Swaragini 10th December 2015 Written Episode Update

Swaragini 10th December 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Swara telling Durga Prasad that Laksh will come back for Annapurna and promises him that she will bring him. Sanskar comes to meet Laksh in police station and tells that Annapurna got heart attack. Laksh regrets his mistake. Sanskar says I hope that I will get my brother back. Swara comes to Dadi and asks her to tell Ragini to take back the Police complaint. Dadi says never. She comes to Ragini and tells her that Annapurna’s condition is critical. She asks her to come and take back the police complaint. Ragini refuses and says she has given promise to Dadi. Swara tells Dadi that she can’t do this. Dadi says I will do this only and says it is enough of their drama. I won’t let you also go there, and says she got the divorce papers ready. She says she can’t bear rich Maheshwari’s

now. Swara says Laksh went to jail because of us. Dadi says you made the plan to catch him and says let him be in jail for 7-8 years. She recalls promising Durga Prasad.

Sanskar calls Swara and says that Annapurna’s condition has deteriorated again and they have called doctor again. Swara asks him to take care and says she is coming there. She folds her hands and asks Ragini and Dadi to come with her. Dadi checks Annapurna and tells Durga Prasad that Annapurna’s condition is delicate and that’s why he made all the arrangements here at home. He suggests him to call Laksh back and leaves. Ragini and Dadi come and see her condition.

Durga Prasad folds his hands infront of Dadi and asks her to free Ragini of her promise, and asks her to take back the police complaint. Dadi says your justice is good and says you think about your pain and oversees other’s pain. Shekhar says Durga Prasad has always done justice with everyone, and assures him that Ragini will take back the complaint. Dadi stops him and says Ragini will not go anywhere. Swara asks her to think about Annapurna’s life. Dadi says my daughter would have died if you haven’t there, I don’t think I am doing wrong. Durga Prasad says you are not doing wrong, but Annapurna’s life is important for us. Dadi asks what he will pay them to save his wife. Everyone is shocked.

Dadi says there is a price for life also, and says you are a husband, you might not want your wife to get punished for Laksh’s crime. She says I am Ragini’s Dadi and want to punish your family. She asks to what extent you can go to save Annapurna’s life. She asks him if he can promise to save Laksh and Ragini’s marriage. She says can you promise that Ragini will get all the rights of a bahu. Can you promise that Laksh will not harm Ragini. Durga Prasad promises that he will protect Ragini from now. Dadi says do you promise that nobody will insult my daughter? Durga Prasad promises. Dadi asks do you promise that nobody will taunt Ragini. Durga Prasad promises. Dadi asks him to promise that they will not kick Ragini out. Durga Prasad agrees. Dadi asks do you make Ragini, owner of this house? Everyone is shocked. Durga Prasad says Ragini will be the owner of this house. Ragini acts and asks how can you ask this. Dadi asks her to be silent and says no one can interfere between us. Durga Prasad agrees. He gives her promise that……………

Sujata asks Durga Prasad not to give any promise and asks her to take Ragini with her, and take money inexchange of Laksh’s freedom. Dadi says Sujata is trying to send Ragini out and tells her that Durga Prasad is agreeing to her terms. She threatens Sujata that they will send Uttara to jail also. Everyone is shocked. Dadi says if Uttara goes to jail once, then no one will marry her, so it will be better for you to stay silent. Durga Prasad gets helpless and says I promise that Ragini will be the owner of this house. Everyone is shocked. He says no one will hurt her. Dadi says I need a written proof that you will not refuse from your sayings.

Ragini says I will rule on this house and will write Maheshwari family destiny. Later she asks Annapurna to clean her saree. Annapurna cleans her saree and sits down. Swara asks Ragini to stop it. Ragini slaps Laksh hard shocking him.

Update Credit to: H Hasan


  1. Tara

    Swaraaaaaaaaa is soooooooooo dumb. She shud have threatened dadi tat she ll complain against ragini for trying to kill her and also om dadi for kidnapping her ma. Irritatinggggggggggg

  2. Honey

    Nothing to say. Ragini is not at all going to change so if possible please change the title. No more swaragini..

