Swarag – Ghost story (7)


Hey thank you guys for all ur comments. I may end this story very soon .
“That’s a cool story.” Swara said.
One of the warriors leaned over and whispered, “Yeah, except that we lost the pipe.”
“What?” Swara gasped. “You lost it?”
“It was lost three generations ago when the pipe was entrusted to a young warrior,” the Chief said. “The warrior was foolish, and did not understand the value of the pipe. He traded it with another tribe for a bow and some arrows.”
“You should ask for it back,” Kavya said.

“Unfortunately, the Chief of the village became very angry with the warrior. The warrior thought he would be killed, so he ran away,” the Chief said. “I have gone to the dreaming place every summer. In the visions I have, I am hoping that one day I will find the sacred pipe, and I will be able to bring it back to our village.”
Once the party broke up, the girls were led to a teepee where they could sleep. They curled up under buffalo skins and soon fell asleep. The next morning, Chief Rajat Sharma woke them and took them back to the dreaming place.
“I had a lot of fun visiting you,” Swara told the Chief.
“Me too,” Kavya said. “I hope you find the pipe so you don’t get in trouble with the white buffalo woman.”
“And so do I,” the Chief said. “I know I must find it or our people will suffer greatly when she returns.”

As Swara and Kavya stood in the dreaming place, a tiny whirlwind began to form on the ground in front of them. The whirlwind grew larger and larger tearing tufts of prairie grass and dust and hurling them through the air. The girls hunched down on the ground and covered their faces as the whirlwind engulfed them.
A moment later, they were back in the garage in the same spot they had been the day before. There was no sign the whirlwind had even been there.
“Wow,” Swara said. “That was crazy.”
“Oh no,” Kavya gasped. “We are going to be in so much trouble.”
Swara’s eyes grew big. “You’re right. I didn’t think of that. We’ve been gone all night. Mom will be so mad. I don’t know what I’m going to tell her.”

“Tell me what?”
The girls whirled around and saw Swara’s mom standing in the door of the garage.
“Didn’t you hear me calling you for dinner?”
“Dinner?” Swara said. “What time is it?”
“It’s dinner time,” Mom replied.
Swara rolled her eyes. “Ok, but what day is it?”
“Friday,” Mom said. “Are you feeling ok?”
Kavya giggled. “Yeah, we were just playin’ a game in here.”
“Ok, but dinner is ready, so you two get inside.”
“We’ll be right there,” Swara said.
Once Mom left, the girls looked at each other.
“It’s like we were never gone,” Kavya said. “We spent the whole night in the Tribal village, and we came back to exactly the same time we left.”
Swara grinned. “That is so cool!”
The girls left the garage and walked back to the house.
“We need to help the Chief find the pipe,” Swara said.
“How are we gonna do that?” Kavya asked.

“I don’t know,” Swara said. “But we need to try.”

What do you guys think will they be able to help the chief and trace the pipe back and give it to him?

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