Swaragini 10th February 2016 Written Episode Update

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The Episode starts with Sanskar saying it is good that Ragini and Laksh have left. He says he was giving them hint. Swara says nothing can happen as she is also going. Sanskar says 5 mins is enough for him and puts ointment. Kavita comes and halts their romance. Sujata calls Sanskar so he leaves. Kavita asks if she is feeling pain of electric shock. Swara says yes. Kavita says I will say bye to Sanskar and goes. Swara says only that person can know that I felt electric shock. She says Kavita is the one who hit me. Kavita thinks how can I make mistake and asked her about the shock. She thinks to do something. Swara says I shall tell this to Sanskar, but then stops herself. She says I shall tell this to elder family member. Later Swara tells Sanskar and Annapurna that Kavita hit on her head yesterday.

Annapurna says you didn’t tell me anything. Swara says Sanskar’s doubt was confirmed yesterday. Sanskar says that’s why she found Swara in the cupboard. He says he will call Police. Swara says we have to be careful. Annapurna says we will keep an eye on Kavita and will send her after sangeet. If she doesn’t go, then we will take action. She asks Swara to get ready as sangeet will start now. Annapurna leaves. Sanskar turns his face. Swara apologizes to him and says Kavita was doing this with Urvashi. So we both were right. Sanskar hugs her and says I won’t let anything happen to you. He asks her to take care of herself and tell him first if she makes any plan. He says you are my life…..if anything happens to you then I get mad. Swara says nothing will happen and I will take care of myself.

Ragini comes inside the room and sees them together. She says Maa is calling them. Swara says hi to Kavita and says she is going to get ready for sangeet. Ragini says Kavita is a nice girl. Kavita thinks Swara isn’t doubtful on her. Swara says she behaved normally so that she don’t doubt.

Swara makes Ragini ready for her sangeet. She makes her wear jewellery and etc. Ragini says my Pallu. Swara says it is good without Pallu, and asks her to let it be. Ragini asks Swara to sit and says she will get her ready. Ragini makes Swara wear the earring. Swara shouts. Ragini asks if she got hurt. Swara laughs. Ragini makes her wear mangtika etc. Swaragini song plays……………….Swara says you made me get ready. Ragini gets teary eyes and says I have done bad with you, and can’t apologize for that. Swara asks her to forget it. She wipes her tears as well. Ragini asks what happened to you. Swara asks do you have copy right for crying. She says I always want this. Ragini says then you should have cried before. Swara says I wanted this, sisters talk, get ready together, and getting married in a single mandap. Ragini says it is like our dream is fulfilled. They hug each other. Ragini says everything is good. Even Kavita have moved on in her life. Swara says no…Ragini looks on. Swara tells her everything. Ragini is shocked. Swara says this is truth. She asks her to keep an eye on Kavita. Ragini asks her to come. Sumi calls Swara. Ragini and Swara says coming maa. They smile and go out.

Ragini and Swara come downstairs. Uttara stops them and takes their photo. Uttara asks Ragini to ask Laksh to come. Ragini says Laksh’s suit is given for ironing. Kavita says she got his suit pressed and says ask him to get ready. Ragini comes to her room calling Laksh. She couldn’t find Laksh in room and calls him. Durga prasad asks Swara to come as he wants to introduce her with someone. He introduces her to relatives. Swara keeps a eye on Kavita, but she goes somewhere. Swara looks at her. Urvashi calls Swara and says Kavita is with me. Swara says I know. Urvashi says Kavita is going to do something dangerous tonight.

Urvashi says she is staying in hotel room and tells about the number. Swara says she will not believe her. Urvashi insists. Swara sees Kavita going somewhere and thinks to inform Sanskar first. Swara looks for Sanskar, and calls him, but he doesn’t pick the call. Urvashi shouts safe me. Swara looks tensed. Ragini comes and asks her why she is looking tensed.

Everyone dance on Prem Ratan Dhan Payo song. Kavita kills Urvashi and stabs her. Police comes and arrests Swara. Kavita asks Sanskar to marry her if he wants to save Swara.

