making her charc. Like dat…swasan scenes r too good…helly n varun truly u both r fabulous actors

  18. anu

    tellychakkar artivle..: Revelation, slap, blackmail more in colors swaragini!
    the loyal viewers of colors drama swaragini can miss anything in their life but drama.
    time and again the makers have been providing their audience with the right dose of entertainment. now, we hear that some more is in store for them.
    those who are eager to know what exactly they have for them , we ask them to go through the entire piece.
    a source shares , “in coming days, swara will arrive at maheshwari house to meet her sister ragini, where parineeta will insult her. irked with parineeta’s behaviour, ragini will slap her. this action will certainly no go down well with parineeta and she will learn about ragini’s fake pregnancy. to avenge ragini, parineeta will blackmail her stating either to keep swara and sanskar seperated or to say the truth about her fajke pregnancy.”
    on the other hand, “sanskar will take the avatar of bihari rockstar and will seek help from swara for music lessons. upon seeing the duo coming closer, sahil will get jealous and will plan to seperate them. soon he will get to know about sanskar’s disguise and sahil will trick him into revealing his truth to swara.
    quite some drama we guess.
    we tried reaching varun and tejaswi but both remained unavailable.

  19. anu

    according to tc article its parineeta babhi whio blackmails ragini not sharmista and parineeta babhi learns about ragini fp drama.. and try to use the situation to keep swasan seperate..

    • Meher


      |Registered Member

      That article sounds better actually….

      Cz a mother blackmailing her one child for an unborn child that too when.. Ragini is helping her makes no sense…

    • seebu

      No dear…didnt get any award…i’m shocked to know dat best jodi is for akshara n naitik…n also for popular jodi dey gave award to tanshi for kasam…if not swasan i expected for ishra,twinj,abhigya…but totally unexpected…

  20. Shona/Laado

    Yes archana actually telly updates r updating som like dat only n they won’t accept any article for 1-2 days.
    Yes akaashi, they won awards.
    Best jodi award- swara and sanskaar
    Best actor- Varun Kapoor aka Sanskaar
    Best actress- Helly Shah aka Swara

  21. Shona/Laado


  22. Sana

    swasans seen were awesome. But swara should gain her memory back soon n give a tight slap too parineeta .
    Swara should feel guilty on her hatred to sanskar n shant’ forgive sahil for his cheap, exploiting deeds over love of swara to sanskar.
    I just wish to see swasans lovely moments again.
    Swasans Jodi is perfect for each other .Sahil shouldn’t interfere much between them as I truly know that,swasan will kick him out,swara breaking his heart again as an when she gains her memory back.
    Swara Sanskar love will never end.
    It is an immortal two souls love for each other and know one can break their love.
    Not even sahil or any stranger

  23. swasan

    suprb …..RAGINI. vo pagal parineeta ko sirf ek nahi hazar slaps chaaiyiye . disgusting parineeta

  24. Anu

    Serena..just one minute. .swara clearly remembers that sanskar shoots and the blood sprinkles on her face..it means he shot someone beside her..how come the blood come…she hasnot any injury..The director is so lost..I can’t say.

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