Swaragiini – {swasan + raglak} epi-2


http://www.tellyupdates.com/swaragini-swasan-n-raglak-epi-1/ guys plz visiti tihs first part of story
Hello guys this is second part of my first ff and as per your suggestion I have written whole of it in English I hope you guys like it..
Recap: sanskar car blasted ….sanskar badly injured swara taking care of sanskar
Swara: uttara please call the doctor
Uttara: ok bhabhi
Doctor along with every family member comes to sanskar room
Sujata: doctor is my son alright ???
Doctor: not at all ..lot of bleeding has taken place ..it is good that someone has already started bandaging him or condition could have been critical…anyways I have bandage all his wound ..and this is list of medicine ..mr maheswari [looking at sanskar] you have to take good care of yourself..eat your food and medicine timely..now I will leave but if required you can call me any time ..
Dp: aadarsh go and bring the medicine and on the way leave the doctor till his house
Aadarsh and doctor leave
Dp: looking at sanskar condition I have decided to cancel today”s party..now only haavan and pooja will take place
Sanskar: but badepapa why ? all the preparation have been done all the top businessmen of the town are coming now if we cancel the party it will be our insult..
Sujata: sanskar bhaisa is telling right now don’t be stubborn
Sanskar: ok fine if you all have decided to cancel the party I have also decided that I will not eat my deicine till you don’t agree to host the party today itself…mom at least you understand
Dp: ok fine I will host the party but if you take your medicine
Sanskar: ok badepapa [happily] Everyone leaves sanskar room and advice him to take rest
Swara: sanskar was party more important than your health??
Sanskar: swara if today”s party would have been cancel then media person and people in the town would have said insulted bade papa ..i can bear the pain in my wound but I can’t bear my badepapa’s insult ..
Dp and Annapurna who where just leaving listein to his words and feel proud ..even swara realizes sudden increase of respect for sanskar in her heart
Swara leaves the room and come down ..she takes the medicine from adarsh bhaiya and goes to dining hall to bring water
In dining room
Uttara: bhabhi thanks
Swara: but for what??
Uttara: bhabhi just now doctor said that if already bandaging would have been not done than bhaiya condition could have been critical
All look at swara surprise
Ap: sujata I think whatever we have seen in the farmhouse is just our’eyes dream …But sujata is not convinced
Sujata: where r you going swara?
Swara: to sanskar room to give him medicine
Sujata:ok fine go but remember to get ready on time as guest have already started coming
Swara leaves
In sanskar’s room
Swara gives him medicine but sanskar is unable to eat as both of his hands are already bandaged so swara makes him eat medicine with her hand and both look in each others eyes
Swara: sanskar I am going to change for party
Sanskar: ok fine but please give me my mobile
Swara gives him mobile and leaves she comes back and is shocked that sanskar is not in the room …she hurriedly looks here and there and her eyes caught a sight of beautifully wrapped gift she reads the message FOR SWARA ..she opens it and is surprise to found a beautiful lehenga and a matching diamond set she wears it and from behind sanskar comes and make her wear the diamond set
Swara: sanskar you brought it
Sanskar: yes why you didn’t like it
Swara: no .. I was just saying that your choice is nice
Sanskar: not nice swara actually very nice [ he then looks at swara who feels awkward] ok fine now be quick guest have come
Both of them come in the party hall ..everyone looks at them and a old lady says that “RAM MILAY JODI HAI IN DONO KI”
Sujata hears this and angrily looks at swara …sumi goes to sanskar
Sumi: I am very angry with you sanskar
Sanskar: but ma what have I done??
Sumi: you call me maa and so much happen with you… you not even once thought of informing me
Sanskar hold his ear cutely and says sorry
Dadi ,shekhar and dadaji comes to sanskar and ask about his health …and scolds swara for not informing them about bomb blast…then suddenly light go of …
Dp take the stage and says
Dp: you all must have thought why I have orgainesed this sudden party well now I will tell you .reason behind this sudden party is saanskar he have joined his company KARMA and my company MAHESWARI together …and together we form the biggest company in west Bengal
Light focus on sanskar who is standing with swara .. mediaperson run to take the photo of sanskar and swara
Media person : SIR what will you says on this joining together
Sanskar: well as you know that karma and maheswari together forms the biggest company of west Bengal but slowly slowly we will become biggest company of india
Mediaperson: sir who is this lady standing with you ?? is she someone special ??
Sanskar: looks at swara and holds her hand and says SHE IS MY WIFE AND YES SOMEONE VERY VERY SPECIAL
Suddenly a girl come from behind and ordered the mediaperson to please move away … all the mediaperson leaves
Sanskar laughs looking at the girl and says MYRAH!!![she is -ve] Myrah: oh finally you recozined me sanskar I thought that the most successful businessmen of WB will forget me
Sanskar: common myrah how can I forget you …looking at swara
Swara she is myrah …when kavita died she helped me a lot in buissness she is my very good friend
Both swara and myrah shakes hand

Precap:- light goes and a boy makes entry ….swasan romance…ragini drunken

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Credit to: kg

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  4. dont seperate swasan because of new entry myrah… why she came?? is she want to create mu’s and trouble in swasan life….. hope she will not do anything to them.. and ragini drunken.. what tamasha she will do in party?

    1. anu to know this you have to follow my ff and yes myrah is -ve

    2. don’t worry nothing will happen to our swasan and yes plz keep following my ff u will get answer to ur queries

  5. i din’t know why writers dont think like that

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    1. dont worry you will get lot of raglak scene in coming ff plz keep following

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    1. don’t worry ragini is not negative she will turn +ve soon

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