Update Credit to: H Hasan


  1. Ani

    Atlast Swara came to knw abt Kavitha… Loved the sister bonding?? This Swara fell in Urvasi’s trap.. How can she believe her after all what she have done and went in search of her.. Dnt knw what this Laksh is upto and where he went..

  2. Rads

    Everything is perfect now….swasan raglak n swaragini all r so happy jst did kavita shud die. Such a psychopath..

  3. jo

    swaragini: ragini and sanskar join hands to prove swara’s innocence.
    ragini and sanskar together to prove swara’s innocence. the upcoming episodes of swaragini to show, ragini and sanskar trying to free swara from jail. swasan are going to get married. raglak were also marrying again.
    swasan, and raglak are marrying together,sanlak proposes there partners. unfortunately, police reaches there and shows arrest warrant in name of swara. police had come to take swara in charge of urvashi masi murder.
    kavita has killed urvashi and put blame on swara. kavita has built up a master plan to remove swara from her side and marry sanskar.
    moreover, sanskar marries kavita and sanskar and ragini join hands to expose kavita and to prove swara innocence.

  4. anu

    is it really sanskar marries kavita? please anyone tel me… if sanskar marries her and then i am saying gud bye to swaragini.. i am only reading writen update not seeing episode.. if they show kav san mariage then bye bye to swaragini..

  5. bhuvi

    wow… superb episode… Swasan scenes were so cute n swaragini scene was so beautiful… oly one thing I hate that is precap… hope san won’t marry kavitha n get back his lady love from jail… I know ragsan plans never fail… like that they ll do some tricks n save our shona..

  6. minnu

    i think..swara did same mistake that she done in swalak sangeeth…she going to somewhere without informing anyone

  7. bhuvi

    its request to SR team.. please don’t play with holy ritual (marriage)..so plz sanskar shouldn’t marry kavitha.. if he marries her..then sanskar to give divorce to kavitha after Swara release from jail n again marrying Swara… plz don’t try to do these type of crap.. v really hateit especially making joke of marriage… so it ll b better if sanskar save Swara from jail before marrying kavitha…

    • nik

      Ya bhuvi I agree, d day de ll show sanskar n dat bl**dy kavitas mrj dr trp ll go to zero n on day itself de ll hv to Mk their show off air.why always swara’s respective groom to marry another gl. Seriously dis isn’t a joke n last tm we tolerated it but dis tm we won’t n dis tm we mean it .

      • bhuvi

        nik…I ll stop watching it.. if san n kavi marriage get completed…
        I know atlast they ll unite Swasan n remove kavi from sanskar life… but still I won’t watch… I can’t see making joke of marriage… I don’t want sanskar to marry kavitha at any cost…n praying ragsan save Swara before kavitha n sanskar marriage…

    • nik

      Hey bhuvi, I hv read in spoilers dat sanskar ll agree to marry kavita n ll shower love on her making hr to blv dat he loves hr . But all dis ll b a joint plan of sanskar n ragini to prove swara innocence. So now d show ll hv romantic scenes bt sanskar n bl**dy witch u know who m tking about n I can’t bear sanskar romancing sm odr gl so I ll also stop watching it till kavita gets exposed n swara gets free. I was expecting a valentine week in swaragini wid swasan but cvs always play wid our expectations. Hope swara soon comes out n dn swasan mrj till dn a gud bye to dis show.N ya bhuvi do u follow ff by neha true love never dies ??? If yes dn plzzz…send me d link of episode 17.

  8. s

    are yaar kavita swara james bond hai usse ache yaad hota hai tum kise soch rahi use chot lagi and she cant think.. wahhh… tum kudh shak karneko kar leliya… woh james bond hai

  9. Shreya

    s sanskar really gng 2 marry kavita??? i dnt wnt dis! i wl say gudbye 2 swaragni if sansak marries kavita! i dnt wnt any kavsan jodi!!! i wnt swasan,raglakg,sanlak and swaragini,.