  3. vaidehi

    Hate u dadi tumne hi ragini ko galat karna sikhaya hai tumhari an umr ho gyi hai bhgwan se to daro badtameez pehle shekhar sharmishtha ko alag kiya ab ye
    Just die daadi and rago should’ve died as well

  4. kashis

    fade up with this serial… dadi is the most irritating person… ragini still is showing her puppy face.. swara is mahan & foolish… today where her James bond brain went out??? I mean can’t she tell anything to daadi that ragini also tried to kill her… I don’t know what is going on in writer’s mind…

  5. rs

    Swara is a gd person . . . if she threaten ragini and dadi to send jail for rg tried to kill her then no difference between dadi,ragini and swara

  6. simpi

    so borringvyer.ragini itna ganda kam kia
    ab use sblog dar rhe he.pls unit swsan.and please keep some romance not only drama.curent track is so dum

  7. anu

    hey guys i dont no exact 13th december there is maha episode.. is it correct the maha episode on sunday?? after this only swara got proof and ragini snatches when swara and sanskaar outside house goons attack him and bajirao mastani scene… in if video they showed now swara came to mm and as she want that sanskaar gave her divorce papers as he signed it and gave to her she tells her mom that feeling sad and she started love him.. she came back and want to manao sanskaar as he is very angry at him..and for give back to back answers to ragini and sanskaar is angry with her to much so use manana hai officially sanskaar wife bankar she have rights so she came back mm and and staying and saves her family… and manao sanskaar and she have 2 tasks now. she said in if interview.. seein if vidoe..

  8. Annu

    Such a nonsense episodes of Swaragini….rajini ne kitne galti kiyA tried to kill swara kidnapped sharmista but no punishment for her….but when laksh ne kiyA so dadi nai police sai arrest karwa diya and ask durga prasad to give all property etc…. she has done so much of mistakes and now she is only the big victim

  9. bhuvi

    Disgusting…. Guys I stopped watching this rubbish from today itself… They will not listen at al… They never gonna unite swasan… Its waste of time to watch n get hyper…its highly ridiculous tat ragini is gonna fall for sanskar… How vile woman she is…ragini is a dishonour for women… She did so much evil to get her love… Now suddenly changed her love from to another… Shit…writers go to hell… I warn yo that yo ll not increase your trp until yo give values to relationship n swasan unite… If yo can’t unite them… Plz shut this drama… Atleast we will get some new serial over this timing…

  10. Vinu

    laksh all the ladies together played with ur life and also playing… so do one thing… pls go for suicide attempt for god sake… then only u vl get some peace… If u want u can become ghost and kill all the ladies who harassed u… by living u can’t do anything.. The worst part of ur life is u got a tight slap from a cheapo ragini.. so just die and take revenge… as it is the same ssk serial production people it is very easy to become a revengeful ghost… pls at least do this for us…

  11. jo

    in precap when swara asks to band karo yeh sab ragini tells yes swara .. the house doors will be soon bandh for you some thing like that… dont no exact .. please clear me.. she indirectly telling ap to touch her feet…

  12. Annu

    This serial director writers producers and all are Rajini relatives…. because everything happens in favour of Rajini

  13. Lucky

    I am fed up with this.. This ragini-dadi drama is too much.. Swara also have that CD in which ragini confesse all her crime and she can let ragini arrest by police..

  14. ahana

    ragini shocking me showing insulting ap… the one who supported her till nox… disgusting
    how can she even think to insult to ap …. who trusted her bindly…
    really laksh dont deserve this ragini…

    writers made ragani too evil…..
    i think they already forgotten title now they even not justifing her character…

    as earlier she did it for getting laksh bt now she told dont lv him.. then y she doing this…

    that too she is insulting each members of maheshwaris …. i hate this ragini

  15. Asi

    Ap ke sath eisa hi hona chahiye,..cuz she always love and trust ragini not swara…ab use patha chaljayga ki kaun sahi he kaun galath…swara was a smart girl..but ab or nai rahi…ragini the charecterless girl hate u alot…. Hope that swasan will be together .feeling sad for laksh..

