Swaragini 10th August 2016 Written Episode Update


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The Episode starts with Swara calling Dadi and says you have done what even enemies don’t do. She says I need answers from you, and will be coming home. Dadi gets shocked and says Swara came to know about the truth, but I won’t let Sumi know. She calls Sumi. She goes to her and asks her to bring few things for her. Sumi agrees. Dadi prays Sumi shouldn’t return before Swara and Sanskar leave. Ragini comes to her room, takes the cheque and is going somewhere. She collides with Annapurna. Annapurna asks her to be careful and asks where is she going? Ragini says she is going to Baadi to see Sumi’s balwadi. Annapurna asks her to go.

Swara and Sanskar come home. Dadi is standing outside the house. Swara calls Maa….and checks her in the house. She asks where is Maa? You have sent her outside,

so that she couldn’t know your truth. She says I won’t let you play more games now. She says what do you think that your truth will not be known to her. Sumi comes just then and asks what is the truth? Dadi is shocked and asks how did you come so soon. She asks where is my stuff? Sumi says I couldn’t go because of traffic jam due to accident. Dadi asks her to come. Swara says 1 min. Sumi says why you both are looking tensed. Sanskar says we want to talk to you about balwadi. Sumi says I want to show you something and takes them. Dadi takes a sigh of relief. She takes her to room and shows the toys, says she will make this room as balwadi.

Swara hugs her and goes to meet Dadi. She tells Dadi that she met that nurse. Dadi is shocked and tries to give her explanation. Swara says no need. She says I will not inform anyone till I find my brother, and that day will be last day for you in this house as Baba can’t tolerate you. Ragini puts the money in the trash bin as told by the blackmailer. Blackmailer comes and takes out money from bin. Ragini keeps an eye on him and follows him. She is about to lift his hood, but he hits on her legs with wood stick and runs in his car. Ragini shouts who are you? She gets blackmailer’s call who says I am two steps ahead of you. You will never know who am I?

Sanskar and Swara come home. Swara touches Sujata and Annapurna’s feet. Laksh gets a call from Mr. Mittal that 5 lakhs is withdrawn from his bank account. He sees Ragini coming and asks him not to inform anyone. Ragini apologizes to Swara for going out and says I couldn’t welcome you. Laksh asks what happened to you? Ragini says she fell down. Swara asks where did you go? Ragini says she went to Baadi. Annapurna confirms and says she asked me before going. Ragini goes to freshen up. Swara comes to her room and asks what you are hiding from me. Tell me truly what you are hiding from us. She says we went to Baadi, but you was not there. Ragini says I went there, after you left. Swara says I can call maa and ask her. She asks her to tell and says may be I can help you. Ragini asks why you pity on me and think me weak. She says I can take care of myself and asks her not to search for mistakes around her. She asks her to go and cries thinking she has no way out. Swaragini plays…………………..

Swara tells Ragini that she saw her taking pics of tender papers and asks her to show her phone. Ragini asks her to stop interfering in her life, and later slaps her infront of family.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Sriranjani

    Hmmm Poor SwaRagini….Please don’t drag even more….

  2. Iamsofianeak

    We shall wait 4 weeks for one episode ( one scene )
    I hate swaraginis precaps , they show the precape today & they will telecast it after 4 days :3

  3. silent reader

    poor ragini

  4. ragini is getting a good role just hope laksh will be with her always

  5. OH my god!!! I love this serial so much don’t get me wrong and I love this track as well but it’s going by so slow!!!!! Please make it go by faster I’m so interested to know who the blackmailer is. I don’t think it’s Laksh, and I don’t want it to be Laksh. I hope nothing bad happens to ragini or swara I love them both sooo much!!! Both couples need to be happy soon! Love this show from America!

  6. vow swara looking more beautifull today she is more cute than beauty..love her soo much..i lovd the way she handlr everything thats why eveyone likes her and some fans jealous of her.

    i hate ragini’s chrctr..always a shy and coward type girl..why she always hurt her loved ones???how can she slap my cutie pie swara..hate her character always she broke everyones trust..

    love swara and swasan

    1. Nd I hate swaras charecter..
      A type of randi..not satisfied with one men..laksh sankar sahil.. I feel even durga prasad has soft corner for than swarandi


      2. Vyshu10

        Nisha….its men who run after swara, not swara who goes after them

      3. Vyshu10

        Laksh and sahil were constantly after her even after she rejected them many times. Sanskar never imposed his love on swara

      4. Mica

        weeeee,,, u can’t blame A LOVABLE girl, ….she didn’t flirt to any man.. but many men down his knees to get swara heart….even Ragini’s first love loved swara, begged her to back to his life even though he was married to her sister.
        oh swara… you get so much love….
        let see your sister, she had has turned become negative one to get her love….poor her….

  7. today how boringly ragini said kon hoo tum.i m still laughing by her boring sound modulation.hahaha lol.and how dare she slap swara.i think ragini devi can’t live without lying.everywhere everytime she lieing to everone.good uphringing dadi..ragini is really dadi part 2.dumbo behenjii

  8. Yeh anita and azure dont dare to bash ragini if you r a swara so praise but don’t bash ragini

    1. Amrutha

      Leave them,some people will not change.just ignore them dear.

