Swaragini 10th April 2015 Written Episode Update

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Daadi gets irked with Dida’s taunts, gets down from chair and writes that bengalan is responsible for her death. Swara calls Laksh and requests for help. Shekhar asks her to come out. Daadi says until he drops his plan of marrying Sumi, she will not change her plan. Swara comes and says she has to take police’s permisison. Just then, Laksh comes with his friend wearing inspector’s cloth. Laksh says they are doing a big crime. Friend says he knows laws and says he will arrest them first and then put behind bars, then they will repent. Daada opens door and daadi says it is her life and she can do anything. He says it is her life, but suicide is a big crime. Swara says she know she knows she cannot suicide. Dida say she made a mistake by make Swara literate, she ruined her film.


says police will arrest daada/daadi. Swara says fake police will not arrest anyone. Shekhar and Sumi are also surprised to hear that. Daada/daadi ask inspector to forgive them. He says he needs a guarantee. Swara says she will give guarantee that they will not suicide. Inspector asks her to call him inspector Omi. Swara takes him out and says he did a nice job. Laksh looks at her and takes inspector with him. Swara smiles at him and gets in. Daadi tells shekhar she will never let him marry bengalan. Swara and Ragini get sad. Shekhar says them nothing can happen now and goes back to his house while Sumi goes to her house. Ragini starts crying emotionally. swara asks her not to lose hope and says as nothing is important for our parents than their parents, for us our parents are most important and we both should take an oath to unite our parents back.

Laksh tells his friend that he did good acting. Friend says he is a bigger actor than him. Laksh says he will go back and tells swara the truth. Swara comes and asks what truth. Friend silently leaves. Laksh asks why was she hearing his talks hiding. She asks him to tell the truth soon. He says he helped her, but she is confronting him. She says he is 50% good and 50% bad, though he is spoilt brat, he is good at heart. He says he is 100% good as he left Maheshwari’s house after he insulted Daada/dadi and her family. If he had stayed there, he would have spoilt 100%. Ragini comes and is shocked to hear that he left his father’s house.

Maheshwari reminisces Laksh’s words that he is a murderer and killed his cousin Sanskar. He says annapurna that he is not feeling bad that the left house, but feeling bad for his harsh word and alleging him for murdering Sanskar. He says he is trying to teach his children what his father taught him. Sanskar’s mom tells her husband that Laksh did right today. Husband says Sanskar suicided himself and Maheshwari did not force him. She says if maheshwari would have understood him, he would not have sucided. In this house, just like him and Adarsh,they have to be Maheshwar’s puppet. Adarsh tells his wife that Laksh should not have insulted dad. Wife says in this world, everyone has right to keep their words but not insult their parents as parents would not think of harming children, but Maheshwari is different. Maheshwari says he started his business as a scrap merchant and worked hard for his family’s lavish life. He gets tough towards them for their benefit, but Laksh considered him murderer. People respect him for his loyalty, but his son does not. He says it takes years to build respect and a second to lose it, he will not lose his respect for anyone. Sanskar’s sister comes and asks him not to get sad as she cannot see him sad. She will not do anything that will let his head down. He hugs and thanks her and says at least someone is there in the family who understands him. Annapura continues looking at Laksh’s pic.

Daadi asks Laksh why did he leave his house. He says he cannot live in a bad environment and he was helpless when dad insulted them, if something had happened to them, he would not have forgiven himself. Shekhar asks where will he stay now. Daada asks if he has any other place to stay. Daadi says he will stay with us. Shekhar surprisingly looks at her face.

Precap: Dida asks Sumi if she wants to forget her 20-year-old insult and marry Shekhar. She says no. Dida says her face says she wants to and says she can. Daadi tells Ragini she has to decide it she wants to marry Laksh or get her dad married to Sumi.

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  1. Thnkz fa yur quick updat…. Ragini iz soo sweet…. Bettr Laksh undstndz Ragini’z feelnz…. Swara help yur sissy oder dan falin fa Laksh…. Plz director dnt make d usual script… Serial waz soo gud til nw…. So make sum diff story so dat peopl njoz…. Thnkyu 🙂

  2. yh plz dont lent swara fall for laksh

  3. Its so obvious Lakhsh and swara will end up together. Poor ragini, sje is so nice, I want her to be woth the one she truely loves. So typical of indian dramas to have two sisters fall for the same guy, so cliche, that dont even happen in really life.

  4. Still the story is gud

  5. ooh i knew it….a love triangle and lots of drama n hate to come.now the sister will fight because of a guy

  6. ncy series but please director stay real the world is too full of guys for sisters to fall for 1 guy.hope the series wont be all about who get the guy

  7. currently am only watching this n its good but dont let the sisters fight or turn evil.may they please unite the family and give each a loving guy not just one guy

  8. no matter what i luv u ragini………looking forward to ur future n story which is the only unknown thing right now

  9. xo predictable but its cool though i luv rakshy more but lucky going to swara wont be such a huge loss to me i just want ragini to end up with an even HOTTER guy total daredevil…….winwin….smile

  10. for me its not blac n white i mean lakshey wil be living in the same house with ragini anything can happen but yet again swara is just next door

  11. RAKSHHHHHHH but the directirs r mkn the sme mistke dat thy mke in evry drama

  12. Yup guys….I mzt say lucky (LAKSH) nd swara look perfect 2gethr ….,
    Thanks for quick written updates. .
    Let SWARAGINI be swaragini not SWARA ND RAGINI……………………………

  13. arey but laucky and swara make a perfect couple …there would be love triangle with swara nd laksh will fall for each other and ragini for laksh……. but soon there will be an entry of other guy for ragini and the animosity of the 2 families will end sooner

  14. I lyk swara n lucky. it s nice to c them together. let’s c what ll happen!

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