swarag and sanlak: they became eyes and tongue of each other..(OS)

Thanku soo much guys for liking my previous os “SWASAN: U R NOT A CURSE FOR ME” I know there are many spelling mistakes but believe me guys after writing a very long story there is no strength remained to again proof read it soo im extremely sorry for that 😉 and pardon me again if there is also some mistakes in this OS also… guys I wrote all the ff,ss on swasan so in this OS im not using a specific name but actually im using both boys and girls name at a same time combine so u can imagine your favorite couple swara+ragini as swaragini or swarag short form ans sankar+laksh as sanskarlaksh or sanlak short form I hope u’ll this one too…

Sanskarlaksh maheswari: age 24 a successful business man but he is dumb he cannot speak but he is successful businessman in spite of this weakness and everybody in business world is like him a lot.. sanlak won everyone’s heart from his talent and humble nature that’s why nobody taunt’s him on his dumbness…sanlak is having a device in which he can write whatever he wants to speak and that device speaks on his behave so this device is also the reason of his success (guys I know there is not such device but u know na everything is possible in OS,FF etc. so please pardon me for this) 😉

Swaragini gadodia: age 23 an MBA graduate but blind but she also very talented and confident she is teaching in blind school and she is also having a device but dat device only tells her about the way so that she can easily cross the road etc.. swarag knows about sanlak because he was a businessman but he didn’t know about swarag because she is a normal girl…

One day swarag was walking on a road she is feeling very sad because of her one new student who became blind due to an accident and his parents is not having enough money for his treatment… she is going with help of device she decided to go near the cliff for some time she goes and stands just few stpes before the end of the cliff suddenly she hear’s a voice doing suicide is a crime.. But it is not a human voice it is voice of some device yess it is the voice of sanlak’s device swara said MR. Sanskarlaksh Maheswari??

Sanlak who came at the cliff because he wants some peace from the hustle bustle of his life when he came he saw a girl standing near the cliff soo he said through his device about suicide but he astonished that she recognized him because she is standing by showing him her back..

(All the talks of sanlak with swarag is from device don’t forget that guys)

Sanlak: how did u recognized me?? Because you r showing your back to me?

Swarag: I know u mr sanlak because u r a famous business man and I also knows about your device so it is easy to recognized a famous person but if im standing face to face I also didn’t see u because im blind by saying this she turns sanlak mesmerized after seeing swarag because she very pretty…

Sanlak: oo im sorry I don’t know about this but what r u standing near the cliff?? U know na suicide but before he completes swarag completes it by saying is a crime I know mr.

sanlak and im not doing any suicide I came for just a peace… but tell me what r u doing here?

Sanlak: I also came for a peace what a co incidence naa and laughs

Swarag: also smiles after listening this and said nice to meet you Mr. sanlak now I’ve to goo

Sanlak: hey listen please don’t call me mr. sanlak u can call me only sanlak and u didn’t tell me your name?

Swarag: but u didn’t ask my name? said with a smile

Sanlak: laugh and said sorry can u please tell me your name now?

Swarag: swaragini or u can also call me swarag

Sanlak: nice name and nice to meet u to also can I drop u somewhere?

Swarag: noo thanku soo much for asking but my home is nearer by saying this she left after waving him byee..

Sanlak: sweet girl after having blindness she didn’t speak like a weak person by thinking this he also left…

Like this 10 days have passed.. they both again meet near the cliff and this time they both did frndship with each other and exchange their cell numbers.. swarag is having a special cell phone through which she can easily contacts with others..

Like this 2,3 months have been passed and they became best frnds and starts feeling for one another one day sanlak decided to propose swarag so he called her in the park..

Swarag came and sanlak after talking for some time said to her that I love u soo much swarag and also i wants to become your eyes and wants u to show the path without any device for the whole life if she is ready for that??

Swarag: I also luv u too sanlak but I only accept your proposal on one condition..

Sanlak: I’m ready for your all conditions please tell me what do u want…

Swarag: I want to also become your voice without any device for the whole life will u accept my this condition?? (guys swara has an ability to know what the next person is speaking by touching his or her lips)

Sanlak after listening this is beyond happy and said yes I want u to become my voice for the whole life by saying this both hugs each other and after 1 month they got married…

Both swarag and sanlak are not blind and dumb by birth swara is become blind due to an accident when she fall down from the stairs in her childhood and due to not enough money her parents were not able to do her operation…

And sanlak is become dumb because at the age of 10 due to his father’s rivalry he kidnapped and the kidnapper put the hot coal in his mouth and also killed his whole family he do many struggle for becoming success but he refused for the treatment because he wants to feel the pain of people who r not able to go for treatment due to not having enough money… both swarag and sanlak after marriage also didn’t go for any treatment because they want to become each other eyes and tongue for the whole life and they also starts a hospital and institute for helping the people who r not having fund for their treatment…..

The end

guys first i decided to make both normal at the end but it is not correct according the title soo i didn’t do that sorry for that..

Please guys do let me know if u like it or not all the positive and negative comments is acceptable 😉

And once again thanku to all who liked my previous ss or ff but im not able to reply on all comment because telly updates always came by saying u r posting comment to fast please slow down and this thing irritates a lot soo imm sooooooooooooo sorrrrrry for not replying to all <3


  1. Fairy

    Awwwww…..rabia its a realllyyyy verrryyyy sweeeet story…loved it dear…☺☺☺…

  2. Desi_Girl


    |Registered Member

    hey rabia. it’s really sweet!!!!! completely different. i mean. never ever read such a os. i’m glad that i read ur this os………………… u r fabulous dear!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! loads of luv u to u darling!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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