Swarag – Ghost story (2)

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Hey Any guesses of swara and Ragini age

Story so far : Swara Has Seen a Ghost in the Garage

After the incident with Chief Rajat Sharma, Swara ran to the house as fast as she could go. Sharmishta discovered the open door and asked her if she had been in the garage. Swara admitted she was curious about what was in there.
Sharmishta sighed. “I really need to go through all that old junk and clean that place up. But until then, I don’t want you in there going through it. You’ll get all dirty.”
Sharmishta decided to lock the door, and Swara was glad about that. She wasn’t sure if the ghost could get through walls, but it made her feel safer knowing the door was locked.
Swara avoided the garage for the rest of the summer. In fact, she pretty much avoided the back yard. She was sure the Chief would not come out of the garage during the day since the sunlight had “melted” him, but she was not so sure about after dark.
One day, just a week before school started back up, Swara’s friend, Ragini, came over to play. They were outside in the driveway riding Swara’s bike. There was only one bike, so Swara and Ragini had to trade off riding it. Then Sharmishta came outside and saw them.
“Swara,” Sharmishta said. “There’s another bike in the old garage so you can both ride at the same time.”

Since Ragini was waiting for Swara to finish her turn with the bike, she thought this was a great idea. Swara stopped the bike and glanced over to the garage. “That’s OK, Sharmishta. We don’t need another bike.”
“Nonsense,” Sharmishta said. She pulled a shiny key from her pocket and handing it to Ragini. “The bike is parked right inside the door.” She started back to the house. “You can go help her with that, Swara.”
Ragini grabbed Swara’s arm. “Let’s go get the bike, Swara.”
Swara was frozen. She glanced at the darkened window of the garage. Ragini tugged at her arm, but Swara refused to move.
“Come on, Swara,” Ragini said.
“No way.”
“What’s the matter?”
Swara grabbed Ragini’s arm. She leaned close and whispered, “It’s haunted!”
Ragini gazed back at Swara’s very serious face. Then she started laughing.
“Shhhhhh,” Swara said.
“Haunted?” Ragini said. “Why do you think it’s haunted?”
“I saw the ghost that lives in there,” Swara said. “It’s an Old ghost.”
“Yeah, right,” Ragini said. “There is no such things as ghosts!”
“There is so,” Swara said. “I saw it.”
Ragini looked at Swara, the smile disappeared from her face and her eyes grew wide. “Really? You telling the truth?”
Swara nodded her head.

Ragini grabbed Swara’s arm and pulled her in the direction of the garage. “Let’s go look.”
“No,” Swara said. She yanked her arm from Ragini’s grasp. “I’m never going in there again.”
“Fine,” Ragini turned and walked to the garage, the key in her hand.
“Don’t go in there,” Swara said.
“I want to see it, and if you’re not too chicken, you can come too,” Ragini said.
Swara gazed at the dark window of the garage. It stared back like a big, black square eye. Ragini was at the door of the garage and fumbling with the key.
“Wait,” Swara yelled and ran towards the garage.
Ragini unlocked the door, opened it, and disappeared inside. Swara stopped in front of the door. Her eyes wide, she held her hands over her mouth. Suddenly, Ragini screamed and Swara heard a crash. Swara ran into the garage.

The bicycle was lying on its side, and Ragini was standing on the couch staring at the floor.
“What happened?” Swara asked.
“There was a big spider on the bike,” Ragini said.
Swara searched the floor. There was a great deal of dust floating in the air from the falling bike. She spotted a big, black, nasty spider crawling through the dust and coming directly at her. Swara screamed. Ragini screamed. The garage echoed with their screams. The spider scrambled towards Swara’s foot. Then it flattened out and green liquid squirted out over the floor.
The girls stopped screaming and stared at the squished body of the spider. Ragini hopped off the couch.
“Wow,” she said. “I can’t believe you squished it like that. That’s gross!”
“I didn’t do it,” Swara said.
“Of course you did,” Ragini said. “How else did it get squished?”
“It was the ghost,” Swara said as she gazed about at the swirling dust.
“Oh, whatever,” Ragini said. She pointed to the bike on the floor. “The tires are flat anyhow. Let’s go play on the scooters.” She ran from the garage.

Swara gazed down at the squished spider. In the dust on the floor of the garage was the outline of a very large foot around the body of the spider.
“Wait for me!” Swara yelled and ran out of the garage, pulling the door closed behind her.
Swara thought about the incident with the spider for many days. She just knew it was Cheif Rajat Sharma that killed the spider. She tried to think of reasons why he might have done that. The spider scared her more than anything, and the ghost killed it. Perhaps, she thought, he was not a ‘scary’ ghost. Maybe he was a friendly ghost?
She wanted to test this, but the thought of going back into the garage still terrified her. It was also possible that the Chief liked to kill things. After all, if he would kill a spider, then what else would he do? And maybe he created the spider to scare her and Ragini. But she also remembered how he spoke to her the first time. Swara always imagined ghosts to be horrible, shrieking terrors that despised people and loved to scare them. But the chief laughed, he spoke in a gentle tone, and he even smiled at her. This did not seem to be the behavior of any ghosts she ever heard about. But then, she never saw a ghost before and didn’t know anyone who had.

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