    • Rids

      Haaiii.. M soooi happiieee… Because m not watching this serial… Ha ha ha…. Then wat always drama… Nd non sense

      • Hi rids
        I’m glad that you didn’t.
        That nagin and her psyco laado irritates me, I feel like walking them both in the head till they are dizzy. And that mahan swara always has to be the one doing all the detective work, I mean why can’t someone else do it for a change.

  16. khushi

    Aaree writers at least common sense yaar….when Ragini killed swara no police…when dadi Ragini kidnapped maa..no police…bt when laksh tried to kill…then POLICE ? why sooooo…..

  17. Saranya

    So boring……. Writers pls change the track yar. And change Raglak as positive and unite them like Swara & Sans.

  18. Sunshine

    Sara is the stupidest person in this serial. Why can’t she blackmail dadi and ragini into taking their complaint back by threatening them about rags crimes. Once the property will get into ragini’s hands, even if they threaten her with her past crimes, she will be so rich that she can buy the law and the cops. She can escape. Why is swara so dumb. God, this serial is showing crap. Can’t believe I’m watching this instead of studying. I’m going to boycott this serial at home now. There’s absolutely no need to follow this anymore. We audience are dumb to expect something worthwhile. This started on a very good note and got a lot of fans. Four protagonists were there with the writer. He managed to ruin every character. Three of them have been involved in some crime, while the fourth doesn’t use her smartness and acts so dumb. Way to go. Had a lot of expectations, thought this would turn out to be different, better than kitchen politics, but this also ended up being precisely the same. Worthless , useless and disappointing.

    • vicu

      I think laksh ko foreign bgera chale Jana chahiye kuj time k liye jb lksh hi nhi hoga to ragini lya kregi, aur swara USS sanskar se pyaar jisne uska pyaar (lksh)usse door kr diya.laksh ki kya glti thi bechare ki poori life spoil krdi in teeno ne mil k uske liye koi aur acchi ldki ki entry honi chahiye Jo use deserve krti ho

    • Hi sunshine
      How are you? I don’t know what are the writers doing, they showing too much of negativity in this serial. Why can’t they show something positive for once. And now we have tolerate that psyco ragini’s drama for 3 more months.

      • Sunshine

        Hi shuva,
        I’m good 🙂
        How are you?
        Exactly…they’re just dragging the serial. I cannot bear raginI at all. Of there’s one vamp I’ve genuinely hated, it’s got to be this one. I’d hit her with a chappal. So so irritating…and tejasvi always keeps her mouth open…in all emotions…that’s even more irritating…I felt like getting into the TV and hitting dad also with a chappal when she said why double standards for your kids? Are others not human beings? If only she could show that much love to swara, the serial would have been different. Even now, dadi is blind in ragini’a love. If she loved them equally, she would have thought from swara’a point of view too.

        And swara could have easily closed the matter with one threat saying she’d give rags to the cops…or even sharmishta or even sanskaar…or anyone in the Mahesh war house should have filed a case saying she’s mentally torturing them. And one more thing, I don’t know if swara’a name is cleared from the cheap image that rags had created of her. One granddaughter ruins the other’side life, first creates feelings in her about laksh, then talks about marriage, gives hope to laksh and swara, then tries to spoil her image and then tries to kill her own sister. Height of crimes. Then she map u later laksh into marrying her, tortures swara post marriage too, tortures even sanskaar and sharmishta and the only excuse she has is I’m fighting for my love, I’ve never fought for anyone, what’s wrong in it…lol so illogical. And on top of that, she tries to spoil swara image by manipulating her husband’s and sanskaar feelings, wow….she’s a disgrace to womanhood. Such a sad thing that we still have such serials where evil always wins but they burn raavan during dussera. Can’t handle any of this anymore. Utter waste of time. No romance, no light family drama, no women education and career promotion, at the end of the day all women are reduced to mere crying dolls, with the vamps ruling. Way to go, to show that evil is the new thing.