  10. bharathi

    Kanchi is entering into the show as lakshs ex girlfriend. He leaves Ragini for his past mistakes and wants to marry kanchi

  11. Taka

    I do not understand , how can forcefully marrying someone make them love you? Ragini did this with lakyash. Fortunately this worked out. But now that Sanskaar knows that Kavita is a bad girl, how is kavita going to feel satisfied in a forced relationship.
    Why do these people have such a big heart. Dadi had no regrets while calling police when lakyash was caught almost committing a crime, not doing it but almost. They did not call police when Ragini was exposed. She could have gone inside for attempt for murder. Why do they seem to have no problem when Urvashi has done such a crime? Why do they let her go? Stupid people. Plus police never arrests anyone without having proper proof or evidences. They just walk in during a party and say “xyz is under arrest”. How stupid is that.
    How can Kavita promise that she will let Swara out from jail only if he marries her instead of Swara. She can fulfill this promise only when she proves Swara is innocent. If proving Swara is so simple or easy that Kavita would do it keeping in mind she fulfills her promise, why is it so difficult for the police to see those clues and come to a conclusion that she is innocent?
    Kavita should know that she is ruining her life by being with someone she has no chance, would love her back. She should instead make him REALISE that she is the one for him, and not Swara, which is impossible.

  12. Angel

    wat n epi its jst awesome….proper balanced epi..no overdose of drama n cavity….its gd dat swasan realised both dem were right..our jasus are back….todays dialogue of sans swara ragini was awesome….agr aise hi epi aaye toh trp definately baregi..

  13. Anamika

    I dont like swaras curly hair. Not matched her hair style. Swara pls choose ur old hair style and original one. This looks very bad… pls watch ur face to the mirror. U only cute with ur old style. Epi was nice but dont want to see kavitha and sanskar marriage. Dont create such rudeness pls

  14. Moni

    Please don’t show same precap for a week. I am sure it will happen next Tuesday. If you can’t show the same day or next day episode precap, don’t show it at all. What’ s the point of showing next week or month precap in every break?

  15. radz

    This kavita is such an idiot…doesn’t she knw dat swara n sanskar r already married!!!!!!!
    These writers r making a joke of relationships
    Sanskar n swara r already married n if kavita wants to marry sanskar…sanskar shud first divorce swara which won’t happen n den evn If sanskar marries kavita to save swara…He will again hav to divorce kavita aftr she is exposed n den again marry swara. Srsly d writers r making a joke out of relationships..mas if it’s vry easy to get divorced n married so many times

  16. jo

    swaragini: source metro masti:
    sanskar’a smart motive behind marrying kavita revealed.
    fans and followers of swara and sanskar have to face the sad twist of swara being jail for urvashi’s murder rather than seeing the happy picture of swasan weddinng in swaragini.
    it is seen that swara has been arrested by police under the charges of urvashi murder.
    in reality, kavita has killed urvashi to save her skin from getting exposed infront of all.
    swara feels helpless in the jail and pleads sanskar to get her out.
    on the other side kavita will threaten sanskar to marry her in order to save swara from the hardship.
    in this plot, now ragini will come in picture and will bring new twist.
    ragini and sanskar will play smart move of sanskar agreeing to marry kavita for swara.
    sanskar will get soft towards kavita and make her confident that sanskar loves her.
    sanskar will want kavita to trust sanskar and confide the crime to him.
    let’s see if this plan works.

  17. unkwn

    that’s why sanskar to cheat swara for kavita.:
    there is swasan sangeet cermony and swaragini with other ladies perform dance on prem ratan dan payo and sanlak dance tenu le with swaragini. house was filled with dance and happines but entry of police destroy everything.
    kavita killed urvashi and put blame on swara.she also made a fake video of swara which prove swara is culprit. swara tells inspector that kavita is culprit but inspector doesnot hear and takes away.
    sanskar accepts kavita marriage proposal. she has turned obessed with him and makes a deal with him in a return of swara.
    she tells sanskar to get married to save swara. he accepts her proposal but he has some hidden motive behind his acceptance.
    keep reading for more updates of swaragini.

  18. sneha

    Yr guyzz…..aaj SR telecast hua tha kya??? Coz matsh ka aaj koi tele cast ni tha..nd abi tk SR ka update bhi ni aaya..so..

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