  9. u r right anika……he is such a coward nd liar….to save herself she is hurting everyone…..dumbo despo…..how dare she slap my doll..?????
    pls teja fa I’m talking about ragini aka nagini not taja……..if i hurt u then excuse me…….truth is always bitter.

    1. If ragini is nagini swara is Sarandi….how is her nickname swarandi fans.. I am talking bat swara charecter not helly don’t misunderstand Swansan fans.. How is it?

    2. Ragini is nagini than swara is swa-randi…not satisfied with one men…I m talking abt swaras character not hellys pls swarandi I mean swara fans don’t misunderstand


      2. Vyshu10

        Being a girl…. u should understand how different the words nagini and R*** are?

      3. Mica

        weewwww… her one man was snatched away by her beloved sister that had have naagin’s heart those ages…
        she always faith to 1 man, but dunno why men always falling in love to her…she is lovable girl YAY!

  10. Amrutha

    Showing same precap is really very boring

  11. Mica

    oh please don’t separate Swaragini, don’t let misunderstanding ruin their bonding.
    Swara with her love trying help her sister’s problem, ragini with her love can’t let swara get harm.
    just 1 thing bothering me, why ragini tried to stop swara to helping zhulaika searching parineetha ? omg, she is human being, ragini…… even if parineetha died already, why ragini didn’t bother to searching her body….indeed, she was busy to searching her mangalsutra than human’s body in that river….

  12. Mica

    the slap doesn’t happen yet…. but you all bashed ragini already..
    btw, bout behenji, why you hindi ppl hate behenji type ?
    as a foreigner, i luv it, i mean i appreciate hindi’s girls wearing saree. it’s your identity.

    1. u right mica

    2. Yes u r right Mica.

  13. swara notice change in ragini behavior.swara knows her sister very well and tries to help her. swara take sansker help to find ragini problem sansker love swara and ready to do any for her

    1. Mica

      yuppie… swara love her sister soo much

  14. I really dont want MU between SwaRagini… 🙁 I’m a die heart SwaSan fan, 🙂 but like SwaRagini sisters’ bonding…. 😀 Plzz SwaSan expose Dadi soon and Ragini plzz expose ur blackmailer soon..And that blackmailer shouldn’t be Laksh…Swara can’t see Ragini in problem, so she wants to help her… 🙂 And Ragini don’t want Swara to face any problem becoz of her, that’s why she is not letting Swara to help her… 🙂 This is called sisterly bond… 😀 SwaRagini rocks!!!!! And I always love my SwaSan!!!! 😀

  15. yea wat mica sed z right.wearing a saree doesnt make ny1 behenji.even swara wears saree,shud we call her behenji??!!saree z worn in every corner of india.tats the most elegant dress a girl can wear.so stop calling her behenji.
    n ragini isnt coward either.tr has to be smthng strong in tat video due to which shes doing all tz.she’s struggling to cm out f all tz mess.bt her style f handling it is different.n shez shy,tats hw shez bought up.nyways luv u teju expression queen..
    hi fairy!!yes i saw it in SBS.sry cudnt rep ysdy.

    1. Hey dear thnx for confirmng it :)…hope soon my angel ragini comes out of all dese problemss…i thnk swasanraglak wl solve ds prob.. together 🙂 ;)…love ma superstar tejaswi/ragini..
      Lyked swasanlak. 🙂 .

  16. You all love swaragini but i hate it

  17. Sanjanaagrawal

    Wow my cutie pie hellu looking awesome today as always amd ragini tooo …. love u both and I want swasan scenes …. plz finish all this drama and plz I want swasan scenes …

    And plz ragini is not behenji ok …. she is beutifullll ….

  18. Parvezmushraf

    See I want to say one thing to all of swasan and raglak fans that no one should anyone feelings or choice if some one like swara then what is the need of blaming or insulting ragini if you like ragini then don’t insult swara and please for all of them it is to don’t keep such a Nick for any one.I too like swasan Jodi most but I never bash raglak Jodi because they are some else favourite Jodi so we should never insult other choice because everyone in the world has their own right to choose what they what but never bash any actor .

    1. Yes u r right…Even I’m a SwaSan fan but I don’t bash RagLak at all. And about bashing Teja and Nami, that toh never coz just as I love my Hellu and Varun #VaHe, I like them #TeMish too.
      In the show I’m a SwaSan fan, but in real life I like all the 4 of them and their bonding with each other.

  19. new spoiler:
    the mens of mm will send the ladies out asking tm to pamper themselves n will cook food for the ladies.laksh will prepare roti n sanskar will make dhal.it will nt be worth serving,while the roti will be burnt, dhal will nt come out well.DP will spoil the microwave by keeping steel spoon inside.later ty will order food frm hotel.bt the truth will be revelead later.bt the sad part z swaragini will be missing in the whole scene.while helly z busy in jhalak teju has gone for US on some personal problem.so bth will be missing.

  20. Swaraginia is a boring serial

    1. then why do u c it?

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