  19. anu

    swaragini shocking: swara slaping ragini, misbehaves with annapurna.
    the forthcoming chapters of colors show swaragini will show that ragini has become head of maheshwari family and is ready to show her evil terror.
    she has become heartless as she has no fear of anyone and is not affected by anyone’s accusation. she serves stale food to ap andalso asks her to clean the floor.
    not only this, she makes lakshya as her servent and asks him to serve food to her.
    laksh has to do this , if he wants to see his family happy.
    he already hates ragini and looking at her present behaviour he gets frustred and angry.
    he will soon make a new plan against her to get ride of her.
    on the other side, swara stops ragini from misbehaving with ap, but ragini says to her that she is the owner of the house and has all rights of do it.
    swara raises her hand to slap her but ragini holds her hand in middle.
    stay tuned to see if swara will be able to stop ragini from her evil terror..

    • Hi anu
      Thanks for the update.
      You know what I feel like killing that psyco ragini and her dadi. Them both are psyco and them both can go to hell.

    • Rids

      Actually swara deserves this. She is responsible for everything happening in maheshwari household. Swara is the person I hate the most. She acts like she s good… But she is one of the most selfish person hv ever seen… I hate her.. I just hate her

      • Hi rids
        I’m beginning to feel the same, she could have stopped that nagin dadi of hers by saying that she also has the evidence of that psyco ragin and that nagin should take back Laksh’s complaint back. And why she’s the one who always has to do the detective work, it’s annoying and it doesn’t suit her. She acts too much mahan. I mean don’t get me wrong I like her but sometimes what she does is dumb, it just doesn’t make sense.

  20. Lee

    Yr dadi is so cheap…disgusting….
    Firstly she said that she will not support ragini in her wrong doing n now….chudail…..
    N that evil ragini she is b**dy sick.. use regrate ni hai kya..
    I m feeling bad for maheshswaris oh god ..
    N no use of watching these serial till swsan unit or swasan moment happens …
    Guyzz ragini is the owner that means our sanky’s bussiness is belongs to her now.. as sanky merged his company with dp’s company…oh god writer plzz dont do that…
    I heard ki ragini will ask swara to leave the house as she is the only owner….
    It means swara will not stay in mm it mean away from our sanky….
    Oh god what is this shit ??writer.????
    Dont u have brain dont u understand that trp is going down n down…
    Why dont u just start or show swsan scene …
    N plzzz unit them s00n….
    Now what will they do….
    N when will ranveer n deepika come……
    Oh till next 2 3 weeks no need to watch….kyuki yahhi sb dikhayenge…..
    Writer use ur unused brain end the drama of that nautanki ragini..n unit swasan…n yeh luv u sanky
    N swasan rockZzzzzz…..
    Swasan forever…

  21. Ragini and dadi both are too bad I don’t want to talk about them.Anyways we want SWALAK back plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz

  22. I don’t want to talk about ragini and dadi. Anyways we want SWALAK back plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz ………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………..plz

  23. Its so much dumb.. feel swara is made like a god who does not do anything wrong..and ragini devil who can do anything unimaginable..that’s disgusting change the serial name to swara only..CNT blame dadi as she has concern for her pothi..BT dumb swara she does everything gud has sixth sense and knows everything wat will happen next so dumb……..

  24. Hi guys
    Hi nik, rids, neha, kirti, Lee, saba and everyone. How are you all? I just read the update and I’m not liking the current track.

  25. ishveer

    Boring…..irritating…. Disgusting…
    Serial….now a days I hate swara than ragini, bcoz swara is overacting.I can’t bear it…plz swara one humble request is that control ur overacting…u are spoiled the story line,that’s why u are losing fans of this show…. I hate swara acting…disgusting….stupid….etc….show is this…I hate this serial….l can’t understand concept this show,what are they play full of nonsense as well as supporting evil deeds…. Such a boring show….

  26. isha

    Is baar top 10 ke list main toh aaya hain nahi aur yeh faltu natak dekhane ke baad to galati se bhi nahi aayega.Thode din baad to yeh serial koi vi nehi dekhega.

  27. Tejaswi…am a big fan of u and ragini..(the old ragini)sooooo plzzz for ua fan’s sake stop doing such negative role and be +ve..plzzzz writers…begging u to not drag the show…make some story which is beleivable and acceptable by the viewers.. Otherwise put an end to this drama;-(

  28. Neha

    Guys have u all got the news swara confessed to her mom sumi that she loves sanskar wow finally she realized her feelings but sanky has already sent the signed divorce papers swara ne kaha ki bahot der ho chuki h to sumi kehti h tmhare pas do raaste h ya to tum divorce papers pe sign karke haar manlo ya phir wapas jao aur use aur uska dil jeeto use manao guys finally the most awaited swasan love story gonna start I’m so excited

  29. Wat rubbish s gng on. Vl dadi nd her potthi both r mentel… ragini ki saari galatthi unnone mah kiya or laksh ki galatthi use maph karana nahi aathha.. I read sme news abt swaragini s sanskar s attackd by sme goons and its was dne by ragini.. nd she s follwd swasan by wearing burkha. Ragini s suchiii very cycic hei,, use abhi ke abhi kisi doctrvkeboass lena chahiye

  30. kirti

    oh….finally…dat stupid swara has realised her love….thank writters..!!!
    nt d full thanks….plz….get dis ragini n dadi’s darama stop….it is so iiirrriitatinggg ;( 🙁 …….plz….for ur viewers n ur trp’s sake…..plz…use ur brains…!!!

  31. What’s up guys
    How are you all. I watched today’s epi and didn’t liked it. First of all I really felt sorry for dp today, I mean he had to fold his hand in front of that prat Naagin dadi. He looked weak today. And that nagin dadi she’s evil and now I know where that psyco ragini gets her evilness from. Seen the precap and I’m not liking the way that psyco ragini treating ap. What are writers doing? Why are they showing too much of negativity which will give out bad vibes to the society. Why can’t they just show something positive for once. And now we will have bare with that psyco ragini’s drama for mabe 3 months. I just want to see some Swasan moments not that nagin dadi’s and that psyco ragini’s crap drama.

  32. shysha

    worst track…. evn dat track was far better in which rag tried to kill swara…plzzz dn’t make scene whn rag fall for sanskar seriosly writter what kind of msg u want to convey …stop doing shit on papr..plzzz mak some snse…n dialogue writtr plz write some “damdaar” dialogues fr swara sriously now she cmpltly behav lyk a dumb…….n loadss of sympathy fr laksh n maheswari famly….n yaaa guyzz I agree wid u alll…thre is some error in shws title “swaragini” and corrct it as”swara”……

  33. Lila

    What the hell? Seriously this drama is turning shit day by day. I really want ragsan and swalak. Seriously swasan have no spark if love. They don’t look good together

  34. are yar wt the hell aab tho ragini ko realise kar va do she is ruining everything bt no u c.v’s are such a dumb nd stubborn yar nd please change tha name at least….nd c.v’s just read the fanfictions once then u may get an idea how to write a story fan’s are really better writers than this stupid writers……..

  35. Now what did this ragini want ?? Why is she making others suffer ?? Seems like directors have no intentions to make Ragini positive. WORST SERIAL THIS IS.

  36. Sandy

    Ragini want to destroy maheswari family by making sanskar and laksh as her slaves, she had already made laksh and sanskar to be made so she is doing such nonsense

  37. sabita

    Ek time tha ki swaragini no. 1 show tha due to boring track.. Yeh top 10 me v nh h…. Iss ko band krna chahiye…. They don’t care what do we want to see.. Are bhai bnate toh hmare liye hi na toh hm jaisa chahate h wohse bnao na….. Bari bari se sb ko villain bna rhe h… Story line hi nh h…

  38. Sathyasree venkat

    ragini also try to kill swara but y ragini is not punished,swara poi ippa complain pannuna,ragini ku jail dhana,ragini ku ivalo kovam varuthe apa swara ku evalo kovam varum

  39. rosy


    (background music– AANG LAAGA DE RE MOHE RAANG LAAGA DE RE)

    (background music–SHEILA KI JAWANI )

  40. Sandy

    Hey ragini fans you have bad news tejaswi is going to quit the show swaragini, she is under notice period currently and not interested in the negative role in swaragini, raglak fans have disappointed news for all let’s see what happens

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